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  1. Aye quite a few companies/folk about that take normal trainers and do daft shit to them
  2. I think they were just saying how fucking ludicrous and ridiculous the shoes were, and we all know they will appeal to a certain bunch of mutant fans. Not necessarily mocking the poppy but what it now represents. Me thinks Adidas had nothing to do with these
  3. it's not bigoted to think a set of shoes are shite. My papa would be embarrassed by all the shite that goes on now
  4. Aye Christie when he is on it is a good player but recently when I've watched him for both celtic and scotland I've been frustrated as he is trying too much instead of the simple pass which would put someone through or allow a cross etc. Mcgregor I've never seen the hype tbh, has the odd flash but not consistently enough.
  5. I really dont think Christie and mcgregor are big misses, both been up and down and low on confidence due to celtic being the same. They also dont realise they cant just stroll through games like they are used to at Celtic. Armstrong was a big miss last few games, needed more creativity and legs at times and he is good for that.
  6. Since i hate all the irish pish and am not a celtic fan they would probably be ugly as fuck too. the adidas saltire trainers are also horrid so weesht your assuming wee heid. Stauch as fuck haha We all know the poppy is politicised to fuck now, it's a nonsense and the same shitey point scoring debates come up every year. Im sure most people HAD family that were killed or involved in the wars. Can you not remember without a poppy? Edit to add that Hanz Schein doesnt seem to be the lad who did the deed
  7. I'd imagine if it's the same as most american sports then Adidas make all the strips so every team will have that style for one of their strips.
  8. Aye I think its the same all over tbh, stopped at the service station at Perth and the toilets were just functioning as normal, no urinals or sinks etc closed off, no maximum people or anything. Supermarkets are just back to how they used to be.
  9. Sorry been away and just catching up, that's fair, we have a stupid amount of options near us but tend not to order in a lot. No but I have a friend who is haha
  10. Just back from a weekend in Aberdeen, enjoyed a pint in the freezing cold outside brewdog, lovely. Social distancing has gone to fuck, nobody caring at all anymore
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