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  1. Looks like public sale soon https://singletickets.acmilan.com/
  2. Glastonbury is always worth a visit when its not festival time. A nice walk up the Tor for nice views & there's the Abbey as well. The High St. is certainly 'different'
  3. I know its about 7 weeks since game but you can get them here https://www.loonyalba.com/shop
  4. It was a struggle to see the other end from the back of the top section last time.
  5. Stayed at Hotel Expo last time. Practically across the road from stadium. Good if you don't want to go into town after game. Plenty of cafe, bars etc round the area.
  6. Agreed. And have your wits about you, the underground is a muggers paradise.
  7. Big Elvis....as he'll be out of a job soon here at Carlisle.
  8. Oh dear I just looked up mine. Rolf Harris - 2 little boys - Jan 1970.
  9. Here's a cheaper one... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Scottish-Football-League-Centenary-Shirt-size-large/273810005438?hash=item3fc0591dbe:g:uVIAAOSwD4Rctu-c
  10. Off to see James in Carlisle tonight. An acoustic then electric sets apparently.
  11. I didn't think it was actually on this year so I'll maybe try it on catch up. I did see Gregor Fisher doing his Rev I M Jolly.....it was ok.
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