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  1. Didn't notice any, we did have a massive fire going from about 6, took the work van (transit) rammed with pallets and wood. The booze probably helped too
  2. Camped in Glen Coe on saturday night, spent the afternoon in the river and enjoying the sun yesterday, burnt fuck out my back though. Canny whack it when its nice here, except the dog canny handle it and is still desperate for long walks.
  3. This was a decent thread until it got all Scotty Jesusy
  4. Gor away with it, poor performance with nae ideas up front. Hopefully we can move on and improve swiftly. Was thinking Findlay when Burke went to take the corner. A wins a win and aw that
  5. Johnson and Morgan both looked better than Forrest tonight, willing to take on a man down the wing.
  6. 😂😂 Probably true, aye there nasty wee fucker at times
  7. Celtic playing pish then score a good goal to get back in it
  8. If the Napoli links are legit i would love him to go there, would be a great learning experience for him.
  9. No doubt he would move for more if he was based down south or just english. Marcelo is a better player but Tierney has age and a lot of potential. They dont want to spend cash though so fuck knows what will happen
  10. Lets never put forrest up front his self ffs Tierney has age on his side over Marcelo although Marcelo is a great player, no idea why Madrid want rid of him You cearly dont watch or like football
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