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  1. Yeah, cos no 31 year old popstar has shagged a 17 year old in the public eye! Chris Evans married Billie Piper when she was 18 and he was 35 for example. I doubt Harry Styles was preyed upon, he was a consenting part of a couple. The age of consent is there for a reason. By all means say she was a spouse beater but let's not pin stuff on her that she wasn't.
  2. It's amazing how many times somebody will come back on here with a new username.
  3. Correct, hopefully be a decent crowd. Can't see it being the 9,000 that was at the replay the other season though. Still think we were at it with that crowd. No chance you could have fitted in another 9,000 in that night.
  4. Three weeks ago we had just lost 7 league games on the spin!
  5. My dad has been wanting revenge for Muirton since 1970!
  6. Sad to hear of his passing today. Produced one of the best albums ever IMO, iconic. Met him before and a great, great guy. True gent.
  7. Some more in south upper been released but no more than a couple of hundred.
  8. Big game on Wednesday. Hopefully the weather has settled by then as the wind spoiled the first game.
  9. I'ts gonne be funny seeing Talbot playing their reserves 30 odd times a season.
  10. This looks all but sold out now. Just single seats left.
  11. Really frustrating game yesterday, played well enough and should have never have lost but just one of those days. Good day though in the boozer with 60+ Kaiserlautern boys over for the game. Bigger game on Wednesday anyway!
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