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  1. Typical statement from one half of the bigot brothers. Whataboutery in overdrive and totally pathetic. Compare that to how Hearts are going about things. Sort your own fans out first before you get on your high horse about anyone else
  2. Just like to interrupt the huns dons thread to let you know that hearts March on to Hampden😊😊
  3. Simple answer. Cancel Sky and BT and let them know why. Money talks
  4. and Hearts but doesn't mean Aberdeen shouldn't join in and any publicity for these is good. (unless you are a Tory supporter without an ounce of compassion)
  5. This thread is why the tamb is dying a death. It can't come soon enough, bunch of brain dead trolls.
  6. Lucky if Hearts take 5k to the Semi now. Loads will boycott and parents won't be taking their kids. Still the Glasgow teams aren't inconvenienced which is all that matters
  7. So what?? These crowds would have been in addition to the football crowds if we had the one sports stadium.
  8. So we could have had a national sports stadium, hosting 9 or 10 sell out fixtures a season. Instead we must keep football in Glasgow so now will continue wasting money. Anyway, as I said earlier, the decision is made so we are stuck with it.
  9. How many home internationals do Scotland play at Hampden each year??
  10. touched a nerve did I?? You slag off Murrayfield for only selling out 4-5 times a year (was 5 last season) and your big putdown is that, during the same season, Hampden was sold out 4 times. Wow, well done you. Anyway, the decision is made and Scottish football will continue playing in a stadium that everyone agrees is rubbish. The SFA will convene meetings for the next decade or so about improving it and nothing will change.
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