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  1. I haven't seen James Cook in a while (didn't he spend some time in the USA after IndyRef1) but I always found him to be a very decent and unbiased reporter - Unlike someone like Sarah Smith.
  2. Maybe, but I cannot see how anybody - not even the UAF - would conclude an international match with a partisan home crowd and visiting players/fans could be played within Ukraine right now - Unless they were pushing for a behind-closed-doors match. I can't imagine the player's club's would be too pleased with that. I'm irritated at the lack of venue announcement, but I'm equally irritated that nobody - especially the SFA - have explained this delay to us.
  3. Wanderer... Re. the Ukrainian Premier League; do you know who's playing where Poland? I'll probably make a week of it (as usual) and I've seen both the Polish and Ukrainian domestic league fixtures; I just don't know where the Ukrainian teams might play their 'home' matches. Re. the Polish league, I see both Cracovia and Wisla* are away. *In researching these fixtures I learned Wisla were actually relegated last season. Bit of a shock... I had always thought them the 2nd 'biggest' club in Poland.
  4. She's not an old lady... Not even a GILF yet 🙂 Anyway, as TDYER indicated, somewhere in the middle would be good. The uneven distribution of wealth is appalling; especially when you consider some of the most important people in society are people who earn the least.
  5. Didn't hear it myself, but at a fan's forum this week, a Southampton director apparently rubbished the reports of Che Adams leaving Saints.
  6. Aye, nae problem pal. I was just using somebody's real life experience against your graphic. You hear people and right-wing newspapers make statements about communism without having experienced it. What happens is when people are told something enough times, some people believe it to be the truth. Communism is bad... Trump won the last election... Scotland cannot use the Pound... In this day and age with social media, a lie is half-way around the world before the truth has got it's shoes on. Anyway, as I said, I only know one person who is old enough to have lived and worked as an adult in a communist country and she is adamant life was better then. That was in Yugoslavia.
  7. You all know Lodz has an airport, do you? I never knew that until 2 minutes ago... and I've been to Lodz.
  8. Do you not agree that some things - just a handful of key things - should be state owned? For example, electricity, gas, water and rail.
  9. I only know one person who is old enough to have lived and worked in a communist state as an adult (as opposed to people I know who were children at the time). She says her country was better then than it is now. Education. Employment. Housing. Affordable living. They were not short of anything, she says.
  10. RBS were in the sh*t. The French state isn't, temporarily, bailing out EDF are they?
  11. I only learned a couple of months ago, EDF are almost entirely owned by the French state. The Tories are against state ownership of things such as electricity, gas, water and rail, but if you are an EDF customer, you are paying a company owned by a state - Just not one you live in.
  12. I'm minded of Romas Kalanta; the young man in Kaunas who doused himself in petrol in protest at the Soviet occupation of his country. All Scotland had to do was take a pencil and place an X in a box.
  13. In 1990, Slovenia - a country of only 2 million people - voted for their independence. Their 'YES' side received more than 95% of the vote. You said; "If our population wont endure the slightest inconvenience in the name of independence". All the more embarrassing for us is that Slovenia voted for their independence despite Belgrade threatening military action if they went ahead with the referendum.
  14. At the very least, it's unprofessional. The UKG lack professionalism. It's been like that (predictably) under Boris Johnson and after Truss's petulant behaviour last night, I suspect it will continue under her. I give her two years and then Mordaunt will get it. I suspect Sunak will disappear soon and do something else. Like him or not, Sunak would most probably bring some professionalism to the UKG. Still cannot believe there are people confronting Sunak for 'stabbing Boris in the back'. What on Earth is wrong with the people?!?!?!?! He or his mates get in the sh*t and Boris just denies it and/or tries to change the rules to accommodate such behaviour (Owen Patterson). Party-Gate... It didn't happen... It did happen, but I wasn't there... It did happen and I was there, but it wasn't a party... It did happen, I was there, it was a party, but I didn't know it was a party... FFS I heard someone last week say "Boris Johnson is the best thing to have happened to this country in years". WHY AM I INCAPABLE OF SEEING WHAT THESE PEOPLE SEE??? I don't hate him, but I SIMPLY CANNOT COMPREHEND WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SEE IN HIM.
  15. These hustings are quite odd in that Sunak and Truss are talking with 'their own' and saying things to appeal to those people; seemingly without any consideration to the millions of other people who are not there, but are hearing what they are saying. Two weekends ago, it was like a competition to see which of them could be the most evil b*stard towards refugees; appealing to the people in the room, but ignoring the fact millions of other people would hear it. After hearing Truss's statement on LBC last night, I was quite stunned; another example of appealing to the people in the room, but not thinking outside of that forum. After hearing it, I sought out other news outlets to see what was being said. GB News (don't judge me) had Jerry Hayes on and even he expressed utter astonishment at what Truss had said; adding something along the lines of "You (Dan Wootton and his guests) will think it's great, but all it does is cause damage. Liz Truss... An accident waiting to happen? A shard of glass waiting on a beach?
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