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  1. Yeah agree there is defos still something going on with Ashley, still nor convinced he isnt a major part of Castore
  2. Aye lasted longer than the majority of them. Just looked fed uo
  3. I said 8 about 30 mins in to my mate. Didnt back it of course haha. Barca have been pretty poor for a couple.of years and got away with it. Bayern have been great and play like Barca used to, so intense, even at 8-2 up they were still chasing and putting pressure on. Was great to watch as a game. Kinda sad as a Barca fan. Messi could leave unless they make some major changes.
  4. Spot on, will be interesting to see what any of them say tomorrow. I'd imagine they will be silent. I see that cunt ross bas already spouted nonsense onnit
  5. Wish O'Donnell all the worst, what a stain thinking he was on to something big haha
  6. Aye as you say been loads. How many players have actually come through the academy for either old firm and made it as such? Must only be a handful.
  7. Haha fair enough, just remember a bit of hype. Guess he is way down the pecking order and probably needs to move
  8. Was Middleton not expected to be quite a good player? totally forgot him until you mentioned him.
  9. Yeah saw a couple of things earlier, you would think after seeing what happened up here they might try and fix it before making a cunt of it
  10. Yeah think they were counting an extra person that wasnt there by the looks of it. Aww sorry to hear that man Yeah under normal circumstances it could have been so much worse
  11. Thats got to be a good thing then, with any luck nobody or as little as possible were in the one that was on fire
  12. Aye you would look and go, no chance turn round. Also surely if your insurance sees that then it will just say naw to a payout?
  13. Photos I've seen the Aberdeen Guardian posted on fb, if they are legit looks pretty bad. Watched a bit on the news and they were slowly reversing a fire engine down a track, this was about 2.5 hours after the crash so if it's been burning all that time it doesn't look too clever. I take it there is no access where they could have drove along the track somewhere?
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