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  1. 1 south stand upper ticket for sale Area N3 £30 PM if interested
  2. It’s not just uefa ones that have been selling for well over ...My mate bought a ticket for the England game off a supporter (got provided the uefa ticket log in etc) and was charged a fair but over. Each to their own I suppose ... I wouldn’t want to be paying the website tout prices , more than double face value ...but wouldn’t mind paying just over today....
  3. I’m still on the look out if Anyone ends up with a spare
  4. Hopefully they would carry out multiple tests before confirming ....
  5. Any tickets or trains tickets that have went unused or are available give me a shout. Have resigned myself to not travelling but got itchy feet 🤣...will just tell the mrs I’m off out for a pint of milk
  6. I’m in the similar boat. I have a mate who has a Czech ticket and is looking to swap for a croatia ticket if anyone is interested . It’s a cat1 ticket. PM if your interested
  7. Cat 1 Czech ticket , looking to swap for a croatia ticket. PM me if you have one to swap
  8. Hi, my mate at Waxy o connors asked me to post and check to see if there was a demand to open up earlier, they like a few other boozer aren’t currently due to open until 12. If people are interested then they will open up for 1030 for breakfasts ( I’ll need to check if you can get a beer with breakfast) and then alcohol can be served from 11am. If there is interest then they will open up tables for booking. Post a reply with possible numbers if you’d be interested.
  9. Yip or someone passing on log in details if they are unable to attend the match... hope is eternal and all that lol
  10. Yip great interaction and will take your words on board next time I feel I want to offer a my opinion - 👍
  11. Don’t suppose you’d part with one 🤣
  12. What price is the ticket your selling?
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