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  1. Didn't know about the drink driving. The "playing for Scotland is shite" was the video I was referring to.
  2. Not sure why he's getting such a hard time. Went to watch a match with his mates and looked like a dick but it doesn't matter. A royalist? Not my bag but as long as a player's not racist/fascist I don't care. Alright he's not exactly Messi but we're limited for choice. That video he did was the only thing I can slate him for but if he turns up and tries I'll forgive him.
  3. Was reading some comments today by Derek Mcinnes that McKenna has been "different class" (or something similar) in the past month or so. Has he? Everytime I've seen him for Aberdeen he's looked all over the place. I really hope he is back on track because he's not looked the player we were hoping for.
  4. Who's getting excited? It's just a list of potential players.
  5. So, would these be the Centre Backs we'd be looking to in the coming years? George Johnston (20) FEYENOORD Ryan Porteus (20) HIBS Jamie Hamiltom (16) HAMILTON CB Leon King (15) RANGERS CB Liam Morrison (16) BAYERN CB Lewis Mayo (19) RANGERS Apologies for errors in ages etc.
  6. Anybody know what's happened to David Bates?
  7. Burke starts against Leganes. Seems to be doing ok for himself. Any reports on how he's regarded?
  8. Yesterday an advert appeared on Facebook for the new training wear but when you clicked the link it was an error on the JD site. Can't find it anywhere so I'm guessing it was a mistake. Anybody know?
  9. I totally agree. Am certainly not getting carried away. We just have some quality players in a few positions. Proudscot is absolutely right to say that's balanced out by being pretty poor elsewhere.
  10. They absolutely are. Very different and it's not saying McTominay is the class of DeBruyne but that McTominay is very highly regarded. McTominay, McGinn, Robertson, Tierney and Christie. 5 genuinely high quality players. Fraser, Forrest and McGregor on their day as well. All feels so close and yet.....
  11. When Shearer asks who will decide the Manchester derby, DeBruyne or McTominay, surely it's time to accept he should be first on our team sheet too? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50673053
  12. Good article in The Guardian about him: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2019/nov/29/oliver-burke-i-feel-like-a-proper-footballer-again-really-good-in-myself I'm not expecting him to turn into the new Bale but I think it'll click for him one day.
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