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  1. wanderer


    Sunday 16th of June, so 5 days after our game. Belgium is small enough, and with a decent transport system, that its actually not a major issue. Would imagine it will still be Brussels though as they are probably getting the fine detail with Metallica just now over the stadium, and its just to let people know that stadium has not been confirmed yet.
  2. wanderer

    Jack Harper

    I think Eck likes Phillips versatility, so it gives him a extra winger to select from, as well as a target man to shove up front if needed. Not perfect, but Fletcher had arguably his best two games in a Scotland shirt v Israel and Albania (not counting 6 goals v a glorified pub team who were not even in FIFA at the time), and I suspect (providing is fit) will be the first choice striker for the next year or so (Naimsith only got game time of late because he was all we had available, and for some reason Eck has not taken a shine to McBurnie). Unless Harper's goals tally can really jump up in the next 2 months, I really doubt he will find his way into the squad this side of the summer, as McLiesh appears to be content with the options he has available up front at the moment.
  3. wanderer

    Jack Harper

    Would be really surprised if Harper is in the squad any time soon, as 3/4 goals in 15 odd games is hardly great form, when you consider McBurnie is on 9 over a similar amount of games, and he seems to be Ecks 3rd or 4th choice striker at the moment. Imagine Eck will stick with Fletcher, McBurnie and Phillips as his core squad strikers, and have Johnny Russell here or there about's.
  4. wanderer

    Jack Harper

    Yevhen Seleznyov.... bit of a donkey and a lot of people in Ukrainian sports circles are shocked he even got this move (Malaga saying its a 6 month loan, while player saying he gets a guaranteed 2 year deal at the end of it). Malaga seem to be really struggling for goals, while they are winning games, its by small margins, and their goals scored is well behind the teams above them in the league.
  5. wanderer

    Where to stay

    Kefalos Beach Hotel in Paphos. 4 nights all-inclusive through TUI.
  6. wanderer

    Flight info ?

    Originally booked Jet2 to Paphos half board for 5 days with the family, but phoned me few days later saying they could not get hotel I wanted.....looked about and got same hotel and flights through TUI (with luggage and hotel transfer added in) for about £100 cheaper per person and all inclusive, with only major difference it’s from Gatwick. Only had to pay a despot and got until October to pay it off.
  7. wanderer

    Somerset Park

    End of the day these clubs paid Barr to build their stadiums, so hardly a case of he built them for the same of it. Problem is Barr wanted add on’s to the new stadium so it would be self financing (talk was Barr wanted planning for a retail park on same site as stadium which club would own and make money from, which would finance the stadium) and South Ayrshire Council refused planning permission at every turn. Last talk (about 2009ish) was a Hamilton Accies style ground on a site up towards the Prestwick side of the town, but again has gone nowhere.
  8. wanderer

    Russian cities

    Some friends went to the world cup, and the general consensus was Yekaterinburg and Volgograd were the surprise hits of everyone who visited the World Cup (Kazan looked nice also, but a friend from Riga has basically been trying to sell me those two cities since the draw was made).
  9. wanderer


    Regional trains will not be on sale for some time yet.
  10. wanderer


    Booked London - Lille on Monday. Got Glasgow-Luton for penny's when fixtures were announced, so into St Pancras for 9:30 (on the 12:30, so couple of hours to kick around before check in for Eurostar starts.... 45-60mins they say on ticket)
  11. wanderer


    Someone has PM'd the KFF facebook page and they replied saying Astana
  12. wanderer

    Weather - Ball Freezingly Cold

    I have been in Ukraine when it’s been -18C and it’s actually been rather pleasant (felt worse here when it’s been +2C and chill cuts you to the bone), but as Astana is at the foot of the Steppe Mountains, there will be a wind that will make you feel the cold
  13. wanderer


    My hotel in Astana have offered €15 for a airport transfer, which compared to what I have asked in other places I felt was very reasonable (and as I arrive at 3am, saves messing around when I am ready for my bed).
  14. wanderer


    Only doing Kazakhstan, so booked to fly out to Kyiv for a couple of days to visit friends and family, then got Belavia Kyiv-Minsk-Astana return.
  15. wanderer


    They actually do not need to announce it, just inform UEFA where the game will be, who will then sign off on it, so they are still within the rules.