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  1. I'd like to think we gave them the bare minimum after the allocation we got.
  2. Is he aye? im not sure he's arsed either way but the only thing i've ever seen him mention a team he supports was in an A-Z when he was at Chelsea and he said Killie.
  3. He called out Celtic too when they sang at Boyd. Doesn't suit your narrative though eh? Clarkes brothers have season tickets at Killie and have for decades. Not sure what side of the divide you think he's on. He went to the exact same school as me if that's what you are getting at.
  4. It's quite pathetic to see TBH, can't bring himself to support a manager as he called out bigots. Depressing.
  5. Since the Denmark game we have played 13, won 9, lost 2 and drew 2. We also don't play friendlies now.
  6. Saturday will be absolutely rammed.
  7. He literally played a guy that's been playing centre half in a back 5, in centre mid. Could have easily have played a back 5 last night with Hickey/Taylor, KT, Hendry. McKenna, Patterson.
  8. He's turned U21 call ups down to play in League 2.
  9. He's literally chose to play for England over Scotland in the last year.
  10. We weren't even remotely defensive under Clarke. Greg Stewart, Jordan Jones, Liam Miller, Mulumbu, Chris Burke etc all were mainstays and weren't the kind of players you park the bus with!
  11. Surely we can do better than league 2 player?
  12. Blows the overly defensive tag that folk like to pigeon hole Clarke with, out the water.
  13. McGregot was the best player on the park for me. Was superb.
  14. I was doing a pish. Heard some booing but not much.
  15. Not sure he's anywhere near good enough unfortunately. Not even proven in the top flight up here.
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