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  1. Take a bow. Unbelievable from first whistle to the last.
  2. His dad was a decent player too.
  3. Speak for yourself. I've no even had my first yet!
  4. I just did one there and sent my test result away. No test yet though.
  5. Take it we are still allowed flags as normal at hampden?
  6. Its not a case of just showing a ticket is it though? And theres safety reasons for the staggered times. England and Slovakia weren't in a fucking pandemic. Not sure why you are even comparing.
  7. Pishing of rain for the past week there. Where within the rules in Glasgow can you meet mates? A shopping centre?
  8. Scotland is worst for first and second jags in mainland uk. Thats not the public's fault.
  9. For the record, I agree with Diamond. The horse has bolted with lockdowns. Folk simply are scunnered with them. That and government incompetence. Plenty folk refusing vaccines so this talk of eliminating covid is pie in the sky. Governments know folk arent sticking to rules now, 15 months living with severe restrictions will do that to folk. Especially young folk. Sat in school all week fine and dandy but dont dare meet the same mates at the weekend.
  10. Given the Scot Gov dont allow it to be sold inside, good luck getting it right outside hampden.
  11. What do you prioritise more...a pint or guaranteed entry to our first game at a major tournament in 23 years. I really hope our idiot fans dont all turn up 30 mins before KO and shaft the fans with legitimate entry times. And I say that as somebody with an entry time 3hrs before KO for one of the games.
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