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  1. Good stuff, well played mate. Might take in game when the clubhouse is up and see what my tenner went towards!
  2. Problem is we need some of these arseholes to vote Yes and with AS at the forefront I can't see that being successful. Wouldn't sway me one but as I'll always be a Yes voter and can never see that changing but for plenty, particularly women, AS will be a turn off. For us to get a Yes, it's massively down to who's the focal point and sadly, AS will be a turn off for many on the fence,
  3. That was the thing that immediately strung to mind. Some things are better left not said.
  4. I'm far from the SNP's biggest fan but that's nonsense - I disagree with tons of what they do/say. Has zero bearing on whether I think Wings is a cunt. As for AS, whether we like it or not, he's damaged goods. We'd never get widespread (rightly or wrongly) support for independence with him fronting a party.
  5. Exactly my issue with him - he acts exactly the way they want to portray anyone who supports independence. I said on here before he does more harm than good and whilst he might have been good for info at the outset with Wings, he's now a parody of the so called "cyber nat" these clowns in the media like to portray.
  6. I did in the lead up to the referendum and some of it was very helpful. These days he just comes across as a very angry man with a massive chip on his shoulder. Some of "views" belong in the dark ages. Can't stand either him or Dugdale.
  7. See Rangers fans on Twitter are awarding themselves the "first signing of the pandemic in the UK" trophy.
  8. . Their wage bill is MASSIVE in comparison to Killie. I'm not exaggerating when I say Naismith & Boyce won't be far away from the same wage as our combined starting 11. That's a massive advantage and proof that you need more than money. As dan says above, Lennon was decent at Hibs too. Far better than the managers that have replaced him.
  9. Trying to think of ones I've been to as a neutral but not been to many derbies. Birmingham 2-Wolves 0 (not a real derby) but it was 1st vs 2nd and I was working down there so went along. O'Connor scored and faddy was an unused sub I think, Hearts 5 - Hibs 1 - Got a tickets through a mate who worked at Hibs, so there were actually 4 Killie fans sitting with the players families that day! Been to quite a few derbies in the Ayrshire Juniors - Ladeside--Beith being the highlight!
  10. If it was that easy then Celtic would have won 9 trebles in a row since the Huns went bust. Big budgets don't mean success - just look at Hearts.
  11. Correct. Scotland, IMO are being far more truthful in reporting the real level of deaths but even then, the death figures here are a disgrace.
  12. Hated him as a player, don't particularly like him as a manager but met him a few times in Tennents Bar on Byers Road and he's a decent lad. Funnily enough, I liked Gerrard as a player but he comes across as a snide prick as a manager. Lennon also appears to be the better of the two as a manager.
  13. Yes, however, Scotland appears to be more truthful than the UK when you look at excess death rate. Regardless, whilst I think NS has been a far better leader than BJ, the death rate is shameful. Some of that will be a direct result of UK wide decisions, however a lot of it falls under devolved decision making. A total shit show throughout the UK.
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