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  1. We need to be patient. It took Strachan one and a bit campaign's to get his Scotland team organised. I suspect we'll need to afford Clarke the same. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  2. I'm neither defending her nor condemning her. Just saying SNP reps need to be more careful; I don't want the SNP attracting negative headlines. As we all know, the unionists and media will make the most of it.
  3. Oh, absolutely. I am not defending her per se. 23 pairs of shoes seems a tad OTT (well, if they are expensive shoes). As was said earlier, the SNP need to be squeaky clean if they are going to criticise others.
  4. Oh, absolutely; the SNP need to be squeeky clean. No one should take the piss. But have we (and the media) forgotten the Westminster expenses?... Duck houses? Moats?
  5. Is it true she's well within the given allowance and by a considerable distance? So, she's not actually done anyhing wrong?
  6. Do Westminster MP's get a clothing allowance? How much a Jacob Rees-Mogg suit? £1000 plus?
  7. What's Moscow like? How many stars would you give it?
  8. The World Cup in Germany 2006... England v Trinidad & Tobago... I recall the commentator saying each team got 13'000 tickets.
  9. UDI... Unilateral Declaration of Independance... Croatia and Slovenia did it. Not sure if Belgrade tried to hold on to Croatia, but they certainly tried to hold on to Slovenia and threatened military action if they dared run a referendum. The Slovenes held it and 88% voted for independence - despite the threat of tanks and air strikes upon them. And to think we shat it over the pound and a lack of Eastenders. P.S. I only learned the other day, Slovenia has a population of just 2 million people. And some people think we're too wee? The good people of Slovenia did it. So can we.
  10. Last time I looked (around the time of our match in San Marino) the Juventus website showed the general sale dates for online tickets. Considering the status of the club, it's quite a small stadium (42k I think) Which match are you hoping to see? I would think you stand a good chance if it's Juve against someone like... Brescia or Lecce. Bigger opposition and I'd try and get something sorted sooner. EDIT: they may have a tourist ticket section (?)
  11. Your passport was out of your sight for a considerable period of time, but when it was returned to you, you didn't even flick through it? You're trusting... I'd have checked just to make sure nae fecker had drawn a cock 'n' baws in it.
  12. I agree. I think there is something about the act of actually walking down to the Polling Station and voting.
  13. Okay, we failed to qualify, but in the last year under Stachan, our trajectory was on the up and going in the right direction. Should have kept him on.
  14. Pretty sure Latvia have qualified for a Euro's since we last qualified (for France '98)
  15. Am I correct in saying there are only 3 days between the play-off and the play-off final? Leaving the fans less than 72 hours to book flights and accommodation and to travel? Not to mention the host stadium preparation, security, ticket sales, etc... needing to be arranged by the host FA's.
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