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  1. Of course there’s no guarantee. Very few footballers are guaranteed a start. Rangers couldn’t turn down £11.5 million for him. The move was to benefit Rangers as much as Patterson. If he’s as good as we all hope he is then he’ll soon force his way into the team. Even if he only plays as much as he did at Ibrox he’ll be facing a far better calibre of player down there and that can only benefit Scotland.
  2. Might have changed now but I’m sure they used to limit it to a maximum of 35,000 members. If that’s still the case we should always be guaranteed one ticket each for games at Hampden (covid rules permitting). I don’t think it’s anywhere near 35,000 at the moment anyway.
  3. A fair way to do it (as I’m sure someone else has already suggested) might be to discount any yellow cards picked up in games against the bottom teams in the groups of 6. Wouldn’t help us much but it would at least address the issue with some teams playing 2 extra games.
  4. Wouldn’t that be the case regardless of who we’re playing away from home?
  5. Fair enough but I would say, taking everything into consideration, we are slightly more likely to win in Austria. Not a lot in it though. Certainly not enough for me to have any strong preference. Your point about Wales preferring to go to Hampden doesn’t really hold water as Wales haven’t won in Ukraine in the last 2 months. From a selfish point of view I would actually prefer Wales as it would be easier and cheaper to drive down rather than fly to Austria. May be harder to get a ticket though.
  6. If our recent history in playoffs is anything to go by you may well be correct. I’m not sure I could handle another 2 penalty shootouts though.
  7. I didn’t say you were terrified. Others appear to be dreading a potential trip to either country though. We could potentially have been going to Portugal, Italy or Russia so we have dodged a bullet there I’d say. Wales or Austria really is the best final we could have hoped for unless there was a major upset somewhere. Let’s just hope the Ukrainians don’t spoil the party by having the cheek to beat us in the semi.
  8. If my aunt had baws……… We are a better team now than when we drew with Austria at Hampden. Austria appear to have declined since the Euros. That could all change in the next 4 months right enough. I actually don’t mind who wins the other semi to be honest. Let’s just hope we beat Ukraine and the other match will take care of itself.
  9. Yeah I get that but why are people scared or a potential trip to a country we have beaten away very recently? We would struggle to win in Wales, almost everybody does. I’m not saying going to a Austria would be easier but taking 4 points off them this year could prove to be a huge psychological advantage.
  10. Can 30,000 be classed as a big home support? It’s not insignificant but small compared to what we could have potentially faced in Italy, Portugal, Sweden or Russia.
  11. Maybe if it was at the principality but Wales will easily sell 30,000 tickets and we’ll have (hopefully) about a tenth of that.
  12. Nice bit of research. Yeah not a fantastic record but not terrible.
  13. You would fancy our chances more against a team we haven’t beat for years than a team we beat in Austria a couple of months ago? Odd.
  14. Well I don’t think you can describe the last 20 years as historical but if it’s just semantics we’re talking then fair enough. We’ve been playing international football for nearly 150 years so I would say 20 years is fairly recent. Our qualifying record in the last 3 years is pretty good though. One tournament reached out of two. Possibly two out of three depending on what happens in March. What has happened prior to that is pretty irrelevant in my opinion. If Ukraine, Wales or Austria think they will have an easy time of it because we lost to Netherlands and England in playoffs around 20 years ago then they are pretty daft. They will likely be relieved to be playing us because we are one of the weakest seeded teams though which is fair enough. Hopefully they will underestimate us.
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