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  1. Was last night not free on your season? We're £20 tonight and I assume the same next week. Our seasons are just league games.
  2. I don't want to count our chickens but Partizan don't look that great (we'll get humped now)
  3. You said you'd play him over Edouard if he was fit? For the record, IMO, Edouard is ten times the player Griffiths ever is/was/will be.
  4. Same team the Nobads will play after we beat them home and away? My response was to the tit that was laughing at us actually winning a game away from home. Just stating there's far worse results, including his own side in almost the exact same circumstances (away, first game, new manager)
  5. Celtic lost to a diddy team from Gibraltar. Should they have given up after that. Who said they got knocked out? There's Celtic gimps on here slagging Killie and Aberdeen for actually winning games. Celtic in their first game under a new manager managed to get one of the worst results in Scottish football history in Gibraltar so I find macy's comments a bit funny. That said, he's the most miserable bastard on here so doesn't really surprise me.
  6. Anyway some trip. Easily 2000+ killie fans down there.
  7. He was probably our second best player last season after Alan Power. I couldn't care less what Newcastle thought of him,. he's one of the best centre halves we have.
  8. Anyhoo, off to Chester at lunch for 2 nights and a trip to Rhyl tomorrow for the game. Looking like 2,000+ travelling down even though we've only 800 tickets and the ground holds 1,500! Should be some party. I'll take any win over 2 legs and off to Belgrade we go.....
  9. No they aren't, same as they weren't last season.
  10. it's not even a move as 1) It was The Sun reporting it so probably shite 2) it's nowhere near what Killie would even consider taking and 3) he's not gonna sign for that shite!
  11. My missus stays near Ibrox so I go past it regularly. Certainly needs some TLC, looks like there are some maintenance works on the go but the Main Stand in particular looks like it needs serious money spent on it. The big banners covering the stadium/the offices look like they are about to rip off due to the tearing on them etc. Looks like they are replacing the yellow stained panels from the sides of the Copeland.Broomloan though which makes it looks much better but it's definitely noticeable how little care has been taken of it in past 10 years or so as it used to be immaculate. Fan zone is beyond shite!
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