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    Booked! The sleeper down to London then the Eurostar over to Brussels and back again for £165 Not fussed if the games elsewhere as internal travel will be cheap enough
  2. What’s up with Craig Beaties beard. Full beard but nae tash
  3. DoonTheSlope


    It’s a load of shite Wee sleekit timmerin’ beastie b’fuck
  4. DoonTheSlope

    Car crash

    There’s a picture of him doing the rounds on twitter. It doesn’t look like he has his seat belt on
  5. DoonTheSlope

    Car crash

    Anyone else and they’d be looking to set an example by jailing the bastard
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    There was a screenshot from a Belgium website saying the game might be elsewhere. I’m sure there’ll be supporters buses from Brussels if it is moved elsewhere
  7. DoonTheSlope

    Childhood heroes

    A lot of people seem to think that he was out on the pish the night before a derby, that’s a myth, the story got published in one of the Sunday papers on the morning of a derby. I was only wee at the time so can’t really remember the real finer details of the whole thing but I do seem to remember they were supposedly driving along Princes Street the wrong way with a car full of willing females. If that was really the case then now as an adult I’d say the sack was fair enough
  8. DoonTheSlope

    Childhood heroes

    Favourite player of all time, Russell Latapy. I wonder how far he could have gone and what he could have achieved if he actually looked after himself! Voted 33rd best player in the world by fellow professionals while he was at Hibs
  9. Scott Allan. Hibs. Pre-contract. Three year deal ✅
  10. DoonTheSlope

    Travel from Kazakhstan

    Is there many people planning on staying in Frankfurt on the Friday night? Im looking at flight routes from Astana and thinking about staying the night just to break it up a wee bit
  11. DoonTheSlope

    BBC sports news

    The women’s netball team won the sports personality of year, I’ll have you know
  12. DoonTheSlope

    Travel from Kazakhstan

    I’ve just about gave myself an anneurysm trying to find something with decent times thats a reasonable price
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    Some nice deflecting tactics going on here
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    Yes. I watched some of it. As did everyone else on this thread
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    Was sent this earlier in the week The repugnant cunts being literally jabbing jobbies then going home to help s wife and no doubt dipping her. As for the woman in the video, the fact the manky cow wasn’t boaking in the slightest suggests she’s used to it. Whatever possessed the dirty cunts to film it? Its the bairns I feel sorry for. Imagine the backlash and bullying they’ll receive at school
  16. Fancy a few days in Berlin this year and was wondering what the likelihood of getting Hertha Berlin tickets is at the ticket office. Is it like most places and should be easy enough except for the big teams? Any advice on Union Berlin tickets is appreciated too
  17. I can’t find the other thread so I’ll start a new one. What opinions do you hold that produce shock around the dinner table and in the boozer. I’ll kick things off • Pigs in Blankets; They are an adequate inclusion in the standard Christmas dinner but the way everyone goes on and on and on about them confuses the life out of me • Sean Connery's a wanker • Christmas; I don’t mind the build up and preparation. I also quite enjoy hearing Christmas songs in shops and on the radio but Christmas Day itself, after you’ve seen bairns faces in the morning has got to be the most boring thing in the world • Paul McCartney’s solo stuff is pish. It’s not even as good as pish when compared alongside Dode Harrison’s solo work
  18. DoonTheSlope

    Hertha Berlin Tickets

    Thanks for the replies Are the games against Borussia and Bayern still easy to come by?
  19. DoonTheSlope

    How to get to San Marino

    I’m assuming your coming on the train from the west? Give Platform 5 a visit, decent food, big screens and reasonable drink prices. It’s right opposite haymarket train station and the tram stop which will take you straight to the airport. You can also get the 100 bus
  20. DoonTheSlope

    2019 celeb deaths

    Olivia Newton-John Leah Bracknell Billy Connolly Fernando Ricksen Billy McNeill Stanley Baxter Annette Crosbie Tom Farmer Robert Mugabe Angela Lansbury
  21. DoonTheSlope

    Happy New Year..

    Welcome to 1691 parts of Glasgow and West Lothian 🎉
  22. DoonTheSlope

    Happy New Year..

    No more champagne And the fireworks are through Here we are, me and you Feeling lost and feeling blue It's the end of the party And the morning seems so grey So unlike yesterday Now's the time for us to say... Happy new year Happy new year May we all have a vision now and then Of a world where every neighbour is a friend Happy new year Happy new year May we all have our hopes, our will to try If we don't we might as well lay down and die You and I
  23. That’s what she’d be saying anaw, unknowing to her though I’d have already finished
  24. DoonTheSlope

    Happy New Year..

    I’m onto channel 3 watching Lulu. At least it’s normal music instead of Auntie Jackie and those two auld fiddly-fiddly-dee hoocter teuchter cunts I’ll save Jools Hootenany for tomorrow when believe it or not the tele looks worse than it is tonight