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  1. A subdued performance from Johnston yesterday, I thought (although Morgan hasn't been great for Sunderland so far today either, so technically my earlier comment about Johnston showing more promise than him still holds ). On the plus side, I thought John Souttar - a player who has never really impressed me - had a great game; hopefully a sign of him improving.
  2. I can fully believe that numpty would come out with something like that. 🙄 I see the logic for Clarke taking on an assistant with a view to him taking over when he leaves (that's what happened with Craig Brown and things turned out okay there) but I'd rather he just got the best quality guys he can find to work with the squad we've got.
  3. I'd pick Brophy too. He doesn't score loads but he can make a defence work.
  4. I mind Ken Clarke saying something similar about Teresa May, around the first time she presented her Brexit deal to parliament.
  5. scotlad

    Next PM

    Philip Hammond would be a safe pair of hands but he's too moderate and in any case, we're past the 'safe pair of hands' stage now. I can see that runt Gove throwing his hat in the ring.
  6. Even if I detest someone I can normally find some sympathy with them in certain circumstances, but Teresa May greetin yesterday just made me cringe. It was a self-pitying greet, like a toddler having its toy taken away because they're being annoying. It was undignified and embarrassing. At least it was in keeping with her tenure as PM, I suppose.
  7. IDS is a dud, but I take your point, the decline in calibre over the last 20 years is alarming. It's almost as bad as looking at a list of Scotland's right-back options. If the shitshow going on down south isn't making more folk at least contemplate the idea of independence then I hate to think what might. That's a good point. These are exceptional circumstances so a moderate John Major or David Cameron type might not cut it. Someone with bluster as their main weapon might be required.
  8. It might be my memory playing tricks but I've an idea they already have and he did, in which case people are possibly panicking over nothing!
  9. Mibee I'm undestimating him but Raab just seems too lightweight to be PM. Johnson is the favourite, and certainly the biggest personality on the list, but the Tories rarely pick the favourite. This is the mob who once picked Iain Duncan Smith over Ken Clarke to take on Tony Blair in his prime!
  10. Just my opinion, but from what I've seen of him he's a better prospect than Morgan, and he's been capped already.
  11. Sounds like he's made his mind up too. I was shocked to hear about this. You could say his attitude's poor but the bottom line is we don't produce enough high quality young players - especially defenders - to let one slip through the net as easily as that. He might make it, he might not. But Stoke bought him when they were still an EPL side so they must have seen some potential in him. He's only 20 and he'd been getting a game on loan at a decent level last season too. Johnston has played for us at age group levels, whereas I don't think McCarthy or McGeady ever did, which suggests he's committed to Scotland. Then again, Harry Souttar had also played for us at youth level, and if someone is prepared to travel to the other side of the world in order to play international football, taking a flight to Dublin is a skoosh. Me neither. England often call up and cap youngsters who aren't yet regular first-teamers and it doesn't seem to be doing them any harm. I think it's fair to say Johnston is still some way behind Fraser and Forrest, and even Phillips and Snodgrass (if he returns) but those players are a good bit older than him, and to my mind he's way ahead of other young Scottish players who play in his position. While not a regular yet, I still think he's done enough at Celtic to at least merit a place in the squad.
  12. Excellent news. Clarke was far and away the best realistic candidate for the job and thankfully, unlike last time, the SFA didn't miss and hit the wall. I've genuinely been in a great mood since hearing the news this afternoon, sad bassa that I am (well, it is a Monday I suppose).
  13. Having someone like Clarke who's not afraid to criticise the SFA on board could be to their benefit too - the old 'inside the tent pishing out' scenario.
  14. It does, doesn't it? Of the three, Scot Gemmill would be the most uninspired, humdrum, perfunctory choice by far.
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