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  1. Any update on "ron" who was banned for being a racist fuck?
  2. Disappointed Killie seem to have went backwards so rapidly without Clarke. A trip to Belgrade would've been great for their fans.
  3. You should be more concerned about what's happened to horrible nasty little bigots like "ron" that used to post on here. You know the guy that was banned for being a racist cunt? I'm sure you'll mind him.
  4. Federer is the games biggest expert in "preparation" and "recovery".
  5. How dare you?!? Don’t you know that she’s a mother?!?
  6. Disagree. He can be mouthy and obnoxious but he strikes me as a pretty decent human-being.
  7. Indeed. Nor does murray wheel put the same dull, day nothing of substance, cause no offence interview like nadal and federer do every time. Kyrgios has been excellent for this Wimbledon. He's been about the only decent talking point the whole tournament
  8. It's good news for you that I've pretty much stopped posting then, isn't it?
  9. Keith Lasley - Had the Scott Brown ability to be a dirty, petulant, annoying wee fud all game and avoid being punished properly by the ref. Steven Naismith - a mouthy, whinging wee nyaff on the pitch. A complete contrast to how I've always read he is off the field. Mikael lustig - the most ungracious man in Scottish football over the past decade. Doing a GIRUY right in the face of an 18 year old at FT in a cup final summed him up perfectly. I'm glad to see the back of him.
  10. I'm still here. Just posting less. It's hard to wade through the Ramy and Rolling Hills excrement to get to the decent posts on a mobile these days. The pages jump about on my phone when I'm trying to browse. I'll be sure to remedy that. Hiya Farcity, hiya pal. Don't think I know you at all, so I'll not take your sad wee bitchiness to heart.
  11. He done a diversity awareness course, yes. He didn't do community work. Doing something like that would have been an excellent way to go about earning a 2nd chance actually. Kick It Out saying "He's not Harvey Weinstein" doesn't mean much to me tbh. Anyway, I suspect this is futile and we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  12. I can't find any reference to community work, although I've only spent 5 mins looking. The quotes I can find from Kick It Out are hardly a ringing endorsement either: I'm sure there's loads been said by all manner of folk on this. I'm all for folk getting a second chance. I just don't think that going straight in to a job at the top of the SFA, guiding and mapping out the pathway for our youngsters is appropriate for him at this moment in time.
  13. Most definitely. That's got to be balanced with placing someone in the particular position he is in. A man with his immediate track record, overseeing the development of youngsters, doesn't sit right with me. The whole incident is in the immediate past. Another position in the SFA, no issues, but this one isn't appropriate at this juncture.
  14. Is he not? You'll have to educate me then. Generally when someone displays racist, homophobic and misogynistic behaviour it's because they are those things.
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