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  1. Hmmm what a shocker, charges dropped against black guy who faked hate crimes saying it was white people wearing MAGA hats. The US justice system is fucking rancid.
  2. There is a shit load of this in the SNP judging by on here. It is more a vehicle to socialism for them than to independence where folk might not actually want socialism (oh the horror!). Quite a few on here have stated they would not be interested in independence if it meant Scotland ended up right of center.
  3. He is the most despicable of all the Torres by a mile but he is so far up Rupert Murdoch’s arsehole they just keep trying and trying and trying to get him as PM despite having a face you’d be happy to punch all day and the character of a slimy backstabbing cunt. When he gets the job know that it is Blair II minus the charm, smoothness and voter appeal. Micheal chinless prick Gove.
  4. The first thing I highlighted is either a typo on your behalf or garbage. You cannot argue that indyref2 is ok without arguing BREXIT2 is ok. And vice versa. That is feckin obvious. The second thing I highlighted is also wrong. These are exactly the conditions likely to move people towards YES. As long as they are perceived to have been caused by Westminster and I don't think that is a hard argument to make at all given the last few years. Yeah well Fear won last time remember. I think we need a bit of stick next time as well as a bit of carrot. BREXIT chaos is that stick. Finally - and whose fault is that? NS is trying to mitigate BEXIT and make it 'ok' for Scotland. Why the fuck is she doing that? Scotland voted to remain part of the UK. That means you are small voter block in a much bigger union of voter blocks and as such you can get dragged along with things you as a smaller block don't agree with but that is exactly what they signed up for by not voting YES. After that decision it is a fucking irrelevance if people in Scotland did not want BREXIT. Tough shit, the UK did. You want to change that you know how. FFS the SNP need to stop being a such nanny state bunch of wet blanket cunts. Let BREXIT happen, it is called democracy. And guess what by letting people actually experience the consequences of their decisions maybe just maybe they will modify those decisions next time around. You lot just want it to be the same, as if no BREXIT happened, and you think somehow you will then go onto win indyref2 on the back of it. You are fucking nuts. No pain, no gain.
  5. And 5 minutes of listening to Gordon talk at half time on Sky Sports should have been enough for anyone to know his departure was the right decision irrespective. If McLeish does not work out as it is looking that changes nothing regarding Strachan, it was time for him to go, two failed campaigns. If he came back now he would see it as some sort of vindication of the shite he did initially and I reckon he'd double down on the stubbornness and arrogance, he'd be nightmare I suspect. Plus Mark McGheee... naw.
  6. Finding the vitriol against McLeish a tad much. As a player he usually gave his all, was brave and did not hide on the pitch. A good guy as well off it. As a manager I'd be shocked if he was not trying to get the best out of the players he can pick. For whatever reason it does not seem to be working this time around. Maybe he is past it and does not inspire any confidence in the latest generation. I think people get carried away and forget who Alex McLeish was and is. I am sorry it is not working out as well as hoped but that does not make the guy a cunt or whatever... Sure would be amusing to dig out all these posts if by some small chance we did qualify. Unlikely but you never know.
  7. To be fair calling for a second vote over BREXIT is consistent... as the SNP lost the first indy vote and also want another ref on it. Saying no we must respect the BREXIT vote could easily be turned back on the SNP if they in turn do not equally respect the first indy vote. However the reason the SNP can legitimately call for indyref2 now is directly because of BREXIT. So trying kill it before indyref2 is shooting yourself not in the foot but more in the head. Kill BREXIT and you kill indyref2. So again what exactly is NS trying achieve here? She seems muddled and shortsighted.
  8. At the end of the day a hard brexit will be the thing that most optimizes the chance of the Scottish public voting YES in any Indyref2. Any smart & ruthless leader would be letting that happen instead of trying to avert it by teaming up with these utter bawbags. If NS and the Blairite wanks are successful what she will have achieved is screwing indyref2. She is an absolute idiot with zero strategic vision of how to achieve the goal.
  9. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2019/03/please-cancel-your-subscriptions/ From what I understand NS could easily have said she was in favour of a 2nd referendum whilst totally distancing herself from all the Blairite war mongering wanks. What the fuck is she thinking about? Her judgement is truly appalling.
  10. When it comes to the crimes of the democrats the US DOJ is consistently unwilling to see what is plainly in front of their faces, and it is all ignored or swept under the rug. When it comes to the republicans the DOJ sees crimes that never existed but which they pursue vigorously. And this applies to the democratically elected President of the USA in full public glare never mind its joe schmo citizens and the blatancy of it is astonishing. Nobody on the republican side seems able to do anything about... so far. What has gripped America... it is amazing to witness, seems like a different country to the one I knew growing up in the 80"s.
  11. Said earlier on that San Marino have not scored at home since 2013. Tonight might be their lucky night.
  12. I think Trump started as he said he was. He was then stymied quite quickly. And then blackmailed somehow. He is now pretty much the reversal of what he started. It is something to behold.
  13. Aye it was tempting to go trawl the thread for all the cunts so sure it was going to be a big thing and me saying it would amount to nothing. What is the point... they will just morph... into some new made up bullshit. This is why they have destroyed political dialogue. Total fake cunts.
  14. Something happened more recently. Between Trump getting elected and now. I don't know what it was but I know it happened type thing. edit: sometimes an object changes course... so you have to assume some gravitational influence that is so far not observable. Trump about up turned. I am curious why.
  15. There is no doubt Trump is possibly the most ardent mentalist zionist to ever hold the oval office. You might as well have Bibi himself as president cause he has his hand up Trumps arse for sure. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem and now seized war / annexed territories declared as sovereign... FFS what a total arsehole. (Watch the fat orange cunt say the exact opposite when it come to Crimea by the way.) I said often on here... he could never be worse than Clinton. This cunt is really really close to proving me wrong. Donald, go fuck yourself.
  16. I liked McLeish first time around. He should have stayed. That was his first mistake. Instead he totally cashed out first chance he got after doing well with us. Then 10 years later tail between legs he comes back after he can’t get a job anywhere else... so not hard to see why it is a meh fuck him now attitude. He should never have come back. Got the job on a old pals routine. He is absolutely part of that cosy rank-closing cabal of Scottish footballers on Scottish TV who all see Scotland fans as mugs while never saying it out loud.
  17. I don’t think I have ever seen someone so obviously turned (by blackmail?) than Trump. Soemthing happened there. Since the appointment of Bolton especially. Rumours are they have something on his idiot daughter through her dodgy husband... that would be how to get him.
  18. The body is rotting from the head down. The manager is more torso but eventually the stinking green rot has made even this position irretrievably gangrenous. ALL roads lead back the SFA. The are like BBC Scotland wankers. They like to project how Scottish they are while thoroughly despising it. They have quite deliberately run our game into the ground. It is not negligence nor bad luck. Wake up.
  19. That was a genuine lol moment. Bit of a tangent but can I ask why you hate people who believe in God so much?
  20. thplinth

