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  1. They need to officially announce it FFS! J
  2. What’s the rumour source? J
  3. Agreed, would be nice if the SFA actually kept us in the loop and expressed the displeasure that for a second time we are being jerked around. Fair play we were fine with it re the playoffs but as has been said, when someone does you a favour, you don’t then take a dump on their bed. J
  4. Centre badges just don’t work. Collars, I actually prefer a collar. J
  5. Agreed. I get that there’s a war on, but as has been shown, the administrators and most of the players are just getting on with the day job. Get it sorted! Hoping for Krakow as I hear it’s very pretty, plus from a history buff tourist perspective, I really want to see Auschwitz. J
  6. Forgot about him. He did a lot of good last time. Then disappeared up himself. J
  7. Armenia were 5/1 for the win yesterday. Ridiculous odds. Had a taste of that. Bookies have no idea what Scotland are traditionally like in far flung Eastern European places. J
  8. There’s a waiting list with the SSC. Give them a bell and they can sell them on to SSC members who missed out because they didn’t have enough points. J
  9. Back to the OP question. I look at wales to be the opposite of my rugby team, Bath. Bath have a host of International players a huge chunk of the England team but fail to click as a team. Culture is rotten and coaching particularly in defence is honking. Wales in the other hand seem to be better than the sum of their parts. The Welsh management take average lower Premier / Championship players and turn them into a team that in Cardiff and on their day can beat anyone. That and Gareth Bale. Don’t underestimate what having a world class striker does to a team. What Gary Speed started is paying dividends, managers have come and gone but the culture, the esprit de corps remains. Good luck to them. J
  10. Yip. Original tickets will work for the home games. J
  11. That’s good news. Loads of direct flights to Krakow and Warclaw. J
  12. That seems mental. Odds on that’s where the next Russian Cruise missile will land. imagine Russia wiping out the whole Ukrainian national team. They don’t give a fook about the PR. J
  13. We have to turn up in the up coming games. Like has been said it’s a great route to the Euros. J
  14. Problem is you could be buying a ticket for Wales v Ukraine. Won’t know until Wednesday night. J
  15. Absolute pinger of a ball for Villas equaliser last night. Ince perfect for the very late, and fast runner. A beaut of a goal. J
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