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  1. We are guaranteed England in our group if we both qualify. It's been confirmed.
  2. They'll flip a coin for the England v Scotland match to see which venue is selected.
  3. If every disease was cured the population would be even further out of control to the point where earth would not be sustainable. Uncomfortable truth. The only conspiracy theory I believe is that cancer probably does have a cure.
  4. 1710 views of this topic. Someone is reading it.
  5. That's my worry. Seems such a backward way of doing things. Buying tickets for a match in which you don't know who is playing. Must be an easier way. Simply has to be. Gonna be some judgement call when I get offered these tickets and have to decide whether to purchase. Could be £900 down the pan.
  6. Correct. Shows how bad he is if anything. Nobody is blaming him for the defeat but it's just his attitude when commentating. Makes you feel fairly depressed before a ball is kicked.
  7. Bugger. Oh well. I better edit it haha
  8. I sincerely hope this is a wind up and you're not all that daft haha Paterson However I will pat McKenna if he gets us to the euros - any time he likes.
  9. Not alone then. Lets hope he sees this.
  10. You can now apply for tickets for euro2020 on UEFA.com I have a question - if you get all selections (unlikely I'm sure) are you obliged to pay for them all or can you release some and keep others? Is it all of your selections or nothing? Dont think I can afford £3000 haha.
  11. Haha fair few on saturday win and we are favourites over them. I do believe that.
  12. Marshall Pat McKenna mulgrew Robbo McTom McGinn Macgregor Fraser Forrest Griff or Naisy That team qualifies.
  13. Beat them. We go favourites to qualify. Genuinely believe that and I believe we will beat them as well. Gigantic match
  14. Lots of fight about us tonight that's been lacking Beat Russia and we are favourites to qualify imo
  15. He was playing Bingo tonight to really piss us all of wasn't he. He does it every away match. He even managed to get 1966 in. Why does he do our matches? Can we get rid?
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