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  1. Still going strong. 😊 I stopped posting because I couldn't be arsed with endless shite chat from 2 posters that made the board impossible to enjoy. Not offended. Not in the huff. Not a snowflake. I don't think you know what "spamming means". I've talked loads of shite and been an arsehole plenty of times. I've never spammed the board though. Good to say your contributions are still as erudite as ever though
  2. Yeah, it's low because it's designed to allow people in the seats behind it to still be able to actually see the game. Should they have built it 12ft high and covered it with barbed wire?
  3. Because you're a sanctimonious wanker, so I'm surprised that all of a sudden everything is fair game.
  4. A board which allows total dicks like doon the slope to have 2 accounts, yet bans ormond for it. Weird.
  5. Much like how everyone used to mock Heather Mills for only having one leg, yet spin in to an outrage if anyone dared say anything about David Murray.
  6. I'm glad I came in to the "Optimistic" thread, it's so cheery and positive.
  7. Yeah. I quite fancy Rangers to reach the play-off round. I'd give Aberdeen a slightly under 50:50 chance vs Rejika. Fingers crossed we can pull off another upset.
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