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  1. last day as a payed employee of hmfc yesterday over a 1000 games in Scottish football as a player and manager and not one trophy surely unemployable in any capacity
  2. Probably gave hibs fans their most exciting season (top flight) in decades, having a go irreverent of the opposition is what most fans want. Didn’t always work but at least it was never dull, unfortunately the BBC’s review of his 10 years in management recently didn’t think his time at the Hibernians was worth even mentioning
  3. Copa90's derby days on YouTube is worth a watch, loads of random ones plus all the usual suspects
  4. I genuinely can not fathom out why this man is deemed to be “likeable”
  5. Harsh, if it wasn’t for their sacrifice we’d all be speaking German. Lest we forget
  6. What’s green and smells of pork? Kermit’s fingers
  7. No beard trim or haircut (1/2 all over) in 6 weeks, think Terry Nutkin and Brian Blessed’s love child.
  8. Irvine Welsh and John (I ken the trade) Hughes appear to speak a language nobody else does, iv lived in the capital my entire life and never once heard anybody say “likesay”.
  9. Some cunt where I live has started playing the bagpipes
  10. Cambuur 11 pts clear in the 2nd division and won’t be promoted. Raging obviously
  11. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5516869/rangers-mcburnie-dubai-gerrard-all-day-bender-mcgregor/
  12. the hunt is well worth a watch, sort of hunger games meets hostel. Great bitch fight scene, “Hilary Swanks erse 5 stars” says Dan Cake at the movies
  13. and thereafter the benchmark for all cases of hibsing it was set
  14. I think you’ve unintentionally given me the biggest mugging off of my life, a fucking jambo!!!!!! Takis Fyssas 60 caps for Greece
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