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  1. As I suspected. The Tory's and DUP rule things out, but suggest no alternative. When I hadn't seen their own idea/suggestion, I thought I'd missed it it... I should have known better. Maybe it's time for Northern Ireland to pick a side (?) United Kingdom (out of the EU) or a United Ireland (in the EU).
  2. Re the Irish border... No one wants a hard border... The EU suggested keeping Northern Ireland in the Customs Union + Single Market (drawing a line down the Irish Sea), but the Tory's and the DUP have rejected that idea... Have the Tory's and the DUP actually suggested a 3rd way? Have I missed it?
  3. Rich NATA

    Tartan Army are getting what they deserve

    The SFA make money from the sale of home match tickets. They make zero money from the sale of away match tickets. If you want to hit them in the pocket you should drop the home matches.
  4. Rich NATA

    SFA Official Laughing

    I saw it in part. Don't know who it was, but he gave a sort of push off / go home / leave gesture. It was a bit of an odd gesture to be honest and vague in whatever it was trying to communicate. Either way, it appeared far from respectful to our support. (I did not see the cupped hands over the ear bit).
  5. Seemingly this was after United's 2-1 win away to Watford. So the punter's comments to Lukaku (about the good result today) can't be considered to be mocking United.
  6. Where was it and what was the result? I honestly don't know. Re. the following and filming; these are the times we live in; just see how people watch a concert these days. I wouldn't do it myself, but many would. Funny enough I was waiting for a train in Southampton a couple of years ago when the entire Saints team walked in and sat around me; Forster, Wanyama, Mane, Pelle, etc... Didn't see Koeman, mind. These players don't want to meet the public; they're aloof and they are wrapped in cotton wool. Private part of the platform...
  7. Jeezo... That's appalling. God forbid the poor wee souls might come into contact with the general public... at a public f*cking train station! Worse than Fellaini though are the 2 Man Utd 'officials' and the Polis who wrap the twats in cotton wool.
  8. Rich NATA

    Israel tickets on sale

    Just tried again... Straight through this time; easy.
  9. Rich NATA

    Israel tickets on sale

    I'm getting the same... Phoned the SSC at 5.15pm... Closed apparently...
  10. Rich NATA

    Scottish Born Players

    There are a good few born 'n' bred Scots who couldn't give a f*ck about Scotland... players and public. I remember 2 guys stopping me in the Garage to say, 'Arrgghh! Ya lost tonight!' This after I - born in Southampton - had travelled 450 miles to see a midweek friendly in Glasgow.
  11. Rich NATA

    Liz Fraser

    Google Images Valerie Leon... Love the side view of the black nighty and also the sparkly dress with the feather boa...
  12. Rich NATA

    Liz Fraser

    Valerie Leon in Carry on Camping for me. Wow. Probably in my top three (famous) women of all time.
  13. Rich NATA

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Haven't read the whole thread, so forgive me if someone else has already stated this, but rugby at the Stadio Olimpico is a fairly recent move... They used to play at the far smaller Stadio Flaminio.
  14. Rich NATA

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    People have mentioned Wembley... Considering what it cost and the fact it is almost brand new, Wembley is flawed. The lower tier is too shallow and there is an uneccessary amount of space between the pitch and the fans. Not even taking the roof into account, Cardiff is a better stadium than Wembley; a far better experience for watching a match.