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  1. When this is over, the number of senior clubs in Scotland (and elsewhere) will be much reduced.
  2. Aberdeen have announced that their insurance will not be paid out after 30th April.
  3. He got slaughtered by another member of the Scottish gov. "You're not exceptional or an exception", 🤣
  4. The government have delayed implementing that until this is over.
  5. There is no way this will happen in June this year!
  6. jailender

    The Weemin

  7. Italian FA now saying Seria A might be abandoned, and either no winner, or current positions to be the final situation
  8. It doesn't matter what coverage is given in the media, it is the jury who will decide on guilt or not.
  9. The problem is that outside Scotland, 9and in Scotland as well), there really isn't much of an audience for Scottish football, apart from the ugly sisters.That's not going to change soon.
  10. Excellent job Davy, Agia Napa bus 2 went really well. Driver was right into the whole thing. Thanks again .
  11. If it doesn't interest you, why fucking bother starting a thread?
  12. Hi Davey,   in need of 4 on Ayia Napa bus,  and two tickets for non members please.  Cheers!

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    2. jailender


      Sorry didn't see refund post. It's my wife's Paypal and I haven't a scooby how any of it works !! She is babysitting grandkids tonight, so might not get ot done until tomorrow, if that's OK.

    3. DavyP


      Yeah no problem....when you enter my email to pay the next page asks if it is going to someone you trust ie friend & family or paying for services......if you click the services PayPal take a sellers fee from the transaction.


    4. jailender


      OK. Will get it done as soon as possible

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