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  1. Yesterday was his third cap but his first competitive match. He played against the Netherlands at Pittodrie and Belgium in the friendly at Hampden.
  2. I don’t get the apathy either. Ok so we’ve hardly set the heather alight in this campaign but since Clarke took over we have beaten who we’ve been expected to beat and we’ve lost to who we’ve been expected to lose to. We have lost heavily but we won’t be playing anyone nearly as good as Belgium or even Russia in the playoffs. We’ve clearly got problems but that doesn’t mean we can’t win two playoff matches against teams similar in quality to ourselves and make a tournament for the first time in 22 years. In March we will be playing our biggest match (hopefully matches) since 2003. We need to get behind the team and fill Hampden to the gunnels and make it an intimidating place for whoever we get.
  3. You’re not on your own with this. What is far more important in my view is whether we get a home draw in the final if we can win the first match. A couple of months ago I would’ve said I would prefer to play Norway over Serbia, particularly away from home, but Serbia don’t look that good at the moment and Norway had a good result against Spain. Like you say, regardless of who we play they will be similar to us in terms of quality. Home advantage will be huge in my opinion.
  4. Not sure what that has to do with Tierney but OK.
  5. Only chance we had of definitely avoiding Serbia was if Portugal slipped up today and Serbia had qualified. If we win our playoff match at Hampden we will definitely play Serbia or Norway. I think Norway will probably beat Serbia so I don’t think we would face them anyway. Anything can happen in a one off match though so who knows?
  6. 18 points from the teams below you is all very well but we’d still have finished third as we took nothing from a superior Russian team. We really need to get into pot 2 to stand a chance in these groups but in order to do that we’ll probably need to qualify for something or do very well in the Nations League. 14 points in Wales group is equivalent to 20 points in our group so I wouldn’t say it was that interesting. 20 points will get most teams second place in a group of 6.
  7. Of course but attacking is a big part of a full back’s role now. If Palmer had got down the wing a few times and put some decent crosses on we might have scored a couple more goals yesterday.
  8. He’s not a Scotland player.
  9. Possibly although Tierney could play in central defence I suppose or he could play at LB with Robertson in a more forward role. RB is a real problem area for us though so I would imagine Clarke might opt for Tierney at RB.
  10. No. He was brought up in Scotland and speaks with a Scottish accent so he dodges that particular way of attacking our players.
  11. Can you imagine the uproar on here if we only beat Luxembourg 0-1 away? France drew with them a couple of years back as well but we’d need to blooter them 0-5 to impress half our support.
  12. Tierney wasn’t born in Scotland.
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