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  1. scottincarlisle

    Allan McGregor

    I like Mcgregor but I heard tonight he's 36. Surely time to start with the younger keepers coming through.
  2. scottincarlisle

    Ben Stokes

    Only because they heard he liked rubbing balls on his leg.
  3. scottincarlisle

    Nations League

    Surely reading this should make it clear to all https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro-2020/news/newsid=2502936.html
  4. scottincarlisle

    Nations League

    I don't think anyone should need any more explanation after reading this post.
  5. scottincarlisle

    England to host 2030 world cup.

    I think FIFA have said joint bids are the future now.
  6. scottincarlisle

    Nations League

    The nations league is our best chance ever to qualify. 6 games against teams alike. Win games 5 & 6 and you are at 2020. The normal qualification group will have us playing 10 games (?) against tougher teams & having to finish top 2 (which we haven't done recently)
  7. scottincarlisle

    Free ticket ??

    Yes it would be, but you won't get a reply till after the Belgium game.
  8. scottincarlisle

    Scotland v Albania

    Once your F&F is set up you have to allocate each ticket by clicking on the little person icon.
  9. scottincarlisle

    Nations League

    The nations league is our best chance of getting to 2020.
  10. scottincarlisle

    Scotland v Albania

    B5 - B8 are on sale.
  11. scottincarlisle

    Nations League

    Agree totally
  12. scottincarlisle

    Free ticket ??

    Surely they know what ssc numbers are eligible for the free Belgium ticket. There wasn't that many.
  13. scottincarlisle


    The SFA did post that members that wanted extra tickets should wait till public sale. Bit of a joke that.
  14. scottincarlisle


  15. scottincarlisle


    I didn't say the Portugal & Belgium games were bigger than playing England. They are just more attractive games in terms of prices in relation to playing say a very overrated average England team.