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  1. I wouldn’t be calling new players in now. Find a settled 11 and let them get to know each other / run through brick walls for each other.
  2. On sale in a few weeks mate, quietly confident now as I’ve also became a member or the WRU. I think I can get 4 from that pre-sale and 4 from the principality pre sale. Means I may have to pay over the odds for the other 2 nearer the time. Its a stag doo so here’s hoping 2/3 of them are struggling too much from the Friday night and I don’t need to bother.
  3. Incredible and equally baffling that if any match is suspended due to bad weather the match will be a DRAW and not replayed despite any scoreline in said match. With it being monsoon season there is every chance this happens. Also does anyone think that the fixtures & group have been set to benefit the host nation. The group Japan have includes the weakest 2nd seed and the lowest ranked team in the tournament. The fixtures are also fairly odd. Game 1 : Japan Vs Russia (lowest ranked team and never won a world cup match) Scotland (Japans probable direct competition) v World Number 1 side Gets a bit of momentum going. Game 5 Japan v Scotland in effectively a shoot out. Now it is in everyone's interests for Japan to get out of the group, let's hope that doesn't filter to the officials....
  4. Like to add that a playoff as we know it was 2 legs, home and then away against a team far superior to us. This type is far more advantageous.
  5. Say 5 years ago if I’d said to you we are 2 wins away from a major tournament and at a bare minimum one of them was at hampden and both teams are below average you’d have snapped my hand off. Add in that if we qualify at least 66% of our group games would be at home aaaand 3rd place probably gets you to the knock out stages.. This is no time for pessimism or experimenting. This is time for finding a solid 11 and playing those 11 for the next 6(?) games. I believe.
  6. Following on from the topic based on the best 11 you've seen playing for Scotland since you've started watching us, How about naming a team from the best players you've seen against us. Seen some crackers in recent years with Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Argentina & Spain visiting Hampden. Mainly Hampden games for me. GK - Buffon (1-2 v Italy) CB - Cannavaro(1-1 v italy) CB - Nesta (1-1 v Italy) CB - Thuram (1-0 v France) LW - Robben (0-1 v Netherlands) CM - Vieira (1-0 v France) CM - Pirlo (1-1 v Italy / 1-2 v Italy) CM - Totti (1-1 v Italy) RW - Ribery (1-0 v France) FW - Henry (1-0 v France) FW - Villa (2-3 v Spain) Bench Casillas Neuer Ramos Pique Zanetti Makelele Gattuso Modric Iniesta Sterling De bruyne Schweinsteiger Muller Van Persie Rooney Shevchenko
  7. Agree, I'd hope so as well. They asked us who we support so fingers crossed. If not stubhub will be my friend.
  8. What’s the process of reselling these if we don’t qualify? Is there an official channel or do I need to join some Bulgarian message board if they qualify and try and flog them?
  9. Hi, 10 of us hoping to attend this in March next year public sale is next month. questions if you can help.. do do I need to do any registering before attempting to buy? What’s my chances of getting tickets? Is it hard? cheers
  10. Got 3 x group games at hampden €50 a pop.
  11. Where is the link for additional tickets? Cheers
  12. Wee update on this one - Avoid like the plague. They sent me a tracking number which didn't work. I phoned DHL and they say that they were due to provide them with a package but didn't bother. 6 emails sent to Aztec Retro in 10 weeks and no response. Emailed Paypal for full refund. If it's too good to be true....
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