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  1. Close to qualifying? We were close to a play off, we were nowhere near qualifying.
  2. it was Bobby that took Ill, he has nasil cancer. He is back on fine form though, met him a few times over the past 12 months at Killie events.
  3. Agree with last point, however Armstrong was our best player yesterday (not that it would be hard)
  4. I don't think i'll even bother going to the home games and I bought a season ticket. Certainly not with the current set up. Thank fuck I hadn't booked Russia yet.
  5. He's under contract for next season and has shown no intention to leave. I'm just about given up with Scotland now, so I couldn't really care less who's boss under the current set up. I'd hope Clarke would get a better gig that this shambles for his next job. I don't think he's particularly fond of the SFA to be honest either. They are more likely to go for somebody like McIness.
  6. Strachan 100% deserved the bullet. The fact that the SFA had fuck all plan except giving it to a auld zoomer is neither here or there.
  7. Clarke won't be anywhere Parkhead unless it's in the away dugout with Killie.
  8. Those were at World Cups, loses happen. Last night was a million times worse. Outclassed by 117th in the world.
  9. You write some amount of pish on here but that's good even by your standards.
  10. Gibraltar all over again. I hope he get pelters.
  11. And go bankrupt together. Hopefully Eck follows his pal into bankruptcy when he finally has to pay back his EBT.
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