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  1. WeeJohnny

    5.15 am arrival Astana. All night bar ?

    That sounds a good shout. We're staying at the Radisson (which was surprisingly cheap if anyone's still to book - £40 each per night sharing) - I don't think we'll get a significant early check in and if we go there to drink well end up no being allowed to stay !!! 😉😂 Expect will be up for a few post landing beers anyway as brain will still be on UK time and no doubt will have had a snooze on the plane
  2. We arrive from heathrow at 5.15 am on the Wednesday (20th leaving Tuesday 19th). Pointless paying for a hotel so will have to kill time until about noon before checking in. If anyone hears of a 24 hour bar / drinking place can they post details. Realise it's leading up to their big holiday too which may make it worse or better ! Assume we cant be the only ones in this situation and 5.15 am is only 11.15 pm the day before so still valid drinking hour in my book !!!!
  3. WeeJohnny

    Hotels in Astana

    Cheers Glosta. Booked us in at the Radisson - working out about £40 each per night in a twin - after spending £££ on flights thought an extra few £ on hotel OK. Sounds a good hotel for that price - do you need taxis from there to the nightlife ? Also cheers on the temperature tip. Checked the average in March - negative 2 degrees, That's the average high ! negative 16 average low ! Wowwwww !!!! Steppes colder than Stepps !!!!
  4. WeeJohnny


    We're on that Tuesday flight from Heathrow too. Air Astana have really good reviews so here's hoping. Back on the Saturday direct flight back to Heathrow - pricey at £560 return but no fannying around. The 5.40 am arrival is reminding me of the Georgia game - pointless having a hotel at that time so that called for a breakfast beer on arrival. Then another...… 6 hour time difference - gonna be weird both ways.
  5. WeeJohnny

    Strength in depth

    The comment about Robertson not being exactly spectacular in the last few games took me back (showing my age) to the criticism Dalgleish used to take for "not playing as well" for Scotland ! Robertson had a crap game in Israel but so did the whole team (and yeah I get he's captain) but against Albania he was prolific - I'm sure most of you were there and saw the miles he covered and how much he does off the ball - it really brings home his passion and belief. He had a good game on Tuesday too and really has only had the one off game. The guy is, with perhaps Forrest if he can continue this form , our one world class player.( Not putting down the others who are doing well). Remember he's a young captain - truly exciting leader for the country's team. A bad Andy R would still be a first pick for us !
  6. WeeJohnny

    We're on our way.....

    Same with me. And the Austrian Airlines woman "helping" to get new flight in Vienna last night was unbelievable rude. When I said I would say thank you but you've been rude and unhelpful she said well I think you've been rude too. Just the customer service you need after their flight shambles.
  7. WeeJohnny

    We're on our way.....

    I'm on that same flight from Heathrow in the morning to Vienna but going from there to Podgorica. Perhaps catch you for an early beer at Heathrow - I'll be the eejit with that old deck chair away top on.
  8. Dinnae get me wrong, always want us to win everything but just been scratching my heid on the rules 're level on points (as we would be with Israel if we win in Albania). I reckon we'd not qualify with a draw against Israel ? So purely from perspective of winning the group no difference draw or win ? (And before someone says I'm being negative - no I'm no suggestin we play for a draw!).
  9. WeeJohnny


    Same for me - that irritates me (I'm being polite) - two pick up times no where near where the game is actually being played and only one right before the match in the town where the game is being played !!!! OK I know loads are flying to Tirana but there's also a fair few flying in to Podgorica and surely there'll also be a good crowd wanting the be in Shkoder the day before the match. I try not to have a go at them (that's too easy and it's not the people on the ground's fault) but could it be that the SFA weren't as clued up as the supporters and had Tirana arrangements and hotels booked up before the actual venue was announced ???? Nah, surely not !?
  10. WeeJohnny

    What currency?

    Huge thanks for the recommendation for Starling bank. That was an unbelievably good experience setting it up ! 2 and a half minutes and I have a full UK bank account with debit card in three days. That's including all the money laundering gumph done. If I went in to a high street bank I reckon it'd take me a week ! I always get stung by using my BofS card where I get a transaction fee, ATM fee / cash transaction fee if I use one and a crap exchange rate - this has probably saved me about 50 beers at Albanian prices so that'll be Friday's intake sorted !
  11. WeeJohnny

    Airport transfer

    And after an hour before working out what you were on about I can safely say you've earned a red card for that !!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. WeeJohnny

    Airport transfer

    Feck. I think that is a yellow card. 🤣
  13. WeeJohnny

    Airport transfer

    If anyone's on the Vienna to Podgorica flight on the Thursday getting in at 2.30pm (or any other flight arriving about then) and wants a free taxi to the centre let me know as I've one booked and I'm arriving on my tod so 3 seats free. I'm no being exactly generous as it was only a tenner. Driver will be holding up my name so feel free to just cadge a ride then. I'm also getting a taxi Podgorica to Shkoder on the Friday leaving about 1.30 pm but I'm looking to get one happy to do one or two quick beer stops to see a couple of towns en route (Barney R - thanks for the tip on the taxi co.).
  14. WeeJohnny


    Feck. I owe you a pint. I was half way through a stroppy text back along the lines of "what did you know understand he eejit. 🤣🤣🤣. Then I caught up !
  15. WeeJohnny


    Ok, I'm getting a tadge worried as I only decided to go late as lone soldier cos the usual three lads cannae make it and have booked in to "the rose garden". Notice no mention of it on this thread ! !! So bit worrying ! I've no idea why I picked that place (apart from a vague recollection of a similarly named place in Belize). Anyone heard anything good or bad as can change ?