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  1. scottincarlisle

    Cairo, Egypt - The Pyramids

    As said above a trip out to Memphis & Saqqara is a must. A trip up to the Blue Mosque in Cairo is worth going. Great views of the city & pyramids in distance.
  2. Finally watched episode 2. Enjoyed both episodes.
  3. I'm going to Hamburg in October...👍🏻 or 👎🏻 ???
  4. scottincarlisle

    Your World Cup memories

    I believed the hype in 78......especially when we took the lead.
  5. Really ? I was looking at Tsilivi. Looked quite nice.
  6. It's also repeated on 2 on a Sunday night.
  7. scottincarlisle

    Toulon Tournament

  8. scottincarlisle

    Toulon Tournament

    Any score yet ?
  9. scottincarlisle

    Andy Robertson Appreciation Post

  10. scottincarlisle

    Football on Freeview

    Peru v Scotland Tuesday, 29 May 2018 8pm local time (2am UK time) Mexico v Scotland Saturday, 2 June 2018 7pm local time (1am UK time) Both games are live on BBC Scotland.
  11. scottincarlisle

    This Board Needs Tunes

    Since it's world goth day
  12. scottincarlisle

    Screen jumping to app store

    Yes. I tend to give the page a minute to fully load when using my phone.
  13. scottincarlisle

    Eurovision 2018

    Christ how long does this voting take ?