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  1. Great little video from Byron Hutchinson on Gauld.
  2. Dykes has had less to work with than when he plays for Scotland. Rose was injured recently which is why he was on the bench last week. Now just a case of waiting before he's back.
  3. I really hope that won't happen this time. He's too good for that, surely. I wonder if Lennon is buying some players with next year in mind. After the 10 in a row business is done with some of those players, like Christie, might be off.
  4. I hope Turnbull doesn't spend all his time sat on that Celtic bench.
  5. Jack Hendry scored on his debut today and had a 1-0 win
  6. Goal from Campbell. Patterson down the right, crossed it inand headed away only to Campbell outside the box.
  7. It has Lithuanian commentary. Good to see a bit of argy-bargy. At least some passion from the U21s. That said, we've dived a bit
  8. I get shot down when I say this (and that's fair) but I'll stick with what I've said for the last couple of years which is that Tierney is better than Robertson at LB. I think he's probably the most versatile player we have and would even fair well as a holding midfielder. That's not to say Robertson isn't one of Europe's top left backs and every option should be explored to keep them playing together. Just wish we'd tried Tierney on the left of two CBs last night.
  9. He's had a terrible game and I'm a fan of his.
  10. I'm not having it that our players are not good enough. We have enough about us to beat Israel and the Czech republic when they're this depleted. I support Clarke but I cannot believe he's starting McTominay at the back. Not acceptable. Nobody is closing anything down and McLean is a waste of space. Jack got criticised for passing sideways but he closes down. No McGinn or Tierney is a disgrace. Our two best players are6on the pitch.
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