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  1. I see on the BBC that Gary Caldwell saying that he is better suited to manage Scotland than he was to manage Partick, as he played 55 times for Scotland, but never played in the Chapionship !!!🤔
  2. The Czechs made 10 changes from th team that beat England !
  3. Reading the interview with Emery on the BBC website, it looks like Tierney will only play part of the game tomorrow, and probably Saturday as well, as he's not quite up to full fitness
  4. He is to be named in the squad.
  5. jailender


    Colca Canyon is excellent. If you are there early - mid morning, you see the Andean Condors taking off when the sun heats the air ane there are thermal currents for them to soar on. We saw about 40 birds nad the viewing point is close to where they fly.
  6. Thistle have sacked Gary Caldwell with immediate effect.
  7. There was an interesting article in the Mail on Sunday yesterday about Gerrard, and how he is surrounding himself with ex- Liverpool staff in his backroom team, and what the impact on Rangers will be if/when he leaves.
  8. What do you expect on a Monday night following a Friday night game, coupled with recent results? I also noticed that Wales had a crowd of 7666 !!
  9. Ladbrokes no more after this season. Who next ???
  10. Been put back for twelve months. Wonder if it will ever happen.
  11. That's mainly because they are overpaid, and no one will take them on at their present wages, so they sit tight, and happily take the money.
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