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  1. scottincarlisle

    Music. Do you play?

    Nobody wants a drummer with a broken finger.
  2. scottincarlisle

    Points Tables

    Yeah I know that, but if it hadn't or say another game in future with a small allocation, it could have impacted on folk coming in on the sales schedule.
  3. scottincarlisle

    Points Tables

    Surely that could have impacted on people buying Albania tickets.
  4. scottincarlisle

    This Board Needs Tunes

    Heard the Ash version at the end of Shaun of the dead....but you cannae beat the original
  5. scottincarlisle

    Leicester City

    This bit was on MSN Foxes owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha is among those feared dead after the helicopter came down in the stadium car park minutes after take off on Saturday evening. There has been no official confirmation of who was on board the six-seater aircraft or any word on casualties or fatalities. It is believed the crash was caused by a problem with the tail fin.
  6. scottincarlisle

    Ticket stubs

  7. scottincarlisle

    General travel thread

  8. scottincarlisle


    I'm sure they were having a go at each other the day before the Portugal game.
  9. scottincarlisle

    General travel thread

  10. scottincarlisle


    Blue names are on the naughty list.
  11. scottincarlisle

    Tartan Army are getting what they deserve

    And we could still end up being Nations League D. That's unacceptable.
  12. scottincarlisle

    Gigs 2K18

    Went to see New Model Army last night at the o2 in Newcastle. Still can rock after 30+ years.
  13. scottincarlisle


    It was just sitting among the planes & we thought it was there as a joke then my son noticed later it was taxi-ing along. They dimmed the lights, it hovered then rocketed down. There seemed to be loads of local kids about so it may have been a school holiday. It was Germany Unity Day.
  14. scottincarlisle


    Agreed. Spent about 4-5 hours in the place. The airport was superb. Got the bonus of seeing Concorde & the millennium falcon take off.
  15. scottincarlisle

    This Board Needs Tunes

    Off to see New Model Army in Newcastle next Saturday. A right blast from the past. The newer stuff is still quite good