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  1. Kirk

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Matt Richie is gash James forrest is gash
  2. Catholic Steve didn't look too happy when his loyal fans were singing fuck the pope and ira, nice folk
  3. Posted twice don't know why or how
  4. AHH sorry haha just coz you mentioned the penalty, which also wasn't a card if even a penalty, very soft. Aye it really is pathetic, what's worse is kids see it and think it's acceptable, same with diving etc. Aberdeen are always shitebags with rangers, don't get it because they would beat them if they went for it
  5. I didn't have anything on but got second in the pub predictor due to France winning. 60 quid back from a fiver, not much but not the worst
  6. Kirk

    Scottish player transfers

  7. Utter fucking dung cunts
  8. Surley they canny lose another one
  9. A canny even spell with autocorrect