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  1. SAw that, looked about 1,000 Dundee fans. That's an absolute riddy.
  2. Was some day/night! Good times, shame about the result.
  3. Do you have the link to the charter? Can't see it on their website.
  4. Think last time I was in it before a Scotland game was 8am the day of the Italy game in 2007. We were there fore few hours then Strathies I think.
  5. Aye that's my thinking. I'm off to South Africa a few weeks later for 3 weeks, so if we did qualify a day trip for the final is best with the Finals in mind.
  6. It's got the bit downstairs, so kinda makes sense. that said, they can be pretty strict at times with singing etc.
  7. Not got a clue but I'd be amazed if he's with us. That said, he's not signed a PCA with anyone.
  8. Doubt it, will only be a small amount able to buy at any one time due to criteria.
  9. To be fair, they are only building more hotels and more student accommodation as there is massive demand for it. Glasgow is a very, very busy place these days with SEC/Hydro etc. They are needing to dock cruise shops on the Clyde next November for this climate summit as there's not enough hotels.
  10. I joined the SSC after that after standing in a queue overnight at Ticket Scotland next to the arches! Was in East Stand section next to North that game though.
  11. South Stand in general is a shite atmosphere....would much rather be behind the goals unless right down the front. Each to their own I suppose Was behind the goals when we beat Celtic at Hampden and it was rocking. South was nowhere neat the same atmosphere.
  12. True but even worse up there. I know where I'd rather have been when Griffiths scored against England or Faddy vs Holland and it's not the SU!
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