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  1. dan cake


    A modern classic
  2. dan cake


    one of the production staff off phoenix from the flames looked into his "goals" 700 odd in competitive games unless you're using the Seville calculation method which Pele is fond of doing he really isnt as good as Diego, Ron or Messi but yellow shirts do look good on the telly
  3. dan cake


    1000th goal? He counts friendlies and goals scored in the back garden
  4. Has anybody found them? They’re not in the listings
  5. dan cake


    Slavering toilet, famous for missing
  6. S'about time hibs emptied lennon and took a punt on Clarke
  7. probably not the thread for you then
  8. starts this weekend
  9. For those that like the foreign stuff STV player to show highlights packages and live games https://stv.tv/sport/football/1433109-stv-to-broadcast-live-spanish-and-italian-football/
  10. hopefully they'll come in for Lennon
  11. Shame we’re not allowed to watch sky
  12. some goal from Ron against man utd
  13. the xmas/new year derby at 1730 hours could be utter carnage best viewed from the couch
  14. dan cake

    league cup

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46019027 He has previous, weirdo
  15. dan cake

    league cup

    A Rangers fan on the way to Berlin got 8 months in jail and a place on the list for grabbing an air hostesses chest, I really can't see any difference. Sexual impropriety seems to be acceptable down gorgie way, they're a strange bunch definitely for the watching