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  1. Cobra, utter toley the only good bits are in the trailers, dull no twists or edge of the seats moments even a good cast cant save it 5 hours i'll never get back
  2. Hopefully, I’m just struggling to see anything he’s ever done in a Scotland shirt as a positive. Would be delighted to be proved wrong obviously
  3. okay, name a forward who has been capped 9 times or more and never had a shot on target?
  4. Couldn’t give a Donald Duck about any of his misdemeanours but unfortunately at international level the guy is a waste of a jersey, has he even had a shot on target in a Scotland game?. I genuinely can’t think of less worthy player to be capped multiple times
  5. I doubt they’ll be doing us any favours after refusing to buckle to their piss take offer for McGinn
  6. Jari Litmanen. Slight tangent but I got my hole last Saturday night, I've now scored in 5 decades. Just saying
  7. Surely the smellies will loan him out until the end of the season if nothing else he can help take pointing off Rangers but not Celtic, win win for them if they have no intention of playing him. And good for Scotland obviously
  8. was welcomed to the hotel in Russia with a "and how is her majesty" from the guy on reception explained to him politely probably not the best question to be asking Scottish football fans!
  9. Some interesting stuff amongst this, never realised how big a club Charlton were. Strange there’s mention of Edinburgh’s big team tho https://talksport.com/football/130965/record-football-attendances-british-clubs-ranked-largest-ever-home-crowds-top-22-update/
  10. It pretty much ends with Queenie, her and her “audience” are dying off. They mean very little to anybody under 60
  11. Great story https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50996422
  12. Did they not once have Scotland’s England’s Ireland’s and the Welsh captains all in their team?
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