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  1. Given the council blame everyone except themselves for the state of Glasgow nisy now then I dont blame them. More interested in cycle lanes than making sure the city isn't a rat infested shitehole
  2. Would love to get those Welsh cunts at hampden.
  3. Norwich are utter shite. Cant carry a team of shite. No matter how good a player you are.
  4. Hickey is captain call off. Untll he can be arsed turning up for ybr 21s then he shouldn't even be in consideration for the full side. Has next to no international experience but plenty call offs
  5. He was at fault for the first goal. Does his job and theres no free kick. I like him but he was howling first half. If that was SOD there would be a 10 page thread.
  6. Beat Faroes and Moldova and we are on 20pts going into the Denmark game is more than acceptable.
  7. Would imagine we'll find out allocation soon.
  8. East coasters turning out in force eh
  9. I recommend taking.your 25% tax free and then drawing down on the rest yearly. I certainly wouldnt be taking an annuity. Depending on your age, draw down more just now then draw down less when you reach state pension age. You'll pay tax on it either way unfortunately. At least you'll have 90k tax free lump sum in the bank!
  10. I think you've some imagination
  11. We have 1hr 40 mins between flights on same route. Flying on the Wednesday. Get in at 8.05pm and flight to Chisinau is 9.45pm Easyjet usually over estimate arrival time so hoping we've plenty time assuming flight is on time.
  12. Tell Humza that. Hes got a habit of making stuff up then making a tit of himself.
  13. The fact he kept saying "young lad" Gerrard was doing tackles like that in his final season at the bin dippers. Utter cretin.
  14. He's useless at his job though,don't even think that's up for debate.
  15. I'm the same. Voted SNP through gritted teeth in May. If they fail to deliver independence then i think I'll just abstain next election unless theres a decent independent.
  16. He should be nowhere near a cabinet position. Lap dog that is beyond useless. Contradicts himself every time he opens his mouth.
  17. Mine works but my Mrs doesn't Absolute shambles that you could see coming off a mile away.
  18. Go into a supermarket and its almost 100% and I'm guessing some of those without will be exempt.
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