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  1. With a bit of luck Israel will come to Hampden a bit over confident.
  2. Apart from a day trip to Pisa we went to Siena & San Gimignano. We spent most of our time in Florence.
  3. Will that not make hardly any teams in Pool B next time round ?
  4. These are worth a visit https://www.florence-museum.com/boboli-gardens-tickets.php To the north of Florence is a nice mountain village called Fiesole.
  5. This is a good place https://www.cavensarms.com/ A bit out of town at Kingholm Quay is this place https://www.theswandumfries.co.uk/
  6. Was there a big away support ? I can remember last time all the campervans parked up along Battlefield way.
  7. Have I read right on SFA website, 25,524 last night? Far cry from the sell out days.
  8. The underpass bit near the Milan train station is notoriuos for muggings.
  9. Menock Rd doesn't (or didn't) have any parking restrictions & you pass the Beechwood which if you are in good time you'll get food ok.
  10. I've always found the yearly Post office good value but as said check other policies, my home & car insurance is with direct line & I've got worldwide family cover included.
  11. Looks like public sale soon https://singletickets.acmilan.com/
  12. Glastonbury is always worth a visit when its not festival time. A nice walk up the Tor for nice views & there's the Abbey as well. The High St. is certainly 'different'
  13. I know its about 7 weeks since game but you can get them here https://www.loonyalba.com/shop
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