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  1. If he goes that's 4 Scots at Norwich. I hope they do alright.
  2. Hadn't seen it reported on here but Charlie Gilmour has joined (is about to join?) Norwich. Really positive news and by my tally that's 13 'Scots' in EPL first team squads. Up from last year's 11.
  3. Maybe going off topic here but I understand that Celtic have a higher wage bill than Ajax. If that's true then it's not stopped them. There's a deeper issue.
  4. Are there hints of a move for McGregor? Last season he was quoted as seeming surprised why anyone would move away from Celtic.
  5. Have you seen that Middleton's going on loan for a season to Doncaster. Not sure what to make of that one. Really hoped he'd break through this season.
  6. I absolutely agree with all this. We don't write off these qualifiers but we can use it to develop a team in preparation for the play-offs which we should be good enough to win. One thing that occurred to me tonight is that we are starting to build a strong squad with players that can be called on when needed, especially in the midfield. I agree though that central defence is starting to be a concern.
  7. McLean's playing well. Burke's looking bright.
  8. No Fraser? Just seen about Robertson but didn't see news about Fraser
  9. I completely agree with this. Don't actually think Barcelona would buy him but if he was cheaper they, or Dortmund, or whoever may take a gamble. But Celtic want proper money for him so i guess you are looking at second tier clubs like Arsenal. I agree that Southampton, Newcastle etc aren't going to be a big enough draw. Leicester is maybe different though.
  10. Not sure I want to start another Tierney debate but reports that Lyon are very keen and have started discussions. Rumours that Barcelona were interested but put off by the asking price have been denied but i'm sure i read that Dortmund were in the same boat earlier this season? Seems like there will be solid bids this summer from biggish clubs. Probably up to him now.
  11. Did you see the photo of him and his brother after the match? I liked that. Don't think we're getting carried away. You do need some perspective but seeing the Saltires on the backs of successful Scots gives hope.
  12. Just had a look. Really excited by this. A player in Serie A and La Liga next season and a Scot with a Champions League winners medal. Perhaps doesn't change too much but the direction of travel is very exciting.
  13. Meant to include Ewan Henderson in that list of prolonged run of games for youngsters. I'm Really Impressed by him.
  14. Have been thinking for a while that next season could be a huge one for Scottish players. We'll have 3 players at EPL top 6 teams if Fraser moves. I'm also really hopeful that this will be a break through season for Gilmour, Hamilton and Hornby. If not at their own clubs then on loan. I'm sure there will be other transfers. Forrest, Tierney and McGregor could all be of interest to big clubs while McKenna, McBurnie and Souttar could be targets for smaller EPL teams. Genuinely loking forward to seeing how McGinn gets on. I'm also really looking forward to to seeing what Turnbull, Lewis Ferguson and Hastie will do and prolong runs in the side for Middleton and Johnston. Hearts to play Hickey, Cochrane and McDonald and a return to form for Griffiths. Should be good.
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