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  1. Texas Pete

    2020 Qualifying

    Maybe. Belgium are a far bigger draw than Russia though and they’ll bring more fans so I reckon the day of the week won’t make too much of a difference. Prices are decent for a change as well so hopefully we’ll get 45k+ for both games.
  2. Texas Pete

    2020 Qualifying

    I doubt anyone will miss out this time but if they continue with this process it may happen in future if we start filling Hampden again. The only two games in this campaign that have a remote possibility of selling out are the Belgium match and our final game against Kazakhstan (if we’re still in with a shout of qualifying). Anyone who is a bit skint would be best buying tickets for those two games first to ensure they don’t miss out.
  3. Texas Pete

    Darren Fletcher (The coach)

    I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with Fletcher joining the set up but McLeish is hardly going to bin McFadden or Grant unless he has a fall out with one of them or something. I doubt there is budget or even need for another coach so he’ll need to be one for the future I think. I can see him being a successful club manager within a few years.
  4. Texas Pete

    Points Tables

    The SFA probably haven’t complained much about it. They are deluded enough to think Hampden will be more or less full regardless of the day and time of the kick off. They seem genuinely surprised when less than 25,000 turn up on a Sunday night to watch us play Gibraltar or whoever.
  5. Texas Pete

    2020 Draw Thread

    True. We finished second after drawing with the Faroes a few years ago Not to mention the one team in Tallinn debacle. We very nearly finished in the top 2 last time though. If we had beaten Lithuania at home we’d have been in the playoffs. If we can cut that shit out then we might be on to something.
  6. Texas Pete

    2020 Draw Thread

    I won’t mind losing twice to Belgium (although I’d rather beat them twice!) as long as they also beat everyone else twice. Germany beat us twice in our last Euro group and dropped points to all our main rivals which scuppered our chances. We only had ourselves to blame though as we lost in Georgia but it was still annoying. If Russia can take points off Belgium then so can we. We can give anyone a game at Hampden so if Belgium aren’t at their best next year then we have a chance against them.
  7. Texas Pete

    2020 Draw Thread

    The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany (twice), France and England have all come to Hampden in the last 15 years and have either lost, drawn or been given a damn good game. Hampden may not be the fortress it once was but the last team to beat us there in a competitive game was Germany in September 2015. Assuming Cyprus don’t beat us there in June, we will be undefeated at home in competitive football for at least four years. That’s quite impressive considering we haven’t qualified for anything in that time. Very few countries can boast a record like that, certainly very few outside the worlds top 10. Nobody, not even the top teams, likes coming to Hampden even at the low ebb we are at. Lithuania aside, we have a fantastic home record in the last few years. If it wasn’t for daft slip ups away to Georgia and the like we would probably have qualified for a couple of tournaments in the last 20 years and wouldn’t be feeling as low as we do now.
  8. Texas Pete

    2020 Draw Thread

    We were one point away from second place in our last group. If we had beaten Lithuania at home (or beat Slovakia by 3 clear goals at Hampden and scored 1 more goal elsewhere) we’d have done it. We should really have finished second. If we can stop the daft slip ups then we have a great chance of second place this time.
  9. Texas Pete

    2020 Draw Thread

    You’re right, I was going on the basis of normal scheduled flights. It will be around 10 for fans (unless there’s a chartered flight) as you can’t fly directly from Glasgow. I would imagine the players will be flying directly so yes, it should be around 6.5 to 7 hours.
  10. Texas Pete

    2020 Draw Thread

    If Russia do the same then they would also have 21 points. We will probably need to get a point in Russia (unless Russia slip up somewhere) to get second place. Either that or we’ll need to take a point off Belgium at Hampden. I think it will be a pretty close battle for second between us and Russia and I’m looking forward to the campaign. First time in a while I can genuinely say that.
  11. Texas Pete

    2020 Draw Thread

    I don’t think for a minute tha Kazakhstan will beat us. They are nowhere near as good as Georgia. Or Israel or Albania for that matter. It’s a 10 hour flight though and our logistics will no doubt be a shambles as per usual and we’ll arrive 24 hours before kickoff or something so i don’t think it will be a 0-4 stroll in the park or anything like that. If we are professional though and do the simple things well and are not complacent then I’m pretty sure we’ll win our opening game. I have just booked flights to Belgium and I’m confident we’ll be going there with 9 points under our belts.
  12. Texas Pete

    2020 Draw Thread

    If Belgium perform at their best then we’ll likely lose both matches. We rarely take anything from the top seeds in the group these days (except England last time out). Hampden isn’t an easy place to come to for a competitive match though so if Belgium aren’t at their best then we have a chance of getting something at home.
  13. Texas Pete

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I’m not sure what game you were at mate but Cafu’s shot came off Leighton’s face/shoulder before hitting Boyd. It was from more or less point blank range and he didn’t know much about it. He was very unlucky I thought. Leighton also had at least 3 or 4 good saves. I remember a very good one from a Ronaldo shot anyway.
  14. Texas Pete

    2020 Draw Thread

    We have a good chance of taking 9 points from our first three games and 9 from our last three. Only problem is we could realistically get 0 points from our middle four games (although I’m confident Russia won’t beat us at home). Hopefully we’ll come away from Russia knowing that we’ll qualify if we win our last three games as that would be very doable.
  15. Texas Pete

    2020 Draw Thread

    Unless something goes seriously wrong we will have at least 6 points going into the game in Belgium. We will beat San Marino away and Cyprus at home. If we don’t win both these games we have no chance of qualifying outright anyway. Unless Russia slip up somewhere, we really need to win all of our home games (except Belgium) and take 6 points from San Marino and Cyprus to stand a chance. Kazakhstan are the only real unknown entity for me. They are ranked 120th in the world but they are exactly the type of team we struggle against away from home. They only won one of their Nations League matches though (at home to Andorra) and they lost to Georgia twice. We really should be looking to beat Kazakhstan away from home. If we can do that then I believe we’ll have 9 points in the bag going to Belgium (where we’ll get pumped).