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  1. Did you genuinely think that after 10 minutes yesterday?
  2. I’m not Hanley’s biggest fan but I‘m not convinced Souttar is the answer. I’m not even sure if Souttar will play that many games for Rangers now Goldson has signed a new contract. Will depend on Helander’s fitness and the formation van Bronckhorst goes with I suppose. I hope he does well and brings that to the Scotland set up but time will tell.
  3. There’s more chance of me getting a call up than there is of Clarke reverting to a back 4. We also can’t rely on Jack and Tierney being fit as they are both so injury prone Clarke really needs to makes his plans with them being missing in mind.
  4. Not with Hendry playing in the left. I can’t remember him ever playing there before and he looked like a fish out of water. The whole back 3 looked like they had never played in a 3 before. Clarke’s hands were tied in fairness as he had a shortage of central defenders but there was really no need to play with a back 3 yesterday and his failure to do anything about it when they were getting ripped to shreds by a very poor team would possibly have cost us the game if it wasn’t for the sending off. We’ll never know.
  5. No, I’m not that hopeful either. We would kill for a Dalglish or Law level forward just now. Dykes and Adams are the best we have and they couldn’t lace their boots and they aren’t even a product of the Scottish youth system. Depressing.
  6. We have tried to unearth them in a way by selecting people who weren’t necessarily always Scottish but the problem is if they were that good they’d have been selected by their country of birth long before we sniffed them out. If we could produce a Ronaldo/Messi or even a Lewandowski or Haaland type it would make such a difference to the number of goals we score that it would make up for weaknesses elsewhere. Maybe we’ll produce one at some stage in the future. We live in hope.
  7. 😂😂😂 you could argue 0-4 is a better result than 1-5 but I was a defender so I would say that.
  8. They were probably on a beach somewhere.
  9. I don’t think you can unearth something that isn’t there to begin with.
  10. They were actually 3 down when Stones was sent off so have absolutely no excuse in terms of the dodgy second yellow.
  11. Only positive thing is we should hopefully have Tierney, McKenna and Souttar back in September so hopefully we’ll never see that back 3 ever, ever, ever again.
  12. Forgot about that. Should be 5-0 to us at least then.
  13. We may well win but saying we should win is a tad optimistic I think.
  14. We’re lucky it’s not 3-4 so I’ll take 1-4. If we hang on that is. ☹️
  15. Should we? Did you see the game on Saturday?
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