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  1. Sleep tight and don't let the white pensioners bite.
  2. Just stop man. You are not going to smear your way to a quick YES. It is a turn off. I am far more pro independence than you but if I thought your brand of nutcase was the future of the SNP I'd have to decline for the long term health of Scotland. Your head is so full of shit it is unbelievable. We are years away from YES and for good reason. We need a good few years to go by... and also I hope by then we will have a new leader whose head is not up her arse and the party is rid of the 'progressive' obsessed bellends (like you) totally fucking it up. And the funny thing is you are a raging neocon who wants war with Iran. And you are endlessly calling people right wing... fuck me.
  3. Speed is the problem mostly always. I would reckon 90% of accidents are avoidable if the speed was reduced. If you go through a busy pedestrian crossing at speed hoping no idiot walks out you have been trained badly, you always assume one will and especially on a bike or a motorbike where it could kill you. Regarding the insurance it will be a massive shame if bikes can no longer use pavements as a result but alas there are so many arseholes going too fast on them it seems inevitable. I cycle but as a pedestrian it annoys me when some fecker flies past from behind and gives you a fright, usually a courier.
  4. What when like you are calling people white supremacists, nazis, bigots and now most ridiculously of all 'white pensioners' for having differing political views to you. WTF! Surprised you missed gammons. It is you carrying around a huge amount of prejudice in your head. White pensioners... jesus fucking christ...
  5. You really are a thick cunt and an embarrassment to those hoping for independence.
  6. Scots did fuck all in response to the poll tax. Fuck all. It only kicked off when it was implemented in England. Scots are the most domesticated passive people.
  7. thplinth

    Next PM

    I dont follow who is who in the tory or other UK parties but where do they dig these folk up from... Rory Stewart... what a fucking tube! (Sorry for the unfunny bits with Steve Coogan.)
  8. I've not watched it but I did see this... https://vdare.com/articles/ann-coulter-on-the-central-park-rapists-who-you-gonna-believe-netflix-or-the-evidence
  9. What was the glorious part? Not just the one point in 3 games but going out after leading 3-0 with 15 mins to go in a must win game. This place would be in full meltdown mode, with multiple threads erupting across forums basically going nuts slagging everyone. Fair play to the ladies they have taken us to a new level of embarrassing humiliation. This is why women's football is a bad idea, it just doubles the misery.
  10. The state of the tories post Cameron. May was astonishingly dreadful but what we are about to get is from a different league. Johnson does not read the newspapers, he is dangerous. So is Gove but for different reasons, I am thinking by the time the next GE comes around people are going to be royally fucked off with the tories and so who else are they going to turn to. Assuming Corbyn isn't nobbled first of course which is a really big assumption - see the Jeremy Corbyn fecked thread for why. They have already half hobbled him with false anti semitism smear campaign.
  11. Whoever the tories pick it will be a smarmy wanker for sure. Gove would be the 'best' pick for the reason I will get to. We are going to get Hard Brexit. Then we are going to get the aforementioned smarmy wanker clinging to power for a year or two post BREXIT and then we are going to get a Corbyn socialist government. From an economic perspective I can see some potentially very stormy waters ahead for the UK economy. After all of that if Scots are not ready to vote for Independence they never will*. It is the Perfect Storm. Hard BREXIT... Gove (but probably Johnson)... Corbyn. Nothing against Corbyn but 'they' will never allow him to be a success. And it is not that this is unlikely to happen, it looks unavoidable in fact. (*personally I wonder if they ever will)
  12. When "BoJo" was editor of the spectator he published this poem... The quotes come from a "satirical" poem by James Michie, titled "Friendly Fire". It was published in The Spectator magazine in 2004 – and Johnson was editor of the publication at the time. The full poem reads: The Scotch – what a verminous race! Canny, pushy, chippy, they’re all over the place, Battening off us with false bonhomie, Polluting our stock, undermining our economy. Down with sandy hair and knobbly knees! Suppress the tartan dwarves and the Wee Frees! Ban the kilt, the skean-dhu and the sporran As provocatively, offensively foreign! It’s time Hadrian’s Wall was refortified To pen them in a ghetto on the other side. I would go further. The nation Deserves not merely isolation But comprehensive extermination. We must not flinch from a solution. (I await legal prosecution.) http://www.stationgossip.com/2019/06/boris-johnson-published-poem-joking.html So I suppose he is the Churchill of our time. A fat racist cunt.
  13. Not sure this idea that cancer has always been as prevalent is true. It was much rarer in the past was my understanding but has gone big time in much more recent times for some reason... I think this was found out based on testing bodies from antiquity etc.
  14. Merkel looks like she may have some problems...
  15. I got the belt a few times including once at primary school. Kids today have no idea as I had no idea... I don't think anyone objects to or even gives a fuck about anyone promoting tolerance and 'inclusivity'. Nearly every one would agree with that. But teaching that there are more than two genders... is that not factually incorrect, total bullshit. So why should people put up with this nonsense? It is great we are all tolerant but does that mean we have to start accepting intellectual gobbledygook? Not just accepting it but having it rammed down your throat at the threat of 'exclusion'... how ironic.
  16. I think he means say two not one in the heat of the argument. Saying one does not actually make a lot of sense as who would disagree. He later says just a few seconds after 37s in your your opinion there is only two and that is not very inclusive... it is obvious from the whole argument that he means more than two and the boy is saying only two.
  17. Watch the vid i posted, he says it clearly. 20 secs on...There are more than two genders he said and this kid has been chucked out for saying no that is incorrect in the class and not backing down.
  18. Maybe the teacher should first. He was disagreeing after the teacher said there were more than two. Why are you chastising the pupil, a child, to keep his culture wars out the classroom and not the paid professional?
  19. Here is the video unedited and without all the fluff.. "It is National Schools Authority Policy..." 1m 20s (that there are not two genders). Is this correct? Is this a Scottish Government driven thing?
  20. Gulf of Trumpkin moment here for sure. Be interesting how Trump plays this... will tell you a lot about him.
  21. Cove Sheep is a man of his word. You can bank on it. Buuuut.... I wonder how wrong you really are loon. We all seemed to know postal votes were 'massively' in favour of NO. I predicted 4 to 1 on what you said. That is 'massively'. So it fits. Fact is there are no informative stats on postal votes. Which is perhaps the most telling stat.
  22. Ha ha. You cant run with hounds and hunt with the fox phart. By the way... why are folk focusing on the counting of the postal votes like that mattered to the rigging question?
  23. Wow, nice to hear it spoken out loud. US secretary of state can intervene and stop a democratically elected prime minister of the UK happening if he decides. I don't doubt it but I wonder how.
  24. Yep that is pretty much what I read a few years ago now. I did not know surgery can produce the exact same results. If you are obese or diabetic or both you should watch it. He tells you the way out of it. Low carb diet. And he says it clearly - no sugar at all. By the way fasting can take you into ketosis but I think they say you are better to get into ketosis first while eating a high fat / low carb diet and then start to do intermittent fasts and that really turbo charges it. This shit is really the tip of the iceberg. As you mentioned the policy decision to make fat in your diet an enemy and instead push carbs was catastrophic... we are now starting to see the long term consequences.
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