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  1. Suppose when the press ask the question who they would like, naturally you would go for the weakest on paper (like everyone here is doing with North Macedonia), and just the way the unseeded teams are thinking as Czech manager has said the exact same, and Ukrainian sports journalists are calling us their dream draw. Sure Clarke has a idea of who he would like, difference being he is keeping it to himself (not seen him name a actual team yet, but swerve the question when asked).
  2. Poland manager saying he wants us in the semi's and then Sweden in the final.
  3. Yeah, I think people assume they have an aging squad because of guys like Allen, Ramsey and Bale etc but these guys were VERY young when they made their debuts, so does feel like they have been around for a life time..... Ethan Ampadu, only just turned 21 and has more caps for Wales than Stuart Armstrong has for us.
  4. Their oldest player is Hennessey at 34 year old, vast majority of their team is well under the age of 30.....
  5. I know Ukrainian football media is full of people who view us in a similar light (Sports Journalist I know in Kyiv DM'd me on Facebook the other day asking who Scotland want), and apparently the Ukraine manager has even hinted that we are their big hope for Friday's draw. Like it or not, for the unseeded teams the thought of going to Glasgow against a game in Rome or Lisbon certainly has its appeal.
  6. Great news for us if passed! https://www.espn.co.uk/football/fifa-world-cup-qualifying-uefa/story/4524505/world-cup-playoffs-yellow-card-amnesty-set-to-save-107-players-from-suspension?fbclid=IwAR2rqHpXt8Ey7HdfjvvtfyfE5pYO2Le33u6BsoMHWcfw7oaIM3okeSsZR80
  7. There is nothing to stop tv companies leasing games to other tv stations. S4C gets a crazy amount of money chucked at it from the Welsh Government and BBC, and yet their weekly viewing figures are relatively small, but as soon as they put football on it goes right up, so imagine the Welsh games have not come cheap for them, but its probably worth it in the long run. That is the deal S4C have with Sky, and believe RTE in Ireland did have a similar deal with Sky until the Irish Government stepped in and said sporting games have to be on free to air stations (I believe the Scottish Parliament do not have the powers to make a similar criteria). ITV paid a crazy amount of money for the rights to England games, and the FA Cup (which they then leased out to BT Sport for a few years, and only just got it back now).
  8. Inclined to agree, while we should not fear anyone in the play off's, end of the day those unseeded teams finished 2nd in their groups, and with the exception of Austria and the Czech, none of them are slipping in through the back door, so are there on merit. On paper Macedonia are the easiest team, just like the flip side people from unseeded countries are looking at us as the easiest seeded team (as I said elsewhere, speaking to a Ukrainian football journalist I know, and he says everyone in Ukraine wants us, followed by the Welsh) but they got to second place by beating Germany away from home, so are no mugs. Think we have shown more than enough since September that we are going in the right direction and could either play the likes of a Poland or Ukraine off the park with a 2-0, or slump to a 1-0 win against Macedonia or the Czechs. More a case of how much of the luck of the draw do we get for the final.
  9. From a fans point of view, Russia is possibly the worst possible away tie for a final. Basically you will either have to take a major gamble (which if pays off is a bargain) and lay out for flights and a visa weeks in advance.... but with our game on the Wednesday, basically means straight through to Edinburgh on Thursday morning and hope you are close to the front of the line with 500-800 other Scotland fans all showing up for their visa application, and fork out £180 for a rush visa, and that is relying on them having your application (along with 100 of other fast track visa's and any non-football visa's being processed) ready on the Friday and doubtful they will work over time, you are relying totally on them to have your visa ready in time.
  10. No, March is the next international break. We could potentially announce a game (just like Scandinavian and Eastern European nations do when they play games in Middle East in January), but it would not be FIFA sanctioned and clubs would be under no obligation to release players, so would be pointless.
  11. sorry was meaning winner of games involving Sweden or Wales. Czech are fast becoming my first choice (as you said, we missed far to many chances in that game, plus KT pulling out injured pretty late upset the balance and far to many key players (especially the Celtic ones and Marshall) went into the Euros seriously out of form) full house behind the team and think would be totally different this time around.
  12. While trying not to downplay our achievements, after re-watching the England game, and what England went on to do after that, that result felt to me Southgate was looking beyond the group stages for the easier route to the final just like he did at the last world cup, and it looks like Austria's blip in September to us and Israel is what cost them 2nd place (which basically turned Scotland v Israel a month later into a winner takes all match, as their results since then have been what you would have expected them to be. If we can show the spirit we had in the Israel and Denmark games then we should fear nobody in the play off's.
  13. I think we could beat most the unseeded teams, and take Portugal and Italy out of the seeded teams, we could go toe-to-toe with most. It will be foolish to think that the final will just be seeded teams, but if offered the Czechs at home in semi's with a home tie against the winner of Sweden v Wales in the final, I would rip your arm off for that right now.
  14. Sweden game at Hampden was one of those games were Sweden should have been 5-0 up. Yarmalenko, Zinchenko, Malinovskyi and Yaremchuk would certainly cause us concerns. One of those middle teams were you would not mind them, but you would probably be slightly more happy to avoid. Only unseeded team I want to avoid out and out in Poland, as while they have a very average squad those days, they still have Lewandowski (with this most likely his last tournament)
  15. Ukraine, while draw specialists, in one off games where they know what they need to do, can be a very dangerous teams (they play very similar to how we played under Walter Smith.... no pretty football, and spend most the game trying to soak up the pressure, then pounce with a couple of late goals). Personally would have no issue with getting them in the draw, but they are one of the teams where under estimate them at your peril.
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