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  1. The world doesn't revolve around you and not every thread has to be about you. So why don't you take your narcissistic, condescending wank chat to fuck?
  2. I missed slasher being an author. What's he written? (Apart from Rossy's obituary).
  3. Not one person wearing a face-covering suggests they're old pics.
  4. Coming from the guy who started shagging the wife of a team mate who gave him a place to stay, it's hardly a surprise. A truly vile little weasel. He's solely living up to his character.
  5. To be fair... his plan seems to have been void the season but have the money distributed on current placings. It'd never have passed though.
  6. Yeah. That's the kinda response I expected when you were shown up as talking nonsense. They think the world of Scottish football revolves around their club. A deluded bunch.
  7. Given our chairman issued a statement criticising the SPFL and their approach to the resolution on the 10th of April, it's little surprise that the club will back an independent investigation in to it.
  8. Fucking excellent thread. Fair gave me a laugh catching up on this. Good to see that in this ever changing world, @derekfaejapan remains as big a roaster as ever.
  9. Just logged on and searched my username to see who'd been slagging me off in my absence 😂
  10. Was just asking. Always good to understand the reasoning of others. Never mind though.
  11. Why we're you in favour of voiding? It seems the most unfair option by an absolute mile.
  12. Dunno if Alex Rae talking shite on SSB constitutes a "narrative" quite yet. We'll see what the rest of the blinkered pundits come up with though... I wouldn't be surprised if you're correct.
  13. I finally got there last year. A brilliant visit and very eerie at some points. As for the escapees you reference above, I just can't see them having survived. The wind that whips through the Bay is strong and the waters choppy. They'd have had to be the luckiest guys in history to have safely made dry land.
  14. Nothing wrong with sounding reasoned, knowledgable and downright handsome.
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