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  1. When you get off the trains, mind the gap 😬
  2. I wouldn’t credit him with that goal whether he did score or not, nor would I give anyone a cap. The game was abandoned so it’s null and void AFAIC
  3. So where do you draw the line? Theres fans in Rimini and Bologna Tell you what I’m going via Frankfurt, that’s where the pick up should be
  4. To give him a run out and boost his fitness before he signs for the original greens
  5. @Thomson any tips about Kazakhstan and recommendations when you reach Astana will be greatly appreciated by myself and no doubt the other 500+ fans heading to the Kazakhstani capital 👍🏻
  6. But everyone is going to the stadium
  7. Why would the collection be in a completely different country from where the game is being played?
  8. Red Nose Day is the biggest load of shite on the tele So called celebrity’s hooring themselves oot for a bit of free publicity. 30 years it’s been on the go and Africa’s still not any further forward, fuck them They show you all the wee clips with some silly bastard who has to walk 12 miles a day to get a pale of water. Why does the stupid cunt not just move closer to the where the water is?
  9. Reported for harvesting Cheers!
  10. I must have been pished one night and was looking at the ante posts on the gambling apps as it looks like I’ve stuck a few quid each way on Elegant Escape at 18s 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Excluding digs. 3 nights will £200 suffice as spending money? Taxis, beer and McDonald’s etc
  12. If you like getting a stamp from places you’ve been then the Tourism Office of San Marino will stamp your passport for €5 Opening times on a Sunday are 09:00 - 13:30 and 14:00 - 18:00
  13. They could have emailed it to us
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