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  1. What a pointless thread. He is English. No eligibility.
  2. There will be no crowd at the Israel game in October.
  3. There's no way there will be a crowd at games in September, and I don't think I would go in any case. There would be fans from all over, with fuck all social distancing happening. No thanks.
  4. Having been in pubs over the last few weeks, as the drink takes effect, social distancing begins to go out the window, especially with younger drinkers. I suspect there will be more lockdown of bars coming soon
  5. Fuck's sake, in the long history of the TAMB, this has to be the most tedious thread ever, and none of the posters are coming out of it well !!😕
  6. Anyone who was naive/stupid enough to go to Spain in the current situation has to expect this, so get on with it.
  7. You obviously don't give a fuck about Rangers, as you never post about them !!
  8. Can't be arsed trying to upload a link, but Another Girl, Another planet by The Only Ones is a good shout
  9. All these folk defending Fraser. just wait for the outcry when he pulls out of a Scotland squad, but is fit to play for his club in the next game.
  10. Hearts start legal challenge ! This could get messy.
  11. Well, the clubs have rejected the latest restructuring proposal, so will that be the ned of it? Somehow I don't think so.
  12. In the very unlikely case that the 14-10-10-10 gets adopted, we will still be stuck with the playing teams 4 times per season. What is needed is a more radical change, but that ain't going to happen, due to the power of SKY
  13. BBC news web page has an article about how to make one from hankies and t- shirts.
  14. Apparently it's around 3am when they are visible in GB. There is a website which gives you times when they are passing over this part of the world.
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