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  1. Hi Davy, Can you put me and the old man down for 2 seats on the Larnaca bus please? Cheers J PS Enjoy Istanbul.
  2. Bristolhibby


    Or even worse, they do kinda have a clue, but due to being totally unaccountable in an old boys network, simply cannot be arsed to change. J
  3. Your last sentence is the problem. It will be Yogi, or some other jobless Scot pal of theirs. J
  4. Snap. Didn’t get the first line at the game. But was humming the tune the next day. J
  5. €10 for two beers in the Bounty. Seems steep. J
  6. Horses for courses. I saw the opposite. Not moving into space. Standing with a Kazakh in front of them when we are on the ball (effectively removinglemeselves from the game). No communication, no going radge at team mates. No passion. J
  7. Was saying that to my Old Man. They’ed be busting a gut if we were away to Belgium today. Its simply not professional. Have some pride in your work. Especially as you are representing your country! J
  8. Wish McGregor had that kind of fight on the pitch. I’m not singling him out as they are all professional footballers, but where was the desire, where was going bezerk? Where was dragging your team mates out of the gutter and making the team fight. My kids under 10s have more heart. I do t mind losing to a better team but, to do so without a a wimpier is a disgrace. So angry right now! J
  9. This is a disgrace. Well done Scotland, way to take the fucking shine over the weekend. Game over. Tw@s! J
  10. Correct. It’s a the Woman’s National Team shirt. No stereotyping there with that choice of colour. i like it. J
  11. We don’t turn up until Saturday afternoon. If we were there a day earlier that would have been perfect. No doubt see you over the weekend. I’ll keep an eye out for the orange Hi-Vis. J
  12. I guess that means not many. We are in Rimini. Kinda gutted not getting into San Marino proper though. Have a day sight seeing planned in Bologna on the Monday. J
  13. I basically stood in a queue from getting off the bus until KO. There we’re guys (sensible guys I might add) jumping in taxis back to town to pick up a carry out and then heading back out to the stadium with a couple of slabs each. Woefully inadequate and lesson learnt. J
  14. Gimungous carry oot it is then. In all seriousness, I have heard there is one, but if it’s like the Hampden one, I will definately be taking 3 hours worth of beer with me. J
  15. Anyone just turning up at Bologna train station and jumping on a train to Rimini. Don’t fancy the 2.5 hour train but the 1hr 30 seems alright. Holding off booking bacause I have no idea the transfer from Bologna airport to Train Station and don’t trust thenplane to be on time. Is there a substantial saving to be made? I can definately pick a return train, but am nervous about booking the outward train. J
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