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  1. I was thinking the same. I watched Fleck a lot at Cov and whilst I liked him I never thought "why's he not in the Scotland squad?" It's still unlikely but best just to let some players make their own way without the spotlight. Talking of Cov, Rose scored today and looks to be heading to the Championship. Haven't seen him yet but going in a couple of weeks and interested to see him.
  2. Don't think there is a specific thread for the U23's etc so thought I'd start one. The U19's beat Czech Republic last night 1-0. Kai Kennedy with a cracker. The goal is on the SFAs Facebook but I can't link it here. Worth checking out.
  3. One of the oddest arguments I see on here is along the lines of "if he was any good he wouldn't be playing in Scotland". Doesn't seem to take into consideration that they maybe won't forever. Imagine saying if about Van dijk when he was af Celtic?
  4. Only this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/who-stephen-welsh-celtic-youngster-21414230.amp He was in the bench last week. According to this report Celtic want him playing CB but Morton played him RB. It's not an immediate fix but at least the future has more possibilities on the right side. Would really like Rangers to give Patterson some time (or maybe just play some Scots)
  5. Did Kieron Bowie's transfer to Fulham go through? Saw one report it had but nothing else. Edit - Just realised that's who ErsatzThistle was referring to.
  6. So you're saying we shouldn't pick Naismith?
  7. I don't think Halkett's too far off a call up.
  8. Stephen Welsh starts on the bench today. Is that his first senior call up? I haven't seen him play so can't comment but it's pleasing to see the number of young centre backs emerging.
  9. Just watching Sunday's Sportscene and impressed with appere's cameo against Hibs. What's his background? He's never featured for scotland's youth teams I think and Wikipedia has his full name as Louis Bobo George P. Appéré!
  10. Only just watched the weekends highlights. That Paterson looked good on the ball and so desperate to go forward. Really impressed by him. Fingers crossed that under Stendel the young lads will be given a chance.
  11. Didn't know about the drink driving. The "playing for Scotland is shite" was the video I was referring to.
  12. Not sure why he's getting such a hard time. Went to watch a match with his mates and looked like a dick but it doesn't matter. A royalist? Not my bag but as long as a player's not racist/fascist I don't care. Alright he's not exactly Messi but we're limited for choice. That video he did was the only thing I can slate him for but if he turns up and tries I'll forgive him.
  13. Was reading some comments today by Derek Mcinnes that McKenna has been "different class" (or something similar) in the past month or so. Has he? Everytime I've seen him for Aberdeen he's looked all over the place. I really hope he is back on track because he's not looked the player we were hoping for.
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