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  1. You only needed to go to 3 out last 10 to get a ticket for Wales. I've only been to 4 (,including Moldova) and that was enough.
  2. Cars were getting knocked back this weekend. I literally was sat in the Ceccinis at Ardrossan Harbour all day Saturday after a christening and could see the cars lined up waiting. My mate has an AirBnB on arran and is round near Blackwaterfoot. You need a car to get it as no public transport goes near it. He's had several late cancellations as folk don't want to risk getting stuck there/their car getting stuck there when they are heading home. They were telling folk the alternative was a 250 mile round trip detour.
  3. I don't think he's Bonny. He's defo on a Denise Findlay kinda zoomer spectrum though. Folk like this don't realise the negative impact they can have on Indy.
  4. Sturgeon will be praying for another pandemic or ukraine to escalate so she doesn't have to act on stuff her party was elected to do.
  5. Lots of assumptions there. Very easy for you to be so dismissive of it when you don;t even live in Scotland never mind near the island.
  6. No wonder. You can't even book on it. Just need to turn up and hope for the best. Weekend booked in Arran? Good luck getting there or getting back. It's an absolute shit show for the islanders and the local businesses that depend on the ferry.tourists it brings.
  7. 3 day bender for me. Most the team been the same - think Hemmings has shares in the Portmann now!
  8. Was it? I'd say putting the fans in row A behind the goals and leaving the best view in the stand unsold would be even more odd? Folk would moan either way. Stand holds 4400, they never filled the top bit. Had that been filled then they would have opened the bottom.
  9. Sober it you weirdo, Glad to see we';ve ruined your weekend. After all you don't care about Killie eh? As for Michael Johnston - what on earth are you slevering about? He's has as much influence at Rugby Park, as Alba have in Scottish politics - zilch, zero, fuck all, nada.
  10. Glad you find wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayers money as being funny.
  11. Thats a very simplistic look at it. Try telling that to folk who's likelihoodd are being shafted. It's not a few months later. It's over 5 years, hundreds on millions over fidget and no end in sight. If you're happy to accept that then no wonder the SG arent arsed either.
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