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  1. Keeping this hypothetical: We are all assuming we will beat Croatia, so we know for certain[sic] groups Groups A & D are supplying a 3rd place team. Currently Group F looks strong to supply another with the teams already on 3 points. I assume the poster above feels it is likely Group E will supply the last team, Poland to beat Sweden and Spain to beat Slovakia would do that. In this scenario we would be playing at Hampden in the last 16 against the winners of Group E
  2. They said the last 24 games in major tournaments.
  3. Here's how it calculated. As we know, the top 4 third placed teams qualify. You then use the table above to work out which four groups they have come from, and then the second table shows who you play. So in the First line it assumes that Groups A, B, C, & D are the best placed 3rds. In that scenario we would play the winners of group C (Sunday 5pm) 4th line assumes it is A,B,D & E. We then would play winners of group B (Sunday 8pm) etc etc So in summary, it is impossible to second guess the four 3rd placed teams and which potential match we would play!
  4. Pretty sure if we finish 3rd then Sunday 27th game is also a possibility
  5. This is crazy! I have a time slot 17:00-17:30 for the Croatia game. Taking my son with me (who incidentally does not have a phone, so I will be using mine for both of us) so no way I am not taking food in with me. Can't believe I was hopeful for a beer, and now I am just grateful for a pie. I wonder how this experience will compare to when we qualify for Qatar....
  6. I can't believe I am asking this, but.....How would the ticketing work? I assume UEFA hold back sections for the supporters clubs. Would it be the mad panic waiting for an authorisation email from SSC?
  7. On the flip side of this, it will be really frustrating for those with `lucky` time slots if the queues are large due to all the early slots appearing late and they miss ko. My tickets for Hampden are 13:00-13:30 and 17:00-17:30 so i have both ends of the spectrum!
  8. Considering the uncertainty and restriction in pubs I wonder what would happen if you tried to get in on an earlier time slot so you could enjoy a couple of watered down pints?
  9. I assume the times are for entry to the actual stadium and not the fenced off area mentioned in another thread? If there are food drink stalls outside I don't mind turning up in plenty of time, but if it's to go in to the Stadium and sit in the shade I am less enthusiastic!
  10. Considering the current restrictions on going to the pub, if there is a fanzone at the ground (even better if you can buy a beer!) then that is ideal to maybe at least get a bit of atmosphere before the game. I've not seen anything to suggest there will be one though.
  11. On the public sale you could order two tickets, so that is the guest they are referring to. I'm sure if you watch the YouTube clip above you can work out the point where you can register the ticket to a different phone, and I hope you are being genuine when you say you are "swapping" your ticket
  12. Not sure if it's a big factor, but how many Under 18's are going to miss out with 13+ points
  13. Slight tangent, but related to potential TA points. Has anyone noticed a change in the number of people in each points category? When we qualified I checked my points to see likelihood of a Wembley ticket and with 9 points I was ranked ~4,450. Checking today I see I still have 9 Points, but I am now 5,086. I can't see any way that the number of points has changed for anyone, so not sure where the additional 600 people with 9 or more points has come from? In light of everything it is probably irrelevant, but still hopeful....
  14. Not a huge selling point, but if you are going to buy any gear, the discount is pretty decent.
  15. Although on the evidence of that shocking attempted header on Wednesday, maybe not Devlin (yes, I'm a Dons fan)
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