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  1. That's why I have a hard time accepting that Chelsea and Man City are massive clubs. When I first became interested in football Chelsea were a second division team playing in a ramshackle stadium. Then they got promoted and were an average to middling team playing in a ramshackle stadium, before the oligarchs came along with their squillions. Man City, to be fair, always had a loyal following but they were playing in the third tier of English football not that long ago! It makes me laugh when I see people these days glory-supporting Chelsea and Man City.
  2. They'd be off like a shot if they did. It'd appeal to a certain section of their fans too; the type who have little interest in anything else - in football and in life in general - apart from their team beating the other one.
  3. Aye, that's a possibility - money talks, after all. The main reason I can't see it happening is that a lot of wealthy people and powerful organisations oppose it. They'll come to some sort of compromise.
  4. Q - How many grammar pedants does it take to change a lightbulb? A - Too.
  5. Ah, right, thanks. That makes sense. I can't see the Super League going ahead, not in the near future. Like you say, England would have to field a virtual C team.
  6. The only advantage Palmer has over him - and rightly or wrongly, I suspect this is why he'll get picked instead - is that he can also play left-back. Considering Tierney's fitness may be in doubt (if he makes it at all) that could leave Robertson as the only fully fit left-back in the squad. I can't see Clarke dropping O'Donnell either.
  7. They could save a lot of points by signing Hibs' goalie...
  8. It must be a ploy to achieve just that. As far as I know Manky Jaikit hasn't previously shown any inclination towards environmentalism. Mentalism, aye, plenty of it, but not environmentalism.
  9. It's almost as if someone, somewhere, has decided to turn it into an issue. 🤔 A few years ago you barely heard about GRA or trans stuff.
  10. For me, the only massive losses would be any one of McGinn, McTominay, Robertson or Tierney. Those players are a level above the others. England losing Harry Kane would be a huge blow for them (and a huge boost for everyone else), especially if they have ambitions of winning the tournament (which they probably do, knowing them!). However, they have a bit of a history of their star player getting injured shortly before a tournament, only for him to make a last minute recovery (I'm thinking of Beckham and Rooney in 2002 and 2006).
  11. It's often suggested that Pete Wishart (aka "Pension Pete", "Cosy Feet Pete", "Comfy Slippers Wishart" etc.) is far too fond of life in Westminster and sees independence in the near future as a threat to his London lifestyle and possibly his MP's pension. Whether that's fair or not I don't know, although, the fact he put his name forward to become speaker of the house is surprising for someone representing a party that ultimately doesn't want to be in that house.
  12. Another strain of the virus, apparently originating in India, has now been detected in the UK. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-indian-double-mutation-variant-arrives-in-britain-and-has-hallmarks-of-very-dangerous-virus-12276922 Perhaps I am missing something, or just over-simplifying things, but why hasn't the British government banned (or at least very strictly limited) all travel into the UK? Especially now, just as the vaccine programme is rolling out (one of the few things they've actually got right). Australia and New Zealand did and it has seemingly worked well there.
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