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  1. Booked on the Sports Options flight also, simply because it was cheaper and a smaller deposit (though seen something that Wonkey Sheep have dropped their deposit price to £100 now)
  2. There is actually some half decent deals if you look around mainland Europe (you can get a return to Chisinau from Warsaw for £60). I am booked to fly in to Odesa from London (via Kyiv for £70) and got back via Bucharest (with local airline and used Avios points to get British Airlines flight to Glasgow via Heathrow).
  3. I think that's something that they played on for years, and it was more a case of Roper stood aside to concentrate more on Rab C Nesbitt as it grow in popularity in the 90's, as I think he preferred the stage shows and radio format more than the tv format.
  4. Good to see some of the classic's, though not enough were shown and to much filler inbetween (looks like it tried to be like the Off the Ball Documentary). Actually, the 2020 sketches ("Scotland will play Israel" and Chicks "I always dress like this for Celtic Park") were best in years. Shame Tony Roper and the early stuff were painted over (while Ropers impressions were not as good, I think that was the whole point... his Gerry McNee and Ally McLeod impressions were not bad back in the day)
  5. Why is there a onion partly hidden in the towel she is cleaning her eyes with? 😂
  6. Believe the SFA have been aware that he is eligible for some time, but never seems to gather any pace any stories about a call up.
  7. My grans cousin. Every time his name appeared in press/Killie website would ask me to get a cutting (she was really proud when he got his MBE) and yesterday send her a few photos that Killie had put on their social media feeds. When went to Killie v Aberdeen games would have my dad or gran tell me when setting of the bus “stick your head through the door and Uncle Davie will give you some comps for the match”. Worked beside his grandson for a while.
  8. Anywhere near or close to the Innere Stadt/Museum Quarter. public transport system is so good that you can just about stay anywhere and close to the action. Some of the better bars are in the Neubau area of the city.
  9. He has hit a bit of form of late.... As said, England will most likely call him up in March (so even if we approach him now, he will probably say no and wait and see if his phone rings in March) as I said, what England do with him after that is up to them. I think after being asked 3 times, ball is in his court to approach us and let Clarke consider it then.
  10. 3rd?.... this would be 4th time. Malky MacKay asked him originally, Eck then spoke with him after he got the job (same time he got Scott McT to switch), and Clarke has apparently already spoken with him and got the same answer as before. I fully expect England will call him up in March, and what they do with him after that will be up to them.
  11. The Danish version of ATAC have started a petition to make this happen, its not the view of the Danish FA, so unless it really starts to gain some momentum at a political/government level, I doubt it will be followed through.
  12. wanderer


    Got two.... one is a English guy who runs a Austrian football blog. other is a former footballers who played for Falkirk and St Mirren in the 90’s, who a mate that supports Falkirk introduced me to on way back from Macedonia last time and took us on a pub crawl of Vienna with his mate who it turned out was the 3rd choice goalkeeper for the Austria national team at the 1998 world cups, and spent all night showing us his gnarly looking deformed fingers that were a result of a lifetime of being a goalkeeper 😂😂😂 Not contacted either, but imagine it’s most likely Vienna, but they have pla
  13. They have only just started doing Scotland games (I think the play off's were suppose to be their first outing, but never happened). Mate who follows Northern Ireland has used them for years (basically they offer direct travel from Belfast, which suits them perfectly) and Welsh fans seem to use them in large numbers, so imagine they are doing something right.
  14. Check out Glory Football Magazine (which explores football off the beaten track) and their edition of the Fareo Islands for a good sampler.
  15. That sounds like the infamous Hotel National, which when booking last night I did take a look to see if it was still on the go.
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