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  1. Would seem eminently sensible to award league placings by alphabetical order and start the 2020/2021 season on that basis in August.
  2. Next week's Champions League and Europa League ties postponed All of next week's Champions League and Europa League matches have been postponed. Uefa will meet with nations on 17 March to discuss a more detailed response. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51870540
  3. AndyDD

    Lyndon Dykes

    Aye, some contest at the top of that league. Only the 25 points between first and second.
  4. Covid-19 to win player of the year for Rangers and Hearts.
  5. AndyDD

    Lyndon Dykes

    Yeah, as I said an hour ago, in a post you quoted, he may yet come good. Doesn't change the fact that in his 9 caps and 460 minutes thus far he has been at best ineffective and at worst downright dreadful. As for Dykes, I can see a case for including him, but don't see why that would have to be instead of Mcburnie. Not like we are spoiled for options. Thankfully, Leigh Griffiths is fit and in form. Unless that changes, and if the game goes ahead at all, he'll surely be starting. Maybe as the only out and out striker, maybe not.
  6. AndyDD

    Lyndon Dykes

    I don't think he has been putting in 'very high level' performances for Sheffield United, as it happens, but regardless, when he has played for Scotland he has ranged from poor to chronic thus far. If he does get game time in this game, we can only hope this changes drastically. Otherwise, he'll be a waste of a jersey. Again. If he can perform at an okay level for Scotland, that would be a marked improvement on his showings thus far.
  7. AndyDD

    Lyndon Dykes

    McBurnie may come good and has had a few decent games for his club this season, but let's not act like he is having some revelatory season. Let's also remember that, at least up to this stage, McBurnie has been pretty rancid in a Scotland jersey. At best, he has been ineffective. I still cannae quite believe just how bad he was when he come on in Cyprus. For a guy playing at the level he is, with as many career appearances as he has, he was just a shambles. McBurnie will be included, though; we would be silly not to have him in the squad. Dykes might be worth a shout, but if he is not included I don't think it will be some fatal error or glaring omission.
  8. Aw naw, another excuse for the media to reheat their Andy Robertson/Queens Park articles. Forget I mentioned it!
  9. Aye, he hasn't been great. His inclusion would have spoken more to the atrocious alternatives, or lack thereof, rather than anything else.
  10. AndyDD

    Lyndon Dykes

    He could make a good foil for a Griffiths, potentially. Tend to see decent to good link up play from Dykes, he's an obvious target for the corners Leigh can swing in as well. He certainly has given Jullien and Ajer tough times for Celtic this season and has done well against Rangers, too as far as that counts for anything. I'd not be against his inclusion.
  11. You'd have to check with the quoted Prof, or get a second opinion. Just going with the expert. But I suppose it's not hard to imagine organisations deciding to take an ultra-precautions approach to safeguard themselves even if it goes beyond the science as it currently stands. Also best keeping in mind that, as yet, it is not as severe here as it is in many of those other countries who have taken these steps.
  12. Aye, exactly. It becomes a foregone conclusion if he isn't included in that and they'd maybe rather keep the announcement to themselves. There is nothing about his being included in this unders squad that means he cannot also be named by Clarke in the senior one.
  13. Haha, cute. Obviously public transport is of more import to society than a football game, so one is more suitable to calling off than the other. Nonetheless, scientifically you are more likely to catch the virus on a bus or train than an open air sports event. Apparently. Just need to see how it goes.
  14. Maybe. Hopefully. But the issue I suppose is just how fast moving this can be; it really is hard to say with any great confidence what the state of play will be this time next week, or the week after. As far as the science is concerned, there's no basis to call the game off or close the doors yet. Key word there, though, is yet. It's okay, the SFA have managed to swing it so that the very next game we are set to play, outwith the potential Euros themselves, is at home to Israel. So we will all be offered entry to that in place of entry to the March edition of the same fixture... No refund needed...
  15. Oh of course, wasn't suggesting it was. I'd have had Souttar in the squad if not for the injury despite the shitshow that has been Hearts season. Wednesday seem to have had a pretty poor season, mind you, so like most of the team, particular in defence, he probably isn't doing well. I guess he could be one of their few positives in a disappointing season who is being let down by his team-mates, but I couldn't tell you. Certainly, we have little option but to include him in the squad, but that does not change the fact that we have a dearth of talented options in that area.
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