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  1. Hi there Have a good friend who hasn’t been home in a long time and want to take him along to the Israel game. Would appreciate a ticket if one was going spare. I’ll even get you a pint. Thanks Gary
  2. GaryWood34


    How hard did we fight for that. The yards the likes of Adams and O Donnell put in there was just incredible and to be honest pretty inspiring. I was shocked at 80 mins when Adams is going right after the keeper as if it was the first minute. That fight has been evident in the last year. Most notably tonight, London and Serbia. Clarke and his staff can take a great deal of credit for that. Thanks lads. Incredibly proud tonight.
  3. Be same as the euros. Scan phone - in you go. I prefer a paper ticket. Just for the feel of going to the game. This makes touting that bit easier too. Much more open to fake tickets as well with the QR codes.
  4. Cracking prices. Tickets sent immediately. Well done the SFA. Let's hope for the full house we all want.
  5. I took from it all games go on sale next week. £45 for 3 matches.
  6. Just thought I’d check in and say I’m still equally delighted and relieved by last week. YASSSSSSSSS
  7. It baffles me as to why anyone could support them who is “Scottish”. Truly embarrassing stuff. IMG_2519.MP4
  8. Keep them coming. It was absolutely glorious.
  9. Well they haven’t covered themselves in glory here have they. Before the game hundreds breaking in to the stadium and then fights breaking out kids being punched riot please required in city centre battering each other Wembley way wrecked Naked folk putting fireworks in their arse during the game booing Italian anthems chucking it after scoring after a minute - their only shot on target in 130+ mins of football making 2 subs in 119 mins who both miss their penalties and cost them it start to boo the team for misplaced passes Around 60% leave the stadium and don’t watch medal ceremony after the game multiple arrests riot police required Italians abused Sickening racism towards their own players f1 race car driver watch stolen inside Wembley Blame game beginning immediately with pundits losing their minds and putting the boot in to Sir Gareth Opposition fans battered and even slashed after the full time whistle (daily record) Disgusting. It’s not new though is it - don’t know why the media (who are actually reporting it) are acting surprised. Vile.
  10. Cheers England. 6 home games, a favourable draw, away fans only being allowed in from your own Island and the same amount of winners medals as us.
  11. Currently in the highlands in a private snooker room with a pint with the England news on 24/7 coverage. Fantastic.
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