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  1. Yep, would really like to see that. Is that a hat trick of assists for Tierney?
  2. McTominay is really well forward.not a traditional back 3
  3. Controversial opinion: I thought McGregor had a good game against Israel. Normally think he's a waste of a position but he did well whilst McTominay and McGinn were a disappointment. That said I'd have Jack and McTominay together when fit and Gilmour as soon as possible.
  4. I think I disagree with every single thing Provan says
  5. The thing I remember most about Israel is their right back. He seemed to have Robertson's number every time. However, I can't remember Tierney and Robertson playing together on the left before against them. I like the way it's working out. Teams peg Robertson back which only give Tierney space. Maybe we can start to see them as interchangeable at LB/CB?
  6. And I'd just indulged in my first ever bit of Hanley bashing as well!
  7. I don't think he is the darling of the TA. In fact, if anything, he's under rated. I've noticed a definite change in the last few weeks though.
  8. Not a bad end to that half. We've had the better chances. Tierney gives a spark and McTominay has been good. I have been unwilling to slag off Hanley recently but that wasn't great.
  9. Rodgers leaving was a huge loss for Scottish football. I say that as a Hearts fan but he was brilliant at developing players. He played more Scots than Lennon did and certainly more than Gerrard does. Although maybe Gerrard gets the benefit of the doubt due to being newer to the role and the pressure of immediate success.
  10. Losing Jack is a blow. We have so many good midfielders but Jack is by far the best at that role and would've allowed others to be more creative.
  11. With Turnbull I don't even think it's a case of fast tracking, just a matter of picking your best players. Don't understand it at all. Gilmour is just very unlucky.
  12. Good stuff, thank you. Does everybody else click on links like these whilst repeating "please be a striker, please be a striker" over and over in their heads?
  13. To be fair to Yermaw I think his point was about Malky Mackay, not Che Adams. Sounds like you both agree there is no place for racism which is something Scottish football must agree on together.
  14. I'd pick Gauld amongst the forwards just because other options are so bad. Gilmour will miss out but I am absolutely certain would be in if he was playing anywhere else. My squad of 25 1. Marshall 2. Gordon 3. McLaughlin 4. O'Donnell 5. Palmer (but hoping Paterson if he gets game time and proves himself) 6. Robertson 7. Taylor 8. Tierney 9. Cooper 10. Gallagher 11. McKenna 11. Hendry 12. Hanley? 13. Jack 15. McTominay 16. McGregor 17. Christie 18. Forrest 19. Armstrong 20. McGinn 21. Turnbull 22. Dykes 23. McBurnie 24. Gauld 25. 1 other forward depending on form
  15. I was really looking forward to seeing Appere this season and was disappointed he hadn't made any impact. Maybe just needs another season although he's 22 this month
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