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  1. Whether you like it or not, there are vast swathes of people in Scotland who would like another IndyRef and vast swathes of people across the UK who would like another EU Ref.
  2. If the mood of the public has changed, it should happen. What the public want, they should get.
  3. Exactly. Someone previously asked me (possibly Bonny 78), "How often should we have these referendums?". As often as the public want.
  4. After admitting I'm a big U2 fan on here, I'm surprised it wasn't a straight red to be honest 😁
  5. Saw Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds support U2 three times a couple of years ago. They've got some really strong tunes in their own right. I was very impressed. Loving their new song (Black Star Dancing). Heard it a few times and really liked it, but only found out who it was about a week later. You'd never believe it was Noel Gallagher.
  6. The guy was suggesting you move to England... You responded by saying you hate England... We weren't talking about sport.
  7. You love being British, but hate England i.e. most of the British Weirdo.
  8. Should we support our allies without question? Support them at all costs? Even if they act inappropriately?
  9. Fair enough. However, I didn't think you wanted one at all... Never.
  10. If it's a NO, then it's a NO and I would imagine that would be it for a wee while. But it will inevitably come around again; almost certainly in the next 20 years.
  11. Indeed. I read about this a wee while ago. Seemingly everything would now be the other way around. Scotland would now be independent and the UK would not be leaving the EU. Which begs this question... Most EU citizens living in Scotland voted to NO in the Scottish referendum (because they were worried Scotland would no longer be in the EU). They have now seen the United Kingdom England and Wales vote to leave the EU; dragging us out in the process. So, that is surely a whole load of new YES votes for IndyRef2, yes?
  12. The word bravery is usually used to describe people who took action; who did something out of the norm... People who confronted the bank robber... Confronted the terrorist... Retrieved the child from the tracks as the train approached... What is brave about voting for all you have ever known? Like sheep; a group of people who do not think or act independently? Strictly speaking, that could be said about either side in a one or other vote. That same statement could be thrown at anyone who voted for the Brexit Party, I suppose. So, the problem with your statement is it all depends on your perspective. Maybe the 55% (ahem, the majority) were the sheep?
  13. Agreed, Ljubljana is a lovely place. In fact, I told people after I came back that more than anywhere I have ever seen Scotland play, Ljubljana would be a very, very, pleasant place to live. Not saying it's the most exciting place to live, but it strikes me as a pleasant place to live, work and raise a family. Anyway, back on topic...
  14. Rich NATA

    Next PM

    Indeed. ... and that's what makes me laugh about the Unionist's of Northern Ireland... They don't seem to realise the vast majority of people on 'the mainland' (and in England especially) couldn't care less about them.
  15. Am I correct in saying, Scotland is the only country to ever vote against its own independence? Slovenia voted (by 88%) for their independence despite Belgrade threatening military action. Whereas we were threatened with no pound and no Eastenders, so yes, it was and is embarrassing. Scotland the Brave, eh?
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