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  1. They couldn’t have made or smuggled in clothes to help their escape?
  2. I’m sure a body was spotted from a ship near the Golden Gate Bridge a day or two after the escape so maybe only one or two of the three made it? The story at the time was there was no chance anyone could swim either stretch between Alcatraz and the mainland or Angel Island but it has been done tons of time since so it’s possible at least one survived.
  3. That would also happen if you touched your face while wearing the gloves. You also have to touch the gloves to take them off so you still need to wash your hands anyway. If it makes you feel better then fair enough but you were talking as if people were doing something wrong by not wearing gloves which really isn’t the case.
  4. Fair enough. Not sure if living in Hong Kong means you automatically have several friends living in mainland China but he could well do.
  5. Wearing gloves is pointless unless you change them every 15 minutes or every time you touch something. You can’t catch the virus through your hands.
  6. How many friends does this guy have in China?
  7. The press release stated that all UEFA club competitions are suspended until further notice and the internationals scheduled for June were also postponed as well as the women’s under 19 tournament in July. No mention of the Nations League as far as I can see.
  8. Agreed. Although it would’ve been good to secure qualification in June this year I don’t think there was ever a chance this was going to happen.
  9. No. The Nations League matches are not friendlies. That’s not to say the NL won’t be postponed or cancelled at some point.
  10. The only surprise was they thought they might be able to play these games in June in the first place.
  11. The trees and bushes get pissed off and start killing people. What’s not to get? 😂
  12. I went out for a walk in Glasgow today and there were three police cars, each at a different entrance to a park. The police were stopping people to ask them why they were out. As they were at a park I’d have thought the reason most folk were out was pretty obvious. Cops must be bored. Surely they have more important things to do than this?
  13. How could you tell the scarecrow was good at his job? He was out standing in his field.
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