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  1. The press release stated that all UEFA club competitions are suspended until further notice and the internationals scheduled for June were also postponed as well as the women’s under 19 tournament in July. No mention of the Nations League as far as I can see.
  2. Agreed. Although it would’ve been good to secure qualification in June this year I don’t think there was ever a chance this was going to happen.
  3. No. The Nations League matches are not friendlies. That’s not to say the NL won’t be postponed or cancelled at some point.
  4. The only surprise was they thought they might be able to play these games in June in the first place.
  5. The trees and bushes get pissed off and start killing people. What’s not to get? 😂
  6. I went out for a walk in Glasgow today and there were three police cars, each at a different entrance to a park. The police were stopping people to ask them why they were out. As they were at a park I’d have thought the reason most folk were out was pretty obvious. Cops must be bored. Surely they have more important things to do than this?
  7. How could you tell the scarecrow was good at his job? He was out standing in his field.
  8. I don’t think he is. I haven’t heard from him in a while anyway. Mind you, who knows - he could be anybody. I was even accused of being him the other day. Maybe he’s got the virus?
  9. I think Chripper has given up creating new profiles for the moment and there is no football so maybe there just hasn't been any new members?
  10. Fair point but I did say Glasgow is a bigger city. The transmission rate in Glasgow and surrounding area is unlikely to be significantly lower than it will be in Manchester or probably even Birmingham. The Highlands and Islands, Fife and the North East etc. are a different matter of course.
  11. Glasgow is a bigger city than Manchester. The infection rate should be lower in Scotland as a whole but the central belt is likely to be similar to the rest of the UK outside of London I would reckon.
  12. I completely agree. The government keeps chopping and changing though. The latest advice appears to be that people who can't work from home can go to work "to keep the country running".
  13. They'll probably claim it is essential work to keep vans on the road for deliveries. You could connect almost any job to essential services though. Mike Ashley tried his best to convince us Sports Direct was an essential business.
  14. Could be but surely more younger people would've died already if this was the case? The girl may well have had an undetected underlying health condition. A lot of us could be in that position.
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