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  1. It's a really, really strange coincidence that as soon as the polls start to show a sustained majority in favour of independence, the political party created to achieve that aim - the one that has been around since the 1930s - suddenly starts to show signs of tearing itself apart.
  2. Great finish from Fraser for the goal and he was unlucky not to have had a second. We've been second best for most of the game though. The second half so far has been worryingly reminiscent of Russia at home.
  3. I was thinking the same thing too. The last couple of games have been reminiscent of the stuffy but efficient mid to late '90s Scotland teams - and I like it. How many times over the recent past have we watched enviously as Wales and the Irelands have ground their way to play-offs and to qualification? Give me turgid 1-0 wins over glorious (and not so glorious) failure any day!
  4. Considering Considine is 33 now and the others are in their 20s, I think it's a perfectly fair comment to say that their potential to play at a higher level is far greater than his. Come to think of it, Cooper already is playing at a higher level! Needless to say, he'll have my 100% support tonight, but Considine is a solid SPFL player at best, nothing more. Good luck to him tonight though.
  5. Their results in the qualifiers would certainly suggest that. Luxembourg and Lithuania even managed to score against them. On the other hand, next month they'll be playing a team who managed a total of 0 shots on target in a home fixture against a workmanlike Israel team. They aren't anything special, that's true, but they're an appreciably better side than Israel, who we needed penalties to beat - at home. It's also true that they finished third in their group but they had one (if not the) best records of any third placed team. They were only three points behind Portugal, w
  6. I hadn't realised Considine was as old as that. I agree, though, he's a strange one to call up. A solid club player, nothing more. I'd have preferred to see a younger player brought in and given the opportunity, if called upon.
  7. scotlad


    Unless he's playing with a midfield diamond. 🤔
  8. scotlad


    I don't mind that it's a back three again - it's who's in the back three that bothers me!
  9. scotlad


    Against Albania we were playing against 10 men for most of the game, so he wasn't really tested. Against Israel we conceded two goals and Paterson was turned inside out a couple of times - as he is virtually every time he plays right-back for Scotland - and it took outstanding performances from McGregor and Forrest to get us over the line. He's as much a right-back as McTominay is a centre-half.
  10. Good post. I can't believe they didn't explore the possibility of playing these games at neutral venue. Actually, even if Covid hadn't happened, playing the playoffs at neutral venues would have been fairer than simply determining the home side by the luck of the draw.
  11. scotlad


    There's nothing wrong with Paterson, other than he isn't a right-back!
  12. Good move for him, I reckon. Better than kicking around in Celtic's reserves anyway. I also reckon Barnsley provides a much better platform to "do a Fleck" than Harrogate Town, destination of another one-time next big thing, Calvin Miller (albeit Harrogate's a nicer place to live, by all accounts).
  13. Depends. If either of them is obviously injured, then yes, they should get another chance. Or if they both reach a point where they're doing so well in the EPL that we'd only be hurting ourselves by not selecting them, then, again, I'd still pick them. But if one of them withdraws again with a weak, ambiguous excuse then no, sorry, it's getting a bit beyond a joke now.
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