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  1. I've watched a few of these 'in the kitchen' gigs. Evi Vine was good. Think she's doing another this Saturday.
  2. Trnava was great. We had an apartment with roof top terrace. 35 euros for the 3 of us with a buffet breakfast included. That Pizza Kitty restaurant was massive.
  3. The Brazilians dont like it up em.
  4. Some games coming up https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52653877
  5. Has to be one of my favourite away trips. FoS was sung that night as if it really meant something.
  6. I always go that way out of Hampden when I'm up. My Dad was a Third's fan.
  7. Nothing much has improved at Hampden then?
  8. What a shame. I've started looking at Venice for April 21. We went for the wife's 40th, was going to revisit for her 50th.
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