    Next Manager?

    Steve Clarke would be the best choice. However if you were Steve Clarke's agent / best friend you'd be telling him to avoid it at all costs. The SFA are utter wankers and that would be your employer. Why would anyone with self respect want to work for them. SC is perfectly poised to pickup a really heavy paying job in the EPL as soon as some team gets the relegation fears. He'd be mad to cash in all his good work to take a shite job managing a bunch of players who don't really give a fuck about the concept of the Scotland team for which they are picked, and for an employer who are worth less than a fuck.
  21. thplinth

    Next Manager?

    I know this will be hard for some to take in but the SFA have no interest in appointing a manager who will do well. You don’t get that gig if you are a patriot type, quite the oppposite. The kind of people of make it to the top of the SFA are the same type of quisling cunts who make it to the top of BBC ‘Scotland’. Barry Hearn said it all... they all need the sack. It is you who keep them in a job. Ultimately it is you... stop going at all levels until you bring them down, not to their knees, down.
  22. Aye interesting they are powerless to stop the sexual abuse of British children “on an industrial scale” yet this they are all over like a rash. Britain really is the vanguard country for so much of this... Makes you wonder who is calling the shots.
  23. Fucks sake this is unbelievable... sounds really close. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/03/20/bus-full-children-set-alight-angry-driver-retaliation-migrant/
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