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  1. Everyone knows putting all your (political) eggs in one basket is a great idea. Works every time...
  2. How are they enforcing it? If you decided to say fuck it and go out would they know or care? The whole thing seems mickey mouse. From what I can see it is ok for a visitor to come to the UK, name a relative's house as their place of quarantine, then spend two weeks in 'quarantine' while living with a household full of people who are not in quarantine and who are coming and going as they please. Everything about the UK and Scotland's response has been a day late and a dollar short... half arsed garbage.
  3. Andy is being used to keep the public attention as much as possible on him and away from the real perpetrators and the people funding them. He is a 'victim' of the blackmailers rather than the one setting it all up. Andy is obviously an arrogant and thick pervert but he is just another john in this sordid affair. I think they have been setting Andy up for this part for years. When he went / was summoned to NY and then photographed walking with Epstein in the park after he got out of jail... I am sure that was all a well planned set up. No sympathy with the guy, thoroughly dislikeable man but he is being used as a diversion. What I want to see made the focus are the people doing the blackmailing, who has been compromised by them and what have they been made to do as a result of the blackmail. Look how high it potentially goes just with the Clintons. This is likely a very substantial network of very powerful people all under the control of the blackmailers. If all of this were properly exposed it could change things in a big way... so no chance then.
  4. Hats off... the smiley gang move like a well oiled Rotherham grooming gang. Ramy is in the clink for two weeks thanks to Bonzo and his merry men so we may as well run amok on his thread. Unless any of you Charles Manson sympathizers are particularly keen to get it back on the topic of The Mighty Celtic. (Over to you Bozo...)
  5. It’s like Jon Venables backing up Robert Thompson all over again... Lighten up Duncan.
  6. I am not sure why you find it hard to see why I find it offensive. For example the only person I would use to compare to what Anders Brevik did would be Thomas Hamilton. Would you have used him as 'joke'. "I am a bit worried Dave78 might be slipping into his Scoutmaster uniform, polishing his six shooter and heading down to his local primary one class to off a bunch of 5 year olds... lol". I don't think you can really make a joke out of folk like this because who is not going to be offended with being equated with someone like that. Like I said at the time the guy killed a heap of kids in cold blood (and a heap more barely out of their childhood). So I find it poor taste and offensive to be equated with him under any circumstances. And as for being right of centre. Fucking yawn. That just what you say for me disagreeing with the far left on here. It is not the same thing. I am actually apolitical apart for a spell supporting the SNP and independence. But that is how it is now. Anyone who opposes the mentalness of the 'progressive' woke far left is immediately smeared as alt-right, a fascist, a nazi. So I suppose this 'humour' is just another manifestation of it... it has become normal to you, you don't even see why it might be offensive..
  7. Well you should have just deleted it then (or not posted it in the first place) as it was poor taste and offensive. Do you not know know what that guy did? Very odd material to be making into jokes IMHO... Which is why personally I think it was meant as much as a smear as a joke. Judging by your replies to me I obviously don't agree with your (I guess 'woke') politics so in your mind it is ok to make a Brevik comparison (as a 'joke'). Given what he did... what planet are you living on where that is acceptable. Anyway I did not want you penalized (as I said on the thread I thought it was probably meant as a poor taste 'joke') I just wanted it removed. We obviously see this differently so I'd appreciate if you can just keep me out of your posts in future.
  8. They don't even see how bad it looks from outside the bubble. Similar to when a relationship goes badly wrong and they start using their own kids as a weapon. It is a gradual thing so they don't see it happening.
  9. Pretty fucked up... 10 people killed in 30+ shootings in one city in one day...
  10. Says the tragic hun that brought up the celtic boys club on the Epstein thread just because a celtic fan made a post. Nice bait and grass maneuver through... just like the old days.
