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  1. Maybe it’s time to enlighten us? Don’t think anyone is going to get it now.
  2. This would be both annoying and hilarious at the same time.
  3. That’s not what you said but even if that’s what you meant, our current home form in competitive matches is 4 years without a defeat. If, with the possibility of 2 home games in the playoffs, you can’t acknowledge that we have a chance of qualifying through the playoffs then I’m afraid your knowledge of football leaves a bit to be desired.
  4. I haven’t said I do. You said losing was inevitable. Which it’s not. Neither is winning but I didn’t say it was. All I have said is we have a chance.
  5. You could end up with Serbia and Norway or whoever playing in front of a couple of thousand people at Hampden so I understand why they’ve done it this way. The playoffs featuring teams from league D would be even worse. I suppose the only people that will be disadvantaged will be the away fans in the four playoff finals. UEFA would prefer this to empty grounds.
  6. It’s a bit of a shambles in all honesty but it was the only way they could do it to give all group winners a playoff. I suppose they could have limited the playoffs to the top two teams in each league that didn't qualify outright and had the playoffs over two legs. We’d still have made the playoffs this time if they did this but I suppose more teams would have lost interest in the NL sooner when it became clear they wouldn’t be in the top 2. Let’s just hope we get lucky in the draw then we won’t need to worry about travel if we win the first game.
  7. The quality is nowhere near as good as the men’s World Cup but then neither is Clyde v Edinburgh City or Cowdenbeath v Elgin but plenty of people attend lower league games in Scotland. I don’t follow it with any great interest but I’m confused by people who have an issue with those that do. What’s even more confusing is the people that call you sexist if you don’t like women’s football. The world is a crazy place these days.
  8. I’m sure he played for Scotland for more than 6 years.
  9. Don’t think he was selected for England at any level. He always stated he wanted to play for Scotland.
  10. It’s not the Nations League playoffs, it’s the playoffs for Euro 2020. The 2018/19 Nations League is finished. The final positions of the Nations League will determine who enters the playoffs but apart from that the games in March have nothing to do with the Nations League. Finland are looking pretty good to qualify from their group and Serbia have an outside chance. So do Scotland if we beat Russia in September and take something in Moscow.
  11. I’m not sure English Championship clubs have any more money to burn than Celtic. Celtic have made a small fortune over the last couple of years. Their board is just cheap.
  12. It does seem like a ridiculous comment at first glance which is not unusual from Packie Bonner but I suppose he means Arsenal won’t be in the Champions League or competing for the league next year and he (and possibly Tierney as well) thinks he should be playing at the same level as Andy Robertson. That could all change in a year or two though. I think it would be a good move for him.
  13. Unless his boss is a member of the TAMB I would say this is unlikely.
  14. There’s a few people on here that would challenge for that title.
  15. Well exactly so you don’t have the first clue what’s going to happen next March. Keep predicting doom though as it’s entertaining. As for getting to the knockout stages, one win could do it as it’s a lot easier than it used to be to get out of a Euros group these days, particularly if you’ve got at least 2 games at home. Probably best to start worrying about that if we actually qualify though eh?
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