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  1. scottincarlisle


    Blue names are on the naughty list.
  2. scottincarlisle

    Tartan Army are getting what they deserve

    And we could still end up being Nations League D. That's unacceptable.
  3. scottincarlisle

    Gigs 2K18

    Went to see New Model Army last night at the o2 in Newcastle. Still can rock after 30+ years.
  4. scottincarlisle


    It was just sitting among the planes & we thought it was there as a joke then my son noticed later it was taxi-ing along. They dimmed the lights, it hovered then rocketed down. There seemed to be loads of local kids about so it may have been a school holiday. It was Germany Unity Day.
  5. scottincarlisle


    Agreed. Spent about 4-5 hours in the place. The airport was superb. Got the bonus of seeing Concorde & the millennium falcon take off.
  6. scottincarlisle

    This Board Needs Tunes

    Off to see New Model Army in Newcastle next Saturday. A right blast from the past. The newer stuff is still quite good
  7. scottincarlisle

    Scotland v Israel

    I would say they are on public sale now UEFA Nations League and Friendly Tickets Tickets for our two UEFA Nations League home matches and our two friendlies go on sale to Supporters Club members from 12 noon on Wednesday, 8 August. The exclusive member sale period ends at 12 noon on Friday, 17 August.
  8. scottincarlisle

    Scotland v Israel

    I assume you mean to general sale as they are on sale to SSC at moment.
  9. scottincarlisle


    Yeah, that's the place.
  10. scottincarlisle

    Athens and Venice

    You can see a fair bit of Venice just walking about. Bear in mind they are only 3 bridges that cross the Grand Canal so using the local water buses are a quick & useful way of getting from A to B.
  11. scottincarlisle

    Hampden Transport Links

    My brother swears by walking up to Crossmyloof .
  12. scottincarlisle

    Scotland V Switzerland

    Great effort. Well done.
  13. scottincarlisle


    I think its a great move for Maloney regardless if we are playing Belgium. He's going to get to work with players of a higher standard which hopefully he'll learn from & bring to our set up in the future.
  14. scottincarlisle

    Gigs 2K18

    Good stuff This Friday in Carlisle.
  15. scottincarlisle

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?