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  1. HI Is the ticket still for sale and how much is it. Thanks John
  2. Looking for one senior ticket for tonight. Any spare Thanks John
  3. Howsaboutye If it is a concession for East/West count me in. Will be back on line at 4 o’clock Thanks John
  4. If  anyone has a new friend from Ukraine the FA site en.uaf.ca in theory still has tickets. You need to be certified (maybe most TAM are !!!). The process is explained and it eventually takes you toticketsbox.com. All in English.

    Best of luck


    P.S. I am still looking for one concession ticket for East/West stand





  5. Still looking for one ticket for Ukraine play off game on Wednesday. Would prefer concession ticket for either end. No sob story just forgot on the day they went on sale. Not TAM. Thanks John
  6. Is there still a West Stand ticket available. Looking for a concession ticket for West or East Thanks
  7. What tickets are you trying to return. Is it the World Cup play off game against Ukraine Thanks
  8. Hi all Selling one concession ticket for West Stand for £5. Scotland Denmark Thanks John
  9. Hi Just got one Over 65 for sale Thanks John
  10. Orraloon Old Fashioned paper tickets were available under certain conditions for all EURO 2020 games. I had three of them and used them at Hampden and then they were lost in post. Still looking and hoping to source one or more games to help the guy who collects them Thanks John
  11. Hi May have one concession ticket available for West Stand for Israel game. Any one interested please PM Thanks
  12. Hi Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Thanks for your input but the guy is only interested in tickets that were used on the day and as already indicated not replica/souvenir. Anyway I have not sourced yet and still hoping a mint condition set might turn up Thanks John
  13. Hi I sent 3 paper tickets from matches at EURO 2020 to fellow collector but they were lost in the post. Has anyone out there got a ticket available for the following games. Scotland against Czech Republic , Croatia against Czech Republic and Sweden against Ukraine. He is not interested in souvenir/replica tickets just good quality original tickets. Any help would be welcome as it is now 2 months since I posted them to him. Thanks John
  14. Anyone got a spare Croatia Czech Republic hard copy ticket to give away/ sell for my collection. Thanks John
  15. Hi Any one got a spare Cat 3 ticket spare for either semi at Wembley. Would appreciate quick response as need to book travel. John
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