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  1. wanderer

    Liam Cooper

    Think Cooper was always somewhat doomed to failure coming into these two games. Clarke has basically spoke him up since the minute he was through the door, and this is after the previous two Scotland managers have had him in squads and deemed him not even good enough to make the bench, so he was always going to need to put in a shift in these two games (if it had been Cyprus and Kazakhstan we played this week, then he might have got away with it and time to settle in, but he was put straight into the deep end from the off).
  2. Yep, no real secret was made of it at the tail end of last season.... played his final game of the season with Scotland and early June, and was back playing Champions League Qualifiers with Celtic something like 3 weeks later?
  3. Scratching my head trying to think who can come in and make any real kind of difference.... at the back, its basically only Tierney, as no matter what, we are stuck with this long list of CB's (Cooper, Hanley, McKenna, Bates, Mulgrew, Cooper.... and really, so far the best looking pair from that lot has been Mckenna and Bates, so that says something about our defense....). Midfield, can only really think Cairney coming in (given Fulham's recent run of good form), but this is the one area we should not be struggling with, given every week you can turn on MotD and see McTorminay, Frazer, Snodgrass and McGinn playing at that level, and Sportscene to see McGregor bossing Celtic games (v Accies and Livi....). McTominay is suspended for next set of qualifiers? So I suppose this is a good chance for the likes of Cairney or Armstrong to come in. Upfront really only Griffiths and Burke, but I doubt either of them would have fared any better last night (maybe Griffiths would have slotted the free kick we had in a excellent position last night). So really that is Tierney, Cairney, Burke and Griffiths, and I do not think any of them being in the squad/team would have made much difference over these two games (maybe more so v Russia than against Belgium).
  4. Think this is probably one of the "bonuses" that our final two games are Cyprus away and then home to Kazakhstan, and I can see him taking the squad out to Cyprus a day or two earlier than he usually would to get a kind to team bonding get together in the sun away from the Scottish media, with a eye to try get moral up ahead of the play off's.
  5. Thought Robertson had a extremely poor first half, but took the game by the scruff of the neck in the second half.... but when he does make his runs forward I do think "steady on, you do not have Van Dijk beside you to keep things tight at the back!". McGregor looks burnt out, and this is something about his game that has been creeping in for a while at both club and country. As said elsewhere, McTominay looks to have found himself if a similar situation Burke did when it was clear after a couple of games he was not quite ready.... unlike Burke, McTominay can not be dropped into the U21's for a few games. Do not think Clarke really helped the situation by talking up McTominay and Cooper for almost the whole summer as the answers to our problems for going forward.
  6. Don't the SRU dish out a ridiculous amount of comp tickets to sponsors (know a few guys in Edinburgh and their firms always seem to get loads of tickets, yet hardly hear of anyone getting comps for football matches) and to their member clubs to sell on to their club members? I used to get 6 nation tickets through a friend at Ardrossan Accies (and every time I went to pay him it was a case of "forget it, my life time membership of the club pays for it").
  7. Prepared to give Clarke time (didn't Strachan lose something like 4 of his first 5 matches or something?) but had to listen to his match comments through gritted teeth (yes we did have a good spell in the first half.... right up to Belgium scoring their first goal, but that was our whole first half..... second half much better, but Belgium were just toying with us). He is still effectively putting out a Eck team, and there is no real way of making sweeping changes. Only player in midfield I would give "pass marks" to was McLean..... McGregor looks burnt out, McTominay looks to have found himself in a similar situation Burke did when it was clear he was not quite ready, Snodgrass had no idea where he was playing (looked like he was suppose to be playing out on the right to like up with SOD, but played for to central and SOD found himself exposed). Can not fault Phillips as he was chasing lost causes all night..... SOD yet again shows he is not good enough for international football, Mulgrew looks done and Cooper for all his years of screaming to get into the team has shown he is not any better than what we already have available. Hopefully for next month Bates can get himself match sharp, and McKenna and Tierney are back (think we have no option now but to play him down the right... unless Clarke has a crack at Fredericks) and we can get Griffiths and Burke back into the team.
  8. Found this very hit or miss..... One they did in the city centre last year was a complete shambles, but what have done at Hampden range from excellent to ok..... Pint/bottle of Tennets and food put on (pies and hot dogs) and a case of back out the door and around to where you are sitting before games starts.
  9. Probably means nothing much, but going by McBurnies social media posts last night, suspect he has been told he is starting tonight. Says ready for a massive game v Russia (could mean he is starting.... could be an attempt to soften the inevitable boo's he will get from (hopefully a very small) section of the support),
  10. Earlier in the week I was thinking "I would take a draw v Russia now!".... as Friday approaches and I get ready for the U21 game tonight, starting to think "you know what, its written in the stars that McBurnie will come on late and silence the boo boys with a 87th minute winner!" 😂
  11. I think most people will pick the same team, as looking at the squad (and not allowing for any far out idea's that is outside of anything Scotland and/or Clarke have done in the past.....) the only real "but...." is what two start from McTominey, Chrsitie and McGregor, as I imagine Cooper will start as the only real major change, and most likely McBurnie will start up front (though I think there is a good chance Phillips might start).
  12. Friday night in Glasgow, imagine most places are going to be full by time you get back into town. Usually I head to the Horseshoe to wait for my train down the road, though last few games I have went to Stereo as its always quiet and get served faster, and they have never had a issue with football colours.
  13. If Eck was still manager I would not put it past him....... Given the number of times the likes of Robbo, Fraser, SOD etc were putting excellent crosses into the box v Cyprus and Brophy was nowhere to be seen, I suspect he will go for the target man. Most likely McBurnie or Phillips.... I think if Naismith was fitter he could have had a great chance of sneaking in (and done a job for us) but noticed Hearts have been playing him a lot deeper than he usually plays (certainly came on and changed game v Aberdeen few weeks back).
  14. with 2 goals this season, he is probably the most "on form" striker we have available in the squad...... At the moment I think it will be very close between Phillips and McBurnie over who starts (with the Steven Reid link with WBA, I actually can see Phillips starting, and McBurnie left to come on later on)
  15. Shame we can not be so spoiled for riches in the middle of defense, as I would even say Christie should start as well based on current form (could be tempted to drop McGregor in place of Christie).
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