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  1. Off the top of my head, as well as Feruz I can remember Stuart Armstrong and Stuart Bannigan playing for us (I think it was Bannigan's only under-21s appearance) and Jordan Archer was in goal (probably). Raheem Sterling, who'd just broken into the Liverpool team, was playing for England. That kind of sums up the gulf in class between the two sides!
  2. Careful, some tadger on here once inferred I was racist for mentioning that rumour. Apparently it always gets said about African players, which was news to me. I thought he looked the real deal the first time I saw him play; our under-21s played England's in a friendly and got completely humped but he looked the one Scotland player who might have stood a chance of making their squad. He didn't appear any older than he claimed to be compared to the other lads (although that was possibly because he was the height of nothing), but the way his career hit a dead end makes me wonder. Alternatively, perhaps he just didn't pay enough attention to what his coaches were telling him and so didn't progress.
  3. I doubt it. Going by Bella's tweets it's becoming an increasingly sanctimonious outlet, which is a shame, because I had some time for it once. There's also an ongoing feud between its editor and Stu Campbell, possibly due to the latter's site being significantly more popular than his!
  4. I wouldn't be too sure. Rangers have improved but I don't think they're quite there yet, and I can't see anyone else challenging this season. But time will tell.
  5. Undoubtedly. It wasn't all that long ago that Scotland had two representatives in the Champions League group stages, now even one team qualifying is starting to look beyond us. Christ, this is a club that has won domestic trebles three seasons in a row (and I wouldn't bet against them doing it again) and they can't even beat a workmanlike Romanian team at home. Our league is devaluing at Papiermark proportions! 'Shaved ape' made me smile though. Look up 'second-choice goalie' in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of Scott Bain. Honestly, I never thought second choice goalkeeper was something it was possible to look like, but there's just something about Scott Bain that screams 'hello world, I'm a second choice goalkeeper'! I reckon Craig Gordon will replace him in the Celtic team before too long too.
  6. To score 3 goals at home in a Champions League qualifier and still end up losing is embarrassing. Plain and simple. The fact that Celtic will probably win our top league - again - and deliver a good few skelpings themselves along the way compounds things even more.
  7. Apparently Wings was interviewed on GMS this morning, the headline being he's considering forming a party to take on the SNP. Admittedly I'm no Wings aficionado, but I can't remember him being interviewed by him in years, compared to, say, Kevin Hague (a pro-union blogger for those unfamiliar) who pops up fairly frequently. I wonder why they've suddenly taken an interest now?
  8. Aye, he should have had his op after the league title was secured.
  9. Mark Burchill too, I think, albeit probably just by the Daily Record. Potentially a great move for Tierney, although I reckon it might take a season before he beds in. Great to see another Scot at a blue chip English club anyway.
  10. You could be right. But with John Souttar looking like he might have picked up a serious injury yesterday and David Bates seemingly out of the picture at Hamburg it's a distinct possibility that he might be in the next squad.
  11. Midfield is our strongest area at the moment but at their peak Collins, Lambert and McAllister were a cut above any midfielder we have now. Granted, our current crop are younger than they were when they were in their Scotland pomp (hopefully some of our current batch will reach or eclipse those levels) but considering that was our first choice midfield the last time we actually qualified for something they should be the benchmark. That said, if our options in defence (with the exception of left-back) and up front were as good in midfield I'd feel a lot more confident about qualifying. Oh, and in goal too.
  12. Don't forget: Look how hard it is to leave a 45-year-old union, imagine how hard it'll be to leave a union of 300+ years
  13. That was probably deliberate. Sheridan is the ideal useful idiot. (Hey, that rhymes!)
  14. I know we haven't left yet but FFS, it shouldn't take too much imagination to look at the way things are going in the UK and to start to question if the path we appear to be taken down is the right one. I could sort of see why some people didn't want the boat rocked five years ago - things were comparatively stable then - but if everything that's unfolded since then isn't enough to at least get people thinking about what might happen next then that's worrying, because if it takes folks everyday lives being fucked up before they smell the coffee it might be too late to do anything about it.
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