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  1. dan cake

    Europa league qualifiers

    I don't see anything other than the Greeks going through tbh
  2. dan cake

    Europa league qualifiers

    I'd keep him till next summer, fu.ck the money We've sold the highest amount of season tickets in a generation and the stadium is good for decades, these fans don't turn up to hear about the bank balance. They want to see the Hibernians have a right go at the opposition whoever it is, McGinn is a huge part of that even if only for another 12 months.
  3. dan cake

    Europa league qualifiers

    McGinn starts for hibs, looks like Scott Brown and the daily retard will have to wait a bit longer to get their wish.Bold statement from Lennon and the board
  4. dan cake

    league cup

    Hibs take a 5 goal lead into the 2nd leg of a European tie while hertz cheat to get a result at Cove Rangers, excellent stuff from Levein and Budge. The club that keeps giving (unless you’re a charity)
  5. Got a semi just watching the trailer, Mon the sharks
  6. "Dive bar" when used by a non American
  7. did anybody put their foot through the tv at Fiona Bruce's "imagine that could have been us" comment at the end of a piece about the celebrations in Paris on tonight's 6 o'clock news.
  8. dan cake

    Russia 2018

    Mbappe anytime scorer boosted to 4/1 with skybet Decent if you fancy the French
  9. dan cake

    league cup

    It's a lottery
  10. thought there would have been a thread about this but everybody seems too busy wetting their knickers over Englands exit anyhoo well done stubbsy and the saints
  11. dan cake

    Russia 2018

    tracey? looks far too much like her male siblings than a female should and having worn the three lions she fits the taboard criteria for being a c.unt
  12. Absolutely pishing down in the capital, thank fu.ck
  13. dan cake

    Russia 2018

    Only 3 more from Europe tho, realistically hosting is probably the only way we'll ever be involved in another world cup. Nowhere near good enough unfortunately