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  1. What did folk that don’t know their old passport details do? The boxes had to be filled in
  2. The Italian boy will be out by Christmas, Mark McGhee awaits. what a fecking embarrassment for Scottish football
  3. cant disagree with any of that, mainly through work i meet many utter whanks of human beings
  4. looking good for Englandshire at present the Aussie now 74-3 they were 14-3
  5. Thought a bottom 6 prem club would have taken a punt on him, only going on stats tho
  6. Lamps in at Chelsea, sky having to rename Frank Lampards derby to eh.......... Derby, Steven Gerrards Rangers safe at present
  7. how much will hibs get? jambos must be seething
  8. would much rather Scotland played in a Copa than qualified for Qatar
  9. C’mon think 80’s rock music whilst making home made weapons montage, I doubt it’ll be Oscar nominated tho
  10. Glad Cameroon are out, utter disgrace
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