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  2. Can you get to sleep ok after such a late coffee!? Happy Birthday to the wee man & enjoy the cake!
  3. On another note, can anyone tell me the name of the tune (& band?) at the end of the prog on Sky ?
  4. That was brutal, played off the park by a poor team that we made look like Brasil! Said it earlier but I'm still astonished he decided to keep the set up we had in the first half whilst we were sneaking a 1-0 win, away from home, whilst getting played off the park. 24 chances this poor team, that hadn't won a game forever, had against us, it was the set up that allowed that, fair enough if you set up wrong initially, providing you change things quickly but no he keeps us set up with a shape that was seeing us getting steamrolled and only a matter of time before the opp scored, bewildering!
  5. No bars showing it where you are? I thought it would have been easy enough to find somewhere as its on Sky.
  6. What on earth was McLeish thinking not changing our set up for the second half, we had the lead and we were getting played off the park, not one but two reasons to change things around but no, he decides to send us out to face more of the same which was akin to a suicide mission!
  7. Andy Goram, Ally McCoist or Mo Johnston for me. Thought McFadden had a number of great moments in the shirt but on the whole, he didn't reach the heights we all hoped he would. Collins and Lambert were good players I also saw playing for Scotland.
  8. Indeed! "He is amazing," said Matic. "He is 21 and to play like that [against Chelsea] and control the game like that is impressive. He will be a big player for Manchester United. "I like him because he is a very nice guy and he doesn't have a problem to ask something before the game. I am always there to help him. "When I came to Manchester, I saw within a few days he would become a top player. "He is working very hard, but I don't want to say too many things about him because he is still very young. "But he deserves all the good things."
  9. This news is a bit of a result I suppose! I Wasn’t expecting it after he turned down an earlier call up and had Southgate coming to see him. McTominay, 21, met Scotland boss Alex McLeish at United's Carrington training ground on Thursday. England boss Gareth Southgate was due to visit United on Friday but it is understood McTominay did not meet him. Does this indicate McLeish done such a good job of convincing him that he didn’t even hear Southgate out!? Seems hard to believe he didn’t even meet Southgate if he was there and wanting to see him. Lets hope he serves us well for many a year to come...
  10. Interview with McLeish talking about his time with Scotland, (towards the bottom of the page in the link)
  11. Meant to add, I'm have taken McLeish over Smith without a doubt, they both left us but Smith done so in the middle of a campaign, whereas the situ with McLeish was much different.
  12. McLeish will do for me. I said at the start of the thread that a part of me would be happy to see him get the job. I'd only having taken Moyes closely ahead of him out of all the favourites. He's got experience playing for the jersey as he has managing the national team, both of which will stand him in good stead, as will the rest of his management experience including more recently acquired , albeit short, spells managing abroad. Had it not been for a dodgy referee McLeish could have taken us Euro 2008. We came close against all odds. More of the same with just a little bit more to get us over the line would see us in dreamland for the first time since 98 & I for one will be backing McLeish all the way in the hope & belief we'll be back at our 1st major finals in over 20 years. Wherever It Takes Us Whatever It Takes
  13. I feel the same for the most part, particularly rewarding him with a second chance after he walked on us first time around but the list of candidates is not brimming with great options and I feel he is a better choice than many of the others.
  14. With Strachan gone, I think the likelihood of a few chucking it has increased, Brown in particular isn't happy with the decision to let Strachan go and indicates that many others share his sentiments.
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