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  1. 40 mins or so by road. Not as if there's direct trains or anything either so saying it's only 20 miles is a bit disingenuous. Need to go to Glasgow first if going by any mode of public transport and change.
  2. Teams like Killie, Motherwell etc have a decent support and within the same area. Hamilton had a decent support before they became nomads and lost a generation. Plenty of bigots up your way too, had the misfortune to be in the same pub as the Angus Loyal on Sunday. Cretins.
  3. Aye, our games against them are kinda like a derby for some reason. Mainly cos Ayr have been an irrelevance for most of my life. Half the boys on my bus have never seen us play Ayr in the league! In fact, half them weren't even alive last time we did! Utd will bring 300-500 to RP on a good day, St Mirren will take 1,000+. Utd probably say the same about us, which is fair enough!
  4. Dyer was always staying in Scottish football, he's staying at Killie.
  5. I'd prefer St Mirren. They always bring a decent support to RP.
  6. Not really, if we're shite I say we're shite. Trust me, I've seen plenty of shite! Just disappointed in that last night as it wasn't a great advert for Scottish football at all.
  7. Don't really see why he needs to be clued up on Scottish football. He'll know all the Scottish based players very well from past two years. As for coaches, they don't need to be Scottish. Not exactly a plethora of Scottish based coaches to choose from anyway.
  8. ROI qualify for stuff so suits me.
  9. Agreed. Bates is a poor defender. File under Liam Cooper, except worse.
  10. True. As for Holt, he's 100% had zero contact from Killie (he actually stays about 200 yards away from RP! so he'd obviously be interested) but not to say there won't be contact. Killie board not meeting until middle of next week anyway to discuss applicants.
  11. Ha, I was looking forward to the game but I ended up going out to Tesco!
  12. Given his previous over the years, I'd say so.
  13. Wise up. Clarke and Dyer are a fantastic management team. Thompson is a great coach too, been at Killie years. As for the rest, i'll trsut Clarke's judgement.
  14. Both teams would get football stopped. Felt sorry for the ball.
  15. I can cheer on Hearts on now! Not that I particularly like Hearts but I don't like the thought of a treble treble either! Not a great reflection on our game. Good luck to both teams, I'm sure the best team will win!
  16. You'd think his employers would want him to get the surgery down as soon as possible rather than delay it until June when he'll have little time to recover before CL qualifiers. I agree with Mox. That said, his call off record for Scotland is bordering on farcical. Especially when he plays for Celtic the following weekend.
  17. Ha, wish I'd seen this before this morning. Was golfing with him yesterday at Ballochmyle. His chipping made mine look like Phil Mickelson! I'll say to him about Spain tickets. Aye he loved it at Norwich, still got a lot of mates down there. If he's got the Killie job it's certainly news to him! Zero contact between him and the club. Not to say it's impossible for him to get the job but as it stands it's a non story.
  18. Probably stlll get Celtic fans moaning about his lack of caps. He'll suddenly become injured if we look like qualifying for the Euros.
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