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  1. So if Marshall is that good, why is he not first choice for a team in EPL or Championship?
  2. I can't see that being the case. I was speaking to a player with another Highland League team at the weekend, and he says Cove are very keen to go up, and they have spent a lot of money on their stadium and players etc, with that being the target.
  3. Sven saying that he's never even thought about it !!
  4. San Marino game was after Khazakstan
  5. Hearts are closing a section of the ground due to recent bad behaviour by fans.
  6. Not happening according to SFA on BBC. No direct quote, but says no plans to hild board meeting to discuss McLeish's future.
  7. jailender

    Next Manager?

    There's no way Michael O'Neil would take the job after signing his new contract with NI
  8. The fact that McTiminay had to rush to the toilet at full time, might just have meant that he wasn't really fit, and hence didn't play.
  9. Noticed that a few days ago, and agree with you about no indication of what you're going to get next.
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