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  1. I'd say that's more or less my experience but I grew up during 9IAR and Celtic were shite.
  2. Agreed - no issues with folk supporting Celtic or Rangers. It's their choice after all but it's always good when they understand the perspective of other fans. I mean, how dare Killie celebrating a win against Rangers last week, who've a budget 10x ours and who's fans spent last season singing about our manager being a fenian bastard! I really can't understand why they can't understand why we'd find them fucking up the league last midweek as being funny!
  3. That's their level now. They have a brilliant obsession with us just now, Clarke really rattled them. Was some cunt on daily record phone in gloating that we lost to Aberdeen as we had the cheek to celebrate winning against Rangers last week! I take it Rangers won the Europa league going by the celebrations last night?
  4. Good results for both Old Firm sides. Can't see Rangers going through though as don't think Braga will make the same mistake twice over there.
  5. They sell them for Cup Finals etc
  6. Aye, the missus has been a few times with work so we know the drill with driving! We've got a helicopter ride over table mountain then to Robin Island but I want to climb Table Mountain too if we have time.
  7. Was 100 of us in there on two buses the other week with no issues. Not many colours on display though.
  8. Brophy had 3 cracking chances not shown! Erm, flying into Jo'Burg and one night there then getting Blue Train from Pretoria to Cape Town which I'm absolutely buzzing about as it looks unreal. Three nights at Cape Grace in CT then on Safari/Winelands for 10 days. Golfing at the Links at Fancourt as staying there a few days then got 2 nights at Grootbos Nature Reserve, Two Nights at Pumba Game Reserve and 2 nights at Lalibela Game Reserve. Cannae wait. Won't be doing that kinda holiday every often!
  9. Ha, I woke up this morning wishing it was a bad dream! Cheers, will do!
  10. We don't seem to sell front three rows directly behind the goals anymore due to those boards. Think if/when they do they are classed as restricted view. I don't event think they sold them for the England game.
  11. Fuck me, she wasn't in France. In the case of most countries in the world, she was perfectly legal to be in a relationship and not a paedophile. She was in the UK at the time, therefore legal. The law is there for a reason. Not for folk to ignore and give us their "moral age of consent" nonsense. At the end of the day, in the eyes of the law she'd done nothing wrong. Whether folk like or not means fuck all. If the two consenting people want to be in a relationship, then nobody else's opinion matters.
  12. I used to think DD was a decent poster but he's had a mare the past few weeks.
  13. There was defo a few Aberdeen fans that left when we went 3-2- up.
  14. You wouldn't have got me off a 17 year old Britney Spears for my Christmas dinner.
  15. When you see the behaviour on some of the away trips, it's not a surprise. It's as if mummy and daddy never gave them any freedom as a kid and now they are the overgrown man children that are finally getting to go on holiday with their mates! You know the guys at school that weren't allowed to the pub until they were 18 then went daft on the bevy.
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