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  1. Not from me pal. Strachan should have been kept on IMO.
  2. Exactly! Okay, we didn't qualify, but things were going in the right direction in the last year of Strachan's tenure and we should have kept him in place. Could he pick up where he left off? Hopefully. I'd have have no problem with him being reinstated.
  3. I was not criticising McLeish; I was just saying what I think would have happened back then; an assessment of the finale of that qualification campaign, if you like. Had we had those 3 Georgia points, I genuinely believe Italy would have played for a draw with us... ... to f*ck France over the Zidane/Materazzi incident and also to eliminate a major rival in the finals (Euro 2008, was it?)
  4. If we had won in Georgia, I think Italy would have played for a draw at Hampden; which would have f*cked France over (only a year after the Zidane/Materazzi incident). Italy and us would have qualified.
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody for me too. Did you look at the number 1 album? Too embarrassed to mention it were you? It pissed me off! Could have been Queen, Bowie, Lennon, Pink Floyd, Abba... but no... 😞
  6. Not forgetting Israel away. Had it not been for McGreggor that would have been seven.
  7. Glad you brought that up. How big a kicking do we think Belgium can dish out? I'll be honest; I'm absolutely f*cking dreading it; dreading what they might do to us. I expect at least 4 goals, but I fear it could be as many as 8... Truth be known; I think the latter is more likely.
  8. Rich NATA


    Exactly. Strachan has said nothing wrong.
  9. There's fun to be had in Brussels and there is much to see... It's just the city looks a bit shit.
  10. Obviously, speak to the SSC first... Failing that, home end tickets here... https://ticketon.kz/en/sports
  11. Moose? That was supposed to say Molde.
  12. Minus -11 at the moment, according to the Astana Times website. I arrive next Friday and it is predicted to be -11, -12 and -13 next FRI, SAT and SUN nights. I was in Serbia (in tbe snow) but where has been the coldest away match? That Norway friendly, I imagine; Moose, was it?. Bit worried about the baws
  13. I know I'm heading out early, but whatever way you cut it, they're leaving it late (I'm heading out a week early... Not a month early). Fingers crossed it will be a 100% pick-up. Was Albania a 100% pick-up? I seem to remember emailing the SSC to tell them I was heading out early for that one and them replying not to worry because it would be a 100% pick-up over there.
  14. I'm away out this coming Thursday (14th) arriving Friday morning. Heathrow-Astana direct.
  15. Cheers guys. I was enquiring because I haven't quite figured out where the best location actually is... and Google street view do not appear to have been to Astana. Based on next to nothing, I've concluded, the cross-roads of Republika Avenue and Kenesary Street is the heart of the centre, but who knows. Despite the extraordinary modern architecture, I get the impression south of the river will be a tad soulless and I imagine, a bit shit after sundown.
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