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  1. McAllister and Strachan both feature in three teams so far.
  2. Yesp. Pick a club and see who'd be their best players. liverpool's got to be the easiest
  3. Excluding actual Scots teams, what are teams' best Scots. This is a Coventry'sXI: Gk - Goram RB - Telfer LB - Fox CB - Gillespie CB - Hendry MF - McAllister MF - Strachan MF - T. Hutchinson MF - K. Gallacher ST - I. Wallace ST - Speedie subs - blyth, fleck, carr Mgr - Eric Black
  4. The BBC were re-running the story about Ruud Gullit describing Davie Cooper as one of the best players he'd seen and that he wasn't well known as he never played for a team outside Scotland. So, who'd be the best player that played their entire career in Scotland? I immediately thought of McStay but the further back you go, the more common it was.
  5. Coventry, who should be in the Championship next season, have a back three of Scots who've been really tight this season. Only seen them on the tv this season but interesting to watch next season (if it happens). https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/coventry-star-turns-scotland-scout-21726039
  6. Must be injured though for those 2 to be left out?
  7. Thanks for that. Some really promising players in there!
  8. Don't understand the negativity around McGregor. He's a really football player. Just be glad we've got a great crop of centre midfielders to choose from.
  9. I think McGinn may well be back by then. The Villa manager said he was in non-contact training and he expected McGinn to be pushing for a start next Saturday. If he is then that gives him enough game time.
  10. Amusing to see comments on the BBC web site asking how long Gilmour's lived in England!
  11. Does anyone know anything about TSOANELO LETSOSA? Just reading an article suggesting that Leicester, and others, are interested in signing the Celtic youngster. He's played a few times for the U16's but all articles followed his name with, "who is eligible for South Africa".
  12. I completely agree. Players are always in transition. Otherwise when McGinn was at Hibs he wouldn't deserve a place ahead of somebody in the EPL. Now though he could be in line to a move to a top EPL team if villa are relegated. Naismith doesn't get chosen just because Hearts have had a shit season?
  13. I thought the eldest brother said he'd prefer the Ivory Coast (only eligible for them and Scotland?), Middle brother England (and eligible for all three) and there's one more isn't there? Think he's only eligible for Ivory Coast and Scotland.
  14. I'm not touting him as right back. I'm touting him as back-up right back. I am aware that Clarke played him there in a recent training sessions but he was then injured for that game so it's at least on Clarke's radar. I'm certainly not getting carried away with Palmer. He's a pretty mediocre right back. He's probably on the same level as O'Donnell but I don't think it makes any difference.
  15. Some interesting choices. I didn't think Kelly was in and out. He had an injury but regular first choice now isn't he? McGinn's due back much sooner isn't he? McKenna's out as well. As mentioned Cooper will be in and you can't leave Naismith out. He's been dropping back more so Hearts aren't so reliant on his goals. So, I'd go with, Kelly, Marshall and McLaughlin Palmer, Jack, Cooper, Gallagher, Hanley, Findlay, Robertson, Taylor McTominay, Fleck, McGregor, Forrest, Christie, Fraser, Gilmour, Armstrong, McGinn Griffiths, Naismith, McBurnie Assuming Tierney and Burke are out. As mentioned elsewhere I'd have Jack as the replacement right back.
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