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  1. Got excited there! Lol!!!! I need 2 as well now!
  2. Need 2 tickets for Saturday if anyone can help! Ta
  3. Re attendances don’t think it likely to be a sellout!! Attendances of last 3 gsmes attached!!The Denmark game is almost a home game re their country tie in!! But the problem might be if the authorities over there take a decision not to sell re Covid concerns!!
  4. Think you can buy it when you land at Vagar too!
  5. Well done chuffed for you! Just made it!! Lol
  6. How many points you got!? And secondly how many £’s. Having been to the Faroes before a large carry oot ain’t coming cheap!!! Lol
  7. See your confusion and as ever how you phrase something can have a double meaning! My mate has his own 20 points, bought for the rest of us yesterday ! Five of us travelling! Bought the other 4 yesterday and his tonight through my “friends and family list”! Like yourself my pal was sweating as he’d laid out on his flights along with the rest of our group immediately after the fixtures were announced! I’m pleasantly surprised it’s going to go down in to the teen’s of points and so far less than 50% of those entitled to buy have! I think it might go down a few points yet! Fingers crossed for you!
  8. Bought for my mate with 20 points bang on 7 tonight the 360th one bought based on the order detail!
  9. Doesnt make sense at present there is an available flight everyday back to Luton from Chisnau. You should be able to rebook to at least one of these!
  10. I think it looks fairly clear from this one if your double vaccinated, if you are from the UK which is an orange country at present and is an OECD country the *** means that you can enter without any testing or isolating by proving proof of vaccination!
  11. Re refund looks like it’s an option but hidden in background and as ever with some low cost carriers they make it complicated to do!!
  12. I’m confused!! My reading of these rules is that if your are double vaccinated as the UK is currently orange it’s an OECD country then on the outward journey you simply turn up with proof of that vaccination and your in no tests no isolating!!
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