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Manchester Arena Explosion

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18 minutes ago, phart said:

Big bomb went off in Kabul. 80 dead hundreds injured.

Aye but not white people in a western country. Did here nick cleg got hurt though

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44 minutes ago, Toepoke said:

Easy tiger, I just looked it up masel'.

Thought you'd meant the Emirates Arena in Glasgow at first.


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On 5/24/2017 at 1:24 PM, thplinth said:

Iran was also a victim. First they deposed the PM for the shah and then they deposed him with the ayatollah. The shah said if you look under his beard it says Made in London. The British organised the Iranian revolution. Once you realise that you realise that this has been going on for a long time now. They are very methodically destroying these countries. The refugee crisis is very much part of the plan.

I knew I'd posted on this... did not expect it on this thread.

Bit more on it here.

No idea about the site or writer but most of it is quotes from other sources. Most folk know they overthrew Mossadegh and empowered the Shah but what most don't know is that they then did the same to the Shah and empowered Khomeini.

They wanted Iran to be consumed by religious extremists. It created a bogeyman for them and again degraded another country in the middle east. Iran was a relatively tolerant and open country before they did all this... 

On 5/24/2017 at 1:37 PM, thplinth said:

And if anyone doubts that they are willing and capable of doing the same to Europe where they can just look to Ukraine.

Yeah, just look to Ukraine.

This is part of a repeating pattern that destroyed Iraq, Syria and Libya and it has now reached Europe. The people orchestrating all this don't give a fuck about Europeans any more than they did Iraqis or Syrians.

I feel like the general public in the West are sleep walking into WWIII. It is already happening. I reckon we are deep in the shit here.

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Well it is pretty difficult to add to an old post without quoting it, Mr Bitchy. 😀 And the one immediately after was highly relevant to events happening today (and if you wish to trace it back to Iran as well). I know you are more calling people names level arguments but even for you this is somewhat desperate. 


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