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    I don't suppose anyone is selling two season passes for the 2022 6 Nations?
  2. We can enjoy the next two weeks until the mania starts about them winning the World Cup next year. 🙄
  3. The Foot-ball Club, from Edinburgh, wrote down the rules of football in 1833, which I believe was around 30 years before the FA was founded. Ok, the rules are not the same as the FA set down, but the rules now are not the same as the FA set down back then. In my opinion, nobody invented football, so long as there has been a cabbage, potato, rock...people would have been kicking them between things.
  4. They're definitely my favourites now.
  5. I was back down the fan park today for 'The Boogie Unicorn'. Believe it or not, it was much better than when a match is on. Since Scotland were put out the games have been empty (according to the volunteers on-site) - it's SO annoying that people aren't returning tickets to the Fan Zone that they aren't using. So many kids are missing out on a great day out at this amazing place.
  6. I was looking every day to see if any fan park tickets for Glasgow Green were made available, about 2 weeks ago I was lucky enough to pick up 2 tickets for the Den/Cze Ukr/Eng quarter-finals, however, we were nearly the only ones there! The main fan park was empty too. If you have tickets and aren't going to use them please hand them back. My daughter was desperate to attend today and she couldn't as all of the tickets were taken, she would have been the second kid there. This is SO annoying.
  7. I've been to the fan zone and walked past the family area. I think it looks great, there are a couple of small pitches there where the kids have an organised kick about, the big screen is a little smaller than the other screens there but it still looked good, there were no tables so I'd say a waterproof picnic blanket is essential. There were only a couple of food stalls so taking some food might be an idea too. It's an alcohol free area too. I've got tickets for one of the semi-finals and I'll definitely be going.
  8. I know of a Cat 1 ticket that might be going cheap if you're still looking? It's in the Sky Lounge above the North Stand.
  9. I ordered 2 tickets from the UEFA Ticket Portal last night for the Swe v Ukr match, I received a confirmation email and it shows up on my order history on the portal...but the tickets aren't there on the app. Has/is anyone else had/having this issue? Should I be concerned? I emailed UEFA this morning but haven't had a reply.
  10. Are all of the SSC tickets in the same section for the matches?
  11. Do you still have it? I'll take it if you do.
  12. Thank you so much but it really needs to be 2.
  13. If anyone has any seats available on their table for this game I be extremely grateful to have a couple.
  14. I think it's better than it was. There used to be a real 'hierarchy' who had the opinion that if you didn't post 10 times a day then your opinion wasn't valid. To some extent that still exists but it's less noticeable. It is such a great tool for arranging buses for away games, discussing football/political/social maters and most importantly raising money for charity. There is no way this has outlived it's purpose...I don't think it ever could. VIVA LA TAMB!
  15. After we lost to Italy. I've never been so gutted but I was so proud that the TA stayed well after full time and the team came back or for a lap of honour. I was bursting with pride that we nearly got out of a group against the two world cup finalists. It was a great campaign although unsuccessful. Bitter sweet moment.
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