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  1. Why do celtic and Rangers get same ends at Hamoden regardless of who they are playing? Business decision? Gies peace.
  2. Covid protocols meaning 30,000+ of your fans couldnt be arsed going?
  3. Given the last time you and your pals from.Govan were at RP, neither of you got even 25% of capacity then thats utter nonsense. Celtic went years without even filling one stand at RP untll Rodgers arrived too. Only once in 30 odd years have Celtic got 3 stands and it was a dead rubber for us, day you won the league and we voted to move seats as long as you got charged 30 quid. That was 2012. Season Covid hit you got one stand behind the goals. Can stlll hear the salty tears from Jeanette Findlays tears hitting the radio mic moaning about it.
  4. Neutral venue, split the tickets 50/50 and take it from there. Bene plenty times in the past when Celtic haven;t got close to selling out semi finals.
  5. Aging team now though and Bale is picking up a lot of injuries. I'd love them a in the final.
  6. Absolute farce. Even a 50/50 split wouldn't be neutral venue, as Celtic would still get the east of the stadium (despite Hibs actually coming from the East)
  7. Home advantage. They havent played there in years.
  8. Usual home/away allocation %. Which isnt ideal if we are in say Cardiff in final.
  9. Junkies are some of the best entrepreneurs about tbf!
  10. Steve Clarke wont get carried away. He won't let the team to get carried away but the fans getting excited wont make one bit of difference to our chances. Let folk dream. Christ we've earnt the right to ride this wave.
  11. Can see Gordon playing into his 40s, even at the top level with us. He seems to be getting better.
  12. Aye, "difference between playing for Scotland" and hacking it in the EPL etc etc. Quicker he's out that shitehole the better.
  13. They genuinely looked shellshocked. I was at the the tempo we played at so i think they would have been too!
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