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  1. This is my issue with this, Aberdeen fans are easy targets but don't understand Aberdeen (and other non OF fans) trying to laugh it off.
  2. It definitely isn't. You only need to visit Tyencastle to see that.
  3. Oooft, that;s old firm levels of whataboutery. Well played.
  4. Exactly. Other fans can't moan at the old firm then come out with shite like this.
  5. Nah, I don't think calling anyone an Orange Bastard or Fenian Bastard is on. Aberdeen fans obviously think that's fine, batter in.
  6. I'd be amazed if Rangers got more than £10m for Morelos and even then, £10m is the very most. I'd say £6-8m is realistic.
  7. Bang on. No wonder fewer fans can be fucked.
  8. Hope Fletcher never plays for us again.
  9. He has to pace to burn too which is a big asset at this level.
  10. The league table, points tally and lack of silverware would suggest you have stagnated.
  11. He's just generally a shitebag, he's went weeks on end before when he's been a wasted shirt, even last season. I'd like to see Miller start at Ibrox.
  12. Stuart Findlay would be very unlucky to miss out, outstanding again last night. Fucking bonkers. Couldn't get near a squad when he was on fire with us, playing like carthorse at Aberdeen and called up!
  13. Great win last night. Team dug in deep and got what they deserved eventually (except Jones who is a waste of a jersey)
  14. Killie end should be all but sold out tonight. Big game for both sides.
  15. Brussels and that kip are of a stadium are shiteholes. We fucked off to Bruges day of the game last time and just arrived back for Kick Off.
  16. That Lichtenstein game is the only Scotland game I've left early when the result was in the balance. Was scunnered with Avril, would have sacked him there and then and saved us misery.
  17. Aye, he's just built a massive new house at Rowallen Caste next to Killie, so here's hoping he fancies retiring as a Killie Captain.
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