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  1. The TAMB appears to be Donald Ducked. I keep getting replies that are meant for someone else.
  2. He’s a striker who plays in the EPL and would’ve been in the last squad if not for injury so I’d be pretty surprised if he doesn’t make this one. A lot will depend on whether Griffiths comes back in or not I suppose.
  3. We don’t need to beat Russia twice to stand a chance although it would certainly help. If we take 4 points off Russia and win the rest of our games (excluding Belgium) then that would be enough for second place, assuming Belgium beat Russia (which is not a certainty as Belgium may have won the group by the time they play Russia again). We are probably more likely to drop points the Russia to be fair so you may well be right in saying 4 points from Russia might not be enough but it certainly gives us a chance.
  4. It wasn't but I would still class it as a decent result (sadly). I reckon there is no chance of a win against Belgium but we could scrape a draw if things go our way. We could also get pumped 0-3. I would take a draw against Belgium right now but I want a win against Russia. Anything less than 3 points against them means our campaign is over at the half way point. Anything we get against Belgium would be a huge bonus.
  5. He’s in the U21 squad so he’s unlikely to be in the full squad for Russia and Belgium. Not impossible for him to get called up if there are withdrawals but I would say it’s unlikely at the moment.
  6. I like how you’re not counting England as one of the bigger teams but they were top seeds in our group and World Cup semi finalists last year so they probably meet the criteria.
  7. His immediate fate at Rangers was sealed the day Gerrard signed Glen Kamara. McCrorie is a good player and has played lots of games for Rangers but Gerard prefers Kamara to him so if he wanted regular first team football he had to leave. Gerrard said as much in an interview last week. If I was McCrorie I would have preferred a permanent move but maybe nobody came in for him. Or maybe he still thinks he has a future at Ibrox. Either way he’s not ready for a call up to the Scotland squad but he could be an important player for us in future if he manages his career properly. Sitting on the bench at Ibrox or playing in League One in England isn’t exactly fantastic at this stage of his career.
  8. It was definitely offside. Whether someone being a few inches offside should prevent a goal is another argument but under the current rules they were correct to disallow it.
  9. What’s your source for this? Everything I’ve read about it states the minimum number of tickets available for associations will be at least 17% (depending on the stadium). The 17% figure is for St Petersburg so all other grounds should be a bit higher. This would mean the SFA should have at least 4,500 tickets at least to sell to SSC members which would mean anyone with around 7 points should get a ticket. The actual figure might be somewhere between my estimate and yours but I can’t see it being as low as what you have suggested.
  10. Here’s a word of advice that was passed down to me from my dad about 35 years ago: Never believe anything you read in The Sun. This advice has served me well over the years. There may be some truth in the rumour but I won’t believe it until it has been reported by a reliable source. I can believe that Man U or a similar sized club might be interested in McGinn though. He went to Villa and pretty much became their best player overnight and made a huge contribution to their promotion. He will need to cut out the silly mistakes if he wants to make it at a top team though. As for £50 million, I can almost guarantee that figure has been bandied about by McGinn’s agent. Either that or The Sun has made it up.
  11. I would agree with you if it wasn’t for the fact that VAR was used (more successfully) at the men’s World Cup last year and has been used in many leagues in Europe this year as well as European competitions. Surely they’ve ironed out the main wrinkles by now? They might have been trying to push the boundaries in this tournament to see how far they can go. If that is the case then they should hopefully now realise that the referee should be in charge of the majority of decisions and VAR should only get involved in offsides, penalties and whether the ball has crossed the goal line or not. The VAR decision that put Scotland out was a shambles and I’m not just saying that because it was Scotland.
  12. I haven’t seen that much of this tournament but VAR seems to be the main talking point, far more than controversial decisions at tournaments pre VAR. It’s ruining the game for me and needs to be refined or binned. Goal line technology is needed but the rest can GTF as far as I’m concerned. Referees or linesman missing the odd offside or penalty was not ruining the game. VAR is.
  13. What’s the point in mentioning the Burnley v Olympiacos score? Olympiacos finished second in the Greek league and Burnley were 15th or 16th in the EPL last season. I’m sure Olympiacos would have pumped a team that finished near the bottom of the French or Italian leagues last year. You’re picking and choosing results that suit your argument. It’s a well known fact that top European sides (including top English teams) don’t normally take the Europa League seriously until around the quarter finals and tend to play younger players to give them European experience. Why would you argue against that? Everybody knows it. The EPL is a similar standard as the Italian, Spanish and German leagues and is better than the French League. Most sane people with a good knowledge of football can see that. If you disagree that’s fine but why use one season’s worth of Europa League results (a tournament that featured 2 English teams in the final) as evidence of how poor the EPL is? Keep up the good work Chripper.
  14. Fair point but we actually lost our last game 3-0. Burke's header against Cyprus also missed the target although it was a decent follow up. I think he's a decent player who just needs to get his attitude right. There's something not right about him and I just can't put my finger on it (and neither can the coaches/managers he has worked under who obviously saw potential in him or they wouldn't have bought him).
  15. They'll be resident at a refurbished lesser Hampden which is a ground more befitting their stature in the game. An amateur club with an average attendance of 600 who play in league 2 have absolutely no need for a 52,000 capacity stadium. Not that I had a problem with them playing there as they did technically own the stadium but they'll probably get on better at lesser Hampden anyway as their home matches will no longer feel like they're playing on the moon.
  16. I understand that but I don't agree. I wouldn't say the bottom 10 clubs in France are any better than the bottom 10 clubs in the EPL. I'm not saying there's a huge gulf between the two leagues but when you factor in the top teams (which you should when determining the standard of a league) then the EPL is better. I would rather a Scottish player played in a league that had 6 big teams to test him self against (or 5 other ones if he goes to a top team) than 1 big team.
  17. I won’t argue about the Italian and Spanish leagues but the French League is pretty poor outwith PSG, Marseille and Lyon etc and only PSG could compete with the top 4 in England. The Bundesliga is better than the French League in my opinion. If Arsenal are willing to offer £18m then I’m sure they could stretch to £25m of they really want Tierney. I’m sure Celtic would let him go for that but as you say does Tierney want to leave Celtic? Difficult to say.
  18. The French League is certainly not better than the English league and the Italian and Spanish leagues are of a similar standard to the English premier, regardless of what has happened in the Europa League in recent seasons. I think a move to any of the top European leagues would be good for Tierney as long as he can break into whichever team he moves to (which I’m sure he would).
  19. The exact same thing can be said about the two leagues you’ve mentioned. In fact, Spain is arguably worse in that they only have 4 massive teams with the rest being mediocre to pish. Italy isn’t much better. England would be a great move for Tierney as long as it’s one of the top teams he goes to.
  20. Probably but UEFA wouldn’t want empty stadiums for the 4 playoff finals.
  21. Robertson is certainly our best LB at the moment but who’s to say Tierney won’t go down to London and do what Robertson has done? In all honestly Robertson doesn’t exactly play for Scotland the way he does for Liverpool so if Tierney is a success at Arsenal (even without Fraser being there) then Clarke will have a major headache anyway. With any luck Tierney will end up as a centre half or RB at Arsenal but I have a feeling we’re not that lucky.
  22. Every single time I get into a conversation with Bonny. Don’t know why I bother.
  23. Why would that be a conundrum for Clarke?
  24. Are you on the wind up as per usual? We will play England regardless of how we qualify. As long as England also qualify of course.
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