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  1. He is pictured in the away end at Cardiff v Swansea dressed just beautifully - wow. Every time a midfielder collects the ball for Scotland and is running forward he runs to the wing, takes all the heat out of any attack by collecting it, passing back to the full back and we pass it along the back line for 3 minutes before surrendering possession. Every time.
  2. One goal that he done his best to miss and we are all wrong? I think he is absolutely shocking. Never seen anyone miss so many chances before in the premier league. I watch a lot of full match highlights of Scotland players and he remains one of the guys im genuinely perplexed about how he has made it to the premier league. Add in he doesn’t really like playing for us and that’s all that needs said. Id rather fletcher and that’s saying something.
  3. I renewed this morning. So far it’s cost £35. I will buy the new home top as I’m in Bali this summer so it’s far enough away from home I feel I can wear one haha. So that’ll save some money. After 20 years this may have to be my last, we will see. Financially this campaign has been rather hefty. Last Membership - £45 Qualifying Group - £140(?) Trains / Booze at least £100 per match Playoffs w membership - £55 Euro 2020 tickets in the hope - £150 Fingers crosses this time.
  4. Only €50 ticket so not a massive kick if I don’t get rid. Was worth the gamble.
  5. Yeh that set of tickets will be passed on
  6. I got 3 x group matches at Hampden for actual Euro 2020 these were not available for sale through the SSC. Bought season pass for Qualifiers so got points. Which leads me to conclude that the SSC is a bit redundant nowadays as if we ever do make it to a championship then FIFA and UEFA sell to anyone and points do not come in to it.
  7. Careful... Can’t say you watch the FA cup on here...
  8. Haha woooooow. Gents, Let me assure you if Man City and Man Utd we’re in my back garden and St Mirren v Hamilton was on the TV. I’d be tuned in to the box.
  9. I love it and it's broken. How would you fix it? The main factor for teams playing weakened teams seems to be that it is not important enough as it doesn't offer enough of a reward. I'd fix this by offering a champions league place for the winner of the FA cup... bare with me here. The argument would be that the league would lose a champions league place and in turn the excitement in the race for 4th place. I would change the league to accommodate this by introducing champions league play offs for 3rd - 6th placed teams. Working exactly the same as the championship playoffs. This would result in even more excitement in the league by offering teams the chance to chase 6th place and in turn the chance to qualify for the champions league. The end of season play offs of 3rd v 6th & 4th v 5th with a showpiece final which would be a money spinner and guarantees full houses and a huge cash boost for the Premier League. As it stands these would see Man City v Spurs / Chelsea v Man Utd England receives 4 champions league places. 1 x FA Cup Winner 3 x Through the league (below) English Premier League 1st - Champions League Place 2nd - Champions League Place 3rd - Play Off 4th - Play Off 5th - Play Off 6th - Play Off This would absolutely see the FA Cup return to must see football and see teams really throwing everything they have at it. *I'd keep replays in the FA Cup as it's a game changer for lower league clubs.
  10. Convince me to renew? I almost feel obliged to as I have 6 points but do I really need 6 points? I kept my points ticking over as I felt if we ever qualified for a major tournament I would need points. I got tickets for every euro group game at Hampden without the SFA / SSC. It seems FIFA and UEFA don’t work on fan loyalty. I’ve been to Wembley to see us twice in the stadium without needing the SSC. I can’t see any home qualifier selling out within 2 days in the next 10 years. I go away once a campaign and tickets don’t look hard to come by. Am I missing something? Is there a reason why I should renew. Thanks in advance.
  11. Home Marshall Paterson Souttar McKenna Robertson McGinn Jack McLean Forrest Fraser Griff / Naisy Away Marshall McKenna Souttar Tierney Paterson Robertson Jack McGinn McTom Fraser Griff / Naisy
  12. I have all 3 at Hampden in the groups. Could be very depressing if we don’t make it.
  13. Everybody that really wanted them could have had one. They were for sale for a very long time then went on sale again. Granted finance may have played a factor for some which is entirely understandable.
  14. GaryWood34


    I wish. If we don’t qualify it’s a boring set of matches to sit through at Hampden.
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