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  1. Away and fuck off, with any luck you’ll break your neck when you fall off that high horse your own
  2. Could anyone recommend a reliable company that provides dwarfs for stag-do’s and party nights? Im not looking for anything smutty, more along the lines of comedy Ive got an event in a few weeks time for a friend and some of us are warming to the idea of hiring a dwarf in fancy dress to say a few short words and present a gift which we are all chipping in for and who will perhaps handcuff himself to our unsuspecting mucker Has anyone used any of these company’s before and if so how reliable are they?
  3. Well I was disappointed not to see highlights of this weeks Scottish Cup Semi-Finals on the sportscene tonight Perhaps instead of playbacking voice overs they could actually have someone announce the correct contents of the upcoming program Every penny’s a prisoner
  4. It’s maybe another uk government distraction, they seem to be all the rage these days
  5. Half of the fuckers kidding on they’re grieving on Facebook and Twitter probably didnae ken him either I’m just keeping my counsel about the whole thing
  6. Yer muckers wee cuz was on with Take That at the Hydro last night. It was absolutely tremendous, I canny wait till the DVD comes oot
  7. I must be the only person I’m aware off who didn’t know him personally
  8. Hopefully a foreign coach, ideally Slavan Bilic Im sick of hearing how we got our fingers burnt with the foreign option previously. Oh aye like messrs Burley, Levein and McLeish 2.0 had us on the cusp of world domination If it wasn’t for these play offs I’d fully support it if a manager came out bluntly and said the next couple of years will be rebuilding and we may take a few hidings to get where we want to be. Looking back at Berti’s time that’s what he tried to do. He gave out caps in friendlies like smarties but that built a good spine of a team which made up a huge part of the side that just about qualified in 2008
  9. 13,999,999 annual visitors to be more precise. I really couldn’t care less I felt like torching Paris myself a couple of weeks ago when I got charged €9 for a pint outside the Stade de France
  10. Who gives a fuck? Its just one less place for the French to wreck and vandalise on a Saturday afternoon
  11. Aberdeen Football Club. The perennial fucking bottlers of Scottish football
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