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  1. Derek Rae was chatting about how much better 3. liga compared to Budasliga 2 this season a week or two ago, with the teams you mention, plus Cottbus (who would yo-yo between Budalisga and Budasliga 1 until fairly recently) and Hansa Rostock.
  2. Seems to have really been taken in by the HSV fans and getting some really good reviews (club have nicknamed him the "Ginger Ramos"). Think next season will tell a lot of Hamburg can get back into Bundasliga , as Budasliga 2 is rather poor this year and it is no wonder Hamburg and Koln are running away with it (though Union Berlin are breathing down their necks) and 3rd Liga is actually getting more attention this year with all the big names in their this season.
  3. To be fair, a number of high profile players have same attitude, Henry, Drogba, Ibrahimovic etc have all came into scrutiny in the MLS for picking and choosing their games down to pitches (sure Henry pulled a major huffy over a game years ago). Gary O’Connor has blamed plastic pitches in Russia as part of the reason his later career was hampered with injuries. Everton were without 9 first team players for a European game a few years back due to a plastic pitch.
  4. McBurnie missing for Swansea again tonight.... imagine he will be pulling out of the squad.
  5. Double from McGinn just now for Villa v Forest.
  6. The 28 man squad will be to see we are well stocked for the two game, because I would imagine the team will not be coming back via Scotland to San Marino.
  7. While that could happen, the only team Kazakhstan have been able to beat since 2016 has been Andorra. Famous last words, but if we can replicate Albania, we really should have very little to worry about. Flip side, Burke or McBurnie could go out and get 4-5 goals in the next two games and that suddenly gives McLeish something to think about come June. Only player I am really concerned about losing is Fraser, but I think we have a good enough replacement in the squad.
  8. McLeish has always been the kind of guy that does not air his dirty washing out in the open and tries to avoid the press jumping on things like this. From a fans point of view it would be better to get a better answer on these type of thing, but Levin was one for using the press to give his thoughts on certain matters and look how that turned out.
  9. And to be honest, this is hardly a new thing.... but at the moment I feel all these call off's/request not to play are legit or at least out of Ecks hands.... I think people are just wanting to make a mountain out of a mole hill (when we are going into a game v San Marino of all teams...... Kazakhstan is a slight concern, but I am expecting nothing worse than Albania)
  10. Suspect it will be Tierney or O'Donnell in for Patterson, McTorminie for Christie, Burke for Fraser and McBurnie for Fletcher, which to be honest is acceptable as you are replacing like for like, or for better in some cases.
  11. Looks like it’s an agreement between McLeish and the clubs, but could have been handled better and explained that Fletcher will be getting treatment during the international break, and unlike Fraser and Patterson he is excused for both games rather than just Kazakhstan (as these players are not carrying injuries, just their clubs do not want the risk taken.... I also suspect the location/travel factor is a big say in this also.... if we were playing Latvia or Estonia and then San Marino, I do not think we would have seen anything like this). Not ideal, but if it means Fletcher, Fraser and Patterson are fit for the big game in Belgium in June, it’s a small sacrifice for these two games (as said before, I feel there is still enough quality in the squad that we will be ok over these two games).
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47551253?fbclid=IwAR2pwTzxezJlFAHQlzw3l2mi3QwtAHZqp4RedlGo0U1EyMd2n65-tW6pI1E
  13. Belgian Railways have released their cheap tickets now, just got Brussels - Paris for 29 Euros.
  14. To be fair, we are talking only two players (and one of them is on loan from Celtic) at Sunderland, who should be nowhere near League One... but granted that is football for you) so its hardly calling up a player from AFC Wimbledon or Walsall..... and both these players will most likely have to settle for the bench at the most (lets face it, we all know Bain will start these games!). So its hardly a true reflection of the whole squad. Strikers we are just really unlucky just now that ALL our main ones are missing just (missing one or two is unlucky, but all of them is extreme.... Griffiths, Fletcher, Naismith, Phillips etc....) McBurnie should have been given a fair run of games to help him settle in to the team, rather than be the fall guy for a poor performance in friendlies! Granted, I am far from his biggest fan as every time I have seen him play for Scotland since U19 level, he has always looked a bit Bambi-ish for my liking.... but his goals for Swansea this season speak for themselves, and think these two games could be exactly what he needs for going forward. Just a bit unlucky just now with a few things, but I am hardly worried for these two games, as I think the quality is still there to get the job done in both matches, but I would be more worried if we had this same situation in September going into the Russia-Belgium double header. I do not think anyone is convinced we can win the group (Belgium in a friendly last year walked all over us without breaking a sweat) but I feel on our day we could match with Russia.
  15. That certainly did not help. Faddy is suppose to have cleared it up on BBC highlights last night that he is going in for treatment during the international break, but could have been all sorted by McLeish yesterday.
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