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  1. I don’t think scouts or the Chelsea coaching team are that stupid.
  2. Fair enough but he was mentioned in the post you quoted which is why I thought it was odd.
  3. Odd comment. Did you see Hanley’s recent performances for Scotland?
  4. I don’t think Bruce will be the Newcastle manager for much longer so it likely doesn’t matter if Fraser is in his plans or not. Whether he would impress the new manager if Bruce does leave is another matter.
  5. Clarke rarely plays with a left back. Would be interesting to see what he would do if Robertson was unavailable.
  6. I don’t think Rangers has the resources to identify the people that were singing the famine song. The club can only really take action against people identified by the police. If the video was at Ibrox then they could identify people through their seat number but how are they meant to do that for fans who are marching up Argyle Street? Bigotry in Scotland isn’t limited to supporters of the Old Firm or even football in general so I guess the clubs point that out to deflect from the arseholes in their support. They are hardly going to come out and say their supporters are the scum of the earth are they? All Rangers (or any club) can do is continue with their messaging that sectarianism/racism/homophobia or whatever will not be tolerated and anyone found spouting vile pish will be banned for life. I don’t know if you’ve been to Ibrox recently but they are making a big deal out of it now in a way they have never done in the past. Not that this excuses the past but, like you say, it is a start. Unfortunately the absolute bellends that think it’s ok to behave in this way will never listen.
  7. Well I must have missed that then. 😂 Why claim Rangers would have swept it under the carpet then as this obviously isn’t the case? It certainly would have been the case in the past but not now. Rangers can certainly be accused of not doing enough to proactively eradicate sectarianism at Ibrox (although they are certainly better than they used to be - mainly because of fines and stand closures enforced by UEFA) but they will and do take action when these horrible people are caught out.
  8. You obviously missed Rangers banning several supporters for the recent Furihashi and famine song incidents. If something similar to the McGinn incident had happened at Ibrox Rangers would 100% be “investigating and looking to ban the twat”.
  9. It’s also my birthday today. I’m not the devil though and sadly I’m not 20.
  10. Marshall isn’t even making the bench for Derby at the moment and Gordon is nearly 39. Once McGregor retires (probably at the end of this season) Jon McLaughlin should be Rangers number 1 and will likely be Scotland’s first choice as well unless one of the younger guys break through. I think McLaughlin is 34 though so he’s not that much younger than Marshall. McCrorie looks to be our main hope of having another very good keeper I think.
  11. Interesting you don’t mention Jon McLaughlin when you discuss goalkeepers. I think he’ll probably be our number 1 for at least a couple of years once Gordon retires.
  12. I think Clarke definitely needs to try something different against Israel. Whether that will be 4 at the back I don’t know. I’m really looking forward to the game though which isn’t something I thought I’d be saying about a match against Israel if you’d asked me a few months ago.
  13. Agreed. He did a job for us there when we were struggling but the emergence of Hendry and resurgence of Hanley means we shouldn’t need to play him there unless we have injury/Covid issues in that area. I just hope Clarke doesn’t play him here just to shoehorn him into the team if he plans to continue with Gilmour and McGregor.
  14. Yeah I’d go along with this. The only thing is Clarke probably didn’t want to have to switch from a back 4 against Moldova to a back 3 against Austria in the space of 3 days with only one full days training in between.
  15. Yeah it will certainly be interesting to see where McTominay fits in when he’s back in the squad especially when Hanly is back. I agree that he won’t be played in defence again when the first choice back 3 are available unless somebody suffers a major dip in form.
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