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  1. Has anyone seen much of Jack Hamilton at Livi? He scored 7 goals in 9 at East Fife. Sounds a prospect.
  2. I agree. It doesn't matter if we play 4 or 3 at the back we still have a RB or RWB problem. But, saying that, it is our best option at the minute and allows SOD to go forward. An excellent RB emerging may allow us to return to a back 4 and McTominay back into midfield
  3. Not a bad day for Scots in the FA cup. Goals for McTominay, McLean, Paterson and Burke. Assists for Fleck, Bannan and Tierney. Tierney getting rave reviews. Anderson coming on for Newcastle. Also, Hendry scored for Oostende in their 3-2 win.
  4. Clearly a struggling team but it's quite an ascent for him. Really hope he can make an impression.
  5. I wouldn't expect him in the squad any time soon but I don't think it's a downward move. St Mirren are doing really well, Goodwin's a good manager.
  6. I'd recommend following him on Twitter. He watches all Scots abroad and reports. Really good.
  7. Permanent. Apologies, I posted this in the wrong thread. But can't delete.
  8. Jordan Holsgrove scores on his debut for Celta Vigo in the cup.
  9. I don't think he was expected to play every game.
  10. I am slightly regretting saying 'undropable' as it seems to have been misconstrued. I agree McTominay could do a good job but there are no signs that Clarke will move him from CB. I'm not even of fan of him playing there. I guess you have a list of these possible midfielders: Gilmour, McGregor, Turnbull, Forrest, Jack, Armstrong, Christie, and McGinn. If you arranged them in order of quality then Jack wouldn't make the team. But I just feel we need a good defensive midfielder in front of a makeshift back three. Jack's the best at that.
  11. McTominay is playing CB. Can't see him being moved. Turnbull - forgive if I am wrong but his strengths aren't his defensive work. Gilmour - being the anchor would be a waste McGinn - ok. I still think Jack is a better defensive midfielder. All just my opinions. 'Undropable' isn't the same as amazing or world beating.
  12. At the minute, he's the best we have for that position. Who else would you have?
  13. I don't mind folks disagreeing but I'd prefer you to explain
  14. I think McGinn is dropable. They all are now. Assuming we are sticking with formation I think you have Jack in front of the defence alongside one of McGinn/Gilmour/McGregor. (Jack's actually undropable at the minute*). I'd love Gilmour in asap as the man bringing it forward. Then slightly more advanced you have a choice of Christie/Fraser/Turnbull/Forrest/Armstrong. Don't know how the hell Clarke works that one out. And that's without including McTominay. *I'm not saying he's amazing, just that he's the only true defensive midfielder.
  15. Kyle Joseph (19) scored a hat trick for Wigan last night. Not a player I was aware of.
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