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  1. Confirmed Ryan Jack out for the rest of the season and the Euros. That is going to be a BIG miss for the Euros as felt his absence from the last set of games was very noticeable.
  2. Confirmed by UEFA that Rome stays with a 25% capacity (around 18k). Interestingly, they are now adding in "atleast" when talking about capacities.
  3. Unless any nasty mutations of the virus cause havoc in the wake of the Euros, I doubt many nations will look towards going back to empty stadiums if things pass by ok... Denmark I think is ok, Austria so-so... Fareo Islands expect to open their borders to tourists and non-locals by start of June... Moldova a bit iffy (both with how bad things with Covid are out there just now, and Putin starting to flex his muscles in the area again). I think we will be back at Hampden for Moldova no problem, as long as we stick to the road map.
  4. At the moment its closed borders with almost the whole of Europe coming into the UK (not that it matters much, as there is only about 2/3 international flights a day in and out of Glasgow and Edinburgh) unless you want to pay £1600 for a hotel or £160 for a test (and then 10 days quarantine). My Mrs is trying to plan a visit to Ukraine to visit her mum this summer, and the info is as clear as mud and seems to be open to interpretation (evening contacting UK Embassy Kyiv got a "we are not sure and do not recommend booking") In coming days Boris is suppose to be announcing the traffic
  5. Interesting take on the situation from the Welsh perspective, with some bits here and there which could apply to us, https://welshfootballfans.com/eatsleepfootyrepeat/r26726hyjyncfmw2xp8yz4cgtbedd2-45654-w5wpk-frssf-ffcrc-kkp97-hnjtt-drwcy-c3rew-2z4eb-6gtz3-g4pls-saht2-5bjp6
  6. I think if test events need to be done for the Euros, they need to take place in Glasgow (a 12k crowd at a sporting event in Glasgow almost 18 months after the last time a crowd of that size took place at an event in the city) which probably would make Ibrox and Celtic Park have something of the upper hand. Good chance we might see the semi finals of the Scottish Cup used as test events (ideal world would have seen 4k at the two semi finals and 8k for the final to get ready for 12k at the Euros).
  7. I suspect if they can get guarantees of fans being allowed for a test event (which the SG have hinted at that they are open to the idea) that news may start to filter through on Monday about the final being moved to Ibrox or Celtic Park (and just happens to be the loser of Sundays match that gets picked......)
  8. Scottish Cup Final nothing to do with Scottish Government..... SFA messed up on that one, as they have to hand Hampden over to UEFA middle of next month so UEFA can get Hampden decked out for the Euros (ie advertisement boards, notices and signs, hospitality sections etc etc etc) only for UEFA to turn around and say that the stadium is out of use while they do this work (that is why the FA shifted the FA Cup final back a week to the day before they are do to hand Wembley over). Sounds from Scottish Government were that they were more than happy for the Scottish Cup final to be a "tes
  9. If UEFA are going to cut from the existing sales, and Wales and Italy FA's will already have their share of the tickets, imagine a large part of the sales will be with Welsh and Italian fans, so will not be a chance for Scots to apply for new tickets.
  10. Also worth downloading the official phone app.
  11. Only the Record, but talk Wales v Italy may be moved to Hampden.
  12. If you are going to purchase any tickets through UEFA you need to set up an account with them.... the reality is the SSC are NOT selling the tickets, they just decide who is eligible on the points system to buy a ticket through UEFA and forward the relivant info to UEFA. They will probably direct you to the UEFA site, where you will most likely need to set up an account. No harm in setting one up now, as will just save you time next month.
  13. If you set up a UEFA account for buying tickets, there is a bit where you had to fill in with your "association fan club membership number", also you have to fill in your passport number, so assume your access code will match your name and SSC number when you go to buy. Its basically to clamp down on ticket touts and getting as many real fans to the games as possible.
  14. Hotel booked, but I have up to 48 hours before arrival to cancel or they will charge me for one of the two nights I have booked. Also got Easyet flights booked (gambled before Serbia game when it was £30 return) but unless I get a ticket will not go just for the sake of it (can change my flights up to 6 days before for a free to another flight)
  15. With UEFA saying people people have until 22nd of April to voluntary return their tickets, and Scotland fans who are members of the SSC having to wait until "early May" to apply for their tickets, I imagine things should become clearer in those 10 or so days in between.
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