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  1. Armstrong played for Southampton and had a couple of good chances to score. He didn't.
  2. I think we probably do see ourselves as a brave, warrior-like people when it suits us. My Faither certainly does and yet he would have been a no-voter......... Thankfully, he didn't have a vote 🙂 You mention the Balkans. When Slovenia announced they were going to hold a referendum, Belgrade threatened to send in the tanks and fighter planes. The Slovenes told Belgrade to GTF. They held their referendum and I think it was 83 or 87 percent voted for independence......... Then Slovenia declared UDI and f*cked off away from the grip of Belgrade. Despite Belgrade's thre
  3. I have a friend in Serbia and I was asking about the Serbian view of the UK and of the 4 individual nations, which make up the UK. I was told we are viewed by Serbs as being a brave; warrior-like people. Of the English, they said "We see the English as being very polite, but not to be trusted".
  4. Next time you see them; remind them that the Nazi's unleashed "Total war" on Europe and furthermore, they created an industrialised process of murder; resulting in the deaths of more than 6 million innocent civilians. ... and then ask them; in which way can Nicola Sturgeon be compared to the Nazi's?
  5. 32 isn't necessarily the end of the line. I just hope he has a decent club team lined up to join and hope he stays injury free. Anya was called up for us fairly late in life, but still managed to get 30+ caps for Scotland - but it just doesn't feel enough for me. I'd love to see him add to that. I'd have to have a think about it, but I suspect Anya might actually be my favourite Scotland player during my time. 32......... Too late to ever play for Scotland again? Probably, but I'd love to see him in the dark blue again.
  6. I've only just learned, Anya was released by Derby back in June and seemingly he's still a free agent (I know he had some injuries at Derby). I fuqin loved watching him for Scotland. 32 now, apparently.
  7. Kiltedlegs, Be mindful there may be people who visit the TAMB who have lost family/friends to Coronavirus in recent months.
  8. Strachan should have been kept on. Yes, we failed to qualify; but the trajectory was on the up and had been for the previous 12 months; sadly, too many people thought no qualification = no renewal. Rome wasn't built in a day. Patience is required. SOMETIMES. Not for Levein, Burley or Mcleish though
  9. I was wondering last night; when will we next get the chance to attend a match with everything back to normal? I dread to think how long we will have to wait.
  10. Czech FA website...
  11. Pre-Coronavirus, my employers had already banned staff from taking any holiday in September. Then Coronavirus hit and it actually provided me with a chance to attend the September matches (because our September workload had declined so significantly). I got quite excited when Olomouc was announced Too good to be true of course when the reality kicked and we learned there wouldn't be any fans in attendance. I never got as far a booking any flights, but if I had? Well, I have not taken any time off this year and I think I would be sorely tempted to go and have the same Pragu
  12. I wonder if any will go as far as Olomouc (instead of just Prague). If I was going, I'd want to go all the way to Olomouc.
  13. Our three October matches are all at home, which makes it a bit easier.
  14. Funny enough, they said they had voted YES to save their jobs! i.e. they felt a lot more confident of long-term employent in a Scottish Air Force than in the RAF. F*cking hell - a Scottish Air Force That's got a nice ring to it! They were probably in their early 30's in 2014; had been out to Afganistan and Iraq. Both engineers if I remember rightly. They were good lads.
  15. ... and to think of all the times I've heard the words, "M.O.D. cuts" on the news in the past twenty years... ... or of soldiers having to buy their own equipment because what the M.O.D. gave them was inadequate... ... or of soldiers on the cusp of qualifying for their full pension - only to be let go just before they qualified for it... ... or of ex. Servicemen who have fallen on hard times living on the streets... ... whilst those sat behind a desk in the M.O.D. in Whitehall, London earn very well and live very well... ... and yet
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