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  1. DoonTheSlope

    Israel tickets on sale

  2. DoonTheSlope

    Israel tickets on sale

    I wonder what odds a bookie would give on the website crashing as it struggles with everyone logging on, if they can figure out how to log on and stay on that is
  3. Mad Ramy’s been at it for years so it’s business as usual as far he’s concerned
  4. Am I the only one that read that in Vincent Prices voice expecting Michael Jackson to sing the Thriller chorus at some point
  5. DoonTheSlope

    Israel tickets on sale

    Has this ever happened before?
  6. DoonTheSlope

    Israel tickets on sale

    I seem to be missing 3 points, 2 should be added on in the next couple of days but my Costa Rica points is missing. Ive also checked my purchase history and there’s no sign off my israel purchase yet the other 3 home games are on, my Israel ticket is sitting on th mantle piece along with th remaining home game The website isn’t worth a sook
  7. DoonTheSlope

    Israel tickets on sale

    I’m in the same boat. I fly out three weeks today. If it is pick up then it’ll probably be in Haifa at the ground. Potential to have 2,000 fans descending on the pick up point a couple of hours before kick off....
  8. DoonTheSlope

    Points Tables

    Now that there’s points being awarded for home games, are there now two separate tables? One for home games and one for away games or are all points accumulated together? If the latter then I’m missing three points
  9. DoonTheSlope

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    I don’t arrive until the Wednesday so my only full day other than matchday is Friday Appreciate the offer though 👍🏻
  10. DoonTheSlope

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    Going to go with Ben Harim Tours once I decide what tour I’m going to go on. Looking on trip advisor and they have over 3,000 top reviews so they must be doing something right
  11. DoonTheSlope

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    Just wear shorts and slip a pair of jobby catchers over them before you go into the mosques and churches?
  12. Good game at Easter Road by two poor teams which saw the Ayrshire Killie milk cart come to a shuddering halt Hibs lucky with the penalty, I was behind the goals and it looked as though his studs got caught in the ground and he went down. Never a penalty in a million years, but makes up for the one given at Rugby Park last season Both teams looked a lot poorer today than when they last met in the 5-3 in April but it was still an entertaining game Looking forward to seeing more of Thomas Agyepong
  13. DoonTheSlope

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    Think I will be, Ben 😁
  14. DoonTheSlope

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    I sent another email asking for them to answer my query and they replied that they require 4 people to book for it to go ahead. They went on to say that the tour is still not confirmed to run that day and if they don’t get the required numbers by a couple of days before then they’ll notify me and let me know if any alternative arrangements I then replied asking what these alternative arrangements are likely to be and that 2 days cancellation notice isn’t any use to me as my time is very limited leaving me little time to book elsewhere if GOT alternative plans don’t suit me I then got a reply almost instantly saying that because I’m travelling in high season it will probably go ahead Personally “probably depending on numbers” isn’t concrete enough for me so I’ll likely be passing on them. A few moments after that they re-sent the Israel/Palestine Conflict brochure Looking at Ben Harim tours at the minute which seems to offering the same tours All I’m wanting is someone to take me to Jerusalem then into Palestine to get a feel for things. I’m not interested in hearing either sides propaganda