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  1. He did push for a loan move in January, Chelsea weren't interested. Player wanted out on loan.
  2. If only we had two massive stadiums a few miles either side of Hampden eh? SFA are as useless as the SG in terms of facilitating the safe return of fans.
  3. TBF, if i don't have a ticket i'd rather watch it in Glasgow surrounded by Scotland fans than kicking about London trying to find a pub with space.
  4. It's pathetic, as is their refusal to even entertain having fans at the Scottish Cup Final. I can't wait to get independence, so i don't need to vote for the SNP again.
  5. Britain is a weird, weird place at times. Sooner we are out this shit show, the better.
  6. Have you got the link where you registered with UEFA?
  7. Won't be going near it unless i get a ticket.
  8. I'd agree with that. I'd probably get all 3 games based on points but I'd be delighted with 1 hampden and Wembley and letting a lower pointer get a crack at a hampden ticket.
  9. Couldn't care less what Boris does. He dies plenty things sturgeon rightly doesnt follow.
  10. If sturgeon takes a seat in a vastly reduced capacity hampden after not bothering her arse for years with games and after treating football fans like mugs for years then she will go right down in my estimation. Especially when loyal fans who haven't missed home games in years wlll get shafted.
  11. Aye I'd like to think so. No reason not to. Over 99% of hospitalised patients are those over 50. Theyll have been well and truly vaccinated by then. Need to return to normality sometime.
  12. Minimum I'm reading it as. Theyll only commit to 25% just now.
  13. By June, there will be no restrictions about travelling across UK i don't think.
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