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  1. But does that not work perfectly as the Scottish no. 2 shouldn't be a full time job so having someone at the guts of youth development at one of the worlds top clubs and who is and was a diehard for the national team and as our no. 2 albeit part time is an absolutely fantastic thing for us ?
  2. Totally agree. Nice thing about this thread recently (unlike a lot of the posts before) is that there seems to be some agreement and realism and support of at least two guys.
  3. That is such an easy cop out. Strachan got us closer than for 15 years. Apart for one dodgy pass we would have got there. We were making year on year improvements with a limited resource pool without the likes of Robbo and McT there. The progress was immense. A massive unbeaten run and we punt him. And what alternatives are we left with ? To me those that wanted rid of WGS are intertwined in thinking with Regan so enjoy the fall out and suggest an alternative other than Clarke or Moyes and I'd support both but the fantisists think we can do better.
  4. I may be wrong but I am sure when Souness was being mooted radio clyde did a poll of about five potential Scotland managers and Souness came last after the radio clyde DJ himself. One thing is for sure we need an appointment that doesn't divide the fans due to perhaps misguided views about their allegiance to one of the old firm. Personally I loved WGS. He was a true fan and was always keen to come over to us to talk on away trips. He lived and hurt with us when we lost. That's all I ask for. I'm not Xenophobic but the one thing that we have is pride in the Jersey. A Scot has more chance of exploiting that. I am trully ashamed of some of the posts (not necessarily here) about WGS. I hope some people regret they got what they wished for and consider themselves at one with Regan. What are those balloons suggesting now?? But I have to reluctantly accept that the hoop supporters hated him from day one of his Celtic appointment and the Gers supporters hated him for ever being a Celtic manager ! Oh what an inclusive bunch we are. The ones dismissing Moyes - who the hell do you think we're going to get ? Im flabbergasted and impressed Moyes is interested. For the record I'd like Clarke but Moyes would be fine.
  5. The reason he couldn't take it when he was Everton manager was that it would have been cutting his income by 65%. I know money isn't everything and we all have national pride but........that's a lot of £k. I reckon his wages at Man utd were 5x what the Scotland job pays.
  6. Totally agree with that. The geezers worst decision was to take man u after Fergie. He punched above his weight at both Everton for years and latterly West Ham.
  7. I'm really sorry but that made me laugh re short term gains ie qualifying for a tournament and "we know how that ends". No mate my kids don't. Qualifying for a tournament in itself would have long term gains. Pull more in to the TA - we are dying out. Make players more likely to play for us, make the job more attractive, bring money in to fund a manager (and yup before you say it the money needs to be properly managed and directed but that's a different thread).
  8. I rather have someone get us to qualify and do relatively well at the tourney and then use us as a stepping stone than having someone be and do sh1te with us ! If someone can get as performing and get us going in the right direction the job will become more attractive for the next man. Just give us a feckin tourney!!!!
  9. Cheers mate. Expected a huge crappy response against me.
  10. So exactly what are our expectations. Some of the posts on here in the last three years are just bonkers. Who are we expecting to get ? Klopp ? The guy / woman who has just posted saying anybody but Strachan needs a reality check. Look at his record as manager. He is a fan as well as REALLY wanting the job. Look at the players that were desperately upset at letting him down. And they almost all showed up. We were for the first time for a generation on an upward trajectory until that remit Regan stepped in. One bad pass and we would have beaten England and have a play off. So if your going to put him down have a FEcking good alternative that will do it for £400k. I bet if you asked Strachan to do it for free for 6 months he would but that would be lining the blazers.
  11. The trouble is, unless you're English (and that is not me being xenophobic but I live down south) the position we find ourselves in is simply not funny. It hurts. Big time. I spent a grand to see the performance in Astana. I'm not gonna pick on eck. But i was and continue to be seriously pi$$ed off at the folk that wanted rid of Strachan for a stupid notion we'd get a golden manager willing to manage a difficult situation. The post that started this latest bit thought a foreign manager was a solution. Why would they chose the Scotland national team ? And, again not being xenophobic, the one thing a Scot brings is our passion. Hell we've got enough against us without that.
  12. Excellent. I'm based down South and my pal Mike is flying down from Edinburgh via T5 meeting him this side of security in T4 about 2pm. There appears to be a pub called the Windsor Cazstle so will plan to be in there. Shouldn't be able to miss us - Mike's aboot 6 ft 4 and I'm 5 ft 4 both will be in kilts. Bit like twins he's blond but no Arnie but perhaps I'm a bit the shape of Danny De Vito but with hair.
  13. Two of us arriving 5.45 am Wednesday off the Tuesday 5.15 pm Heathrow flight. Are any of you arriving about the same time ? If so any plans ? beer ?
  14. Can you buy local Sim cards over there?
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