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  1. I’m pretty sure Palmer would have been in ahead of Patterson even if they three guys you mentioned weren’t out. I’m not sure if Patterson has done anything (that he hadn’t already done) in the three games and 30 minute sub appearance he’s had since the last international break to change Clarke’s mind about selecting him. Maybe the increased squad size has though? Is there room for both players in the squad given Palmer can play in a back 3 or even midfield and there’s now a 26 man squad? I suppose we’ll find out in a couple of weeks.
  2. I didn’t realise you were a Rangers supporter. Doesn’t really matter what you or I would though anyway. What do you reckon Clarke will do? The fact Clarke didn’t pick Patterson in March when he was actually playing for Rangers and doing well would suggest to me that he won’t pick him now he’s serving a ban and Tavernier is back. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t have an issue if Clarke selects him or even plays him. I just don’t think he would make the difference that some others do and I don’t think Clarke will pick him and if that’s the case everyone will need to get used to the id
  3. Interesting. Weren’t they selling these packages for £3500 or something? UEFA bigwigs will choke on their prawn sandwiches if they have to refund a couple of hundred of those.
  4. Where did you get this info? Do you have a link?
  5. I have seen every minute of Patterson playing for Rangers this season and while he is an exciting prospect he isn’t going to make the difference as to whether we get out the group or not. He makes as many mistakes as O’Donnell or Palmer. The hype appears to be very strong with this boy. Gilmour could go either way. If he is selected and plays next month he could set the tournament alight but I really can’t see Clarke playing him unless he does something crazy like runs the show in the CL final or something (I doubt he’ll start that match but here’s hoping).
  6. He may be missing out for a completely different reason but yeah being happy someone is injured because you don’t like them is poor.
  7. Yeah a couple of years is exactly right. He’s probably not ready for the responsibility of playing at a major finals for Scotland yet. Whether he should be in the squad as back up is another argument I suppose but given his ban and Tavernier’s return he won’t have played much in the 2 months prior to the finals. If he was established as Rangers number 1 RB then I would be all for him not only being in the squad but starting for Scotland. Unless Tavernier leaves Rangers in the summer or picks up another serious injury Patterson won’t get much of a look in at Ibrox next season.
  8. Not really as Shinnie is pish. There is a realistic chance of Gilmour not going to the Euros if he doesn’t keep his place in the Chelsea team. Palmer will be in the squad if fit. Patterson will not (barring an injury crisis). The other thing to consider is we will probably not be playing with full backs next month. Would you throw Patterson on as a wing back when he has never played there before?
  9. If Gilmour keeps his place in the Chelsea team for their final 3 league games and plays any sort of part in the Champions League and FA cup finals then there’s no way Clarke will leave him out surely? If he drops back to the bench or even back to the under 23s the Clarke will have a decision to make.
  10. Neither would play much at the finals so it probably doesn’t really matter which one was selected but I don’t think someone that won’t have played for several weeks prior to the tournament would be a great choice. Patterson is a great prospect but that’s all he is at the moment. I’m not convinced that Patterson is “vastly superior” at this stage in his career. Did you see him ridiculously give the ball away a couple of old firm games ago which Celtic should’ve scored from? The boy has a long way to go. Fair point about Palmer not doing anything to get us there as he didn’t feature in the
  11. Aye it’s a shame. I doubt he’d have featured much at the finals but he always tends to turn up and play his part from the bench. Every player that scored a penalty (or saved one) earned a place in the squad if fit and playing so will be sad for him to miss out. Possibly McLean’s last chance of making a tournament as well unless we manage to qualify for the World Cup next year.
  12. You’re wishing an injury on a player that has never let us down (in terms of turning up anyway) so that an uncapped player that won’t feature again for Rangers this season (and likely wouldn’t play at the euros anyway) can take his place in a tournament he helped us get to? Poor show indeed.
  13. Unless it’s another 24 year old that’s been arrested. Unlikely.
  14. I’m very good at reading between the lines.
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