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  1. Indeed. Barack Obama is a class act. This is good... Something else... George Bush Snr showing how to concede (to Bill Clinton). Have a listen to the first couple of minutes of this...
  2. I trust you are referring to anyone refusing foreign vaccines (and not referring to myself )
  3. There are some truly ungrateful b*stards out there. I was listening to LBC earlier and a paramedic phoned in and was talking about some of the people they have to deal with... When they receive a 999 call and go to an address, they'll ask any other people in attendance (family, friends, colleagues) to wear masks and often, the paramedics get a load of abuse for asking! What the f*ck is wrong with people?
  4. I was expecting something like this to come out. The only thing that surprises me is that it took this long.
  5. I don't see what the problem is. They come in and have a look; nothing happening and they leave.
  6. The UK government have been doing that for 25+ years. How many times have I read the words or heard a newscaster say the words, "MOD cuts". Ditto Police and Customs & Excise.
  7. Instead of kicking off, why didn't they just let the Polis in?
  8. Re. UKG Coronavirus Briefings... In the very comfortable environs of 10 Downing Street with it's oak panelling and plush carpeting throughout, why - when they roll out a soldier - is he dressed in full camouflage; as if on a tour of Afghanistan? What is the subliminal message? Am I irrational in thinking it's not a world away from placing Union flags on food packaging?
  9. So, each lorry will be processed within 20 minutes? The locals have no reason for complaint then; it's only 20 minutes. Oh wait... 20 minutes PER lorry and there will be hundreds of them each day.
  10. You referring to his weight? I saw a clip of him on TV last night and he looked to have piled on the pounds.
  11. Seemingly, a deal has been done. So, who has caved in and who has been betrayed?
  12. I've not preached? I think my family and friends would disagree with you. Preaching... You think NS urging people to wear a mask; to sanitise their hands and to keep their distance during a pandemic is preaching? Ruined the country? Coronavirus was imported. Have your pals in the UKG closed the airports, yet?
  13. I don't think the Ajax one should be on that list. It's a great shirt.
  14. I don't understand why there are so many possible destinations if we proceed. With 5 options (Bilbao/Budapest/Copenhagen/Dublin/Glasgow) showing on that link if we finish 3rd in our group; might it be a case of - as a host nation - UEFA will allocate us Hampden?
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