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  1. https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/mediaservices/mediareleases/news/0268-11fff5dff16f-4cf8e9e33935-1000--eight-uefa-euro-2020-hosts-confirm-matches-with-spectators/ Tickets for supporters of Hungary, North Macedonia, Scotland and Slovakia The sale of tickets that have been reserved for the teams (Hungary, North Macedonia, Scotland, Slovakia) that qualified through EURO 2020 play-offs will start in early May.
  2. What if there are more tickets sold than the new agreed capacities? Once the ticket return portal is closed, UEFA ticketing will calculate the number of tickets which remain sold per match for all venues. Should there be matches where there are more sold tickets than a reduced new agreed capacity, UEFA ticketing will run a ballot per match, across all ticket categories to decide which tickets remain valid and which tickets will, unfortunately, therefore need to be cancelled. For tickets purchased through the Pa
  3. Hi, did you get an email confirming this? Uefa stuff has been landing in my junk folder recently.
  4. I'm in the SSC and have a good amount of points. In my opinion I bought these tickets in 2019 when it didnt look likely we would qualify but I put my money where my mouth was and purchased out of blind optimism. I have tickets for all the games and I'd quite like to keep them especially as Uefa have had my money for almost two years. Entirely agree people are going to be gutted and it's a damned if you do scenario.
  5. UEFA have already sold them all. cant take tickets off of people who paid for them in 2019 (me).
  6. So, let me get this right. We have qualified for the Euro's despite being told by everyone we wouldn't beat Israel and Serbia. We have 2 games at home in the Euro's and the other down the road. We can finish 3rd and still qualify for the next round. We are 2nd in our World Cup qualification group after 3 matches and play Denmark on the last day at home probably infront of a full house. I'm amazed, utterly amazed that a good 70% of this thread is negatives. Where have you been for the last 20 years?! I am on cloud 9!
  7. He was actively supporting Denmark. All very odd those 2. I like McFadden in the studio. Sure he's blinkered when it comes to Scotland and is the worlds most positive man but that's what I was on my commentary in a Scotland match. I don't need doom and gloom - I've had it for 23 years.
  8. Some crackers again tonight.. His first line was a negative comment when the studio went to him live.
  9. Well there we have it eh. Austria confident took a battering as well.
  10. Players love him. He can stay here for the next 10 years if he wants. There isn’t anyone more suited to the gig than Mr Clarke.
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