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  1. Agreed. Sturgeon has handled it all very well but Bailie has been the only one on the panel who's landing much of anything on her.
  2. Would add to David Martindale's great redemption story if Livi could win, so best of luck to them.
  3. Are you going to respond to the post? Or are you content to just accept that you're nothing but a troll?
  4. You just ignoring this @Rolling hIlls? At least it shows you're just a troll
  5. He's also not won the league when Queens Park weren't in it...
  6. I think I heard him on the radio yesterday whinging that the vaccine rollout "wasn't good enough". Hard to listen to someone who's havering so much pish. Not sure why he was being given so much airtime yesterday.
  7. Not sure. Because he was a huffy wee kid who would be more than happy to dish out stick but couldn't take it back, would be my guess. I thought he was an awful poster who took his sad wee grudges in to every thread. Who acted like he was the biggest Scotland fan in the world and anyone that disagreed with him was a lesser fan. I christened him "Mr Scotland" because of this. Why does what team he support have anything to do with me? What DD was saying has nothing to do with me. I wasn't involved in the conversation at all. You have an issue with him, take it up with him. It's not
  8. Chill oot, Dad. Please don't take away our pocket money. Or ground us.
  9. Reeky doesn't come on here "because of the bile"? Why have you said "your pal DD"?
  10. I'm not sure what any of that has to do with what I said? You set out to antagonise people on here all the time. You're dividing the board in to wee factions in your head - "dons mafia" ffs. You do this hand-in-hand with banging on about how we're all scotland fans & how you don't care what team people support. Im not sure if it's deliberate or if you're an utter simpleton. Anyway, I barely post now, so I don't really give a fuck. I just thought someone who's purporting to care about the TAMB might care about how their own actions are damaging it.
  11. I never gave out any hate. I merely pointed out that you and your posting style drive posters away. I pointed this out to you months ago too. Your aim appears solely to antagonise people. Something which, to be fair, you're excellent at.
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