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  1. Callum McGregor and James Forrest are very weak? We still have Kieran Tierney to come back, John McGinn is a decent player who will only get better, particularly if Villa get promoted and we have guys like Armstrong, Fletcher and Russell who are playing at a decent level. We have the nucleus of a decent team but we need to get a settled central defence and someone who can score goals for us regularly. If Clarke can do that then we’ll do OK under him. None of the guys I’ve mentioned above are world beaters but none of them are ‘very weak’.
  2. I understand why some people are a bit nervous about Cooper but I don’t think he’s any worse than what we’ve had in central defence recently. Our whole defence makes me nervous. I’d rather Cooper was selected than going back to the likes of Berra.
  3. I would imagine the squad will meet up a week on Monday so whatever the players do between now and then is up to them (except Robertson and McGinn obviously). You’d hope they’d be professional enough not to over indulge in booze etc. but I wouldn’t put anything past a professional footballer.
  4. Presumably he means after the Scotland games.
  5. It’s the catastrophic mistakes that get remembered and he’s prone to a few. Those stats look pretty good though. I won’t have a problem if he’s selected but I’m not sure if he’s the answer to our defensive problems. We are not exactly bursting at the seams with quality central defenders though so let’s see what he can do.
  6. It’s to do with the fact that Asian people were considered inferior to westerners so mocking the way they speak is offensive. Its similar to why blackface is wrong but a black person wearing white makeup isn’t. This isn’t really the forum for this discussion though. Feel free to do some research if you want to find out more.
  7. You speak for over a billion people now? I wasn’t really being serious in all honesty but I do like taking the piss out of casual racists.
  8. You shouldn’t be in the squad unless you’re ready to play. I don’t have a problem with young players being picked but they need to be ready to play. What if we get a lot of injuries in the Cyprus game and have to field a few rookies against Belgium? We’ll get torn a new arse.
  9. It’s actually pretty easy. What makes you think I’m not Chinese?
  10. Blasphemy as well? Want to go for a treble and start slagging women’s fitba or something?😂
  11. It wouldn’t be a Saturday night on the TAMB without a bit of casual racism.
  12. If it was just that match I wouldn’t be too concerned. Everyone has a bad game now and again. He does have a bit of a reputation of being a bombscare though.
  13. Poor performance from Johnston today. About the same as any other time I’ve watched him. I don’t doubt he can do much better but I doubt he impressed Steve Clarke today.
  14. That’s why I assume he must be a decent player. I still haven’t seen much evidence of it though. Not that I watch a lot of Leeds matches right enough. I’ll reserve proper judgement until I see him play for Scotland if he’s selected.
  15. Cooper worries me. I’m sure he must be a decent player but I don’t think I have ever seen him have a good game. He always seems to throw a clanger in which costs his team a goal.
  16. 😂😂😂 As was I. Do you not recognise humour if there isn’t a wee emoji to go with it?
  17. Some folk on here will still be suspicious that he’s missing our games in June.
  18. I’d be surprised if he’s not in the squad. I haven’t seen a lot of him but Clarke obviously rates him.
  19. I find it hilarious, but not surprising, that you question my use of exaggeration and then exaggerate wildly in your next sentence. Anyway, it’s irrelevant what we all think. We’ll find out next week whether Johnston is in the squad or not.
  20. You’re right. I could win the lottery tonight as well. It’s not really Clarke’s job to develop Johnston’s career though. It’s Celtic’s job to do that. Clarke’s job is to get us to Euro 2020. If he’s good enough to be called up then he’ll make it eventually. It’s up to him to take his chance at Celtic and show Clarke how good he is and that he deserves a place in the squad. He hasn’t done that yet in my opinion.
  21. Has he played against Kilmarnock this season? Did he play well? I think the only way he’ll get into this squad is if the answer to both of these questions is yes. Unless he plays in the cup final today of course. A good showing this afternoon and he might catch Clarke’s eye. Clarke is likely to pick established, first team players for his first squad I think.
  22. It could also make them feel that they’ve made it when they haven’t and stifle their development. The unders teams are for development.
  23. Well I don’t. Capping every Englishmen with a Welsh granny at 17 to trap them is a dick move in my opinion.
  24. I really don’t care what Wales do.
  25. Unless there was only a couple of hundred left and they sold them after that tweet? Either that or we’ve had to send unsold tickets back to Belgium? I’d be surprised if we couldn’t sell out 4,200 tickets for this game. I know home support has dwindled and our campaign got off to the worst possible start but half the guys you see on away trips are there for the swally and don’t seem to care about the football that much.
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