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  1. According to Footy Headlines, Adidas are doing a official launch of their new National Team Kits on Thursday the 14th of March.
  2. I found that it started off far to small, and if you clicked to zoom in, it would take you all the way in that you could not see where you were sitting, and took a couple of efforts to get it to a manageable size to get a seat that I wanted.
  3. Took about 20 mins to get on, and then once able to get in, think whole process to pick seat, pay for them and get confirmation took just over a minute
  4. The app is not live yet, you will be able to download that at a later date as per the email
  5. Signed up, but the way the site page looks, part of me was thinking "is it loading correctly?"
  6. wanderer

    New jersey

    Looking at whom Elms list as their official partners, there must be big business in it that such a thing exists in the first place. I doubt its much in the way of retail value, just simply they supply the letters and numbers that the National teams will be using, and its bespoke to them, rather than a generic one that everyone uses.
  7. wanderer

    New jersey

    New kit due out in March, I think they have just used the "current" kit for show as they do not want to give away what the new kit looks like.
  8. wanderer

    New jersey

    Apparently not, Scotland kits are set to feature new bespoke letters and numbers thanks to a new partnership with Elms (https://store.elmsmarketing.co.uk) The partnership, which will run until 2027, will see the Scotland teams sport the new lettering and numbering on their kits for the first time when the Scotland Men’s National Team take on the Netherlands on 22 March, while the Scotland Women’s National Team will first wear them in the April international fixtures. Scotland supporters will have the chance to get their hands on the new Scotland font when it becomes available for purchase through the Scottish FA’s exclusive retail partner JD Sports before this summer’s tournament. Scottish FA Head of Retail and Kit Steven Romeo: “Interest in the Scotland National Teams has never been higher, with the men’s team’s qualification for UEFA EURO 2024 and the exponential growth of the girls’ and women’s game across the nation, so we are delighted to partner with Elms to create our own bespoke font for our national team kits. “Elms’ professionalism and attention to detail is second to none and I am sure that Scotland supporters will seize the opportunity to proudly sport the new numbers and letters on their kits.” General Manager of Elms UK Declan Gleeson: “Elms is proud and excited to announce the partnership alongside the Scottish FA to bring the Scotland kits to life with our bespoke font. “We are extremely pleased to be working with such a great organization in the Scottish FA, with the goal to provide a level of quality and detail that will match the performance and ambition shown by the teams and the incredible Scottish fans.”
  9. wanderer

    New jersey

    Might be nothing, but yesterday on Linkedin, the SFA kitman posted a presentation video of a deal the SFA have signed to get bespoke numbers and letters for using on the team kits (Scotland crest will be printed on the bottom of each number) and the thing that stood out was that the new numbers and letters were yellow, which made me think if we are getting a Euro 96 themed kit.
  10. Poland booked. Easyjet out to Berlin on the Saturday morning, then train to Poznan (a Ukrainian band I like are playing Poznan that night as part of a tour, so great little add on to the trip) and then on to the venue the next day, before down to Krakow for Easyjet flight home on the Thursday.
  11. At best maybe Split, but a Dubrovnik - Zagreb internal flight costs around £35, so just thought "why not?"
  12. Skipping Portugal, but booked into Dubrovnik direct from Edinburgh with Jet2 and home from Ljubljana (via Zurich) with time in between on chance game not in Zagreb). Very little up for Poland at the moment, but thinking into Gdansk, and booked a flight back from Krakow with Easyjet.
  13. They do reunions every now and again. One of them died of a heart attack in the early 2000's, and there was a big reunion fundraiser where they got STV to show it in full in Maybole, and they had a few guest speakers. Sure STV interviewed a couple of them in 2021 in the build up to Euro 2020. I know that the bus was apparently abandoned in some petrol station near Madrid on the way back, and apparently was there for years just rusting away.
  14. They have had major issues with funding of it after COVID. Land is hard enough to get on the Rock, and they have had 2 sites in mind, then settled on upgrading the stadium thats basically on the runway at the airport. Work was suppose to start just before COVID to upgrade it, but then work halted, and been no movement since.
  15. I suspect we were probably holding out for a game like the Netherlands one in Faro before Euro 2020, and Gibraltar probably best we could get
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