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  1. I’m not sure how the venue delay for the Turkey game is anything to do with the SFA.
  2. Starts at £25 for SSC members and is included in 5 match package which starts at £125 for members.
  3. Used to be 5% for Euro qualifiers and 10% for World Cup qualifiers (or could have been the other way round). I think UEFA regulations just state ‘a reasonable amount’ of tickets should be made available to away associations now. Not sure what that means exactly but I think the generally accepted minimum is 5% with room for negotiation if both countries want more than that.
  4. No idea. The whole thing is weird.
  5. I think the qualifying results come into play as well as the scores tonight. I can’t be bothered reading about it again as I nearly had a stroke the last time. Any sort of win will be good enough for Ireland I think.
  6. Yes there is but the venue hasn’t been confirmed yet. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/scotland-to-play-tuerkiye-in-november-friendly-match/?rid=13925&utm_source=crm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SSCUpdate_10102022&utm_content=Story3cta&mc_cid=eac7ececa4&mc_eid=e5091eb822
  7. I reckon we’d have beaten them in 2004 if the floodlights hadn’t failed. We were all over them. I still suspect foul play.
  8. I think Ullevall was being renovated at the time. Our game next year will definitely be in Oslo unless they are renovating again or of something else unusual happens.
  9. Aye they play all their matches at the Ullevall. All their big games anyway.
  10. We are a lot better but your average Spanish supporter either won’t know that or won’t care. As much as we love Scotland we are not a big draw and qualifiers aren’t that attractive in general to some countries that qualify for every tournament. Hopefully the game will be at a half decent stadium with a capacity of at least 50,000 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was another 30,000 stadium. I didn’t go to Alicante last time but from what you’ve said I hope it’s not there as I’ll be going this time.
  11. I doubt it as it didn’t last time when we played in Alicante. We weren’t a pot 2 team then right enough but we still won’t be a big draw. I think the ground in Alicante holds 32,000 and there was only around 24,000 at the game in 2011. Wherever the game is played I hope the SFA secure at least 10% of the capacity.
  12. Email is obsolete. The fixtures are unchanged.
  13. As the SFA now owns Hampden I doubt we will play a qualifier or Nations League game anywhere else ever again unless Hampden is being renovated or a Robbie Williams type fuck up happens again. There is absolutely no need to move the Cyprus game anyway as we’ll get at least 40,000 for it I would think. Why would the SFA want to throw away at least £300,000 in ticket sales?
  14. We drew with England the last time we played them at Hampden.
  15. Seriously though these teams are there to be beaten. All the big teams have lost games they were expected to win fairly recently. Hampden is actually one of the hardest places in the world to come and win outside of the big countries. We have the best home record in the short history of the nations league (along with Italy) albeit we haven’t faced any of the top nations. We haven’t lost a qualifier at home since Belgium and our record at Hampden in qualifiers is decent. The pot 1 team has failed to beat us there in 2 of our last 3 groups. We certainly won’t be favourites against Spain at Hampden but should we be looking to beat them there? Of course we should. Doesn’t mean we will beat them but if we go in looking for a draw at best than we certainly won’t beat them. Hopefully the players have more confidence than some of our support.
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