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  1. I'd rather a proper recruitment process was gone through, starting with inviting applications and examining out of work managers with good track records, particularly at international level.
  2. Aye? Really? That's how you want to represent yourself?
  3. Yeah. I think it was a free kick to Celtic but Forrest throwing himself forward to try and get a penalty made Thomson book him for diving. Haha
  4. He is. Used to be a decent poster but has turned in to a snidey wee dick who contributes fuck all positive to any thread he posts in. Disagree totally. GMS headed the ball and was hit late by Boyata. I thought at the time it was a penalty and having seen it many times since, still think it was one. The refereeing that day was utterly disgraceful. Topped off by Celtic getting a penalty for an accidental handball, a yard outside the box. Yeah, in all honesty i'm more angry at Ball than I am at Thomson for that red. Looked like a dive at the slightest touch from Hayes. I didn't notice his heel being clipped, if that's the case then I may be wrong.
  5. I don't know if you have amnesia or are thick as fuck but posting get it up ye's and middle finger emojis is definitely attempting to provoke and insult πŸ˜‚
  6. Bringing on the invisible man Sinclair for Hayes almost cost you the OF game. He looks badly short on confidence.
  7. Your opinion is quoting half a sentence, out of context, and posting a laughing smilie? Top notch opinion there, son.
  8. Aberdeen fans don't give a fuck about Ian Durrant. He's an irrelevant bawbag. Some just sing a song because gets dumbos like you in a wee tizz. Don't think anyone has ever claimed Eoin Jess was one one of the greatest Scottish players ever, tbh. Good straw man though. Another piece of made of bullshit from Hans Christian Renfrew.
  9. You've offered nothing to support your argument other than accuse folk of wearing blinkers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. Or John fleck? Oh, wait a minute. I love the weegie narrative that a guy who had a 15 year career afterwards and had an unqualified physio piggy back him off the pitch, was ruined by a tackle by a player who genuinely achieved greatness. Still, it helps the daily record sell papers to thickos.
  11. The hatred towards Catholics from 40% of ibrox season ticket holders is much more baffling, to be fair.
  12. This is what it looks like when a thicko tries too hard to be a contrarian.
  13. You'd maybe feel a degree of sympathy for Durrant if he wasn't such an absolute prick.
  14. Lol. I never knew you did comedy posts. C. Ronaldo isn't even the greatest player called Ronaldo. He said "I shit on your whore mother", although he claims he said "my" rather than "your". Pretty normal in Spain actually.
  15. He's always making stuff up. No point debating with him tbh.
  16. Yeah, taking my nephew. Strangely optimistic too. You going?
  17. I was going with lassies and to the pub at 16, yet you're not letting your boy go to the football with his mates until 18?
  18. He'll be haemorrhaging fortunes on out of date, expensive IT equipment in an attempt to compete with the top posters around here.
  19. Yeah, that's what I meant when I said it was "pathetic", that he'd been victimised and made an example of. He'll lose his job, always have a criminal record and spend 100 days with actual criminals. I've no idea what the judge thinks this will achieve, other than make him more likely to become an actual criminal.
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