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  1. I've got the two bam pots on ignore but they keep getting quoted so it's a bit pointless.
  2. Not really sure what poster's problems are? Roofe was a definite red card and the other was a clear dive. Only real issue is that, once again, the OF get away with it during the game.
  3. The guy has obvious mental problems so I won't post what I really think of him.
  4. So putting the idiots on ignore has made no difference as people still bloody quote them, or mainly one now. Why give him the time of day as he only exists to ruin this forum and anyone interacting with him just speeds up the day this board finally closes for good. The mods have obviously already given up
  5. As for the game, we didn't deserve to lose but proud of all the players. As much as it sticks in my throat to wish anything but pain to the blue bigots, I really hope that they win the league and it's won playing the green bigots. Followed by all eleven giving it the big girfuy in the face of that scum Brown
  6. See if everyone did the same as me and put these 2 morons on ignore the board might actually be bearable.
  7. I left the club after the referendum as I just had lost any enthusiasm for anything Scottish. Gradually getting it back as the polls seem to be showing that we are finally growing a backbone and the team have found out how to play football again. Good luck to everyone who gets a ticket, I'll content myself watching it on the telly in Turkey
  8. Great watching a Scotland team playing football better than the opposition. Dykes for McBurnie and we would be winning
  9. Honestly are there no mods on this site any more????it is a total joke and no wonder it is dying, or should I say dead. Two trolls just spouting shite to each other. Such a shame as I remember this board being pretty good a few years ago.
  10. No, you are trying to ruin this thread with your totally off topic garbage. I know you think of yourself as some super intelligent being but, in all honesty, you would be better off logging on to Britain first where you would have more like minded people to impress
  11. You have totally lost the plot. Sad and funny at the same time. You should get a job as a trump bot as you are wasted on here
  12. His thread is totally mental. As we head to independence for Scotland, it seems some people care more about causing division. So sad. Do what you want after independence just not before
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