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  1. Yeah it can be a significant factor, and at this level sometimes it's the finest of margins that makes the difference. I think it would be quite reasonable to change things for the final should we get there, aye, as away to Norway or Serbia is a rather different prospect to Israel at home, in my estimation. Clarke has proven to be a horses for courses sort of coach and I think that's wise, for the most part. Like you say it might depend on how he does, I mean if he scores another hattrick he'd probably be impossible to drop haha. Bolded part is absolutely bang on and precisely the point. He won't even need to play particularly well to have a positive impact. His presence alone will command the attention of the opponents in the semi.
  2. Put yourself in the mindset of the Israel dressing room when the teamsheet comes in. If you don't see the name of the guy who terrorised you with a hattrick just over a year ago in the exact same venue, you'd get an immediate boost. On the flipside of that, if Forrest were to play, Isreal will naturally be wary of him no matter what their coach might tell them. They will either back of and give him space, which he is often very very capable of exploiting, or they get too tight and either get turned or foul him over and over. This will give us set-piece chances, get us up the park and get them in the book. It seems quite odd to me, given the opposition in question, that anyone would contemplate dropping Forrest for our next game. Beyond that, as has been mentioned by many others, much as it might sneak up on us faster than we think, there is so much football between now and March. Who knows what sort of form these three guys will be in come that time. The initial question was about who you would drop right now, as in if the game was next week, so in that case I'd drop Fraser. Christie and Forrest both playing well for their club and both did well, or very well, in the last two games. Fraser in and out of the Bournemouth team a wee bit thus far this season (contract reasons, presumably) and hasn't quite hit the heights of last year as yet. All that could well have changed come March, of course. But at the moment, despite the fact I think that when all 3 are at their best his is the best footballer of them, Fraser is the one you use as a sub.
  3. Oooft. Fair enough, I'll remain sceptical. Cheers lads.
  4. Rangers chairman Dave King, who announced he will step down next year, says the club would not even accept an offer of £40m for striker Alfredo Morelos in January. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50570397 Aye mate, well I can tell the Burd I'd turn down a shag off Rhianna, knowing i'll never need to back that up. Fucking ridiculous.
  5. AndyDD

    Aaron Hickey

    Going up against clever, skillful and experienced players like Burke is a great way for Hickey to learn. He'll have learned a lot from that 45 mins of being ruthlessly exposed by a savvy operator. Well, he should learn a lot from it, at least. No guarantee that he will. From a pure development perspective i'd have liked Hearts to stick with him for the second half but that's their call, they were getting roasted and are in a bad enough mire as it is without getting hit for 6 or 7 so can't blame them. Hopefully that puts paid to any calls for Hickey to be put straight into the Senior Squad. Let the kid get gametime at this level and hopefully some Under 21 caps. We have at least three better left back options right now, and as things stand, Palmer and SOD are better than him at right back, as well. There is no need to rush.
  6. Yeah fuck knows why they find it worth mentioning. Mind you, any time a Scottish club manager gets punted they do tend to mention it on 5 Live. As if any cunt in Chester gives a fuck about the vacancy at Hearts. Thankfully doesn't come up much on the programmes dedicated to the topic of Scottish football. What really fucking bugs me is their tendency to put live commentary on the radio of a game that is also on TV, when there are other, non televised games they could be covering at the same time instead.
  7. That's definitely what it is during Open All Mics, score updates as they come in on the wires, but Sportsound itself only very occasionally has run a feature that is about english football unless it has some sort of Scottish football link, even if tenuous. The news through the day, though, might well be a different story, which, yup, you're right, is irrelevant pish. Presumably if there are no actual scottish sports headlines (that they can be arsed covering) they'll go with whatever the fuck else is in the headlines in sport in general.
  8. Oh they were far from perfect, I completely agree. Look at the goal we lost at Hampden, both of them played their part in that. They certainly do, as individuals and as a pairing, have room to improve off the back of those two games. The problem with changing both for Fleck and McTominay, who to my memory have never played together, is that you run the risk of playing a dysfunctional duo for the first time in a game that we can't afford not to win and at that point it's too late. For me, it's not so much that they were brilliant against limited opposition (I think Cyprus are a better side than Israel, to be fair) but that they seemed to get each other more, and work more fluently together, than any of the other duos we have tried thus far. Granted, McTominay and Fleck could well get each other as well or better than Mcgregor and Jack did in Cyprus were they to take the field together against Israel, but we currently have no reason to think that, whereas we saw Mcgregor and Jack compliment each other reasonably well and build on that over the double header. So something that worked okay and was showing positive progression, the mcgregor/jack combo, versus an entirely unknown quantity, the Mctominay/Fleck duo. I've no idea which is the better bet, but undeniably there is a logical argument for the former. I wouldn't put the Mcgregor/Jack combo down as a guaranteed starter either, essentially, but whilst I think Fleck and McTominay are better players pound for pound, it would undoubtedly be a risk to play an entirely untested, first time midfield duo in place of the one that successfully saw us through the last set of fixtures.. Wroth noting as well that Sheffield United's strength at the moment is familiarity; they players all know each other's game inside out. Many, probably most, have played with Fleck for years. They get his game, know where he will be, and vice versa. That's one of the reasons he has been so assured for them, but looked entirely lost in Russia. You'll never replicate that familiarity with an international side.
  9. I'd like to see how a combo of Fleck and McTominay would work but given injuries and suspensions have meant it has been pretty much impossible to test out in the campaign thus far, it would be a risky move to give an untested pairing in the centre their first run out in a must win game. I think both Fleck and McTominay are better players than Mcgregor and Jack, but the two old firm players looked like they had played together several times rather than against each other and demonstrated a real understanding. They worked as a pair, probably better than any of the pairings we have had thus far (albeit the Mcgregor/Mclean/McTominay combo in Brussles held up okay). That might well be enough to prevent technically superior players replacing them. If we were to stick Fleck and McTominay together in the midfield and they play like strangers, we will be in big trouble and Clarke will look like a fool. Come March who knows who will be in form and match fit; the decision could make itself in that regard. McTominay would almost certainly have started one or both of the games had he been fit as he was in form and has featured regularly, afterall. But he didn't because he wasn't, and we may have landed on a duo that worked. We're all out of prep games now so we need to be clever and careful.
  10. They'll usually give the EPL score updates and mention any scots playing or scoring, but that's likely more so folk can keep an eye on their coupons than anything else. I regularly listen to the Sportsound programmes and Off the ball and Open all Mics on a Saturday, by and large I enjoy them. The rest of the Radio Scotland output is heinous. GMS is so bad it's unreal.
  11. Going by my count on the SFA's website, Griffiths actually started 10 times under Strachan, out of his 19 caps total. 1 of those 19 caps was Stark's game and two were McLeish. So of his 16 appearances in the Strachan era, only 6 were from the bench. Surprising, that. My memory is that as soon as he started adding more hold up play to his game under the tutelage of the Rodgers era of Celtic, he was starting. Something that I think was missing from his game before then, when Deila was his club manager. Griffiths improved under Rodgers, for sure.
  12. Not to mention the two yard open goal effort he put onto the bar that same game. Felt it was never going to happen for the guy. Then came the england match.
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