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  1. That would still need to happen.
  2. Fixtures tend to be out a day or 2 after the draw. It’s all done on computer these days.
  3. That could’ve happened in literally any previous qualifying campaign in the last 20 odd years (and did in 1999) with the exception of the last Euros campaign.
  4. Surely that’s always the best chance to qualify?
  5. Sometimes it’s good to have a really good pot 1 team who will beat every other team home and way. If Germany had done that a few years ago instead of just beating us home and away we’d have at least got to the playoffs I think.
  6. As long as at least 12 of the other 16 League A teams finished in the top 2 of their qualifying group (which is likely) we would have got a Euro 2024 playoff. This is more likely than us winning our League B group next time in my opinion. We were handed our group on a plate this time and couldn't win it. It’s all epidemic now anyway as Del Boy would say.
  7. At least we can’t get Finland. They were looking like they might be pot 4 for a while. I can almost guarantee we’ll either get Israel again or it will be Georgia.
  8. Match sharpness is probably the issue but he has scored some crackers for Celtic off the bench recently so it’s hard to say what’s going on. Hopefully he’ll come good for the qualifiers next March and the big one in June.
  9. He scored a good goal against Slovenia as well. He’ll score for us again - if he can get himself fully fit and match sharp.
  10. Sadly we’re not good enough for League A at the moment. We’d have been thrown around like an empty tracksuit. Staying in League B isn't the end of the world. We’ve still got an outside chance of pot 2 for the Euro 2024 qualifiers if we win our group next time. The main thing is we have qualified for a tournament and we can start looking forward to that now.
  11. I don’t think it’s confirmed yet but I can’t see them tinkering with it too much. I did see something about League D not getting a playoff path due to Germany qualifying automatically as hosts but I can’t remember where.
  12. Getting a playoff for Euro 2024 won’t be any easier from League B. Being in League A almost guarantees you a playoff. I’m not that disappointed to not get promoted though. We were always going to struggle after the playoff win last week and the last 2 games looked like a training exercise.
  13. Worst thing about tonight is we could get Israel in the next Nations league. We could also get then in the World Cup qualifiers.
  14. 1-0 Czech Republic so we definitely need to win now I think.
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