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  1. jailender

    John fleck

    He's been discharged from hospital, so let's hope the best for him.
  2. He had a throat infection. Hardly life threatening or long term
  3. There are still big issues with the board. There are at least two topics I can't access and get the forbidden access screen. Come on Mods, get it sorted
  4. Exactly. The rules were set out, and all the teams knew how the system worked.
  5. He is still representing Scotland at U21, so does that mean zero too?
  6. I keep getting it on desktop and tablet. Sometimes have to exit site and come back later. Definitely needs a permanent fix.
  7. Not going well, 3 wickets down in the first over!
  8. I wouldn't imagine the bus stop will be hard to find, and likely not to be many destinations.
  9. Unfortunately there have been Orange minded walks in Inverness at least twice, under the Apprentice Boys name. Not a good thing in the Highlands (or anywhere else for that matter)
  10. What is going to happen to the Scottish Passport plans now that England have apparently ditched the idea? Going to raise all manner of issues for people attending events in Scotland, if they are from outwith Scotland.
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