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  1. Dig out Broooce to make a fairly crap McCartney look good. It's amazing what sequensers can do
  2. Cannae be arsed watching 2 hours of whatever. Any chance of a brief summary?
  3. It's a full moòn every night on here
  4. I wouldn't bet on that.
  5. Heard on the radio today that something like 13-15% of Macdonald turnover is in Russia! Seems a bit high to me.
  6. Shows adegree of arrogance to me. You are still representing your country.
  7. Reading Gemmil's comments about Hickey, it seems he's not keen. If he's too tired to pay for U21s, then he must be too tired for the main squad!
  8. How many of the players will volunteer to stay and fight? Seems like the whole country is pretty unified in this.
  9. Seriously, with what's going on just now, does anyone really care about a game of football when people are dying!
  10. Apparently, they're going to concentrate on a unified bid for Euros in 2028.
  11. The scrum rules are complete shut. They don't even pretend the ball goes in straight anymore, it's just a free ball. Rubbish
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