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  1. I cant see the SG allowing a half full Hampden in June.
  2. The capacity wont increase at Wembley until after group games. This shows the new points system doesn't really change anything. Attending away games gets you 1 more point per game than a home game. 20pts v 10pts over last 10 games. It gave the home fans a bit of false hope.
  3. Jack out is a blow McBurnie would have still been of use in the squad I think. With Tierney a doubt I'm beginning to worry.
  4. If we get tickets we are travelling through from Watford so it'll be straight to The Torch or Crock of Gold. Can't see any point of going to TF.
  5. I've found in recent times going to Wembley earlier & having a few pints in the designated pubs like The Torch or The Crock of Gold.
  6. With that assumption are the 12,500 tickets only for Scotland supporters?
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-56719454
  8. I think the best person to answer that is the SSC
  9. Actually if you click on return tickets there's a link to create an account there as well.
  10. I'm sure on the euro 2020 page on uefa.com if you click on tickets/hospitality it gives you an option to create an account.
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