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  1. Read the last sentence of my post. An improved world ranking would also be good.
  2. Exactly. There is nothing wrong with the atmosphere at a full Hampden either. If we can start getting results again and filling the place then there won't be an issue with the place feeling like graveyard. The view from directly behind the goals isn't great but you can say that about a lot of stadiums.
  3. Tends to be the folk that buy the cheapest tickets and sit directly behind the goals that have a major problem. Not that there is anything wrong with buying cheap tickets (I sit in the west stand myself) but if you buy your tickets early it's easy to get ones that are right beside the north stand with a decent view.
  4. Texas Pete


    Most of the players mentioned on this thread will have important games for the U21s (who can still qualify through their group) in October and November so I don't really see the sense in calling them up to the full squad this year. Clarke has already said he isn't going to experiment over the next 4 games as he wants to make sure Scotland finish third in the group so we certainly shouldn't be compromising the U21s chances of qualifying just to give these players some experience of being in the full squad.
  5. Texas Pete

    Liam Cooper

    Halkett was shocking against Motherwell on Saturday. Could've been a one off bad performance I suppose but he hardly looked good enough to play for Hearts never mind Scotland.
  6. I'm confident we'll beat San Marino and Kazakhstan at home. I know Kazakhstan beat us comfortably in Astana but they aren't very good and don't travel well. I'll be surprised if they beat us at Hampden (although I wouldn't rule out a draw I suppose since we'll be mathematically out by then). Israel absolutely battered us in the away game in the Nations League and lost at Hampden so I would expect the same thing will happen with Kazakhstan. It will no doubt be a close match though. If we can also beat Cyprus away we could end up with a semi-respectable points haul. Still nowhere near good enough but winning our last 3 matches would at least give us some much needed confidence going into the playoffs.
  7. It’s all fine and well to call for young players to be selected but the U21s will have important games around the same time and the full squad games are dead rubbers. It won’t exactly do the U21s chances of qualifying much good if Clarke selects their best players and sits them on the bench.
  8. I figured that but my point still stands. Even the news of a promising youngster signing a new deal is met with dour pish from some. This place has been a bit more positive over the last few days though. Can’t think why.
  9. If he wasn’t match fit then Gerrard May have made a mistake by starting him. Not sure it makes him a hypocrite though. Kent looked fit enough yesterday though and I’m sure he’d have been taken off if he’d tired. Hamstrings can go at any time.
  10. Pretty much. Understandable to a degree given the shite we’ve had to put up with since 1998 but some folk are bordering on I.M. Jolly and shit on anything positive anyone has to say.
  11. I agree it’s a minority but they do exist and aren’t shy about telling you. As far as Gerrard being a hypocrite it’s hardly the same thing. If Kent has looked good in training all week there was no reason not to start him. That’s like saying nobody should start the first game of the season because they haven’t played in a while. What I would question though is Gerrard calling Clarke on it publicly. I don’t think there was a need for that.
  12. Unlikely he will play many Scots this season now Middleton and McCrorie are out on loan. Hopefully those two getting some game time will benefit Scotland in the long term though.
  13. I think the running track at Hampden is the least of our worries right now. Would be good to see Hampden redeveloped at some stage but I would rather see us get to a major tournament than spend millions on improving a stadium we can barely half fill at the moment.
  14. A small number of people on here are negative about absolutely anything related to Rangers and the Old Firm in general. It’s not a new thing. Quite sad really but funny at the same time.
  15. Don’t think so. He’s just shite (at the moment anyway) and nobody wants him. Sad really.
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