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  1. Clarke was in the papers on Sunday, and way he was talking, it will be next year when the play off's will be played. Been some rumours of "triple-headers" in September and October, but has went no further than the Irish, Turkish and Bulgarian football press talking about it (they were also saying the Nations League was going to be scrapped ahead of the last UEFA meeting, and never happened). I think at the moment nobody knows, and Ceferin was in the press yesterday giving it sob stories that UEFA is skint and needs football back.
  2. Last I heard he made a absolute fortune selling off his collection of football shirts he had been able to get over the years with Scotland (he had a ultra-rare one off Romania shirt from 1991 that made some headlines).
  3. Stewart Hillis on the far right (think he passed away fairly recently) Team Doctor who had been with Scotland since year dot right up to 2010. Was Team Doctor at Clydebank and Rangers (think he ended up taking the brunt of the abuse for Daniel Prodan, after Murray rushed through the deal before he could be checked out for fitness). Think the one who looks like a younger version of Hillis is Dr John MacLean, who has been chairing a lot of the SFA Covid-19 press releases of late, and next to him is former kit man Stewart McMillan (probably best remembered for dying his fair red when Faddy was doing the mohawk style in 2003ish)
  4. UEFA have scrapped their monthly meeting for this month (due to something with regards to Euro 2020 venues having issues for next summer) so any talk of binning the nations league is on hold until the middle of June.
  5. A lot of places like bars and cafe's in Vienna and Prague reopened this weekend (friendly who lives in Vienna went out for his first beer in months yesterday afternoon), but a lot of Central European Countries have had it well under control from the off (Mrs speaking to her folks in Ukraine last night, and the Flea Markets are to reopen this week).
  6. I think binning it will be last resort, as UEFA need to make up for no Euro 2020, and Group A is effectively their "mini" Euros. Regarding us, Czech and Slovak clubs are back in training (fair number of "friendlies" involving Czech clubs were streamed on YouTube over the weekend... watched Bohemians v Jihlava at the weekend, and Slavia actually played two back to back games yesterday) and Israeli clubs were playing games yesterday. Prague might be behind closed doors (or a GREATLY reduced attendance, as the August date for when large crowds can start regathering in Central Europe is just far to tight), Slovakia MIGHT be ok, but Israels 14 day quarantine policy makes that game look a little iffy.
  7. Recently switched to Harry's from using Gillette for years (you can actually get a free sample razor online from them), and have to admit massive difference. Also recently switched to shaving cream shaving from can shaving and finding that it makes a massive difference.
  8. Yep, I think this is where Holyrood and Westminster legislation and differences get muddled up. Nicola is certainly pushing full lock down, but knows her hands are tied with certain aspects and can only recommend on certain aspects rather than put into force. As leader of Scotland, Nicola is certainly do what is expected of her, but as said, all the while her use of words seem to be carefully thought out.
  9. Nicola seems to be only able to give recommendations (she certainly chose her words carefully last night, but all the while pressing “stay at home”) while anything that has to come in to force is by Boris, who certainly has a much more relaxed attitude. My work have been told we do not need to close, but boss has taken the decision that we will for a minimum of 2 weeks and then review (phoning around clients it’s certainly a miss match, with one main contractor saying they are closing their site, while another saying it’s “business as usual” and expect us on site next week to do what we need to do).
  10. Hearing construction on Scottish Water sites is viewed as “essential” and orders that any work being done must continue, so boss has said its business as usual until either Boris goes a step further or until supplies run out/low as suppliers of material/goods are closed.
  11. In the space of 20 minutes my Mrs WhatsApp group has went from “joy” that Boris has finally done the “right thing”, to a case of “if it’s a lockdown why has my husband been told he is expected at work tomorrow?”....
  12. When a lockdown is not a lockdown.... pre-recorded message, and unlike Nicola who took questions, and still had the nerve to break into a chuckle half way through it. Parks allowed to stay open, no limit of public transports, airports and ports allowed to stay open, and only in place for 3 weeks (initially). People still allowed to go to work, with nothing at all on what constitutes “essential” work, only work that can not be done from home.... so London Underground will still be packed tomorrow. Whole part about the NHS at the start stank of shock and awe tactics (given how much using the NHS as his barging chip in EU referendum) to just get the message across to not go out, with the bit about extra police efforts.
  13. Yep, I think people’s intentions are good, but seems to be a case of “we have come this far....” when really they should be just heading back home. North Ayrshire Council effectively put Largs seafront on lockdown this afternoon.
  14. Problem with the crowds is, they are encouraging people to stay active (they say go out and get exercise) and on Friday night my wife made the comment "lets head up to Loch Lomand with the kids on Sunday and go for a woodland walk away from all the crowds".... Sunday morning we open our curtain to see Seamill beach more crowded at 10am on a Sunday morning in March, than it ever is in the height of summer, and yesterday I popped along to Asda to get a loaf of bread (that was actually probably the one encouraging thing I noticed yesterday that the supermarket shelves are starting to get back to some kind of normality) but the road from Seamill to Ardrossan was just packed with people out walking, and later on saw photos of scenes in Troon and Largs. That is the issue here is that people think they are following the instructions the government are giving them, problem is EVERYONE is following them all at the same time (London for example, people probably thinking "no point heading to Oxford Street, so I will head long to Hyde/Richmond/Regents Park") and its just defeating the whole purpose.
  15. Most the golf club crowd only go between the club and the Hydro (Seamill House hotel has been dead on its arse for months now.... but was closed for a private party on Saturday night) or drink at home, so the hope is its rather contained (if at all in the town).... Twa' Dugs is a much younger crowd, and the Tavern has been dead due to the lack of sports, so customers can not yo-yo between it and the bookies across the road. With the golf club closed and the cleaners in gutting the place, think everywhere else in the village will close (the Chinese Restaurant closed last week claiming it was due to the virus, but everyone knows its because they were expecting a visit from the H&S people any day now with a number of folk getting food poising over recent months).
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