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  1. I thought it was us who ditched any handing of the ball and introduced the passing game (by foot).
  2. That's true. Hence the St George Cross still seen on the AC Milan badge to this day. Seemingly, a Scot who had played for Southampton introduced football to Brazil.
  3. Sarah Smith... Sour faced cow. Now, I most definitely think the Scottish Government could have acted quicker and therefore, fewer people would have died. However, just look at the shit they (people like Sarah Smith) throw at Sturgeon right now; when Scotland is not actually deviating from the UK's original plan. Can you imagine what the SNP's opponents would have said - with the backing of a complicit Unionist media - if Sturgeon had been the first off the mark to lockdown?! They would have utterly f*cking crucified Sturgeon. More people in Scotland would now be alive, but the Unionist media wouldn't be reporting how well the Scottish Government had done. It would all be about Sturgeon/SNP undermining the UK Government. They're a bunch of venomous snakes.
  4. Seemingly the Czech President previously suggested their country might be closed to foreigners for 2 years, but I can't see that happening. I would imagine Prague's tourist industry is one of the Czech Republic's biggest incomes and call me cynical, but at some point most Governments will order the people back to work and the children back to school; no matter how many lives Coronavirus is claiming.
  5. So, do any of you think we will actually see our beloved Scotland play this year?
  6. Why are we incapable of singing in time with the music? It's not f*cking difficult.
  7. Indeed... ... and just look at that face and what it meant to him. Good lad. Always gave his all. There were Scotland fans who didn't rate him. For the life of me, I cannot understand why not. I loved watching him play. I just watched the goal again and cast my mind back to that night in Dortmund and what else springs to mind? The Referendum. It was just around the corner and Flower of Scotland that night was on an entirely different level. The intensity was something else. I bawled my eyes out throughout.
  8. Pick it out Neuer! I was a big, big, fan of Ikechi Anja. Exciting. Dynamic. Creative. Pace.
  9. Except for those at the back, no one's paying any attention to it; every pair of eyes is fixed on the match.
  10. Slowdive completely passed me by in the 90's or whenever they were at their height (if they had one) but I'm absolutely loving their album, 'Just For A Day'. Miserable Indie!
  11. I've been using Gillette Mach 3's for donkey's years, but have recently decided I don't like them anymore. They don't seem to stay sharp for long enough. Can anyone recommend something longer lasting? It can be another brand or Gillette, but just not Mach 3's.
  12. Finally they grasped what I was asking them. The 12 months starts from when you claim the voucher. I don't see the point in claiming it right now though; we're going to lose God knows how many months whilst we wait for flights to re-start and for countries to re-open their borders. So I asked Lastminute.com if there was a deadline. They say there is currently no deadline to claim the credit/voucher.
  13. Has anyone claimed their credit/voucher yet? Can anyone confirm... When is the 12 months valid FROM? 12 months FROM the date you claim the credit/voucher? 12 months FROM the date you were supposed to fly? 12 months FROM the date you booked the original flight? 12 months FROM the date flights re-start? Getting Lastminute.com to answer the question is like trying to get blood out of a stone.
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