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  1. If McBurnie makes the flight and does not pull out, I fully expect him to start in Cyprus. I also suspect that Frasers position will be taken up by the returning Burke, and Armstrong may have to make do with a place on the bench. Think SoD will start at RB and Palmer moved across to LB (Sheff Wed have played him in that position quite a bit this season).
  2. That is between Robertson and the SFA doctors who probably assessed him this morning. Given he is a athlete, and will probably getting some of the best treatment money can buy from Liverpool, just short of two weeks recovery time is not outside the realm of possibility I would say.
  3. Only one I would really question is Fraser, rest I would take a legit. As said above, Liverpool are saying both Robbo and Salah are doubts for their game v Palace with ankle knocks, Cooper went off with a torn groin muscle at the weekend, and McT had to be taken off on a stretcher, so I would give all three the benefit of the doubt
  4. Given he has the best part of almost 2 weeks to recover, I would say chances are pretty high.....
  5. Suspect SoD will probably be slotted back into RB and Palmer switched to his club position of LB for these games.
  6. Robertson out with a ankle injury, and reports in Liverpool are saying he is a doubt for Liverpool's game v Palace a week on Saturday.
  7. No huge loss, as I always thought his lack of pace really hindered him at international football, but his dead ball ability and how he was able to create something from absolutely nothing is arguably the best I have seen since Faddy.
  8. Talksport saying Frazer is in advanced talks with Liverpool over a January move.
  9. Did he not save 2 v Celtic in the Regi Blinker game for Aberdeen?
  10. Liam Cooper just pulled out, which is a shame as you would have expected him and McKenna to start both games.
  11. Jed Steer looked all set for a cap at the end of last season, but Villa went and rewarded his good form that got them back into the Premier League by relegating him to 2nd choice keeper after they signed Tom Heaton for £8m, so he looks to be not getting a cap any time soon. Maxwell at Hibs just seemed to be Daily Record gossip column stuff and never went anywhere after that. Todd Kane the Record seemed to imply was a shoo-in for this squad after agreeing to switch, but since that QPR seem to be leaking in goals and a lot of their fans are putting the blame on him. Caulker seems to be warming the bench now after it looked like he was all set for a call up, but Clarke did say that these games might be to tight for the paper work to go through in time, so this one we might still see a outcome on later on (talk Bristol City want to sign him next transfer window). Gallagher, Barnes, Adams and Grant look to be non-options for the time being (Sam Gallagher is certainly no better than any striker options we have available at the moment), but we will most likely see Barnes and Adams name popping up now and again until England cap them and completely close that door (though I think Adams has been found out a little bit that the Championship is his level, and I do not think he has the pace for international football)
  12. wanderer

    New jerseys?

    It looks like a cross between the 86 kit, but with the 1998 kit more in mind. Red cuffs make it look like you are wearing a Aberdeen or Wales shirt under it which has longer sleeves than the Scotland shirt. Have to say I am quite warming to it now when I compare it to the other leaked photos of it which show it in a better light.
  13. wanderer

    New jerseys?

    Looks like a fake take on the 1998 World Cup shirt you get in a tartan tat shop on the royal mile
  14. As you were basically.... Steven Naismith only one that raises a eyebrow really
  15. Does not sound like any shock inclusions, with press saying Kelly and McKenna the only real recalls. Interestingly, since last set of games everything has went quiet on Caulker (who has found himself on the bench in recent weeks, and talk of a January transfer to Bristol City) and Todd Kane getting the brunt for QPR's leaking goals of late (after press said he was a shoo-in for the next squad after talks with Clarke)
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