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  1. He's getting fantastic reviews as well. Rotherham can't believe their luck.
  2. Hickey named in the Guardian's list of 60 young players to watch: https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/oct/10/next-generation-2019-60-of-the-best-young-talents-in-world-football
  3. In this squad? Feel these performances from Hornby has come a little late for Clarke when considering this squad. This continues then certainly.
  4. Apologies if this has already been discussed but what's stopping a McKenna call up? Aberdeen or Clarke?
  5. Burke starts again in La Liga. I know you've just said that but I wanted to type the words as it's just unbelievable.
  6. Just about to ask the same thing about Kelly. Pity this run of games didn't start a few weeks earlier.
  7. Archie Mair on the bench for Norwich. No sign of Hanley
  8. Did he ask who Clarke is or is it a translation he wants? If he doesn't know who Clarke is then surely that's a concern.
  9. Don't understand the anger towards Tierney. He's still young and not really been looked after particularly well. What's wrong with him being gradually brought back so he can come back to full fitness for Arsenal and Scotland's sake? After these two games, which are nothing games anyway, he'll be back.
  10. I'm not sure that's fair. He had offers from the Premiership but wanted first team action. In doing so he's given himself another year to develop and progress. Am sure they'll be in the Premier next season but if not maybe then we can judge. The choice though is awful. If Griffiths and Naismith are unavailable and Fletcher 'retired' that leaves us with what? Phillips, McBurnie, Russell, Burke, Brophy.. Stewart, probably, if he continues. Anyway, I think Clarke should pick him so he can spend a few days watching and getting an idea. So I'd choose Phillips, McBurnie, Burke (maybe), Stewart (possibly) and Shankland.
  11. Can't see an actual thread for McGinn but I think he needs one based on his performances in the EPL. This was from today's Guardian, McGinn on the rise with Villa On current form there are, at a rough count, at least three teams from the established “top six” that could benefit from the services of John McGinn. With the exception of Kevin De Bruyne it is hard to find a midfielder in better form and he certainly deserved to be on the winning side here, when Aston Villa were eventually pegged back by Burnley. “He’s been consistently good in all our performances and consistently looks like he’s going to score goals,” said McGinn’s manager, Dean Smith, after he volleyed in Villa’s second having earlier had a strike ruled out by VAR. “He’s an all-action player, gets into the opposition box, scores goals, wins free-kicks.” McGinn has an unorthodox running style but seems to cover every blade of grass while offering a constant creative threat: his rise has been quite something and the list of admirers will surely be growing. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/sep/30/premier-league-10-talking-points-from-weekend-action
  12. From today's Observer, "In John McGinn Villa have a midfielder playing as well as anyone in the division".
  13. I think passing/technically-able midfielders aren't our problem. McGregor, Forrest, Christie and Fraser would be able to cope.
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