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  1. That’s how international management was then and still is to a certain extent. Apart from a few international specialists like Klinsmann (I know he managed Munich but vast majority of his experience is at international level) and other exceptions like Martinez, international managers are normally older managers or, in the case of Giggs and Southgate, young and inexperienced managers. Managers at the top of their game normally prefer the full time, day to day management of club football and the higher wages that go with it. There are some exceptions but that’s how it is in general. I can’t see Pep Guardiola managing Spain (or an independent Catalonia?) anytime soon. If and when he does this he will probably be quite old and ‘in decline’. Same goes for Klop and Germany and most other sought after managers.
  2. Whether they were your cup of tea or not, they came with decent reputations. Most people weren’t impressed with Brown’s appointment at the time as he was Roxburgh’s assistant and didn’t exactly have a good pedigree and he’s done as well as anyone. Other than the ‘we don’t want a foreigner’ brigade, I seem to remember most folk bring excited by Vogts getting the job and we all know how that worked out. Burley had a reasonable reputation and Levein was seen as a decent young manager. Levein has proven to be anything but decent and should be nowhere near a junior team never mind the national team or a premier league team. From memory, Levein’s appointment wasn’t seen as a disaster until our first competitive game and, of course, his baffling team selection in Prague. I don’t want MacKay but there’s nothing to say he couldn’t do a good job for us. I doubt he’ll get it though. Appointing a foreigner would only be progressive if it was someone good. A foreign turd is just as unpolishable as a Scottish one.
  3. I wouldn’t believe anything I read in that rag but if the SFA don’t appoint a permanent manager before the Cyprus game in a few weeks then I can’t see why they wouldn’t put MacKay in charge on an interim basis. They did it before giving McLeish the job. What’s changed since then? Not that I think it’s a particularly good idea but I do think that’s what they’ll do. I also doubt he’ll get the job permanently for the same reasons he wasn’t considered last time. Surely the SFA have known since March that they were going to sack McLeish though? Surely they’ve thought about who they want to replace him? Nothing would surprise me with that shower right enough.
  4. There’s a big difference between turnover and profit. Not that I’m aware of what, if any, profit they’ve made but having a turnover of £76 million over two years doesn’t necessarily mean they can afford to pay £2 million or £3 million a year for a manager.
  5. Gordon Strachan is a good manager. Alex McLeish, Berti Vogts, Walter Smith, George Burley, Craig Levein, Craig Brown etc were all good managers in their day. Well Levein might be stretching it a bit but everyone else was considered to be a good manager when they were appointed (the first time McLeish was given the job). They have also employed Alex Ferguson and Jock Stein in the past, albeit a long time ago, so they don’t have a history of appointing diddies to the job. The SFA should not have employed McLeish a second time but they probably thought it was worth the risk as he was cheap and did a decent job the first time. Top managers are probably put off the Scotland job by a few factors. The SFA are known wanks and don’t treat people very well. They way they dealt with Souness a few years back was a disgrace and they didn’t come out of the Strachan situation smelling of roses. A good percentage of Scotland fans are also bellends who are living in the past and still think we’re good enough to qualify for most tournaments and are quick to turn on the players and management as soon as things don’t go to plan. International management is still seen as a bit of a retirement home by a lot of managers as well. Let’s be clear here though. We do not need Alex Ferguson to come out of retirement for us to compete with teams like Kazakhstan and dominate teams like San Marino. All we need is a committed, modern, intelligent manager and a group of committed, motivated players. It’s really that simple.
  6. 2nd place was always going to be difficult even if we had beaten Kazakhstan. That’s why it was so important for us to win our Nations League group. We’ve got a year and 8 games to get things right for the playoffs. If something weird happens and we somehow get 2nd place then fantastic but unless we find some sort of form and take at least 4 points off Russia then it will be very tough.
  7. Can’t say I blame you for feeling that way but it is only a game at the end of the day. We will beat Cyprus comfortably in June and we might well have a new, exciting management team (probably wishful thinking) in place by then so it seems a bit odd that you’ve decided not to go 7 weeks in advance based on what happened under McLeish. It could be a decent day out.
  8. Not that I’ve heard. I’d be surprised if he left the Belgium set up for a job where he is likely to be sacked within a year if (when) things go tits up.
  9. Well, no because 4 of our next 6 competitive games are against Belgium and Russia. We’ll be lucky to get 3 points out of those 4 games even if we appoint a good manager. This is why beating Kazakhstan away was pivotal to our chances and we made a complete arse of it. A good appointment now will give us our best chance of getting 9 points out of our next 6 games and an outside chance of 2nd place. Out of the people touted for the job, only Clarke or McInnes or maybe Bilic are the only guys that would give us the spark that’s needed I think and I can’t see any of them taking it.
  10. Oh yes, that would be hilarious. Luckily it won’t be less than 10k since the game is on a Saturday and we are more than likely to win it. Not everyone is as disillusioned you. I will still go to Hampden regardless of how shite we get, just as I’ve always supported my club through thick and thin. Whilst I’m as frustrated as anyone at the shambles that is the SFA and our pish start to qualifying, the players on the pitch will always have my support and I still enjoy going to games. With it being a Saturday game and the ticket prices being semi-reasonable for a change, I predict a crowd of around 20,000. Maybe even 30,000 if we make an exciting appointment, although this seems unlikely.
  11. Maybe. According to Clarke the SFA haven’t contacted Kilmarnock to ask for permission to speak to him. What on Earth are they waiting for if they do want him? I suppose they might be trying to figure out how much they can afford to offer him but they must have known for almost a month that they were going to sack McLeish. I’m all for not rushing into an appointment but we need someone in place soon so we give ourselves the best chance of beating Cyprus comfortably and preventing a doing of biblical proportions in Brussels.
  12. We should be beating teams like San Marino and the Faroes etc. Full time professional footballers should be beating part timers and amateurs every single time. In fairness we did beat San Marino but they were unlucky not to score and on another day we might have drawn that match. We can’t claim that we should be beating teams like Georgia, Israel and Kazakhstan these days because the sad fact is we don’t. Not away from home anyway and not on a regular basis.
  13. I’d take that right now. Can’t see Fletcher joining the coaching set up until he retires from playing though. I think he’s 35 so it could very well be in s couple of weeks but he might play on for a year or 2.
  14. He’s likely to be at Fulham next year. Other than that, main reasons I don’t think he’d take the Scotland job are it’s essentially a part time job. He also hates the SFA and (correctly) thinks they are a bunch of amateur buffoons. I think he stated this week that he’d like the Scotland job ‘one day’. That’s the stock response for people that don’t want the job but think it could be a nice little earner when they are too old for club management. If he doesn’t get the Fulham job and the SFA offer him a shitload more money than he’s on at Killie then he may well be tempted but I just can’t see him in the job. I’d happily be proved wrong though.
  15. Goram is a disaster of a man and should be nowhere near the set up. He was an amazing keeper but as I said, that doesn’t make him a good choice for goalkeeping coach. I’d prefer Jim Leighton. McCoist did fine under Smith so I wouldn’t have a problem with him joining the coaching team again but we could probably do better.
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