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  1. I emailed them a few weeks ago ( I had a panic I had binned tickets with all the Xmas junk ) & they said cards & Israel tickets to be posted out end of January.
  2. This one ? https://www.sportoptions.com/Scotland-EU2020-Playoff-31320
  3. I don't think its too bad a price. Was it them that did that flight out to the Poland friendly a few years back. How much did that cost?
  4. https://www.dhgate.com/wholesale/soccer-wear/c024058014.html#dcp_SportsDCP--
  5. When I was young you went to Hampden on a Wednesday 8pm KO. That was it apart from the home internationals.....I think
  6. I've never been in it so can't comment on its atmosphere but I can imagine it'll feel quite detached.
  7. I agree but I don't think they'd like to cater for 700 or 800 folk up there while they rest of the ground is half full. For small games close section G & open SU
  8. I agree the South Upper should be available in a members sale but in reality they are not going to open a stand if they know there's only going to be a 30k crowd at certain games. Opening the South Upper would mean extra stewarding, catering & policing costs. It would be better not to sell parts of Blocks A & G
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51128915
  10. The simple reason is the SFA sell blocks B, C, D & F first as it makes the ground look full on the telly. You can't see the South Upper on TV.
  11. You'll be in the black book now
  12. Does that mean we are going to get threads of 'What top are you wearing?'
  13. There's usually a drop down box saying adult & you can change it to U16 or senior.
  14. That's a bit better. And its not pay day yet for a lot of folk.
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