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  1. Sorry can you change mine to 6 from 5 please.
  2. 5 from Paphos please.
  3. For anyone not booked route back! Gd deal here!! Wednesday 12th coach Brussels to Luxembourg! 09:50 €11.99. Flight Ryanair Luxembourg to Edinburgh 17:15 €26.92!
  4. Still not getting emails, despite updating preferences. Can someone post details please. Ta
  5. You can pay on the day for any train! If you travel on the Regional trains there is no advantage in booking in advance and no seat reservations! It’s only if you travel on one of the frecce (express) or intercity trains that there is any advantage in booking in advance! The Regional trains are a bit slower but only cost €9.85 each way!! Some of the faster trains can be up to €26.50 each way standard walk up price!!
  6. Just paid MacWomble x 5 via Pay Pal! Cheers again!
  7. Depending on when you land this might be of use! Coach transfer from Bologna airport direct to Rimini! https://www.shuttleriminibologna.it/en/bolognaairport/
  8. Same outward flight, but back Tuesday!! Thinking of somewhere in the Haymarket area to watch the Kazakhstan game!!! 🤗!
  9. No guarantees whatsoever, last 2 qualifiers played in Sochi and Kaliningrad.
  10. Not so sure. We'll see!!!! In Israel it was only the lead named booker who had to collect for everyone in their group and also there were less tickets sold. 2,100 tickets sold for this one so even if everyone only takes 45 seconds each on average to collect that equates to 1 person having to give out tickets non stop for over 26 hours. Think we all might need a bit of patience. Can see Friday especially being a bit chaotic with the late start time.
  11. Hi Davy Just paid by Paypal £52.00 Macwomble x 4
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