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  1. wanderer

    Team for israel

    Griffiths has just pulled out from the squad (no word on replacement yet)
  2. wanderer

    1987-1998 Scotland B-International Games

    Martin McIntosh. Defender who made a name for himself at Clydebank and Hamilton Accies in the mid 90’s. Went to Stockport and like you said was part of Dave Jones team that made the League Cup semi-finals and knocked a few big teams out along the way (I do not think they were ever a top end Championship team though.... established League 1 team at best). Hibs spent a fortune to bring him back to Scotland (Jim Duffy team?) were he was a dud and was quickly shipped off back to England, where he spent a long time at Rotherham.
  3. wanderer

    1987-1998 Scotland B-International Games

    We stayed in Mainz and the Christmas market had just started, so we full use of the mulled wine and beer while we were there (missed the 2002 which was suppose to have been excellent). Flight across from Prestwick was full of German students, and two of them were actually from Mannhiem, and recommended a rock garage bar which we stumbled upon after the match when we had 4 hours to kill before the train back to Mainz.
  4. wanderer

    1987-1998 Scotland B-International Games

    Darren Anderton was called up for a Scotland B team in the early 90's, but apparently Roxburgh did not care for him in training and never even bothered to put him into the team on match day (Craig Brown has told a story on his after dinner speaking circuit that it was sickening at Euro 96, as Anderton was the best player in the England team and should have been lining up for us that day). McLeish asked to play in that France B game, as I think he was just back from injury, and had been in and out of the squad for a while (he even played a few U21 games as a over aged player around the same time) as Roxburgh was convinced that Hansen and Gough was the new Scotland central defense partnership, before Hansen chucked it and he reverted back to Miller and McLeish for the WC campaign (but still tinkered about). Hutchison when he was younger (especially when he was at West Ham) had a really bad reputation for taking no prisoners when it came to going into tackles (this apparently made him popular with Souness during his spell as Liverpool manager) and held him back/made him unpopular with the Scotland set up (he has even admitted this in interviews). Attended a few over the years, and one that sticks out was Northern Ireland at Firhill under Vogts, as he effectively called up a mixture of U21's and first team regulars (Hutchison was captain!) as it was just a couple of weeks before the Scotland - Germany match at Hampden. Austria away there was this brilliant video doing the rounds of Ludo jumping the fence and playing along with the marching band that did the national anthems 😂 Germany away under Smith in Mannhiem was a good trip, be a really depressing match (think it was 2004 and Germany had made a big deal that their team was "Germany 2006", and I do not think any players made that team, and only a hand full gained caps).
  5. wanderer

    Airport Security Thread

    Two mates arrived in Israel yesterday, with one of them flying into (and then out to get to Jordan) of Ben Gurion Airport yesterday and said apart from a little more tighter on security than most airports and a few extra questions, it was actually not that bad, but advised to give yourselves that extra hour. Going to Palestine (unless you are planning to visit Gaza City....) should have no effect on leaving Israel, as end of the day they will know you are not Jewish and assume that you visited the West Bank to visit Bethlehem (which 1000's of people do every year) Everyone I spoke with all said just tell them why you were there (for the football and doing tourist stuff) and what you did and there will be no issues.
  6. wanderer

    Israel tickets on sale

    100% pick up with the Metropolitan Hotel in Tel Aviv collection point on Wednesday and up to 3pm on the Thursday (happens to be at the end of the street my hotel is in)
  7. wanderer

    Scotland Retro gear

    These are not produced by Umbro, so unless they pay a fee to put their logo on it, they can only produce the shirt without the kit makers logo. hopefully some tracksuit tops follow soon (only one I would like from the 90’s was the blue and white hooped one from Italia 90) and fingers crossed for the Italia 90 away kit to make an appearance soon.
  8. wanderer

    Scotland Retro gear

    Score draw just added the 94-96 (white and purple) and 96-99 (yellow and blue) Away kits to their range.
  9. wanderer

    Israel tickets on sale

    All depends where the SFA and SSC are staying (which I would imagine will be up in Haifa), so a location has to be found in Tel Aviv and on top of that there needs to be security for that location (though I heard ages ago that SSC staff would be wearing body cams for future pick up’s). So while not impossible, it’s not as straight forward as setting up a table in a pub to hand out tickets.
  10. wanderer

    Israel tickets on sale

    From what I understand from what a member of staff at the SFA was saying on social media, it was the Israeli's that were playing funny buggers and the hold up has been all down to them.
  11. wanderer

    Israel tickets on sale

    Apparently SSC are still waiting for the tickets to clear customs, but hope to have them in the next day or two to post out, but imagine we will hear something in next couple of days if they decide to make it pick up.
  12. wanderer


    Whats the main Istanbul Airport like for layovers at night? Got almost 3 hours on route to Beirut next Monday (10pm until 00:45) and close to 5 hours (01:00 - 06:00) on way back from Tel Aviv. Basically not there long enough or at a time which makes it worth to leave the airport.
  13. wanderer

    Team for israel

    Granted he has only be coming on for last 20 minutes or so in last few weeks (Bar Cup game) but heard he has looked very lively when he has came on (certainly offering more than Yarnalenko from what I am reading/hearing).
  14. wanderer


    Only played about 30 minutes of football since coming back from the injury that ruled him out of the last Scotland squad. Think these games were just a week or two to early for him at the moment, as at best he will be going in to them having only played 120 minutes of football over the previous month.
  15. wanderer

    Team for israel

    Agree with above, at this moment Cairney not being there is no concern, but if he is playing week in-week out ahead of the next squad and not there, then it would be a big concern. No point taking a player who, at best, will have played 120 minutes of football over the previous month after coming back from the injury that had ruled him out of the last squad.