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  1. Agreed. Adair moved here as he was in fear of his life. Absolutely no chance these cunts would move here in their droves. Actually saw Adair in West of the Moon boozer in Ayr years ago, pretty strange experience seeing a convicted murdered having a pint!
  2. Snap - just done likewise. Nothing worse than an alkie craving attention.
  3. Agreed - I'm not one who has a major problem with Hampden though. Folk exaggerate how bad the views are etc.
  4. I don't even think that's legal. In what other business/employment would you get away with only employing folk that were born in your country?
  5. Nonsense. For starters, we;'ve just sold one to another SPFL side for £2m. The Scotland squad has guys like McGinn, Forrest, McGregor, Mclean, Naismith, Robertson, Fraser etc who all came through SPFL youth systems. If they are good enough, they'll get a game.
  6. By all accounts he's sitting up and talking now. Best of wishes to him, longest serving Killie manager of my lifetime.
  7. Hissy fit about what? He's pish - surely he's not expecting a call up?
  8. He'll leave Scottish football having won fuck all.
  9. It's brilliant to read/listen to now. Don't think I've wanted a Killie manager to succeed more.
  10. Feruz was nowhere near the first team, not even remotely nevermind being in the CL squad and making his debut in the EPL at 18. Feruz wasn't captaining Scotland 21s aged 17. Feruz was a total rocket. Only comparable thing is the fact they both played for Chelsea.
  11. Exactly - he no different from another other foreign 16 year old Bayern have scouted and signed.
  12. Few decent games tomorrow, looking forward to Killie-Hibs - were decent games last season.
  13. At least it's not a sheep for a change.
  14. To be fair, I've been fairly consistent in my appraisal of him for the past few years. I said he'd make his Chelsea debut this season (he has), he's in the Chelsea Champion League squad and knowing how grounded he/his family are then I'm confident he'll not let success derail his drive/ambition. Funnily enough the other young player that has made a move to a massive club and looks to have a great future is Liam Morrison who just signed for Bayern. Both he and Billy grew up less than a mile apart and pretty sure their dad's played football together growing up! Small world, even smaller is the fact the national team both grew up in exact same place!
  15. I'm just happy it's Huns getting offended by me and not Aberdeen fans for a change the sheep shagging cunts. That said, I can only assume the Rangers fans on here never go to Ibrox seeing how easily they are offended. Wouldn't last 2 mins given the song book.
  16. He'll be Scotland captain by time he is 21.
  17. Info I have is that both Jack and the doctor were more than happy for him to take part in training. Wouldn't be surprised if that's his last call up for a while though. Also love how folk are believing exactly what Gerrard says. He's not exactly got a good record for being factual.
  18. New 4 year deal at Chelsea.
  19. Was something like 35,000 around 2008-2009.
  20. He's an utterly horrid human being - just look at his past both on and off the pitch. I wouldn't trust the snakey cunt as far as I could throw him.
  21. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-boss-steven-gerrard-takes-20049977 Get well soon, Ryan. That';ll be us back to 0 Rangers players in the squad again!
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