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  1. DoonTheSlope

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    John McGinn pulling out now
  2. DoonTheSlope


    I already have my wizz air boarding pass printed off for my fly out of Tirana
  3. DoonTheSlope

    BluePanorama to Venice

    This flight got changed weeks, if not months ago. I only found out a few weeks back when I logged in to see when I could check in and was asked if I was willing to accept the changes or take a refund I never had any emails or any other correspondence from the airline either
  4. DoonTheSlope

    Bevy in the stadium

    It’s the Betty Ford you want, no the Scotland game
  5. DoonTheSlope

    Stansted Airport

    Stansted Airport closes between 12 and 2 at nights now so dossing down isn’t an option
  6. None of them would be out of place on here then by the sounds of it
  7. DoonTheSlope


    Got myself one of these Starling cards to load a couple of hundred onto
  8. DoonTheSlope

    Using your phone.

    I tell a lie, it might only have been £120 for more data but even at that it’s a liberty
  9. Paddy Power would give you odds of 1/100 that this didn’t happen
  10. DoonTheSlope

    Using your phone.

    You must be o2? I was the same, I got a text saying if I wanted to use anymore data I had to reply to the text and it would cost £200 My old phone always automatically turned my data roaming off but my new phone didn’t
  11. DoonTheSlope


    First name: Bristol Happy Surname: Hibby Boarding card: Bristol Happy Hibby simple as that
  12. DoonTheSlope

    Stansted Airport

    Stansted is huge. Get a later flight, it might be a bit dearer but sure as fuck won’t be anywhere near as dear if you miss your flight
  13. DoonTheSlope


    It does say when you’re booking a flight with any airline I’ve flown with that the name must be the same as that what’s on your passport Surely it’s common sense to have your boarding card and passport to match 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. DoonTheSlope


    And for the 4th Element? Is it naive of me to think this place will be run by mafioso?
  15. These sleep in the park events to raise awareness of homelessness. An absolute pile of fucking shite. Its nothing more than propaganda so politicians, D-list celebrities and those irritating lazy shiftless cunts in the work can get time away from their actual job to put posters up and chase you for your last pound to make themselves feel important and relevant If any genuine homeless person was to get caught climbing into Princes Street Gardens to get away from any bad bastards and try and get a bit peace any other night of the year they’d get hoyed oot and chased by the polis, but just because some cunt arse singer that hasn’t had a hit for years is going to sing a few songs just to try and get themselves some air time again it’s all fair fucks Someone I ken is doing it and they get unlimited hot drinks. Get tae fuck! They should be made to walk round Edinburgh( or any other participating city’s) all day to scavage for pennies, fag doubts, auld clais and cardboard like the real homeless folk do Its nothing more than propagandic pretentious bullshit