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  1. I think the 6 Nations finishes 10 days beforehand. Long enough to prep the pitch, I would think. I don't think the WFA will move it to the Millennium, but if I was Welsh I'd be screaming for them to do so. A fervent Millennium would be more intimidating than the Cardiff City Stadium.
  2. Dates...
  3. Quite right. It's irrelevant. Amazing the number of people who trot out such shyte, mind; especially commentators.
  4. Unusually, they've scheduled the draw a fair period of time after the last games. I imagine FIFA are busy figuring out how to ensure Italy, Portugal (Ronaldo) and Poland (Lewandowski) all get through.
  5. Ah b*ll*cks... After all that, I've just learned the match kicks off early (at 5pm). I'll be in mid-descent to GLA at that time. Anywhere landside at GLA airport to watch it?
  6. Thanks all. I know of most of these places and in some cases have stuck my head in the door on past nights out and decided against them (simply because they were too quiet on those particular nights). This is different; it's all about watching the Moldova match and that's all that matters. Strange to think in the gazillion times I've been in Glasgow for Scotland matches, I've never once gone looking to watch any other football on TV in a sports bar. The State getting a mention surprised me. She's a beautiful pub, but I would never have thought, 'Football on TV? The State'. Anyway, thanks all.
  7. I mean somewhere in the city centre showing the Moldova away match on Friday night.
  8. Not travelling to Moldova, but will be flying into Glasgow on Friday; in advance of the Denmark match. I don't think I've ever seen a Scotland match on TV in Glasgow; because I've always been at the match. Anyone recommend anywhere in the city centre to watch the Moldova match on TV? Somewhere with a passionate crowd and some good beers.
  9. Didn't see it myself, but I listened to it down here on BBC Radio Solent. At the end of the commentary, Dave Merrington (the former Southampton youth coach who brought through Le Tissier, Shearer, the Wallace's etc...) described Livramento's performance as "Absolutely outstanding".
  10. Aye and France had been in a World Cup Final the year before we beat them in Paris... and only 3 months before we beat them at Hampden. France dominated the match in Paris and our boys had to work extremely hard that night. Re. the Czech match; their defence spent most of the night camped on the half way line. I've just watched a 10 minute highlights package. We only got near their area 3 times and one of those was offside. Anyway, the point is... I can understand having a rigid all-out defensive formation away to one of the big boys, but not to the Czech's. As I previously said; we could have used 4-6-0 as our default set-up and then broken out of it as and when opportunity arose, but it was such a rigid 4-6-0 we barely crossed the half-way line.
  11. Re. Prague IIRC, we barely stepped into the Czech half of the pitch prior to the Czech's scoring. Do I think that's because the Czech's had hemmed us in? Not for a moment. It was clearly instruction from Levein. My issue isn't with the 4-6-0 formation per se. You can use that as your default set-up and then break out of it as and when opportunity arises, but we didn't. Well, not until after we had conceded. My issue was with the instruction not to counter in any way, which just resulted in wave after wave of Czech attacks. Now, if Levein had done this 4-6-0 away to France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, etc... and we got a 0-0 draw no one would have complained, but we weren't playing teams of that calibre; we were playing a fairly ordinary Czech side. We spent the Faddy/Paris match camped in our own half. None of us complained about that at the time and even if Faddy hadn't scored that goal and the match ended 0-0 no one would have complained - and that's because we were playing a top, top, top, class side. The Czech's weren't that.
  12. Fraser and Adams sounds alright to me.
  13. Strange you say that... I was sat high up on the side that night in Prague and over-looking the match, it was like over-looking a table football - but with only three rods - Goalkeeper, defence and midfield. There was no 'forwards' rod in Prague and our midfield rod barely crossed the half-way line. Levein once tried to compare Spain with his formation didn't he? I think Spain played without recognised strikers - But they played attacking midfielders in the forward positions instead.
  14. I haven't read all of this, but can confirm he is fantastic.
  15. Sounds like me... ... and good to know I'm considered a decent guy 🙂 I've PM'd you.
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