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  1. Last chance salon Tearing my hair out as nobody has offered me a Cat 3 ticket at face value for tonight. If no one takes up this incredible offer soon It will have to be the parting of the waves. Now that Billy is not playing someone will stay at home to watch on TV. Am not SSC member so can only accept UEFA or hangers on ticket Permission to panic but still staying cool. Thanks John
  2. I am still looking for a Cat 3 ticket for the Croatia game. Also the same for the knock out game at Hampden. Anyone able to help please Thanks John
  3. Any one have contact details for the Gilmour family. It might just be my last chance to get that Cat 3 ticket for tomorrow night. Good news from Scotrail as they are renaming their station in Paisley. It will now be known as Gilmour Streets Ahead. Yours Still ticketless
  4. Looking for one Cat 3 ticket for Croatia Scotland on Tuesday Thanks John
  5. Looking to buy a Cat 3 ticket for Scotland Croatia game on Tuesday. Anyone got a spare Thanks John
  6. Mornin. Yea feeling just as bad as you. I have three Cat 3 tickets for the game at Hampden on Friday. Willing to split if necessary. Thanks John
  7. I was at the last 3 EUROS and did not see Scotland lose any games at all!! I think this qualifies me as a lucky mascot so if any one out there has a spare Cat 3 ticket for the game on Monday please keep me in mind. I live only 40 minutes from Hampden so last minute is no problem. Yours in hope Ticketless John
  8. Are these tickets on UEFA site for general public or for supporters club only Thanks
  9. Still looking for one Cat 3 ticket for any game at Hampden including Croatia against Czech. Stay cool John
  10. Are all SSC tickets sold out for all Hampden group games including Croatia Czech. Is the last 16 round sold out. Thanks still ticketless John Stay cool
  11. My name is Hogg so if anyone deserves a ticket it is me.! Sent my ticket for all 4 Hampden games back to UEFA. Maybe I am an ass rather than a hog. Still ticketless stay cool
  12. Hi Can not do swap as I sent all 4 Hampden games back to UEFA. If you do not get a swap I would buy one for any game provided it is Cat 3. All the best John
  13. Sent all my tickets back earlier this year so am looking for any Cat 3 ticket available for any game. Hampden/Wembley including knock out games. Long shot I know but ever hope full.Hope someone can help Thanks John
  14. Did you have tickets cancelled. If so was it SSC tickets or UEFA tickets.


    I am looking for one CAT 3 ticket for any Hampden/ Wembley game. Can you buy and transfer to me.





    1. GaryWood34


      Hi John,

      Unfortunately I dont think it would allow any transfers as It would be one ticket bought. I believe that transfers were only able to be done when more than one ticket was bought. Which is when I had two for Croatia I was able to transfer 1 as one was in my name.

      I only got tickets through ballots by Uefa. 


      Hope you get it all sorted and manage to get a ticket though!



    2. hoggeddie


      I understand what you mean although if they are telling you that tickets are on sale tomorrow if you bought you would then have 2 and not one. That would possibly make it easier to transfer.

      Any way thanks. It is my own fault as I sent back tickets to UEFA for all 4 games at Hampden.








  15. Updated ticket news on UEFA web site now for general public sale
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