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  1. Cracking game at Dingwall last night. Very soft pen cost us 3pts. Chris Burke is some boy.
  2. He's the same in every Killie game he does. Pretty sure he's a Tory too the cunt.
  3. Rail expert says 9 people on board train Richard Clinnick, the head of news at RAIL magazine, has said that 3 crew members and 9 passengers were on board the train that derailed earlier on Wednesday. In a tweet, Mr Clinnick added that at least one passenger carriage was on fire following the incident. The train that derailed was the 6.38am departure from Aberdeen to Glasgow Queen Street, according to an internet forum called RailUK Forums. Incident log suggests 3 crew members and 6 passengers on board. At least one Mk 3 was on fire. — Richard Clinnick (@Richard_rail) August 12, 2020
  4. News reporting the driver has sadly died. Scary stuff. One saving grace is that there were only 6 staff and 6 passengers on board.
  5. Yip, Rangers just ignored the testing (or at least waiting on results) in order to play a reserve game. They've a cheek to slag anyone.
  6. Swinney now saying they are using the teacher estimated grades now as they are fairer. I for one am shocked.
  7. You are comparing apples and oranges though. Just because you say construction aren't following the rules, doesn't mean we should just ignore footballers blatantly breaking them. It's front page news - are you seriously saying the SG should ignore that? What kinda of message does that send out to folk? It needs to be clamped down on (in construction to if that's the case) but people in public eye always fall by the sword. Same as the CMO did, same as plenty of others have.
  8. Anyone with any common sense can see/understand this. I'd suggest Parklife is just looking for any argument for arguments sake.
  9. Glad she's admitting it's a fuck up. Spot on, I'm amazed at the way some on here are calling it mock outrage etc.
  10. Lennon had the cheek to moan about players being rusty but gives them enough time off to fuck off on holiday in between games
  11. I'll judge him on his performance, his huge U Turn kinda proves the performance hasn't been great.
  12. Not by marking pupils down based on nothing else than how their school has performed in the past. Swinney being one of them. Can't have your cake and eat it. He (and plenty in the SNP) have been opportunistic in the past when it suited them. You can't have it both ways.
  13. He's not on that board in the boardroom as he never got capped. The only players on it are players who have gained full caps, most recent is Findlay.
  14. Making the right noises and actions are entirely different. Glad to see she is at least admitting now it's a fuck up, unlike some of her supporters.
  15. Exactly my stance. I'm not saying there isn't an issue but the ones size meets all lazy approach they've taken certainly isn't the answer and they know it.
  16. St Josephs in Kilmarnock had 51% of marks downgraded. Nobody is telling me this is a fair system. Might be the easiest for the SQA/Scot Gov but it certainly isn't the fairest. Kids in wealthy area's getting marks bumped up and no questions asked but those in deprived areas have just to get on with it as their marks have been downgraded, massively in some cases?
  17. These folk are no better than the Tories down south IMO. Different "games" but both still staggeringly ignorant of the issues outwith their own parochial view/ideals.
  18. You can't see why kids who got a A in their prelims but a C awarded by the SQA, despite their teachers predicting an A, is faux anger? The fact that Swinney was backtracking last night means there is some substance to the "faux" anger. If he falls on his sword over this then Honest John will have caused it himself. Some of the head in the sand stuff I see from fellow SNP/Yes voters is staggering. You are allowed to question the SNP you know, even if they'd prefer you not to. They aren't incapable of making fuck ups. Perhaps if they spent more time on education rather than their current trend of trying to be as woke as possible, then we might not have kids needing to display faux anger after being shafted.
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