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  1. Oh, he’s certainly something to worry about but I’m not going to lose any sleep over him until it’s confirmed that we are playing Norway in the final. Life’s too short to worry about something that might never happen. I don’t find it difficult to convey sarcasm. Perhaps you find it difficult to infer it?
  2. I knew what you meant. I was making a joke based on you often asking “explain what you mean by.....” I was also joking regarding McBurnie and Haaland. They have both scored 0 international goals which suggests they are of equal ability which is obviously not true. I find having to explain jokes very tiring so I don’t think I’ll bother anymore.
  3. They have scored the exact same amount of senior international goals.
  4. Griffiths could score 5 against them. Unlikely I admit but we can always dream. 😂
  5. Why are you scared? You already think we won’t qualify and have stated several times that you don’t want us to. Anyway, there’s probably no point in worrying about the big chap until we know we will be playing Norway. Israel could beat us or Serbia could beat Norway.
  6. He’s a great player but he won’t get the same service playing for Norway as he does for Dortmund. He can’t score in every game.
  7. Agreed. I only mentioned McGinn as he was used as an example in the previous post. Tierney is a different matter though.
  8. We hadn’t lost a competitive home match for nearly four years until Belgium and Russia came to town and we’re not great. These types of records can be misleading. Norway’s result against Spain was a good one but I’m not sure who else they have played. I do know they’ve drawn a few games at home as well (Romania rings a bell?) and a draw may well be enough for us if it’s Norway and Scotland in the final.
  9. I gathered that from your subsequent posts but there’s a special place in hell reserved for the grammar and punctuation police.
  10. Clubs can’t prevent players from playing for their country (in theory anyway). They can do what Arsenal did with Tierney last year and as the relevant FA not to select a player for whatever reason. It’s up to that FA whether to allow this or not. If a player misses an international match the relevant FA can invoke the 5 day rule which would prevent the player from playing for their club for 5 days after the international break ends. This is rarely used although the Northern Irish FA did it a while back when Kyle Lafferty pulled out of a squad. Plenty of players would happily skip a Scotland game if their club asked them to but I don’t believe John McGinn would do this. Certainly not for such a big game anyway.
  11. Three full games should be more than enough. If they are fit enough to play a full 90 minutes for their clubs they can play 90 minutes for Scotland.
  12. As long as both are back and match fit aye it will be good news. Won’t be taking anything for granted until the they are back playing and the squad is announced though.
  13. Tierney won’t make it. Even if he does return to the Arsenal squad before the playoffs there’s no way he’ll join up with the Scotland squad. McGinn and McTominay are almost ready to return I think and will hopefully get at least 2 or 3 matches under their belts before the playoffs.
  14. Why would you do this? You are deliberately antagonising people on here mate. What age are you?
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