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  1. Fingers crossed my flights get cancelled for a refund.
  2. https://www.fotball.no/tema/nff-nyheter/2020/informasjon-angaende-norge-serbia/ Norway Serbia behind closed doors
  3. Israel slovakia and czechs
  4. We have a small chance about 20-25%. If I at home for both I would have fancied us.
  5. Needing a west stand ticket due to a mix up. Looks to be now sold sold out. Doesnt matter which section of the west.
  6. Or Hungary vrs Iceland/Romania might be an option.
  7. 5 of us have risked booking an option for both games; If its Norway Mon - edin to Gothenburg ryanair. Then train or bus to Oslo 3.5hrs. Wed - Oslo to edin Via Budapest If its Serbia Sun - Edin to Budapest. Then transfer down to Belgrade and back Mon-wed. 3.5hrs and about £25 each way. Wed - Buda to edin (Same as the second leg from oslo) Cost £180. Booked via opodo and paid for cancel for any reason. Pays back 80% if you cancel up to 24 hrs before the first flight. Max this should cost us £50 if we don't go. Also the chance if we dont make it, that Hungary could be at home for in Budapest the Wednesday night against Iceland or Romania.
  8. Hi mate. Are you still looking for tickets? I've got 2 for the away end. Can't make it anymore cos of work :(

    Just looking for face value- £28 each


  9. Looking for 2 tickets. PM me if available please.
  10. Hi, looking for for a ticket. Ideally west stand would take north or east.
  11. https://www.seat61.com/venice-to-ljubljana-and-zagreb-by-train.htm looking at this route also.
  12. Remember going in on Sunday but not leaving. Monday I don't remember being in at all. Tuesday I just about remember leaving.
  13. 8 of us out Sunday edi-Düsseldorf-Vienna. Back Wed Vienna-Oslo-Edin
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/37197900 Marshall to Hull. £5m bid.
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