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  1. Sure I read Malaga did not take to kindly to him signing a pre-contract with Gatafe. Brighton he was signed with a view to play in the U23 team, but he had a back injury when he signed and it effectively dogged him for his whole spell at the club.
  2. Imagine squad will not meet up until a week on Monday, so Hearts and Celtic players will probably go for a weeks holidays from tonight, as most the squad will be on holiday just now before meeting up with the squad after next weekend.
  3. That is not what I said.... said he is not going to be clued up on the Scottish coaching SCENE.... he will only really know those he has worked around at Kilmarnock, and maybe a few guys he has met on match day, but he will have no real first hand experience of picking coaches from what is available in Scottish football (look at George Burley, his team was basically his old team mate from Ipswich playing days... and his captain from his 6 month spell at Hearts... still remember being at the WESTA Burns supper and getting chatting to him and his question was "so who are the good Scottish youngsters these days?") SFA could very easily have said "this is Scot Gemmill, look after him for the next couple of years and train him up for taking over from you afterwards....", but looks like they are letting him pick his own team (with it encouraging that Dyer wants to remain in Scottish football).
  4. Fletcher is up for a big job behind the scenes at Man United in a director of football capacity (talk about this post has started to gather some pace in last few days) so really unlikely that he would be able to combine the two (though sure he would seriously consider it if asked, but choice might not be his to make). Truth be told though, bar last 20 months, Clarke has not been in and around Scottish football for best part of close to 30 years.... so he is not going to be that clued up on the Scottish coaching scene on who would make a good assistant for him, so is going with guys he knows and what they can offer. Being honest I am prepared to go with his judgement on this one.
  5. Sounds like Arsenal are going to win the race to sign Fraser, as The Independents Arsenal correspondent is saying Liverpool have apparently told him they can not offer him first team football, and Man United have denied reports that they are looking at him.
  6. Seems to be only the Sun name dropping Keen, everywhere else saying its Dyer and Reid (seems to be Clarke's "go to" guy since 2012, as he has had him at West Brom and brought him to Reading..... Reid was at AFC Wimbledon until fairly recently, but was only there a matter of months, yet heard good things about him) with either Woods or Thomson as goalkeeping coach.
  7. Sun were reporting that his team will be Dyer, former Aston Villa player Kevin Keen (worked with Clarke at West Ham) and former Ireland defender Steven Reid. Billy Thomson, or Stevie Woods back in as goalkeeping coach.
  8. Nope, hence why I said previously that it’s a waste of time, as it will be a Z-list Squad and reason they are not as popular as they were 20 years ago.
  9. A international match can be played any day of the year (except Champions League final day), so there is plenty of dates available. Scandinavian teams and a few of the lesser Eastern European teams play Internationals during the winter (but these are usually local league selects rather than the main team).
  10. Always that fear,but except for the last year and a half, he has over 30 years experience playing, coaching and managing in the top flight in English football (and at clubs like Liverpool, Newcastle and beside Jose at Chelsea) and he has very little left to win down there, so find it extremely doubtful that could happen.
  11. Apparently ten appearances, but if the club doesn’t have 25 players they still get 25 medals that they can allocate however they want (Maryan Shved got one, and he has not kicked a ball for Celtic yet)
  12. And by SFA now, https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/steve-clarke-appointed-scotland-national-team-head-coach/?rid=13925
  13. And now by the SFA https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/steve-clarke-appointed-scotland-national-team-head-coach/?rid=13925
  14. BBC now reporting it and saying will be unveiled this afternoon
  15. Daily Record confirm appointment
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