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  1. Definitely happening in England. I’ve just had COVID and I’m more worried that my vaccine record has disappeared from the app. I hope it’s because I’m in isolation and nothing more sinister as I need the proof of double vaccination to not isolate in Moldova. J
  2. Were you watching last night? Denmark haven’t conceded a goal all campaign! J
  3. I think you’ve answered your own question. This is the cheapest country in Europe, splash out a wee bit. 20 years following Scotland and I have learnt it’s all about location. Done the whole being blitzed and wandering the streets lost at 0300 in the morning looking for a taxi / my hotel. Now I want a hotel that’s staggering distance from the main bars and restaurants area. I’ll pay extra for that. J
  4. I thought we’d blown the playoffs after drawing with Austria and Israel at the start. I’m over the moon to still be proved wrong. At the start of the campaign if told “you’d get the playoffs if you beat Faroes and Moldova away” I’d have bitten your arm off. J
  5. I’m going for 6 points. With us qualifying for the playoffs in Chisinau. (Party on!) J
  6. See the Kajer penalty v Moldova? That’s how it’s done Lyndon. Have confidence. You are a professional footballer. J
  7. Correct. Two stupid leaping in fouls near the box and one of the worst on target penalties I’ve ever seen. Hard for Clarke to be responsible for them. J
  8. Did England not do that recently? J
  9. Is it not “win the next two games and we are in the playoffs”? Regardless of any result against Denmark in the final game. J
  10. The Danish got 500 tickets apparently which is shocking when you look at the crowd in the stadium last night. I’d hope the SSC push for much more. J
  11. Cough, John McGinn at Villa is first pick. And bossed the game at Old Trafford v Man U. J
  12. That’s not good news. 25% vaccinated. Not good. J
  13. Luton return flight now shifted to 1930 departure. Arrive Luton 2105. Hanging off accepting as if things go tits up I can get my money back. J
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