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  1. Bristolhibby

    SSC JD Sports Discount.

    I asked the same question on another thread. My code isn’t working either. From what I understand the Away shirt is the same cut as the home shirt. J
  2. He has never been an MP! J
  3. Some minister I’ve never heard of Chris agreement has resigned. J
  4. It was done as a sop to keep him onside. Problem that the Tory’s know is that Boris is only popular to a small (and vocal) part of the Conservative party. Not the wider electorate. The Conservative grandees know he would be a liability in a General Election. Him and Rees-Mogg. J
  5. Boris Johnson has just resigned! It’s heating up now. J
  6. Bristolhibby


    F***ing horrendous. Thankfully this kind of crime is rare. J
  7. Bristolhibby

    New jerseys?

    Anyone struggling to get the SSC discount to work on the JD website? Trying to buy the new away top but keeps giving me an error for the discount code. J
  8. Brilliant. Hope you and the wee guy have a great time. What an experience! J
  9. Bristolhibby

    Rangers Fans In Rugby Jerseys?

    Especially in Italy? J
  10. Bristolhibby

    Europa league qualifiers

    Ditto The Pelonopese (sp) if we get past the Faroes lot. Mainland Greece in July / August. Can the game KO Aar midnight please? Skopje was the hottest I’ve ever been at a game. Close seconds were that Prague friendly in May/June and Malta. J
  11. Bristolhibby

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    Hmmm. Guess you’ll have to take the risk. Or buy a new passport. I only ever fly in and out of Ben Gurion Airport. Certainly my experience is if you are travelling through or to some “moderate” Arab countries there will be no problem. I’d guess you’d perhaps have an issue with travelling to Iran or Saudi. But most travellers don’t go there. Youd also need an “on it” boarder guard. J
  12. Bristolhibby

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    Yip, the stadium is well out of town. Definately wouldn’t walk it. I believe there are busses running on match day, and a taxi/Uber wouldn’t cost the earth. J
  13. Bristolhibby

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    That’s where the German Colony is. There are bars and restaurants all along the Main Street. Haifa are known as the worker bees amongst Israelis. Haifa works, Tel Aviv parties. J
  14. Bristolhibby

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    You don’t get stamps in your passports anymore so that won’t be an issue. I have been to Israel twice in the last year. You get a wee card when you clear immigration then another when you leave. These are in effect your “stamps”. Spent a bit of time in Haifa, it’s well hilly! If you are staying up near the top of Mount Carmel, I suggest taxis. The German quarter is a nice place for a beer and some food. Would have loved to get some time in Jerusalem but we are only over for the three days so wasn’t going to work. J
  15. Bristolhibby

    Scottish Cup Final

    Quick question. Did any Protestants apply for any positions on the Hibs board before 1950? I don’t know the answer (not really bothered as it’s almost 70 years ago).