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  1. This. Like him or loathe him, he rarely lets us down. It's also be his 50th cap which is no mean feat given his serious injury record.
  2. He's still been put in his place by the FA/Manager though. Meanwhile our captain has decided he needs a rest and is "injured".
  3. Rodgers was incapable of changing his style to get results away from home in Europe but is now one of the best managers in the world. You should do stand up. At least then you'll get paid for folk laughing at you. What has Rodgers won as a manger BTW? Trophies up here don't count (your rules)
  4. They could also finish below all 4.
  5. You said you'd re-watched the full 90 mins from numerous games from years ago - I stand by my view that you should get a life. You spent far too much time on here boring folk to tears with your self righteous pish.
  6. Looks at the call offs we get every squad and compare to say Wales or NI and then come back and say our players have same commitment.
  7. McGregor & Brown would walk into the side just now. McCarthur wasn't 32 when he chucked it, McGregor chucked it twice, Brown chucked it twice, that's what he's getting it. None of the players can be fucked.
  8. Aye, I'm not far off that stage either with international football. Couldn't telly you the last home game I missed, been to dozens of away games but I've never seen such a gutless, uninterested bunch of players. You look at Wales, Ireland and even NI are envious as fuck.
  9. Exactly - I'd say the chances of him not being injured are pretty high too.
  10. Only thing Clarke could have done was call him up and see if he's fit but that's pointless as we know he's fit and Arsenal are saying he needs rest. Basically only thing he could do was call him up and tell him he's playing which rightly or wrongly wouldn't have ended well.
  11. I'd say out the 20-25 boys I regularly go to the football with, at least half of them have the Killie badge on their calf. I've not, tattoos never really been my thing.
  12. I think he's getting at Brown, McGregor, Snodgrass, McCarthur.
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