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Julian Assange

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There was a bit about this on the John Beattie show at lunchtime. Apparently the UN ruling is not legally binding in the UK. He doesn't sound like a particularly likeable person.

I heard that today. It's usually a good listen with Cosgrove and that other fella (can't remember his name). But today they went on a bit about him not being a very nice person. IMO his likability was totally irrelevant to the story they were discussing. This story is much bigger than his personality traits or mental condition.

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Even before the Wikileaks project got off the ground, the mainstream media was implicated. A role was defined and agreed upon for the corporate media not only in the release, but also in the selection and editing of the leaks. In a bitter irony, the “professional media”, to use Julian Assange’s words in an interview with The Economist, have been partners in the Wikileaks project from the outset.

Moreover, key journalists with links to the US foreign policy-national security intelligence establishment have worked closely with Wikileaks, in the distribution and dissemination of the leaked documents.”

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