  11. It was Dave78. Made some post about me quoting anders brevik manifesto and shooting people. FFS the guy killed about 20 kids plus many more... this business of comparing people whose political opinions you disagree with to the most disgusting of people is totally cool with team mod meanwhile I got 2 warning points for posting a video of a girl who got attacked because it was on bitchute. Or more accurately one of their wee buddies complained and they took it at face value. no reply to my pm asking why the warning... quite tempted to test the ban policy. Why not... then just reregister and start posting real abuse and following their wee buddies about. Who gives a fuck at this point.
  12. I’ve been on here since 2005 I think and I reported my first post just recently. I even said I thought it was meant as a joke but that I found it OTT and offensive. Mods never even bothered to reply. All that bullshit about not seeing stuff so report it.... pure bollocks. They jump on certain folk while turn a perpetual blind eye to others. I’ll not bother my arse again.
  13. I have defended the mods on here for years. But I am starting to think you might be right. It is the selective application of the rules that makes it bullshit.
  14. That is ridiculous. Huge vote losing policy same as the higher income tax rate. It is a slow burner but it will blow up in the SNP's face.
  15. Did his board name loosely rhyme with 'bollock gristle'. The direction this thread has taken is a good summary of where independence is.
  16. Secoriya Williamson, the father of eight-year-old Secoriea Turner, told reporters that his daughter had been killed after at least two people in a crowd of armed people opened fire on a car she was riding in with her mother. Authorities said the mother had attempted to drive through illegally placed barricades in the area when the vehicle came under fire Saturday night. Bottoms said there have been problems with protesters in the area putting up barriers to close off the street. She said she received a message that the barriers were back up less than an hour before she was informed that the eight-year-old girl had died. "They say Black Lives Matter. You killed your own," Williamson said. "They killed my baby because she crossed a barrier and made a U-turn? You killed a child. She didn't do nothing to nobody. Black Lives Matter? You killing your own. You killed an eight-year-old child. She ain't did nothing to no one of y'all. She just wanted to get home to see her cousin. That's all she wanted to do." https://www.foxnews.com/politics/atlanta-mayor-calls-for-citizens-to-stop-shooting-each-other-after-murder-of-8-year-old-near-blm-protest-site What was this all about again?
  17. Asian Americans are the demographic who are absolutely crushing it right now in the States. Funnily enough all the racism does not hold them back. Weird. And the top of the tree are Japanese Americans (who were rounded up into internment camps during WWII). But despite them doing much better than Whites we don't hear anything about Asian Privilege for some reason. There are a lot of reasons why one demographic does better than the other. Apparently growing up in a home where both parents were present is a big advantage. Asian kids on average do significantly more home study than Whites, it pays off. Culturally there is a strong work ethic in some asian countries that see them gradually rise to the top wherever they go. The Chinese in Indonesia are the wealthiest demographic despite suffering heavy oppression. You see this in other countries with a significant Chinese community. How highly regarded is attaining a higher education is another important variable and in particular for the scientific, engineering and technical fields. Drug use is another. Crime rates. There are a lot of far more important variables that determine how well one demographic does versus an other than race.. One of the things that is really taking a toll on the White demographic in the US is the opioid crisis. Devastating. But race hustlers gotta hustle.
  18. If you were to say... All Black people are 'this' or 'that'. Then whatever you say... it is going to be a racist statement. You are attributing some trait or characteristic to All Black people and it is the 'All' that makes it racist. You are talking about hundreds of millions of people from a vast array of countries and family and societal backgrounds and a huge amount of other variables. So if you attribute something to all of them based on them being black alone it is the very definition of a racist statement. Another example... All White people are privileged or racist.
  19. Not only does she know who was involved in running and funding the Epstein operation over decades she likely knows exactly who had been blackmailed into doing what. Finding out all the politicians who are in someone else's pocket would result in all of losing office. With cynicism over Epstein's death running so high it will be hard to just kill her. But she knows so much really bad shit about so many really powerful connected people it is hard to see how they can let her live. If she rolls over and goes into witness protection... oh man. Get the popcorn out.
  20. And that is me doing them a favour as they missed out the second 'i' as well. lol.
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