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  1. Never been a fan of Crocker's but I think him and McCoist work really well together. A good balance.
  2. I have just realised I only ordered 4 tickets and not the 5 I needed. Please someone help!
  3. Do you still have the ticket? I have messed up my order. Needed 5 tickets and some how only bought 4. Ahhhhh
  4. When did the squad meet up? Any injury doubts? Cant see anything from the usual news sites.
  5. Czech - 11.30 to 12.00 Wembley - 17.00 to 17.30 https://www.wembleystadium.com/plan-your-visit/stadium-guide/view-from-your-seat# Croatia - 17.30 to 18.00
  6. All depends where the game is; Group winner - Wembley Runner up - Copenhagen 3rd place - 50% chance Budapest, 30% chance Hampden and 20% chance Seville. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_2020#Knockout_phase
  7. Its a great way to get fans into the ground early if we know we can get a pint inside the "fan zone" @ hampden.
  8. We are booked in De Hems Dutch bar on Thursday night for the Dutch v Austria. Booked in here pre game as well but will see what else might be happening. Guy's without tickets booked in the slug and lettuce Leicester square for the game.
  9. That's it worked now. Thanks
  10. Great thanks worked for me. Only able to put in one number.
  11. How does the ‘seat together’ option work and is it guaranteed? UEFA has confirmed that this option is available on UEFA’s ticketing sales platform. You will be able to complete the “seat with” field with the order number of someone you wish to sit close to. These requests, however, are not guaranteed. Looks like we would have to apply 1 at a time to get the order number of who you would like to sit beside.
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