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  1. Big Elvis....as he'll be out of a job soon here at Carlisle.
  2. Here's a cheaper one... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Scottish-Football-League-Centenary-Shirt-size-large/273810005438?hash=item3fc0591dbe:g:uVIAAOSwD4Rctu-c
  3. Off to see James in Carlisle tonight. An acoustic then electric sets apparently.
  4. I didn't think it was actually on this year so I'll maybe try it on catch up. I did see Gregor Fisher doing his Rev I M Jolly.....it was ok.
  5. Bristolhibby's name is Jamie. Or thats what I remember.
  6. Yeah I know that, but if it hadn't or say another game in future with a small allocation, it could have impacted on folk coming in on the sales schedule.
  7. Surely that could have impacted on people buying Albania tickets.
  8. Heard the Ash version at the end of Shaun of the dead....but you cannae beat the original
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