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  1. Sack the fucking lot of them, country is a shambles
  2. Be brilliant if they stuck one above the badge for a laugh
  3. Usually for a laugh at the meltdown and absolute ridiculous ramblings of huns
  4. Witty, very witty, never been called that before. Where would you like me to move to? Go chat with your staunch as fuck pals on follow follow
  5. Not my punctuation KID!!! They were 13 points clear, you had no chance get over it! Of course they did haha
  6. Agree about Anya playing, always thought he brought something to the team and he played a few positions, gave us much needed pace at times too.
  7. Think that would be too peaty for me, beginning to appreciate the peaty ones more but slowly does it
  8. The likes of me...please do expand? It's comedy gold man, cant resist a week peek in when they are in meltdown, some right horrible folk there too.Whats the kid chat about? does that make you feel big? Important perhaps? I dont even know what the wee mutant is trying to say
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