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  1. Three separate Scotland managers have called up Ciarney, and each time they basically come out with something along the lines "its criminal he is not capped yet", and then bin him for the very next squad and never heard of again..... Bardsley I am surprised never went on to get more caps.... Ritchie was just never cut out for international football (he had all the pace of a oil tanker, and had he had that aspect of his game in place, would have probably got about 50 England caps),
  2. That is it at its most basic format. We will get something more "tarted" up to make it unique to us.
  3. Imagine Monday or Tuesday next week.
  4. Do not think you can drop Porteous after his performances since getting into the team. Souttar seems to have found form at the right time (maybe to late?) that he could take Hanleys spot.
  5. Only there one night, and got a Airbnb next to the train station as it was half the price of any hotel or hostel within reasonable distance of the city center
  6. Paris Beauvais is another bad one.... years ago me and my wife were due to fly back to Prestwick from there, but the airport has a 11pm curfew, and our 10:45pm flight was late in getting in, so they put us up for two nights in Beauvais. While a nice enough place, after 3 hours we were making our way to the train station in hope we could get a train to ANYWHERE just to save us from climbing the walls (Ryanair told us to keep receipts up to 100 Euro's, and after going for lunch in the sports bar in Beauvais, there was not much left for us to claim after that).
  7. By Ryanair standards, Torp is not even the worst (as the crow flies, its not that far from Oslo, but the road shoots off in the opposite direction because of the shape of the coast line).... Frankfurt Hahn airport is marginally closer to Luxembourg City than it is to Frankfurt, and Dusseldorff Weeze, when you land and turn your phone on, you get a "welcome to the Netherlands" message when on the tarmac, and a "welcome to Germany" message at the terminal building.
  8. Ireland game at Celtic Park, there was a group of Irish boys sitting next to me, and a number of guys were getting stuck in to them that they were taking away tickets from Scotland fans (part of me did go "well played!" when they pulled out SSC cards to show them how they got their tickets 😂)
  9. Skopje was probably the one that opened the eyes for a lot of people that the red carpet treatment is never laid out for us everywhere we go.... There was plenty of warnings beforehand, and a lot of people on here were like "they always say that and it never happens". I was out a walk morning of the match and got chatting to Gordon Smith (his dad and my Grandfather were friends in Kilwinning, so would always get a good chat going when paths crossed) and he told me straight up "tell all your friends with home end tickets to not go in kilts, the police are dead serious!"... and even one or two I met during the rest of the day were still "aye right, we will be there no problem!"
  10. Going by the timetable, you should be on the 07:10 - 08:50 bus (£22 for a single, which when you compare to the Stansted Express in London, is actually not all that bad).... imagine Ryanair, so you will be checked in online, so you will be straight through security upon arrival at the airport (from memory its basically the size of Dundee Airport, certainly no bigger than Prestwick, so I doubt there will be much of a rush when you get there).
  11. Did Torp for the Vogts friendly many years ago... effectively just a shed in the middle of nowhere, but the links were not bad then (I would say Glasgow to Manchester is a bit of a stretch, as it took just under 2 hours from what I recall, so is more like Glasgow to Perth). From what I was told from a Norwegian I knew from Uni, Sandefjord which the airport serves, is a pretty sizable city and you can do the train to Oslo now (but the difference in time is something like minutes, rather than any great savings). Ryanair time the buses for the flights, so there will most certainly be a bus for your flight (chances are it will depart about 4 hours before your departure)
  12. wanderer


    With the game on a national holiday, there may be a chance that they know they will struggle to sell tickets.
  13. Anything under a hour at Schipol, 90% of the time YOU will be fine (and any delay due to the first leg, KLM will put you on the next flight to Oslo).... less than 50% chance your luggage will make it though. I used to fly KLM to Kyiv and there was both a 1 hour and a 2.5 connection, and never missed a flight, but if I was on the 1 hour my luggage 9 times out of 10 never made it to Kyiv and had to go 2 days without luggage some times.
  14. From Facebook CYPRUS v SCOTLAND - GSP NICOSIA - 2145hrs - 8th Sept 2023 GUYS n GIRLS Bookings now being taken for travel to the above match from the following locations and price stated per seat. Please pay by PayPal to Prov3855@aol.com using the FRIEND option to avoid fees. Anyone not using this option will have their funds returned. If you do not have PayPal please message me for Bank of Scotland details. Again all profits over and above the cost of the buses, bank transfer fees, currency fluctuations and possible fuel rises, will go to The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal. Departure points and timings will be released nearer the time once I have liaised with the Cypriot Police. Buses from Protaras/ Ayia Napa maybe merged depending on numbers booking. Approximate travel times are shown after prices per seat. Protaras £14 - 75mins Ayia Napa £14 - 75mins Larnaca £12 - 45mins Limassol £14 - 60mins Paphos £16 - 120mins Once again, thank you for your support
  15. School holidays added in on top of the game, so prices were always going to be crazy to anywhere in the south of Spain from Scotland.
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