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  1. They had some good items, but they had some tat and so, I voted against the SSC pack when they did a poll. Naively, I expected the membership cost to be significantly reduced.
  2. Adult members used to receive shirts, badges, DVD's, etc... Then some miserable sods moaned about the 'tat' and now we get none of it......... But the membership costs more or less the same. I accept some of the membership packs had some tat in them, but there were some good items too.
  3. We would have all looked like that, that day......... You. Me. The lot of us on here. More than most of the others who have held the job in recent times, I don't think Strachan was only a Scotland manager; I think he was a Scotland fan.
  4. This. It took time, but I felt he grew into the job.
  5. I agree he was stubborn, but he definitely approached things differently at the start of 2017 (his final year). What I remember about 2017 is that Leigh Griffiths was selected more often than he had ever been previously and that we were unbeaten in that year (Strachan's last). The trajectory was going in the right direction... Then we let Strachan go. Okay, we failed to qualify, but we were on the up. Letting Strachan go was a bad decision IMO.
  6. Fantastic stuff. Similar to your Mechelen-Anderlecht match) I was lucky enough to witness Leuven's demolition of Club Brugge in 2012 (the same week Scotland played the Belgians). A match that had everything......... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhxIDNfcq9U
  7. Ya lucky bugger. I visited Mechelen the day after the Scotland match last year... Didn't see a match, but did visit the ground and thought it was absolutely fantastic. Small? Yes, but VERY tight and very steep... and terrace not only behind the goal, but also the along one whole side of the pitch! The renovation is fantastic. ... and I said to friends; I'd love to see them take on Anderlecht there; I imagine it was rockin'. How on Earth did you get a ticket?
  8. Where is the line? At which age is it acceptable for the younger person to have a sexual relationship with the older person?
  9. If you had the choice of these two, which would you choose? A. a politically independent Scotland with individuals/teams representing Scotland in all sports. B. Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales all absorbed 100% into the UK without a trace of their former identities; political, sporting or otherwise. In sport, individuals/teams would represent the United Kingdom. Would you prefer A or B ?
  10. I don't care about the kick-off times so much; it's the days. ... and I don't mind half the matches being on a work-day/school-night, but not 80% of them. Outside of Scotland and San Marino, who the f*ck is watching us two battle it out on a Sunday night? Who's watching Moldova-Albania on a Monday night? If they want Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy and England playing of different nights, fine and when they play the likes of us we'll play whichever night it is, but why us, San Marino, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Gibraltar and the rest of them are roped into this, I don't know.
  11. Rab Douglas? Don't talk to LUIS FIGO about Rab Douglas.
  12. Of course, but that's nearly three years ago. This UEFA 'Week of Football' clearly affects attendances. I don't understand why the FA's haven't kicked up a fuss. If UEFA want the 'big teams' playing on different nights, fine; but why do the rest of us have to be dragged into it? I mean, we played San Marino on a Sunday night (!)
  13. The hospitality people are fenced in. They have their own section of the lower tier (the middle blocks). I don't think hospitality feeds into the upper tier at all. I have previously had the 'season ticket' in the middle blocks of the upper tier.
  14. Sorry if I came across as being off with you. I didn't mean to. Not in the least. I'm in the SSC and bought my ticket on day 1 of the members sale, but the South Upper tier was not on sale then. The two best sections in Hampden are the North (for atmosphere) and the South Upper (for the view). On the basis members have paid a membership fee, I think we should have access to the South Upper as it is superior to the South Lower. Furthermore none of the central blocks in the South Lower were available; only the wings/corners. I'm not asking for both Upper and Lower to be open for all matches; just the Upper. Hopefully the team will come into a rich and sustained run of form and UEFA will scrap their week of football bollocks and we can get back to a regularly full Hampden and I won't need to bleat about it anymore.
  15. Cup finals are irrelevant to this; I'm talking about Scotland international matches. The point I'm making is that the upper tier should be open INSTEAD OF the lower tier.
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