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  1. Shit happens. He was good for us, always the chance you take with loans.
  2. Squirrelhumper

    Jack Harper

    if you ever hear his parents speak they are as broad a Scottish accent as you'll get haha
  3. Squirrelhumper

    Childhood heroes

    Played in a golf day with Big D, Park Clarke, Jimmy Clark, John Bourke etc in the summer, great day!
  4. Squirrelhumper

    Scottish player transfers

    He was released by Aberdeen. Comes from Knockintiber next to Killie. Went to Grange Academy I'm sure.
  5. No way they'll exaggerate the crowd when the gate is split.
  6. Squirrelhumper

    Scottish player transfers

    Cummings is one of the most vastly overrated players to come out Scottish football in a long time.
  7. Squirrelhumper

    Thanks Andy

    Aye, pubs were bouncing during that game. I watched the final in a hotel at Stansted on my way from Macedonia to Iceland!
  8. Fucking no chance, I doubt we're even on their radar. From speaking to folk at Killie, he's been recalled solely to get more money out us (or another club) for the remaining 5 months. Still wouldn't be surprised if he's back at RP.
  9. ....Scotlands oldest professional football club was formed. Big night at RP tonight, really looking forwardt to it. Could be a big year in more ways than one.....
  10. He was playing amateur when we he was about 17/18 after getting released from a few clubs then eventually signing for Cowdenbeath.
  11. You said first time around, which would insinuate the duration of his stay at Aberdeen, which isn't true. If he was unfit for the full stay I'd be looking towards the management/fitness folk, as he's been nothing but a total pro at Killie, despite not really having a pre season.
  12. Squirrelhumper

    Scottish player transfers

  13. Squirrelhumper

    Karamoko Dembele

    His parents are both from Ivory Coast though, he lives here, doesn't mean he has to feel Scottish. My mates kids were born in the States, both their parents went to School with me and are Scottish. The kids say they are Scottish as all their family are.
  14. Squirrelhumper

    Scottish player transfers

    Both are massive clubs compared to Bournemouth. Once they get relegated they'll be another Wigan or Blackpool
  15. Killie vs Forfar this weekend. Actually know more Forfar fans than I know Ayr fans so looking forward to it.
  16. Squirrelhumper

    Thanks Andy

    He's putting up a hell of a fight just now in Oz. Atmosphere is unreal.
  17. Squirrelhumper

    Sir Andrew Barron Murray

    He's putting up a hell of a fight just now in Oz.
  18. Surely he wasn't unfit by the end of the loan though? Being unfit certainly doesn't fit the Clarke ethos either, however he seems to get he best out of players. Would be surprised if he goes back to Aberdeen but you never know.
  19. Would he? I've never heard him say that?
  20. Think your manager might be an issue there.
  21. Would be strange if he went there given Mcinnes inability to get a role to suit him last time.
  22. Squirrelhumper

    Scottish player transfers

    It's usually just miss in January for Brenda!
  23. Squirrelhumper

    Scottish player transfers

    I wouldn't get too cocky given the signings you guys have made this January! Guy that can't get a game for WBA, a 18 year old with 20 senior games under his belt, an unknown that has played 50 games in Tunisa/Slovkia and a kid from a college team! Gaulds CV holds up not too badly against that. At least we know he can perform in the SPFL.
  24. Squirrelhumper

    Karamoko Dembele

    Never said they could. I'm not fussed either way if he plays for us. Certainly won't lose sleep over it.