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  1. Bristolhibby

    We're on our way.....

    That’s me left the office. Bring it on! J
  2. Bristolhibby

    We're on our way.....

    Regretting not doing likewise. All for a few more hours in bed. Sounds like the guys transferring today were marched straight to the Tirana flight. That’s good news. J
  3. Bristolhibby

    We're on our way.....

    That’s good to hear. What happened to the Podgorica peeps? J
  4. Bristolhibby

    We're on our way.....

    Jeez, don’t tell me this! At least they got there in the end. J
  5. Bristolhibby

    We're on our way.....

    There is only one plane a day to Tirana on Fridays. J
  6. Bristolhibby

    We're on our way.....

    Been worrying me. 25 minutes seems ridiculously short, but Austrian seem to pride themselves on the short turnaround. J
  7. Bristolhibby

    We're on our way.....

    On the 09:05 Austrian Air flight from Heathrow to Vienna on Friday, then straight onto the 12:35 Vienna to Tirana again with Austrian. J
  8. Davy, do we know where the busses are dropping us off in Shkodër? I’m sure I’ve read somewhere. J
  9. Bristolhibby

    What currency?

    I’m going to take a ton in English £, and load another ton onto my Starling Card. If I need any more I’ll move it across to the Starling card. J
  10. Bristolhibby


    Presume a driving licence would be fine? J
  11. Bristolhibby


    Also looking at the trip advisor, there’s no box for you to write your middle name in. Luckley my folks couldn’t be arsed with middle names. J
  12. Bristolhibby

    Using your phone.

    Not so sure. My old man tried that in Australia. (He was out there visiting my brother for a couple of months). Had a Vodafone UK iPhone used a Vodafone Oz sim. It didn’t work As the phone was locked to Vodafone UK. Vodafone Australia explained that although they are both Vodafone they are essentially different companies. Conversely my brother in law who also lives in Australia was over two years ago and because he had an unlocked iPhone, he just picked up a pay monthly sim for the month he was back over and whammed it in. J
  13. Bristolhibby

    Using your phone.

    Ouch! Get that roaming switched off. J
  14. Bristolhibby


    Just noticed that. Two tickets, two pints and a kebab please. Thats me going for a Saturday collection. J