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  1. We know the truth. Only bankers from Paisley fit in to that category. 😜
  2. A bit like they are ignoring London really.
  3. andymac

    Scottish player transfers

    As opposed to 11 out of 12 Scottish premier league teams?
  4. Are you going to spam every thread?
  5. Genuinely shocked when I read these words.
  6. andymac

    luton to gatwick

    Stick Luton to Gatwick in google. There is a direct train I think.
  7. Ach, beaten to it.
  8. Oh-oh, sounds like G-man is turning.
  9. andymac


    No, you just make decisions based on flawed assumptions. What you think is correct is not necessarily so. It is true that 2 + 2 = 10. In your really narrow word it just doesn't compute. 2 apples + 2 apples are 10 apples in bases four. True but just one of the many things you don't consider.
  10. andymac


    Count in base 4. A different perspective.
  11. andymac


    Of course 2+2=4 is only true from one perspective. 2+2=10 from another.