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  1. Dykes, Chrsitie and Jacob Brown showed up early yesterday to do a mini-training camp yesterday, so players have clearly been told. Imagine probably Thursday after the Europea League final is out the way.
  2. Looks like Ukraine's "home" in Poland will be Lodz. While not confirmed officially yet, Ukraine manager name dropped it in his press conference in Slovenia today, and a number of Polish media outlets are reporting it to be the case. Nothing yet if that is all their home games, or just June.
  3. While the Welsh FA have had their rights sold to Viaplay, looks like a deal has been agreed for games to still air on SC4 if their Chief Executive on Twitter is anything to go by.
  4. To be fair, we were in a position until fairly recently not knowing if we had to arrange a trip to Vienna or Cardiff at 4 days notice.... Imagine all Irish fans will have received their refunds for cancelled flights, or since they were due to play in Lviv, have booked to fly to Warsaw and Krakow as it is.
  5. Ukraine manager was saying last week that it will most likely be Poland for their June games. Ukraine have been hoping to arrange a friendly in May, but due to the fact that there is no official set aside date from FIFA for games, they have just announced a friendly for the 11th against Borussia Mönchengladbach.
  6. Most pundits and commentators are freelance these days (look how McCoist gets about between ITV, Sky and BTSport) so they will probably gets a small dedicated team for each team (so effectively nothing much in terms of match day media will change... it will probably still be Ian Crocker and Ally McCoist on commentary, with David Tanner, Kric Boyd and Michael Stewart doing the pundit stuff). Probably major difference will be all the build up stuff being more in-house from the SFA in the weeks build up to the game. I suspect though that there is a chance that ViaPlay will probably initially lease the rights out in some way (ie STV get Nations League games, but ViaPlay keep qualifiers, or BBC get home games, but ViaPlay show all the away games etc....)
  7. As has everyone in UEFA when tv rights were centralized, all the money gathered together and then redistributed between all the fa's. SFA say in the final deal is very minimal (uefa basically puts them out to the highest bidder), but looks like they have sounded out Viaplay and asked about free to air games.
  8. UEFA sold the rights (as they do for everyone), not the SFA.
  9. Channel 4 apparently, but unclear what games that is, as not full rights.
  10. Looks like they have picked up the broadcasting rights for EVERYONE in UEFA with the exception of England. That feels like a awful lot for a relatively unknown brand to take on straight away before they even start streaming in most of Europe, so good chance they might be more willing to lease out (similar to deal Welsh had with Sky and SC4) to BBC Scotland or STVPlayer for Scotland games here and there. Suppose best to wait and see.
  11. From what I can gather looking around, the subscription fee for this service varies between £4 and £12 a month, and looks like they have the rights to the Dutch national team also. I suppose the encouraging part is "free to air games", which means they will potentially lease out to STV or BBC Scotland, or will stream for free on their hub/YouTube. From what I understand they are already streaming Scottish club football in Scandinavia, but the majority of their broadcasts are Nordic Noir tv shows.
  12. Press seem to be indicating its with one eye more on a replacement for Tierney and back up for Robertson with the Champions League Final. I doubt it will gather much speed this story, as like you said, you have the three of them, plus Greg Taylor just down from that also.
  13. Reports that Clarke has had Matt Targett watched for a possible switch back to Scotland.
  14. They are not being allowed a five-six week training camp..... and over the weekend a number of the Dynamo players said they will not show up as they have a charity game booked for that week and feel first team action (be it bounce games) is more important for the moment. They are meeting in Slovenia to get the Dynamo and Shakhtar players together, as they are Europe just now taking part in charity games.... they will not be with the national team coach solid, and its more so he can asses them before he call's up the players at the end of June (chances are a number of the players meeting in Slovenia will be nowhere near the squad for June).
  15. It was pretty much confirmed before the games were scrapped last month that we would get something like 1,700
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