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  1. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    The metro at the Champs Elyseese has been renamed The Deschamps Elyseese 😂😂😂
  2. DoonTheSlope

    Chances of getting France in our Euro 2020 qualifying group?

    Bitcoin or the nation league?
  3. DoonTheSlope

    Chances of getting France in our Euro 2020 qualifying group?

    Can someone explain how bitcoin works? It’ll be a lot easier than trying to understand this pile of pish
  4. DoonTheSlope

    Four Game Ticket Package

    Hospitality packages available for both friendlies but still no confirmed kick off for the Portugal game Amateurish
  5. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    For being such a shite manager according to a lot of people Didier Deschamps has some record
  6. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    I think you’ll find that those are actually from some of the anti trump protests
  7. It could have been us too! It could also have been any of the other 209 teams aswell
  8. Would you rather have Mark Pugatch, Roy Keane, Slaven Bilic, Gary Neville etc or would you prefer Peter Martin and Roughie? I know who I’d prefer to watch and listen to and it isn’t Peter Martin
  9. DoonTheSlope

    Transport from Airport to Tel Aviv

    Been checking different transfer websites but just keep getting quoted around the same as you’ve had I arrive about 10:30 so getting from the airport isn’t the problem, I fly out at 5:30 in the morning and the security outbound is meant to be mammoth so I might just bite the bullet and the return leg
  10. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    See people in Paris decided to go on the rampage last night looting shops and fighting with each other and the police I had a look at the snapchat map feature and most people were enjoying themselves but there was a few just out to rob and cause bother. You've just won the World Cup. Why?
  11. I can just picture the rent-a-mob brigade will be planning their next protests about the flight paths
  12. DoonTheSlope

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    The latest story is Allan permanently and Mikey Johnstone on loan plus a cash sum for McGinn
  13. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    The photos looked amazing. I hope the wee man enjoyed it as much as much you did!!
  14. DoonTheSlope

    World Cup Betting

    Well my big bets returned a handsome profit to see me alright, my match betting on the World Cup didn’t return much if any profit. It makes up for my dismal season.
  15. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    I’m glad that said tshirt