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  1. TASA are having a night in Loks Bar & Kitchen (south side of Glasgow) with Kevin Gallacher and Ted Christopher the night before. http://tartanarmysunshineappeal.moonfruit.com/shop/4590985127/an-evening-with-kevin-gallacher-music-from-ted-'better-than-elvis'-christopher/11370810
  2. I do not think they were set pretty low, they were just pretty standard for the times.... it was 2014 or 2016 campaign that they really ripped the arse out of it when they almost doubled the price for all games.
  3. At the moment no, as we are on the red list for both Denmark and Austria. SSC did send a email out last week with a link to a poll to judge interest, but until a point where fans are allowed to travel (at the moment we are only allowed into Denmark if we have a valid reason, and football is not one) its looking extremely unlikely.
  4. Sport Option do charters for Rangers and Man City European games all the time, so I think they will probably know when it is best to go with a gut feeling that trips will not go ahead. Flights are getting binned everywhere just now (BA have binned a number of flights to Copenhagen just today, and Easyjet have binned flights that effects freinds of mine for their Moldova plans in November) so just the world we live in at the moment.
  5. Imagine we are at the point just now were cash needs to be dished out for the actual renting of the plane and booking airport slots, and they felt the risk was probably not worth it losing money and then having to fork out money from elsewhere to pay back customers.
  6. Imagine the charter companies are having to put finance towards the renting of planes and airport slots in next week or two, hence why they are probably binning now so to avoid losing money.
  7. Under current Scottish Government roadmap plans, it is expected that there will be no restrictions on capacity at football stadiums by the time of the first of these fixtures in September. Should attendance capacity be restricted then all tickets sold will be refunded and a new sale will take place in line with Scottish Government restrictions.
  8. All restrictions on crowds at football games to be lifted on the 18th (?) of August, or there about, so yes. Given the crowds Rangers and Celtic are getting, even if restrictions still on place, imagine talking numbers to accommodate all SSC members at least.
  9. Sport Options have just binned their Faroes Charter, and looks like their Moldova one will be the same. "Sadly we have to make a judgement call on this and for the time being we have decided to cancel the trip to the Faroe Islands. With 10 days quarantine required on arrival it is clearly impossible to operate a day trip. Whilst things could change our airline need to know if we are going to fly and cannot simply turn down other potential business on the basis that we might fly"
  10. Tickets on sale next Thursday and £15 for the east and west stands, and £20 for North and South for SSC members, and free access to the woman's internationals at Hampden.
  11. My understanding in the neck of the woods is they are very relaxed, but same time very wary about the future. My Mrs over visiting her folks in Western Ukraine and when she showed up at the border, after handing over Double Vaccine and PCR Test results documents, only thing they were interested in was that her insurance documents covered medical care for COVID.
  12. At the moment Ukraine and Moldova are on the EU's green list, and speaking to my guide in Odesa that is arranging our transfer to Chisinau, things are ok getting in and out (case numbers in Eastern Europe seems to be surprisingly low) but they keep warning me that a lot of older people are refusing to get vaccinated, so the only stumbling block we might find is that our guide might be unable to provide a driver to take us to Chisinau who is vaccinated. I think its just a little to late in the day to get excited about Denmark and think the SSC email last week was more out of hope we get a allocation and able to get there more than anything.
  13. Denmark tickets for home fans went on sale yesterday, and there seems to be a large section that just so happened to be the same area we sat in for the 2004 game in Copenhagen that is not for sale, so I imagine a section has been put in reserve for away fans if allowed. Problem is, Scotland is on Denmark's "red list" at the moment, so need to wait and see what happens when it comes to travel, which will probably be the main factor rather than will we get tickets or not.
  14. At moment nothing for Hampden, but just trying to work it out times. Do you need to take 2 tests across a week, or can you take the one test within 48 hours of the game? Just working out if need to take one on (say) Monday and then a second one on the Thursday (I am flying in the afternoon, and only taking hand luggage, so most likely do the test from home in the morning and register result before heading to airport)
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