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  1. Wizzair have absolutely shafted us with flight changes Way out now 12hrs later and arrive almost midnight on the Thursday and Sunday flight now changed to the Saturday night.
  2. Did you see Glasgow after referendum? Multiply that by 100 if these cunts got banhed from wearing their daft wee costumes. Sadly central Scotland is riddled with the cunts. Easy to ban 200 (some of which aren't local) Harder to ban 7500 matchers and the same again walking alongside them I hate the cunts but it's a volatile situation sadly.
  3. What festivals needed proof of vaccine in England? Were some gigs that needed negative lateral test (box ticking) but if it was anything like Wembley it was a waste of time.
  4. Buzzing for Friday too. Our bus leaves 130pm. Should be some away day.
  5. What festivals? They weren't bothering to even check at TRNSMT
  6. Flying into London from Moldova so jackpot ha
  7. Looking like double vax would not need PCR test based on news reports today. Grant Sharps to announce today. Covid travel: Traffic light system set for overhaul and travel may cheapen for double-jabbed | ITV News
  8. Exactly what happened at Wembley with LF test to get in, nobody gave a fuck. The full vaccine passport is nothing to do with making venues safer, as the benefits will be minimal and more to do with trying to push undecided folk into getting the vaccine, which i'm not against, as folk should be getting vaccinated. If they get an extra say 100,000 vaccinated in scotland through this then it'll have done it's job. That's all i have been trying to say on this thread. There is no chance 50,000 folk are getting checked, not a chance and never was. At the Scotland Israel game i think the guidance will be to do spot checks as a box ticking exercise but let's face it, if anyone got selected and never had proof and will just go to another turnstile.
  9. Oh look, theres the goalposts being moved. Almost as if they know their original proposal is unworkable in practice.
  10. There wlll be 1000+ of us in Moldova. Faroes in October with a ball ache to get there/get in makes Moldova seem massively appealing. That's why we've all booked Moldova.
  11. Agree totally. If the government cant be arsed to give basic guidance then why should businesses bother implementing it? If passports are tbat important to covid mitigation then surely the government should have robust guidance/protocols? They were quick enough to give football clubs 101 rules when stadiums reopened, some of which were beyond ludicrous they football clubs met them in order 6o open. Now we've vaccine passports, with no guidance on what can be accepted etc (QR codes mentioned) yet its the venues fault for asking for clarification? The SG need to take responsibility on this if they are insisting on going ahead.
  12. Other countries actually know how to implement it. Ours is two weeks away from implementation and the government cant provide the basics to the industries involved. In it's current form its unworkable as the government hasn't provided the tools yo make it workable. I'd say one of the main reasons Scotland (and the UK) have done so badly is the inept standard of government. Not many governments in Europe have flip flopped on vaccine passports the way Scotland and England have.
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