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  1. Oop’s, that should read as *one of Celtics all time top scorer’s 😂
  2. After the success of our first Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal “Q&A: Evening with….” event last year with former Scotland captain Colin Hendry, we are delighted to announce our second such event, this time with his former club and international team mate, Kevin Gallacher. The evening will take place on Friday the 12th of March 2021 in Loks Bar and Kitchen in the south side of Glasgow (at Pollok FC’s ground), starting at 19:30 and going all the way through to 01:30. http://www.loksbarandkitchen.co.uk With your MC yet again Hamish Husband, another night of great stories is in stor
  3. Gemmell, Clarke and McInnes were the apparent "final three".... Bilic was never anything more than just paper talk down to someone asking his agent (when Bilic was out of work) if the Scotland job would interest him, but was never a serious consideration.
  4. who exactly is the "deadwood".... based on our recent squad, only players I look at and think "there is no real need for you" is Taylor and O'Donnell (but can understand why out of those two SoD is there) Fleck and McLean had poor games last night, but they are playing at a top level in England (will not count Patterson as he was not in the original squad) Everyone else really is there on some merit to a degree.
  5. True, I think its probably 99% certain that he will be moved back to midfield next month..... probably a case of Clarke wanted to see Jack, Fleck and McLean in action, and out of them Jack was probably the only one that looked any good (but again, that because he has been playing for Rangers of late, and it did show what those few weeks of playing every week can do against not kicking a ball in almost 2 months) but did not feel like he did enough where you think he should be starting the next game (Fleck was probably the biggest disappointment, as we all saw what he was doing last season, but
  6. Yep. My take on it was that he was satisfied enough with Tierney playing in a back 3, that he used the second game to give McTominay a second chance to show what he can do, but use the chance to try Cooper and McKenna together. If we are to take anything from that, IF he goes 3 at the back again next month, it will most likely be Cooper-McKenna-Tierney.... and then a case of getting our midfield to resemble something what we are more used to (clearly his mind is made up on McGinn, Chrsitie and McGregor, but a case who out of Jack, Fleck and McLean joins them.
  7. Gut feeling is Clarke was treating this more as a training camp, rather than two Nations League games (that is the thing that surprised me the most that nobody pulled out for the Czech game, when usually its call off's galore). There is probably a element of the answer to your question within that. Knee jerk reaction to the poor game last night, but I suspect that plan all along with to get as many of the squad playing as possible (from the looks of things, bar the two keepers, I make it that only Gallagher, SoD and Taylor were the only ones that saw zero game time, from a outfield s
  8. Tierney played in the Charity Shield just over a week ago (subbed pretty close to full time), and had played in the FA cup final about 3 weeks earlier (with a game v Milton Keynes in between), as said earlier, of all the players based in England, he has probably seen the most game time of late.
  9. Scotsman were saying about a month ago that his manager in Turkey have said that the SFA have been asking for updates on his form fairly recently, but due to Covid19 its been pretty hard to get the switch actually done.
  10. Agree, but I put that down to just the timing of these games, and the vast majority of our team not kicking a ball competitively since June/July.... so its really a mixture of that, Czech's being no mugs and to a degree Clarke's tactics and subs.
  11. Maybe so, but you had 3 players from Slavia Prague alone, who will have bags of European experience (Slavia regularly make group stages of the Europa/Champions League and also made it to the quarter finals of the Europa League a season or two ago... they even drew away from home with Barcelona and Inter Milan last season) and with almost the full back line of the team playing for the one club, this is not a scrambled together bunch of guys who met each other 10 minutes before the kick off.
  12. Yep, they were nowhere near as ragtag as people were expecting them to be.
  13. 3 players from Slavia Prague playing, who are the current Czech champions, and won 6-0 a week or two ago, so I would say this was a tricky side (maybe we did make them look better to a degree) who would have been on a par with the likes of Lithuania or Macedonia.
  14. Most likely answer is because we have a chance of making the Euro's next year if we beat Israel next month at home (can only assume he was not wanting to give to much away, and if anything Israel will now be questioning will he play 3 at the back again or not now he has done it in 2 games).
  15. Out of all the English based players, Tierney has probably had the most game time over the last month and a half in competitive matches, with the FA cup semi-finals and final last month, and then the Charity Shield last week. I think next month when the likes of Cooper, Robertson, McGinn (especailly him!), Tierney, McTominay, Palmer etc.... all have 3/4 weeks of game time under their belts, it will be more pleasing from a Scotland point of view.
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