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  1. wanderer

    Four Game Ticket Package

    Hospitality packages usually go on sale long before actual match tickets go on sale (SFA were selling Hospitality for the England game almost a year before the match itself). Imagine Portugal KO time is still TBC because SFA are waiting to see what kind of tv deal offers come in and what time they would like the match shown at (being a Sunday, got pretty much all day to place the match ko time at)
  2. wanderer

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    David Bates has been getting high praise so far this pre-season at Hamburg, granted first game was just a bounce game v a German 5th division side that Hamburg won 10-0 (and Bates scored), while they beat Rapid Vienna 2-1 at the weekend, with Bates again getting high praise.
  3. wanderer

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Malaga got relegated last season, and by most accounts their Sugar Daddy owners have pretty much lost interest in the club, with hardly any summer signings made yet, so expect to see him in and around the first team next season (but mostly on the bench)
  4. Henderson has been linked with Fiorentina all summer and Bari apparently wanted big money for him, yet its been no secret that Bari are in deep trouble, so probably a case of holding off and get him for free. Club have only been demoted to the 4th division, as Italy has weird sporting laws that Sporting Institutions can not got bust, but are denied league licenses, and thus have to start at the bottom of the system... ie Parma and Fiorentina have done this in recent years (this might actually be the 2nd or 3rd time Bari have went bust)
  5. Yes, I suspect UEFA have done this as a bit of a ploy to get more bums of seats for the “finals”, as most people will take the gamble, then it’s a case of (ie) do they bin their £150 flights and hotel in Sofia for the final, or do they go to the Estonia v Finland final in Sofia? Most fans will take the gamble, and being the top seed in our group, most folk will view that as one foot in the final.... Will be interesting once that time comes.
  6. Yep, a double header in the one venue would have been the best way to do it (and that’s what all the media expected just before it was announced), now you have a case of 10pm on a Friday night leaving Hampden and checking flights and visa’s to Baku for a game 3/4 days later (this is the one aspect of the whole thing that UEFA did not think through from a fans perspective)....
  7. Play off’s are over the March 2020 international week. top seeded team are at home for their first game (so basically means we will be at Hampden should we be in the play offs), but this is where the fun starts..... ie on the Friday night at Hampden v Estonia, we could be waiting on the winner of Cyprus v Azerbaijan to know where we will be playing on the Monday, with no real idea where game will be...
  8. wanderer

    Ferry from Bari to Durres - party in Bari

    I am booked by myself, but 2 mates have since booked up.
  9. Does not work like that, once the Nations league games are finished in November we then get a more traditional Euro Qualifying group, with a whole campaign done over 2019, rather than spread out over a year and a half.
  10. wanderer

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Looks like he is off on loan to St Mirren for the season.
  11. wanderer

    Potential squad for Belgium

    To be fair to Fraser, I believe his agent is actually Ecks son, so would imagine his withdrawal was legit.
  12. wanderer

    Potential squad for Belgium

    I would take Faddy's comments with a pinch of salt, Cairney for starters was involved with Fulham in the Championship play off final just 3 days before the Peru game. Also there was a fair few players who you would expect to have been in the squad who were not in the original (if anything, Faddy was probably keeping a few players on their toes, with maybe a hint of direction towards Matt Ritchie)
  13. wanderer

    Ferry from Bari to Durres - party in Bari

    Booked on the Thursday night ferry 👍 Get in to Bari from Rome at 12:30-ish, so whole afternoon to kill before getting the ferry at night
  14. wanderer

    Potential squad for Belgium

    Not really, as UEFA was always a team short for all the teams to get a UEFA opponent (Peru are coming to play the Netherlands and Germany in September, with Albania and Croatia playing Jordan in October).
  15. wanderer

    Four Game Ticket Package

    They have been saying for weeks now that ticket news will be announced "soon", but never appears. Imagine waiting to see what happens with Belgium to put a spin on the game and ticket prices no doubt.