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  1. Truth is, 3pm Saturday is something of a alien concept across Europe outside of the UK. Spain and Italy you hardly get any games on Saturdays (and those you do are only there for tv), France, Netherlands and Belgium games do not usually kick off until almost (or after) 7pm on Saturdays. Its us in the UK that only seem to get a bee in our bonnet about football played away from its traditional time. Also the falling attendances (I actually think the week of football has had very little to do with this, as we seem to set the bench mark that period from 2003 until 2008 were we got a nonstop run of 3pm games, as Saturday ko for internationals is a relatively new thing... 1996 IIRC?) it’s offset by the money made from tv (remember UEFA handle the tv deals to put in a pot to distribute between all the Fa’s)
  2. Suspect Millwall are trolling a fellow London club 😂 they were pretty much the same when AFC Wimbledon took one of their keepers on loan, and he actually was not half bad. Most likely going as back up, but would be great if he could get his career back on track (he has really struggled to get that monkey off his back from that poor game v Sunderland(?) as he was winning player of the year awards and making it into teams of the seasons up to that point).
  3. True, but you will have folk logging on early to beat the queue most likely (still have nightmares of Slovenia away in Koper and having to log on at 1am for a ticket!) Also I imagine there will be a lot to do on the Friday in terms of getting ready to fly off on the Sunday. Would not be surprised if they do indeed go for that method, but I suspect they will do some sort of easy approach and a pre-sale. I really doubt they will have not talked to the Norwegian and Serbian FA's in some capacity by this stage.... even looking into a potential "losers" game (Israel have already said if they lose to Scotland they are flying straight back to Israel and have no interest in any games beyond that). Imagine we will find out in coming weeks.
  4. That has website crash written all over it, and does not take many to log on all at once to send SSC site into meltdown.
  5. Probably a element of the SSC being surprised by the initial sales for this game (being honest, before sales opened I was thinking low 40's was still doing VERY well), hence South Stand was not available, and parts of it being released once North Stand sold out and West and East Stands being 2/3's of the way to selling out, so they open more and more up.
  6. I reached out to the writer of his autobiography last year to invite him to the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal, and was really shocked when I got a reply of he would love to attend. weeks passed and every now and again got a message “Bobby can not wait” and “he had a real spring in his step these days that the fans have reached out to him” (impression I got was he felt a tad forgotten about by the fans). Unfortunately he had to cancel at the last minute as his sister had taken unwell, but few days later a box with 7 signed copies of his autobiography arrived in the post with his regards. Actually spoke with his agent just 2 weeks ago and asked how he was and told “he is good”, so really sad to hear.
  7. Section on right went on sale on Friday, section on left is certainly newly open, as was not on sale when I looked yesterday morning.
  8. Problem is Norway and Serbia in terms of capacity are two different ends of the scale, so it’s hard to agree two suitable allocations for both, especially when there is no carrot to dangle in front of them with the return game this time. Also both do not know if it’s us or Israel they will be playing (hard one to judge as we would most likely take A LOT more than Israel). Imagine Serbia will probably agree the 5% minimum with no issue (around 2,500) as that is what they are expected to get. Norway is more tricky, as we would only be due just over 1000 tickets, which we could probably sell 3 times over at least, but i imagine we will probably get something in the region of 2000-2500.
  9. Imagine we will try to arrange similar amounts for both potential games (2000, which is about what we are due for Belgrade but more than due for Oslo) and do a presale with a 100% pick up wherever.
  10. Real shame, but only ever really visited on match day, or somewhere to scurry off to for a pint and read a paper when wife was shopping on Sauchiehall Street or Buchanan Galleries. Also been a great benefactor to the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal over the years.
  11. Probably same as last time, section A2 or 3 and pockets of the south stand, certainly not going to bring a massive support.
  12. Imagine there will be a “presale”, but I do not think we will take a much larger support to one over the other (if we got 2-3,000, which is more than what we are due for Oslo, but around what we would get for Belgrade, for both it would most likely be enough to meet demand for both games) which will be booked through the traditional ssc method, but payment coming out your account day after the Israel game, and then a 100% pick up in Belgrade or Oslo depending on where we are playing.
  13. Been a long time since seen Social Media and forums away with people saying "tickets for me and 'so-and-so number of' mates booked".
  14. Most the writing was done by Phil Differ (Who effectively wrote or had a finger in every Scottish comedy of the 80’s and 90’s like Rab C Nesbit, Naked Video, scotch and wry etc... all the way up to Chewin the fat and still game) as I do not think Watson and Roper wrote all that many sketches. Not sure, but think he left OAE! in the mid 00’s and only gets a executive producer title these days. Law is down to when ITV used to use him as a co-commentator in the 80’s and early 90’s, as he was not that good at it and was a bit long winded and had a habit of going off on tangents.
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