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  1. King to appear in court on Friday to face contempt of court charges. June share offer seems to be slightly delayed. Can't sell any strips till the MA case gets resolved. I'm sure all is well though
  2. dipped flake

    Rory Gallagher

    A bit off topic but Tam White wrote his own funeral song, but the family only found out about it after the funeral. It's called 'Don't Wear Black'
  3. dipped flake

    Russia 2018

    And as usual the commentator was talking balls. They were empty as, like what happens at every big game in England, they were still coming back from their hospitality. 5 minutes later the stadium was full again
  4. dipped flake

    Eurovision 2018

  5. dipped flake

    Eurovision 2018

    Why? It's a gay music festival so doesn't interest me but it obviously has an audience. It's not my cup of tea
  6. Israel was imposed on the Palestinians, who had lived there for thousands of years in, relative, peace. Tell me why they shouldn't want rid of Israel??
  7. dipped flake

    Eurovision 2018

    It's just a gay music festival now so doesn't interest me in the slightest. Lots like it though so not going to moan about it being on. Lots of other channels to choose from
  8. Correct and celtics first goal was offside but that's just another day playing one of the weegie twins. Thought it was a good game but Hearts struggled for a lot of the 2nd half with Mitchell and adao not being fully fit.
  9. The Forrest one wasn't even a foul. He hooked his foot round the ball and took it clean. The Brown one he slipped and wasn't even looking at Brown.
  10. That makes no sense?? The epl is all about money, nothing else. You said it was about winning trophies earlier then totally changed your mind when others pointed out you were talking bollocks. Make your mind up. And if you are an aberdeen fan I am a dutchman
  11. He should get manager of the year without a doubt
  12. dipped flake

    St Johnstone v Hibs

    He did get a shot in, the goalie saved it. The most obvious sending off I have seen this season.
  13. dipped flake

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    he walked out on Scotland, end of story
  14. dipped flake

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    well I for one won't be back at Hampden. This decision has just confirmed my view of the SFA as dinosaurs with not a clue. Can't get one pensioner who dumped Scotland so get the next one who dumped Scotland. Pathetic and sad in equal measure. I can't believe how my feelings for the national team have changed so much over the last few years, and it is nothing to do with results.