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  1. Rich NATA

    Where are you going to stay?

    Considering it. Options; Sam Marino... Rimini town (west of the tracks)... Rimini resort (east of the tracks)... or Bologna. Never even saw Rimini town last time.
  2. Rich NATA

    Trivia Question - Cancelled Friendly Matches

    I never heard anything about playing the Basque national team, but the rumours about Egypt away were widespread and it was certainly discussed here on the TAMB. Was there any truth in it? I think there probably was. As to why it may have been cancelled, I don't know. Obviously, people start discussing travel options when these rumours start and I think it was Paul NATA who got caught out when someone posted 'Whatever you do, don't get the Night Boat To Cairo - it's Madness'. Only for Paul to reply, 'Why? What's wrong with it?'
  3. 'The Mail Comment' is intriguing... '... Mrs May's level-headed, realistic compromise. The alternative is several different kinds of chaos, bad for us all and very bad for the economy and our prosperity'. Sorry, did this newspaper not push for an all out Brexit over many, many years?
  4. Rich NATA

    Weather - Ball Freezingly Cold

    I think the coldest I've ever known was -16 in Kiev, but I wasn't kilted up.
  5. Rich NATA


    A colleague of mine was in Bruges on Sunday (off a mini cruise)... She's not that excitable TBH, but she was VERY impressed with Bruges.
  6. Rich NATA


    Even if you are only changing flights in Moscow, do you need any kind of paperwork? A transit visa? P.S. slightly related; I flew to the Israel match via Kiev... I thought me and my luggage had been booked all the way through to Tel Aviv, but at check-in in London, Ukraine International Airlines instructed me otherwise; instructed me to collect my bags at Kiev and to go through arrivals and then go and check-in for my second flight... Now... if such an unexpected occurrence happened in Moscow, I'd be in the shit, wouldn't I?
  7. Rich NATA


    I had a great trip last time... In addition to the touristy stuff, I had some cracking nights out; got to see Anderlecht at home and did some other groundhopping, etc... Plenty to do, but I was hugely disappointed with Brussels. The Grande Place and its immediate surroundings are nice, but the rest of it was really quite shit. In appearance, Brussels is probably the most disappointing city I've ever been with Scotland. EDIT: I caught the train 25 minutes out to a Leuven v Club Brugge match (one of the best football matches I have ever attended, actually). Leuven was really quite nice and with loads of nightlife (I think it might be a university town).
  8. How are the EU punishing the UK? The UK wants to leave and the UK is free to leave; so why doesn't it just f*cking leave?! Why is Theresa May trying to wangle a deal? The UK wanted to leave, so it should just go. No deals. Just pay the bill and leave. Don't get me wrong; I think it would be absolutely suicidal for the UK economy, but f*ck it.... The Boris's and Rees-Mogg's in this are fucking mental, as are the people who voted for it, but hey, fuck it... Let's follow these pricks... THEN England and Wales gets what it wants and in the not too distant future - when the shit hits the fan and the economy tanks - our 55% will hopefully wake up and vote yes. P.S. only realised this today... Only London, Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to stay in!!! Outside of London, not one single region in England voted to stay in the EU... I Never knew that... That's f*cking astonishing.
  9. I think the EU have been extremely accommodating; very tolerant of the incoherent ramblings of the UK Government The EU should have just said, 'Pay your bill and f*ck off'. I'm sure the EU's recently signed trade deals with Canada and Japan would soften the loss of the UK trade.
  10. As often as the public want.
  11. Rich NATA

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Listened to the Southampton match on the radio and seemingly Armstrong had an outstanding game; not only the two goals, but his all-around performance.
  12. Rich NATA

    Your first Scotland match

    Sweden at Ibrox in 1996 'The Jim Leighton Match' 1-0 win for us, but Sweden absolutely battered us that night......... Leighton was outstanding.
  13. Rich NATA

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    Am I the only Scotland fan who thinks we were significantly better with Anya on the pitch??
  14. Rich NATA

    Making a Week of It?

    Anyone heading out to Tirana early? Having missed our trips to Hungary, Peru and Mexico, I had a load of holiday to get rid of and am making a week of it in Albania and just wondered if any other TA might be around (?) I'm arriving this Friday. P.S. seemingly FK Partizani Tirana have a home 'Superliga' match on Saturday.
  15. I see The Cure are playing Glasgow next summer (with support from Mogwai and The Twilight Sad). https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/glasgow-summer-sessions-the-cure-glasgow-16-08-2019/event/360055569B6627AB