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Rumour of snap GE -announcement 11.15

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War with Spain ...........

Scottish Parliament abolished .....

I cant see her holding a GE

What would be the point ?  There would be a chance of the Lib Dems splitting the Tory vote etc - Too many conotations

It is odd though and i'm a little excited

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3 minutes ago, ErsatzThistle said:

I think it'll be about Northern Ireland. Westminster officially taking back full control.

I can't see this happen, surely such an announcement would result in violence in NI?

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5 minutes ago, killiefaetheferry said:

Wings Over Scotland normally a good analyst of political jiggery-pokery, thinks a GE gains nothing for her or the Tories. Leaning towards a resignation.

Can't see a snap General Election. I don't think legally she could call it in this way anyhow but regardless of how poorly Labour are polling, under FPTP you can't see them actually losing more than 20 or so seats net.  On the other hand, there's a serious risk to the Tories from the Lib Dems in pro-Remain, former Lob Dem constituencies so they could end up being no better off in terms of their majority. 

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