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  1. Just purchased this. Do you receive all tickets at once? Is it a season ticket type card? Or are tickets simply tickets sent prior to the match?
  2. Attending 6/7 games this year and need an update on the Scotland wardrobe. Obviously there is JD and Classic football shirts - https://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk/international-teams/european/scotland.html?p=4 Any other sites? Official or not that I could / should be checking? Thanks
  3. Late to the party in renewing. Just done it. What was with the pack when it arrived? Another horrific Tshirt that I wouldn't even sleep in?
  4. Biggest home game for us in a long while. Long has been the complaint that the group is too hard to qualify or the playoff is too tough. Tonight was the chance to be amongst nations on a similar level to be gifted a chance to qualify. We won. There are now no excuses. I went. Not for the game or even to support the team, that's a bonus.. I went as being at a Scotland match and the Ten filled beer fuelled hours catch up with my mates cannot be beaten. The result is secondary. Pleased it went well.
  5. Wanted to update the won, lost, drew. w3, d1, l3 What heroes these three lions are. Bring England town to a stand still for these warriors, let us worship them from the rooftops.
  6. That's the only answer here. Close thread. Best players in best positions is how games are won.
  7. He is shocking which I can forgive but he is also doesn't give a single fluck.
  8. Was there any at all? I am seriously struggling. We didn't have a manager. The manager we did have had no chance of getting the job, as revealed before kick off. We got beat so it'll effect our ranking. We played zero strikers. A scotman will be remember being roundly booed on his national team debut. We had a bit of confidence from a long unbeaten run brought to a drab boring lifeless soulless end.
  9. Wales have a Real Madrid player. They has an easier group. They finished with less points than us. Lets not look at Wales and try and copy anything they do.
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