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  1. Even bum rape? I wish it would put me off but I enjoy the actual drinking too much. Im a horrible non functioning spewy mess the next day if i really go for it though which is a bit shit. The second bit was do able back in our late teens and early 20s, maybe not every single night but 4 or 5 out of 7 most weeks.
  2. Fair doos, i won't tar them all the same then. It is an absolute farce now, feel sorry for a lot of people who are going to lose businesses etc due to this and covid
  3. He's an annoying wee wank and vastly overrated, also made of glass
  4. Did fishermen not vote the torys in and vote for brexit? I realise not all will have but many will have. Maybe they will eventually waken up
  5. I lived there for 2 years and never heard of this, I'm now away to question a few of my friends to see if it's a thing Lockdown 3.9 is shite
  6. See Ryan Fraser really hitting the heights at his mega massive big club who are also doing really well
  7. Got banned from here for 4 days, nae idea what I did, it didnt tell me just said I had a ban.
  8. Armstrong has been outstanding last 18 months or so. Key part to southampton now. Was good against liverpool last night. Always works his arse off too and capable of a belter every so often.
  9. Aww that's a gutter there will be plenty of time tthough. Santas a good cunt 😂
  10. Hope you've counted him when getting the grub in for xmas dinner haha
  11. Aye I went to post Boris us a cunt and it gave me a pre warning so I didnt post it as I actually needed on my fb for the few days after that haha. People are mutants who spend their whole life on it.
  12. As much as it's going to be really shit, I can't help but laugh at al the fucking mutants who voted for it now complaining.
  13. I got a ban for calling someone a cow after they called Nicola Sturgeon a cow......don't think they got a ban though. Also got a ban for telling my mate I was going to stab him, I was clearly joking and we were having a laugh back and forward. It's a weird place
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