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  1. A friend of mine from Inverness was in motherwell at the weekend, and was shocked at the number of people not wearing masks and ignoring social distancing. No wonder case numbers are so high in the central belt.
  2. Yes, you are being melodramatic
  3. No matter who the manager is - "you can only pish with the cock you've got"
  4. Yes, the virus is going to be with us for a while, but as the virus mutates, so will the scientists tweak the vaccines. Hopefully, as said above, we will get back to near normality.
  5. Even so, that doesn't fully explain why Scotland's rate is so high. Surely in countries where vaccination is lagging behind us there would be higher numbers in more age groups, resulting in a higher overall total.
  6. Apparently Scotland has the highest infection rate in Europe. Why, if the vacciantion programme is meant to be so well advanced? Can't purely be down to the Delta variant.
  7. He has already declared that he wants to play for England, so forget him.
  8. This. Their best players are up front, ours are defenders.
  9. A whole 2.5 hours without a pint!! How can anybody manage that?
  10. As the rules for the fan-zones in Glasgow are table service of alcohol only, I can't see there being normal stalls selling drink
  11. I think people's expectations of the "bar" service might be on the high side. It won't be the usual set up.
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