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  1. jailender

    Closedown Bank

    They are owned by an Australian bank, if my memory serves me right. Still getting Clydesdale notes in machines. Not been a Scottish owned bank for several years.
  2. jailender

    Russia 2018

    Senegal out because of two more yellow cards than Japan. That must hurt!!
  3. jailender

    The Weather thread

    Easterly wind, bringing in cooler air from the north sea, along with some haar in places. Inverness was like that on Tuesday, but roasting for last two days.
  4. Neil young has done a few, but I can't work out how to post them.
  5. Just seen that he is critically ill in hospital. Sad news.
  6. jailender


    I was in Peru about 4 years ago, and can't remember having to get any vaccinations, if that's of any help.
  7. jailender

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Cadden added to squad
  8. jailender

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    I would advise anybody going over to the matches to take their boots!!
  9. Rangers have been charged on two accounts by the SFA for breaches of Articles of Association and disciplinary matters. This could get messy !
  10. jailender

    Series Worth Watching

    I hears that the BBC have put all the series of the Bridge back on IPlayer in advance of the new series.
  11. According to King, so it must be true, they are not talking to "anyone new, or who is not there already".
  12. jailender


    That should be in the If it's Friday thread
  13. jailender

    Gary Neville team of the year

    Most Rangers supporters 🙂
  14. Alcohol is ridiculously cheap now compared to when I started drinking. I read somewhere that it is something like 60% cheaper now than in the 70s and 80s. So maybe this measure will help, but I can't say that with a lot of confidence.