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  1. I see that some women players from Man City and Arsenal WSL teams went to Dubai and came back testing positive for Corona and games have had to be cancelled. What odds on same happening to Celtic? Makes their decision look even more ridiculous.
  2. The amount of pish being spouted on this thread is tedious, to say the least
  3. There's no way that there will be anywhere nearly full stadia in June, probably no fans at all.
  4. Even thought the pubs up here are open, they are still limited capacity, so there won't be any rammed with folk.
  5. What a pointless thread. He is English. No eligibility.
  6. There will be no crowd at the Israel game in October.
  7. There's no way there will be a crowd at games in September, and I don't think I would go in any case. There would be fans from all over, with fuck all social distancing happening. No thanks.
  8. Having been in pubs over the last few weeks, as the drink takes effect, social distancing begins to go out the window, especially with younger drinkers. I suspect there will be more lockdown of bars coming soon
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