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  1. Swansea just received £4 million for Kyle Bartley. If that's the value placed on that haddie, then Aberdeen should be looking for more than that for McKenna.
  2. Parklife

    Russia 2018

    This x1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.
  3. Parklife

    Russia 2018

    Only on the TAMB would some rocket liken Mbappe to Mark Burchill
  4. Parklife

    Europa league qualifiers

    What a bizarre wee man.
  5. Parklife

    Europa league qualifiers

    I thought you'd be behind me in my desire to shut the EPL fanboys up and get some kudos for the Scottish game.
  6. Parklife

    Europa league qualifiers

    Your guys who "bang in the goals" scored 10 and 11 last season. Both teams have pretty good defensive records. I'd expect two tight games. Would LOVE us to win and shut some of the delusional EPL fanboys up. The kind who think Burnley are anything other than a no-mark club who've never achieved anything.
  7. Same "you heard it here first" source as before, aye?
  8. Parklife

    Russia 2018

    😂😂😂 Watching the past week from England has made me hate their team to new levels and, at times, I've genuinely hated the entire nation. I don't really though, it's just 90% of males under 40 I hate 😂
  9. Parklife

    Russia 2018

    xG 3.09 vs 0.45. Stats tell the story. It was a shagging. Brazil incapable of taking their chances and the worst decision VAR will ever make combined to make the best team by far lose. Belgium were great on the break but required a fluke, a 25 yard screamer and horrendous refereeing to win. Bizarre to reference Neymar but ignore Chadli feigning injury to kill time and momentum. Good job I've long given up expecting other folk to be consistent.
  10. Parklife

    Russia 2018

    An absolute travesty that Brazil lost that game. By far the better side but the ball always broke Belgium's way. Add to that, one of the worst VAR non-decisions you'll ever see. Astounded that 4 qualified referees can watch that incident and not see one of the most obvious penalties you'll ever see.
  11. I see the glib and shamless liar is to face contempt of court proceedings.
  12. Parklife

    Russia 2018

    Sure have. Fingers crossed.
  13. Parklife

    Russia 2018

    Watching the game in Colombia's own Elephant and castle
  14. Parklife

    Russia 2018

    Melodrama much? Was funny as fuck seeing Shearer and Ferdinand try and slag Neymar last night. Shearer even used the term "embarrassing". It's bit rich for someone who kicked another pro in the head to call anyone that. Then Mr "I forgot i had a drugs test because i was moving house" agreed. Complete lack of self-awareness on that sofa.