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  1. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12016/12207460/england-to-host-austria-and-romania-in-june-friendlies-as-they-prepare-for-euro-2020-this-summer Austria and Romania
  2. I see England just announced their games pre euros. Anyone heard anything for us? Who would you like to see us play?
  3. I would be interested to see Turnbull's stats from Midfield?
  4. Sport options flight available as well. https://www.sportoptions.com/Faroe-Islands-v-Scotland
  5. I would have 10-12 people interested.
  6. Not sure if the plans will stay the same but here is some details on what was planned for the fan zones in the City. https://euro2020.scottishfa.co.uk/uefa-euro-2020/news/posts/2019/november/glasgow-reveals-plans-for-uefa-euro-2020-festivities-with-city-centre-fan-zones/
  7. Does Appere maybe miss the cut off date already being 21?
  8. Fingers crossed my flights get cancelled for a refund.
  9. https://www.fotball.no/tema/nff-nyheter/2020/informasjon-angaende-norge-serbia/ Norway Serbia behind closed doors
  10. We have a small chance about 20-25%. If I at home for both I would have fancied us.
  11. Needing a west stand ticket due to a mix up. Looks to be now sold sold out. Doesnt matter which section of the west.
  12. Or Hungary vrs Iceland/Romania might be an option.
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