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  1. Squirrelhumper

    Russia 2018

    What an honour it must have been.
  2. Squirrelhumper


    From what I've seen they both look very good players, I'd say Johnston looks the stand out though but early days.
  3. Squirrelhumper

    Chances of getting France in our Euro 2020 qualifying group?

    Yup, we'll leave it too late as usual.
  4. Might as well start high - same with Tierney etc.
  5. Aberdeen wanting £10m for McKenna. Don't ask, you don't get I suppose....
  6. Squirrelhumper

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Well Ajer certainly benefited from a loan move to Killie!
  7. Squirrelhumper

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    You're at the wind up.
  8. Squirrelhumper

    league cup

    We were poor last night. Seriously missed Taylor and SOD
  9. The Nigels had the same number of shots on targets from open play (6) as Saudi Arabia and needed double the time to achieve it.
  10. Anyone moaning now? Their faces at FT last night was superb. Top quality. That's before Roy Keane tore them a new one.
  11. Those look like they've signed by a nursery class.
  12. Squirrelhumper

    Russia 2018

    Bang on. They had 1,000 or so banned but plenty could travel and never bothered. Although seemed quite a few bit the bullet and travelled last night but nowhere near the numbers they usually have and certainly wouldn't be acting the big shots after they got their arses handed to them in Marseille.
  13. Squirrelhumper

    Russia 2018

    Watched it in the Admiral in Glasgow. Quite a lot of English office workers in watching it and it was good banter. Place erupted when the winner went in though!
  14. Watched it in the Admiral after work last night. Celtic will take 6 or 7 off them at Parkhead if they want to.
  15. Squirrelhumper

    Russia 2018

    Great times.