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If We Qualify Ticket Allocations Going Forward


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1 hour ago, macwomble said:

England fan club have published figures of tickets for all stages! Up to the final 13 points the new barrier. Quite/ Very disappointing splits


That's awful. Really poor. Funny that England are filtering down allocations for the further rounds and we are realistic.

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2 hours ago, Texas Pete said:

Youd think the allocation for FAs would increase the deeper into the tournament you get rather than decrease.

Ill be at home eating beans on toast after the group stage even if we get out the group so wont affect me but man thats grim.

No you wont. Youll be there.

Me and you both know that we dont know each other but if we qualify .. we will find each other .. find a comfy doorway in Germany huddle up and wait for kick off.

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2 hours ago, LoganRoy said:

Given we have 1, possibly 2, away games before then you'd presume pointe will be recalibrate to take into account those games and the new threshold.

You could be looking at 16+ being required.

Imagine the uproar when the 2nd away friendly is to Nepal

Thats a good point re the points and 2 upcoming away games! Hadnt even considered that! Interesting.

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In previous tournaments the travel club/SSC have joined up with British Embassy outlets when a swathe of extra tickets became available - An example was the last group game v Morocco at France 98

The only thing required for them to give you a ticket was a valid passport

With the amount of staff the SSC has i'd imagine they will now deal with all of that and have an outlet in the city where the games are and you will need your SSC number first and what's left wlll go to those with only passports

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