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  1. wanderer

    Pre match

    Yes, was awful!!!!!! £4.50 for a can off Innes and Gunn poured into a plastic pint glass. Venue was really nice, but found the SSC event really poor compared to ones at Hampden. Stayed for one beer, then left with others to head to the Crystal Palace around the corner.
  2. wanderer


    Suspect its a element of knee-jerk reaction by the English media to England losing out on Ethan Ampadu, and the Declan Rice situation going nowhere fast, but as you said, England do not need to be looking at a 27 year old who is only having his first full season in the Premier League. Given Cairney's own manager came out and said that his injury that ruled him out of the last Scotland squad would see him out for weeks, just a case of a conveniently placed article
  3. wanderer


    Given the riches England have in that position just now (and Cairney at 27 is 2-5 years older than players already established) I would assume it's just paper talk at the moment, and would not look to much into it. While he has pulled out with injuries a couple of times, he has also hardly ever been called up at the same time.
  4. wanderer

    Tel Aviv Bars

    Biggy Z is a bar that I have noticed come up time and time again for the all you can drink “bracelet bars” and looking at their drinks list, it’s actually pretty good and top brand beers they offer, and a pretty good rate IIRC.
  5. wanderer

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Honestly do not think he was as bad in Peru as people make out (1st goal that resulted in the penalty, yes.... 2nd I would put down to people going to sleep in the box, rather than directly at him), as people seem to base him on that and one really bad day with Millwall at Sunderland earlier this year. He has been Millwalls player of the year in recent seasons, and they have sent their second choice keeper to AFC Wimbledon this season on loan (where he has actually been playing pretty well). I do not think he is the best keeper we have at the minute, but happy for him to get the occasional friendly, then review in a year or two based on the McGregor and Gordon situation.
  6. wanderer

    Israel tickets on sale

    Seems to be a issue over an agreement on the ticket prices, but heard last week that we should get some announcement early this week.
  7. wanderer

    Continental players

    Bates and Henderson are the two most likely. St Clair has been on the Venizia bench for 1 of their 3 games so far this season, so far to early for him to be considered. gauld still has time on his side, and is pretty much at make or break season now with Sporting (they have sent him out on loan again?)
  8. wanderer

    Home End Tickets.

    North Stand had a fair few Albanians in it. By most accounts, the large section right at the back of the West Stand was Albanians who live outside of Albania, who purchased tickets for the home end (very little SFA/SSC can do if someone with a London, Stockholm, Munich address purchases a ticket, so was not a case of the SFA letting them by tickets, just they could not vet who was buying them) and was only when the Police, Hampden Security Staff and Albanian Embassy got together the decision was to open up a second Albania section (ones in Main stand were VIP through the Albanian FA).
  9. wanderer

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    contacted them through the email on the website, plus after I booked he emailed me directly with a request asking if I could bring some sort of gifts to hand out to the kids in the refugee camps on the Palestinian side of the tour (he also sends weekly news letter with regards to Palestinian news)
  10. wanderer

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    4 people doing the tour, but I spoke with the guide to ask more info on this, and he says as he lives in Tel Aviv he is basically picking people up on his way to Jerusalem, and says tour will most likely happen, as its pretty popular with people staying in Tel Aviv.
  11. wanderer

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    Doing Green Olives full day tour on Friday. Pretty much full day with the 1st half of the morning going around all the main sites, then takes you into the Palestinian areas in the afternoon.
  12. wanderer


    Think their was only a hand full of people that went across (guy who does the Social Media stuff was really talking up Shkodar!)
  13. wanderer


    SFA/SSC apparently heading out for talks and check the venue at the end of the month, so imagine not long after the Israel game.
  14. wanderer

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Yes, that was their home after joining the 6 Nations, but grew tired waiting for promised reconstruction and moved into Olimpico a few years back. rugby in Italy has really taken off in recent years, when they first joined the 6 Nations places like Genoa and Venice were the hot bed of rugby in Italy, and talk at time was team would base themselves there, but decided on Rome, and finally paying off. they have even played games in the San Siro recently.
  15. wanderer

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    SRU still have a very old school menatiliy that they distribute tickets through clubs (have mates and ex-work collegues who are members at Ayr, Ardrossan Accies and Greenock, and all members are entitled to a Scotland ticket purchased through club.... SFA/SSC have not done anything like this in over 20/25 years selling match tickets via the clubs) plus there is hardly a major business in Edinburgh that does not get comps for matches from the SRU. As there is only a hand full of rugby internationals (all against top quality opposition) at Murrayfield (4/5) and they are all on Saturday/Sunday’s, there is a bit of a novelty to it, compared to the football team who have 6/7 games each year (and maybe 1 or 2 games v top quality opponents out of that) and very rarely at a weekend.