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  1. Quite a few flights up for Tbilisi next November. Unfortunately due to the war in Ukraine, seems to have saw a lot of options from last time no longer being a option, and the prices are through the roof. Also, being November, thats firmly in winter time table for a lot of the routes (The only cheap airline in and out of Georgia lookes to be Wizz, with a Tblisi route from Budapest, but the flight days are useless to this game, and being back home in time for the Norway game) Imagine via Poland or Istanbul will be the popular choices.
  2. To be honest, there is plenty of stadiums in England that you could say are noticeably absent... its clear they will go with two London stadiums (Wembley and Spurs), yet why not list Southampton and give the South of England chance. SFA put forward the stadium they own, simply because of that (knowing we are only getting one stadium like both the Ireland's and Wales. I full expect the final list will be Wembley, Spurs, Aston Villa, Millenniumm, Old Trafford, Everton, Newcastle, Hampden, Aviva and new Belfast stadium.
  3. For the Tournament, only 10 stadiums are required. Dublin has put forward two, but that will be cut to just one. Its probably been agreed between all the fa's that of the 10 stadiums, it will be 6 in England, and one each from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. All nations with the exception of Northern Ireland have the stadiums required in place already (I suspect Croke Park is only there as a fall back should Belfast struggle to get their new stadium started/complete in time).
  4. I think had it been a World Cup bid for 2030 that was taking place, there was probably more of a chance that we would see major money spent on redevelopment at Hampden, but a lot less chance of that now with it downgraded to the Euro's.... and especially one where 90% of the stadiums are ready right now (Everton's is as good as complete.... and work is due to start on Casement Park next year.... only stadium in England that is down for any kind of major face-lift is Villa Park, which is getting a similar upgrade as Anfield, with it done on stand by stand phases over the next 5-6 years).
  5. Even on a successful bid, I really doubt Hampden will get anywhere close to the money that it would take to get the redevelopment works done to it that people expect it will. Its costing Liverpool £80m per stand to do up Anfield to simply add 7,000 extra seats to the stadium capacity. The view will be simply that it met the requirements for Euro 2020 (held in 2021) so what will have changed in 7 years?
  6. £14m GCC have earmarked.... but that will be for minor touch up's. I doubt the SFA will get the money out of a successful bid to be in a position to redevelop the East and West stands (you are probably talking £80-100m for that alone)
  7. UEFA have said only a maximum of two can
  8. So based on that list, upon a successful bid, looks like it will most likely be cut down to, Pot 1 - Wembley and Spurs Pot 2 - Hampden and St James' Pot 3 - Everton and Old Trafford Pot 4 - Aviva and New Belfast Stadium Pot 5 - Cardiff (Millennium) and Villa Park Probably see Cardiff get the opening ceremony, Hampden and Aviva getting a semi-final each, and final at Wembley. Far from ideal, but if it gets anything like the bounce in Glasgow during the last Euro's, all for it.
  9. Take that with the largest pinch of salt.... They list no source, and based on current criteria, Spain have to announce the 10 or so venue they plan to use to UEFA in the next month or two, but they are under no obligation to announce where a specific match will be played for some time yet. For a game that is 11 months away, and Spain under no obligation to announce our venue until around June time, no idea how they can say Gran Canaria is the favorite for the game.
  10. Each UEFA nation is expected to play 10 games in a calendar year if they want to get their full share of the tv money pot (or they would be expected to play a extra game next year to make up for it).... Scotland is currently at 9 games, so rather than try squeeze 11 games into next year, looks like they were simply out for one game in November, and if anything else came along, they would take that.
  11. £14m will be nowhere near enough to make anywhere near the changes at Hampden people expect.... it will be used on improving the area around the stadium, and probably freshening up of a few things inside the stadium, but will not be spent of redevelopment (two new stands at Hampden would probably be closer to £70-80m)
  12. In the past Norway have always been more than generous for us for tickets from what I recall. Something at the back of my mind says that for the Burley game years ago they released more to the SFA pretty late in the day for the game and opened up more sections.
  13. Olso booked via Gdansk and back direct to Edinburgh next morning, and for Cyprus booked a all inclusive break for the family for 5 days in Paphos via Gatwick. Georgia, looks like with Kyiv no longer a mid-point option, having to really look around. Word of warning though, speaking to a few guys I met out there last time, there is redevelopment work to happen at the Dinamo Stadium in Tbilisi, and with it being November (they played Sweden there last November), do not rule out Batumi, which is something you must really take in to account based on how many of the flights out of Tbilisi are at silly o'clock in the morning.
  14. Put up a map of Spain and throw a dart at it, as that is effectively what the Spanish FA will do..... Looking at their recent games, been quite a few games down in Seville and Malaga... would not rule out Alicante again. BUT, they have also played games in Zaragoza, and in A Coruña (which is really out the way on the North-West tip of Spain.
  15. Pot 3 scares me more than Pot 1 does.... Big hope from a travel point of view is that we miss all the obscure ex-Soviet nations east of the Baltic's, as the prices of flights to some of these places is just through the roof! Imagine down to travel costs, and going via Kyiv, Minsk and Russia no longer a option for flying. No idea why, but my gut feeling feels like we are going to get a very Nordic-countries heavy group.... Denmark - Iceland - Faroes (and chuck in Estonia) 😂😂😂
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