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  1. I don't understand any of that. I was always an LSD man back in the day. Obviously only when i couldn't get magic mushrooms.
  2. Hi, I changed everything. went from packets of chocolate biscuits for dinners to grilled chicken and salad. It makes a big difference. aye no shit.
  3. When i boxed my coach always said to brush your teeth when you felt hungry.
  4. when folk lose a lot of weight. like 30kg or 4 stone, they need to throw all their 'fat claes' out. That means they can't go back. The fear of having to buy fat claes again ought to be enough to get you back on the salads. I touched 100kgs, which i never wanted to do, but i altered my diet and am now at about 92-95kgs.
  5. You need to get away from all the tory bastards in aberdeen like deecie.
  6. scoobydoo

    Le Tour 2017

    couple of boring stages, and its hard to see why the lower teams don't send riders out in the breakway. Kittell looks unstoppable at the sprints but the other teams should try to stop him on the flats..
  7. scoobydoo

    Josh Taylor

    Do you know if he was trained by Craig Hunter as an amateur?
  8. scoobydoo

    Le Tour 2017

    Anyway, sundays stage was amazing cycling. not many days on the tour have 3 HC climbs, the wet and damp roads made the downhills a lottery but what can you do, the weather down that way is like that.
  9. scoobydoo

    Le Tour 2017

    Just looked at the video of that for the first time. Froome clearly tries to force him off the road IMO. And I think Froome has history for being ish.
  10. QP are one of the epitomes or examples of football and life in Scotland. You sit there is you're union jack y fronts and despise Scotland as a nation and would rather see Scotland ruled by another country and so obviously you don't want to celebrate anything that would give any sort of pride to those in your North Britain. You contempitble .
  11. This should have been promoted by the SFA. What a bunch of useless s they are
  12. Exactly. The articles of the SFA have used this before with Livingston haven't they? If so, then is a precedent and it should be followed.
  13. scoobydoo

    Italy Refugee Chicago Club football boots Fundraising Appeal

    theres no way the guy at the bottom right is getting a game for Sevco.
  14. scoobydoo

    Le Tour 2017

    Unusual route for the tour this year but a few interesting places its going to, like jura. I've long enjoyed cycling and have been to the tour a couple of times but I'm a bit meh with all sports now. A day on the mountain, whether in the alps or the pyrennes is amazing. I was on L'Alpe D'Huez in 97 and pushed Eric Zabel up the hill, even made it onto Channel 4 and got vox-popped by Gary Imlach. I'm not overly concerned about the doping and believe every cyclist medalist and major comp winner is on it. I'm always still in awe at the performance these guys do.