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  1. Indeed, favourite seems to be ex jambo Lee Johnson who’s usual No2 is Jamie Mcallister also ex jambo. Embarrassingly enough we’ll probably take them if they’re cheap, club is a shambles at present
  2. think you must have watched a different game from me, Atletico Madrid v Manchester City in the champions league for me
  3. Frank lampard isn’t half making a c.unt of the Everton job, rumours he might not last the season. Shambles of a club
  4. Peaky’s season 6 is truly awful, avoid and save 6 1/2 hours of your life
  5. Yup, training game with a crowd. Didn’t watch either Scotland game live, Wales on Thursday and Poland game last night
  6. They are also the definition of cheating c.unts on and off the field, delighted they didn’t make it
  7. Back at Clyde https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60576423
  8. Butcher at the Hibernians will take some beating, agreed on McGhee tho. What a boot in the balls for Dundee fans
  9. He's been flashing his knickers at Scottish football for years, genuinely seems to have an interest in the game up here. Usually mentions managing hibs or hertz and having a right go at the old firm.
  10. Best place to be, my 200 yd trip for the paper was like an Arctic expedition. Rugby could be interesting later if this continues (I’m near Murrayfield)
  11. Honking today, he’s trying to play a possession based game with players that are not technically good enough or strong enough to win the ball back when we inevitably lose it. The style of play Maloney wants was obviously a huge part of him getting the job so we need to back him financially and show a bit patience, he gets free hit this season for me.
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