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  1. What am I having a laugh about? Some weirdo tells me he wants me hung drawn and quartered and I pointed out that he writes like an imbecile. I have no clue who he is.
  2. My bottle crashed in Dublin?? That's interesting when I don't have a clue who you are or was never in a situation where my bottle was tested, but please feel free to introduce yourself at the Slovakia game and explain what you're on about , Rocky.
  3. The guy I was referring to, along with several others, turned fitba mad into another version of follow follow or Hun media. I'll stick with my opinion of him if it's all the same to yourself.
  4. I haven't, no. I'm guessing the guy who wants me hung, drawn and quartered has though.
  5. I'd love to see you hung, drawn and quartered for that attempt at writing in English ya fuking peasant.
  6. Hopefully any new board isn't littered with offended wee gimps like you.
  7. I think the award is actually for best fan moment and we're nominated for the full stadium display against Hearts on the last day of the season, when 67 in the heat of Lisbon was getting belted out. Unforgettable.
  8. Getting banned from fitba mad cos it's full of stinking hun cvnts like tartan scone 1314
  9. I know that obviously lol. I just mean in general. The guy's behaviour is truly bizzare.
  10. Mate what the fuk are you all about man? I really don't understand what your end game is with all your internet shite. Is it just a case of any kind of attention being better than none at all? You seem to be going out your way to make every dislike you. I really think you need help.
  11. What happened to that boy from York who used to post? Can't remember his username but me and @Parklife met him in London after the Brazil friendly.
  12. Met the boy who plays Lip in Shameless in London when we were down playing Fulham in Gordon Strachan's first game in charge. Also met that Leilani burd who poses for page 3 at the game. So to answer your question, I haven't actually met any celebrities.
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