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  1. Dunno. I was too busy booing to notice his position.
  2. Stopped reading after this. Boyd canny read, you numpty!
  3. Indeed. I'm just reinforcing that he isn't disliked solely because he's a hun.
  4. And because he's a prick. I wouldn't go as far as "scum bag" is certainly a bit of a prick though.
  5. Man City 4-0 up on Chelsea. Embarrassing for English football this.
  6. Beautiful. Think I've found my new screensaver. 😍😍
  7. If it was fair and even Bobby Madden wouldn’t have cheated Aberdeen in the first place. Doubt the huns care too much about having McGregor suspended for St Johnstone at home and Hamilton away. The cheating has worked and they got an unjust 3 points vs Aberdeen.
  8. That Aberdeen have pictures of Aberdeen winning matches in our stadium? No one is arguing with that. They've been up for months and are fuck all to do with Rangers. Apologies not accepted.
  9. Thick hun in believing any old lie he reads in the Daily Record shocker.
  10. Yeah, the latest strand of moron "logic" from Rangers fans seems to be that Aberdeen can never moan about bad tackles because Simmy halved Durrant 30 years ago. Talk about a lack of self-awareness.
  11. Ferguson? He got booked for attempting to go in to McGregor about 10 minutes after McGregor's act of thuggery. I think Ferguson should've been sent off instead of booked.
  12. No. Lewis Ferguson. Although that situation would never have occurred if Madden had done his job right and sent McGregor off when he should have.
  13. Was an excellent finish, to be fair
  14. Aye? Missed 2 clear reds and a penalty. Brilliant player but a complete moron.
  15. Parklife


    https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/competitions/premiership/steven-gerrard-decisions-have-been-going-against-rangers-for-years-1-4779084 Seems like daft cunt should listen to his own advice. A true prick of a man.
  16. Ahhhh. The most bizarre logic, spouted often by cheat-enablers. The old "he didn't appeal for it" bullshit. The cunt fucking dived in an attempt to cheat his way to a penalty. Whether he claimed for a penalty is completely fucking irrelevant.
  17. And have never seen a Celtic game featuring Ryan Christie.
  18. Why are you trying to reason with him?
  19. Of course i am. Referring to being "delighted" about a transfer window in which you lost your best performer this season is at best bizarre. Another bizarre comment. Not really sure what you're basing that on. I actually quite like Killie are i'm happy to see them doing well. It's a shame that yourself and quite a few of your fellow fans have become so bitter now that your team is near the top of the league.
  20. Good wee debate on the one-sided history of Winston Churchill we get fed in the UK. Morgan getting very worked-up on twitter and on TV and making a right fool of himself