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  1. Or Gerrard might take Patterson with him? It’s all conjecture anyway until Gerrard actually leaves Rangers.
  2. Aye it’s a certainty there will be a flurry of suspensions for the final group games for teams that have already secured second place. There’s money to be made.
  3. Didn’t we have a big discussion about that the other day? But yeah it is a big concern. It would probably be better if some of them were booked against Moldova and missed the Denmark game (as long as we beat Moldova). That would probably end any hopes we have of getting something against Denmark though. We’ll just need to hope for the best.
  4. Maybe Scotland will surprise us and win the game comfortably? We can only hope.
  5. Not if those 3 points were taken from Denmark. We’d have 17 points in the second place table. Unless Moldova pump us 5-0 or something and overtake the Faroes.
  6. I wasn’t talking about my mates. I meant professional footballers that were born in Paisley or have parents/grandparents from there. I bet there’s quite a few in the SPFL and even further afield.
  7. We can’t get Russia as we are both in pot 2 in League B. Crazy really when you consider how they battered us a couple of years ago.
  8. How were we last to qualify for the Euros? Other than the fact that our game went to penalties? We were ranked higher than at least North Macedonia at the time. I personally don’t think we will qualify for the World Cup but a lot will depend on the luck of the draw. If we are seeded and get lucky in the draw with a potential final at Hampden and avoid one of the big guns then we do have a chance. Let’s just hope we do the business and beat Moldova next month.
  9. We could easily be in pot 2 for the next Euro qualifiers if we have a decent Nations League next year which would (theoretically at least) make us one of the two favourites in the group to qualify automatically. Dare we dream of qualifying for 3 tournaments in a row after 23 years of pain? I need to stop getting ahead of myself. 😂
  10. I could probably gather together 11 guys from Paisley that would give them a good game.
  11. Not really. We are traditionally pretty good at playing on the counter attack and frustrating teams that are better than us. I’m not sure the Faroes could teach us anything new about something we’ve been doing for years. We pretty much did to France, Netherlands, Germany etc. what the Faroes tried to do to us last night. They didn’t get anything out of the game though even though we were well below our best.
  12. To be fair that sounds pretty good compared to our last 8 qualifying campaigns.
  13. Compared to the top teams I mean. Our defence is brilliant compared to Moldova’s for example. Our midfield didn’t look very strong last night.
  14. I’ve met him as well and he did come across as a bit of a fanny. Hard to judge someone on one meeting though to be fair to the guy. I dare say he knows a lot about football and he was a indeed a good player but you need more than that to be a good manager. You need to be able to manage people for a start and I just don’t think he has those skills. There’s a reason his managerial career stalled and then died on its arse.
  15. All of our areas are an area of weakness apart from left back and Clarke chooses to play without one of those.
  16. I’m sure O’Donnell has a few assists for Scotland over the last couple of years. The way some people go on you’d think he was like Leon Balogun playing as a RB at Rangers where he barely gets forward at all. I think Patterson is just a better player than O’Donnell in general and is definitely better at getting past players and can probably cross the ball better as well. Put it this way - as long as Patterson’s club career progresses he will be our number one RB/RWB very shortly (if he isn’t already) and he will be for the next few years.
  17. Nisbet and/or Adams will play up front against Moldova. That’s why they are in the squad. Fraser can also play as a striker. God knows what Clarke will do if one or both of Nisbet and Adams don’t make the squad due to injury or Covid etc. I would imagine Shankland would be in ahead of Griffiths or McBurnie. I doubt Griffiths will play for Scotland again and he certainly won’t be selected while he’s still under police investigation.
  18. I thought Fraser actually had a decent second half last night. A good few decent crosses and got himself into dangerous positions a couple of time. The less said about his first half the better. I certainly wouldn’t fancy him as a wing back against better opposition.
  19. Aye he does score free kicks but not with such regularity that he would probably have scored the one last night. Even Beckham would have struggled with that one. Too far out and too central. I wouldn’t be against Turnbull starting in Moldova btw. My comment was about that free kick alone and not what I think of Turnbull. I have absolutely no idea why McTominay takes our dangerous free kicks. He’s not exactly good at them. And don’t call me Percy. 😂
  20. The Faroes aren’t any worse than Georgia these days and are better than Kazakhstan so it wouldn’t really have been our worst result ever. Remember what happened the last time we played in Kazakhstan? The Faroes are a pot 5 team at the moment so they are nowhere near as bad as they used to be. I would also disagree that we were clinging on. The Faroes got nowhere near our goal after we scored. Not that I’m saying it was a good performance by us by any means but I think a bit of perspective is needed. In the cold light of day, looking back at the game we weren’t that bad in the second half and we should have scored at least 3. If we had won that game 0-3 then the awful first half would be easier to forget.
  21. I think you are seriously overestimating Turnbull’s dead ball skills here. He may well have scored but “probably” is a wild exaggeration.
  22. 😂 true but Moldova really are genuine minnows. I know we struggled to kill them off last month but I’m feeling confident that we’ll have a more comfortable evening against them than we did tonight. I have absolutely no idea why I think that to be fair. I also thought we’d beat Israel comfortably so am 100% not to be listened to.
  23. I thought Gilmour was actually pretty good going forward in the second half. He contributed to the goal and should have grabbed one himself. He gave the ball away needlessly 2 or 3 times though which could have led to a Faroes goal. McTominay bailed him out on one of the occasions. If he does that against better opposition we will get punished. Yeah the defence was pretty solid in the second half with the exception of a bad decision by Robertson. Hanley’s clearance was a standout.
  24. Yeah losing Dykes is a blow but I’m sure if Nisbet and Adams get some decent service they’ll bag a goal or two between them.
  25. Hopefully you’re right but we were slow and lethargic in the first half on Saturday as well. We never seem to play anywhere near our best until the second half these days. I think Moldova will be easier. We knew the Faroes game was a must win game but we also knew nothing would be decided tonight. The Moldova game is a proper cup final sort of game which will result in us getting a playoff via our qualifying group for the first time in 18 years. I fancy us to win by 2 or 3 goals.
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