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  1. My love for Marvin Bartley holds no bounds, feel the seethe
  2. Hertz set to appoint a manager who’s only contribution to football in this country was getting battered by Joey Barton
  3. not a spoiler but they never explain why his neck/shoulder is f.ucked, annoying!
  4. If the public had the man disarmed and disabled why did the police need to shoot him? Don’t make these c.unts martyrs
  5. Just finished Dublin Murders, 8 parter about a murdered teenager which jumps back and forth between 2006 and 1984. The best detectives are always flawed and the two leads don’t disappoint, well worth a watch
  6. That would have been my preference, both semi's the same day with the final 2/3 days later
  7. Do you think the semi should also have been at a neutral venue?
  8. Booked return flights from Amsterdam to Belgrade and Oslo with excellent flight times, will be heading to one for a jolly if Scotland don’t make it. Only writing off £90 so not much of a gamble considering the hassle and price increases if Scotland win the semi.
  9. Austin MacPhee must have some win ratio as Cathro’s and Leveins assistant plus his own record, a specialist in failure as Jose would say. Happy days
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