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  1. That was pish, didnt expect much but we lacked any ideas going forward on the rare occasion we got the chance. A lot of backwards and sidewards passing, Phillip made some good runs which were ignored by the guys with the ball, there was no width at all, Robertson looked for someone to play down the wing to and the midfielders were all standing together in the centre.Snoddy and SOD just kept tapping it back and forward to each other with neither really being keen to overlap for the other, although in saying that i thought Snoddy was probably our best player. Belgium just sauntered about doing whatever they wanted though and could have had about 8 if they had pushed it a bit. De Bruyne was trying to be cute and playing daft wee passes where usually for city he would have bent it in the top corner. We aren't good enough and we just don't have the football brains either. Utter shite and I doubt I'll be back anytime soon
  2. Forrest was shite for his first 20 odd caps, played two "good games" and now everyone wants to start him. Hes still pish! Anywhere on the park is a bit of a mental statement is it not?
  3. Absolutley dreading this tonight and wish I hadn't bothered buying tickets last week. The weather has also been shite all day and a soaking at hampden looks likely. We could be in for a severe scudding tonight.
  4. I wasn't really saying I thought he should be arrested I just meant as to how they identified him, the police would clearly have had a word at the time and informed the club. Do we know what he's actually being charged with now?
  5. The police knew who it was and I'm sure informed the club, they seemed to move in towards him in the video. Also they're would be CCTV at the entrance to Ibrox and I'm sure that would have caught it too, maybe not the audio but would have helped to identify if needed. Just an utter fucking scumbag, problem is although being highly condemned there will be Fanny's loving it and sadly some of these fannys will have children and it'll continue.
  6. Should have been a yellow all day. Yep should have been a yellow/ his second, he got away with murder today, was also pretty poor on the ball. Julien has a great game, Ntcham was brilliant for the 30 mins he was on, kinda guy they should be starting in a game like that. Decent enough game although lacked many goal scoring chances, Rangers lacked any creativity although why he didn't start Morelos I have no idea.
  7. He offers more than Phillips, just don't get it at all with him, he's gash
  8. these mutants really dont get it at all, place is going to be a fucking shambles
  9. Kid 🙄 tell the rest of your fanbase you're Scottish, take a Scottish flag to the game see how far that gets you 😂😂
  10. Think you'll find they're quintessentially British, not Scottish
  11. He's clearly reading from something and has no idea how it's meant to sound 😂😂 all broken up, sounds like a 4 year old reading
  12. Nobody said it was, commenting on the reason why there is no interest in these players. We should know by now we are a pretty shite, and have pretty poor to average players as a whole. Yes we have a few who are above the mark, but they are few and far between. Relying on james forrest at international level is depressing
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