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  1. Parklife

    Pick the top 3 now.

    Anyone except Rangers stopping them would be
  2. Not a bad way to bounce back from a cup final defeat... Been on the wrong end of yet more shocking refereeing decisions and still winning makes it all the better. Rangers truly are a team of utter thugs. Although i guess that's what happens when you employ one as your manager.
  3. Not looking forward to tonight. Glad i'm not able to go.
  4. Parklife

    How to get to San Marino

    Cheers, DBTA. Much appreciated!
  5. Parklife

    How to get to San Marino

    If we were staying in Bologna we would probably just get the train to Rimini first thing Sunday, then back from there at night (last departure to Bologna on the Sunday is just after 10pm & first departure on Monday AM is 2:59am). With a supporters bus (assuming someone arranges some ) for the Rimini to San Marino return.
  6. Parklife

    How to get to San Marino

    Nah, think it's 6pm local time. You been to Milan before? It's certainly not where i'd pick to stay. Pretty shite nightlife in my experience.
  7. Parklife

    How to get to San Marino

    We arrive in to Bologna, arriving late friday night and leave from there on Monday evening. Edi via Stansted both ways. £110ish. Will probably stay in Bologna all 3 nights but not 100% sure. Will definitely be there for the first night anyway, with possibly Saturday and Sunday nights in Rimini.
  8. Parklife

    League cup final thread

    A Celtic fan far Canada telling us about getting a slagging 😂😂
  9. Where only the rich kids get shiny new medals and the poor kids fight each other over a chance to get the rich kid's cast-offs.
  10. Parklife

    League cup final thread

    He's went for the ball, not got the ball and got the man. Boyata's intention is utterly irrelevant. It's a foul. It's not a clash of heads. It's GMS heading the ball and then being headed by Boyata.
  11. Parklife

    League cup final thread

    One man heads the ball. The other arrives late and heads the man who's played the ball. Why is being late to an aerial challenge different to being late to one on the ground? It's a fucking stonewaller
  12. Parklife

    League cup final thread

    Just seen the GMS incident. If that's not a penalty, then i don't know what is any more. The ball is pretty much in Bain's hands when Boyata clatters GMS. Dallas says no pen for that but an accidental handball outside the box IS a penalty. Farcical.
  13. Parklife

    League cup final thread

    Thought we played okay. Matched Celtic in the first half, then lost concentration for a split second and went in 1-0 down. To win that game we needed a bit luck but got none. That penalty award, GMS having to go off, that ball hitting the bar rather than looping in, even the ball falling right back to Christie after his first effort was saved. What was again made clear is how poorly McInnes' recruitment has been. Neither Gleeson or Forrester made the field, while James Wilson is just pathetic. We've very little quality in the final third without GMS. A frustrating day.
  14. Parklife

    League cup final thread

    1-0 Bruce Anderson winner in the 90th minute.
  15. Parklife

    League cup final thread

    I'd rather get humped than lose like that again. 😭