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  1. That's him quit. At least some good has come from this.
  2. They've had a year to come up with evidence so much have a pile of it. No wonder the SNP is fucked with clowns like him in charge.
  3. Fuck me there's a blast from the past! Why did you sack off Scotland games, just fed up? Don't think i could ever give up Scptland or Killie games. I will probably cut down on aways at some point as i rarely miss a Killie game and do maybe 3 or 4 Scotland trips a year but don't think i could go cold turkey!
  4. I'm not sure why you are making stuff up but he 100% played 90 mins vs Killie at Parkhead in Feb, i know, as i was there. Just looked it up and he started the previous week at Easter Road too. He's not featured in the last 5 games (unused sub) but he featured in 4 out the 5 before that (starting in two of them and playing 30 mins in each of the other two) Ralston and Johnston have had very similar minutes on the park this season - my point was that Ralston has proven in the past he can do a job for Scotland without massive amounts of game time.
  5. I'm going back to Essen. Seem to run all night 00.30, 00.49, then 02.09am etc.
  6. Who would you have dropped from our midfield for Ferguson? I like Ferguson as a player, he has 12 caps now and not overly done much in any of those caps (albeit mainly subs) Gilmour ahead of him and NI game showed how much we miss McGregor.
  7. Absolutely not. Play your best players at their best positions.
  8. Johnston has played 359 mins of league football this season (1,172 mins in all comps). Ralston has played 789 mins (987 mins in all comps) Johnston has featured in 14 league games, Ralston has featured in 13. Ralston has 8 caps already, he's 100% ahead of Johnston on the pecking order. Might be different if Johnston was starting most weeks but he's mainly a sub for league games.
  9. Ideally, means i can get my passport out and the cigars out for the last 5 games.
  10. He's getting just about as much of a game as Johnston is. At least we know Ralston can fill that role with little game time.
  11. Max Johnston can barely get a sniff at club level. No idea why he should be in the squad. Ralston has at least proven he can play at this level (even when not in the Celtic side) and if Hickey isn't fit i'd go with him.
  12. Been a decent season for us. Not my wallet though. Euros and Europe. Fuck it!
  13. I think it'll be closer to 500 than 1500.
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