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  1. England fan forums saying no ID checks at Wembley on Sunday! Also no ID checks at Hampden yesterday I saw! FA also advised England fans photo driving licence would be acceptable ID!
  2. When I log in to the official 2020 Uefa App (using same login as ticket purchased with) it says no ticket associated with this account for tomorrow’s game! If I go in to the ticket portal and my order it says ticket not yet assigned! However on my Uefa mobile ticket app it clearly has my name on the ticket! Was a bit worried in case it caused a problem when I turn up tomorrow or try to download the free travel card so I have checked another of my mates accounts and it’s the same as mine! I’d assume that anyone who bought through SSC ticket route will be the same!!
  3. Just downloaded my fanzone ticket for Sunday afternoon! It’s only got my name on it as customer, I had entered the other 3’s details for track and trace purposes and their names don’t appear! Is this the same for anyone else whose got tix!!? Ta
  4. You can have the same email address! There will just be 2 emails sent! Mate and his son had that position last week! Worked fine!
  5. Log in to his supporters club membership and change the email address! Links not getting sent till 10am tomorrow!
  6. Link should reset itself and then try to pay with a dffferent card!
  7. I’d suggest first of all make sure that when you login to the UEFA portal that you have previously clicked the remember me option so you don’t need to log in again! And possibly more importantly that you get in the queue early! Simply start clicking the link from about an hour before and at some point you’ll be put in a queue! Yesterday 5 of us all clicked at differing times and the earliest to access the queue was in to the site 10 minutes before the last of us!
  8. Yes, looks like the number gets locked if something goes wrong, eg failed payment!! Happened to one of our group it unlocked after about 30 minutes and used another payment card and it worked! SFA have been told by UEFA that code will only die once it has been used order confirmed and fully paid!
  9. I would suggest looking at the 3 emails every code looks like a random unique selection and will be tied to your ssc number (which you have put on the UEFA site)! and the appropriate game, why we have received 3! I would guess there will be a cross check to your ssc number when you use it and once the code is used it will be useless to anyone else!
  10. Lol! Was just wondering about where it took you to and if you then needed to log in etc to your UEFA account! Ta!
  11. Any brave enough to hit the link yet!!!! ???
  12. To be fair the €50 euro tickets make up over 70% of all the tickets which is surprising, and the low numbers of €185 ones mean that even if everyone whose eligible in the first batch buys which they won’t, only 20 people would be forced to buy these most expensive and then only for the Croatia game as there are enough cat 1 and 2 tickets for the first 2 games!
  13. By my calculations based on the points table: There will be 145 unsold tix for the Czech game 174 for the England game and 113 for the Croatia game. This does not take in to account any under 18s that can be excluded and assumes everyone else else buys!l
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