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  1. In Seville at present, why don’t Spanish people stay in the house and have sex instead of having it in restaurants, bars and buses. Everywhere is like a school fecking disco!
  2. dan cake

    English FA cup

    The coupe de France is some competition starts with 8500 teams including overseas territories (Guadalupe, French Guiana, New Caledonia etc) clubs are draw away from home if playing teams more than two leagues below them with no replays. PSG played an amateur team in last years final
  3. dan cake

    Childhood heroes

    Mcleish told latapy his fitness wasn’t up to scratch and he wouldn’t be picked for the cup final if he didn’t work on it, he never. After being informed he wouldn’t be considered for a starting place he decided to go on the pish, ruined everything he ever done in a hibs shirt for me. On a side note Rolf Harris was my childhood hero, I’ve since reviewed that decision
  4. I don’t think you have to pay national insurance either in Monaco
  5. Vanished by the lake (walter presents all 4) is well worth a watch if you like scandi style crime series’s. Two teenagers go missing in France 15 years ago linked to recent teenage disappearance, keeps you guessing right up to last episode with red herrings all over the place
  6. dan cake

    The Vanishing

    Further investigations also led nowhere, though the lighthouse log book provided a new set of confounding details. On December 12, an entry from Marshall described “severe winds the likes of which I have never seen before in twenty years.” He wrote that Ducat had been quiet and McArthur had been crying, which would have been odd behavior for a man with a reputation as a tough and experienced seafarer. The next day, Marshall reported more storm details and wrote that all three of them had been praying—another odd bit of behavior from well-seasoned keepers in a brand-new, supposedly safe lighthouse. Strangest of all, there were no reported storms in the area on December 12th, 13, or 14—all should have been calm up until December 17. The last report in the book, from December 15, read: “Storm ended, sea calm. God is over all.” Speculation ran wild. Was it something supernatural? Sea creatures? A case of madness and murder? A government operation? Foreign spies? Aliens? Ultimately, it was evidence outside the lighthouse that provided the most promising lead in explaining what had become of the three keepers. Over at the western landing platform, damage from the recent storms reached as high as 200 feet above sea level. Ropes that were usually affixed to a crate on a supply crane were littered about. Robert Muirhead, superintendent of the Commissioners of Northern Lights, wrote in his official report: I am of the opinion that the most likely explanation of this disappearance of the men is that they had all gone down on the afternoon of Saturday, 15 December to the proximity of the West landing, to secure the box with the mooring ropes, etc and that an unexpectedly large roller had come up on the island, and a large body of water going up higher than where they were and coming down upon them had swept them away with resistless force. The British Newspaper Archive While this (or a similar approximation) seems possible, the explanation left considerable room for doubt. The lack of bodies, supposedly calm conditions, and sheer experience and know-how of the lighthouse keepers still hadn’t been accounted for, and never would be. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Vanishing, previously titled Keepers, is a 2018 Scottish psychological thriller film directed by Kristoffer Nyholm and written by Celyn Jones and Joe Bone and set in the Flannan Isles which have been notorious for the mystery disappearance of three lighthouse keepers in 1900. The film stars Gerard Butler and Peter Mullan. (I watched it last night and would have posted the trailer, but IMHO, it gives away too much of the story.) I was hooked till I read Gerald Butlers name, awful actor
  7. Spanish and Italian for me, don’t think I’ve ever watched a Scottish game that doesn’t involve the Hibernians
  8. Watched Luther yesterday, meh another programme that’s gone a season too many. Just noticed the Scottish guy got a bafta for the bodyguard, bizarre
  9. To be fair o’neill commented at the time the boy had been dishing it out and then ran to the teacher