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  1. While it's entertaining watching Fluffy Mundell squirm (has there ever been a politician so devoid of ability, talent, charisma or any obvious redeeming quality?), why the fuck didn't the interviewer challenge him over his claim that Nicola Sturgeon supports a hard Brexit?! Or if they did, why does the clip cut out just after he makes his ridiculous claim? (Rhetorical question, by the way).
  2. Well, aye, the odd injury in training happens - fair enough. But I'm genuinely losing count of the number of call-offs this time, and for a competitive game too. It can't all be down to bad luck.
  3. Does anyone know what Tierney's injury is? This is beyond a joke now. Definitely a problem behind the scenes we don't know about, there has to be.
  4. McGinn will be missed, he did well against Albania in September. Really not looking forward to Saturday.
  5. A younger keeper would have made more sense. Alternatively, what's the deal with David Marshall? An experienced keeper at international level who has just kept clean sheets in successive games for his club.
  6. Makes sense. They're both right wingers and a bit slow.
  7. Either that or McLeish genuinely thinks Christie, Shinnie and GMS are better options than Cairney, Ritchie and Snodgrass. For all the flack Strachan took - some of which was deserved - we never had anywhere near the same level of withdrawals as we are seeing now.
  8. McTominay being left out is understandable - he hasn't been getting much of a look in with Man United recently. Cairney and Snodgrass being left out disappoints me though. I watched Huddersfield v Fulham last night and I thought Cairney played quite well. I know we've injuries but this squad has the distinct air of B team about it.
  9. They weren't as good as they are now but that game came shortly after they'd made the play-offs for the Euros, where they were narrowly beaten by Russia (as opposed to being papped out 6-1 on aggregate like we'd just been by the Netherlands). They soon went back to being pish shortly afterwards, though, and remained that way for the better part of a decade.
  10. Bit of a daft list from the BBC, most of the games are friendlies - is there any other nation who cares as much about friendly results as we do?). Maybe it's just me but I don't tend to get too exercised about friendly results, good, bad or indifferent. There are plenty - too many - really bad competitive results etched into my memory though. Watershed games, like the 5-0 drubbing by Portugal in 1993, 'the night a team died', as it became known (and incidentally most of that team would walk into our starting XI these days), or the 2-2 draw with Belgium in 2001 - you could just sense that the team had blown its chances of qualifying, even though there were several games left to play - similar to the 1-0 defeat away to Georgia in 2015. Then there was the Euro 2004 qualifying campaign, which began with an embarrassing 2-2 draw away to the Faroes and ended with a 6-0 tanking by the Dutch in Amsterdam. Conceding a last minute equaliser to the Faroes in 1999 (after playing half the game with 10 men) felt pretty shite too. The 4-0 away gubbing by Norway in 2009 is a painful memory, as is the 2-1 defeat by Wales in 2012. George Burley and Craig Levein were both terrible Scotland managers but fuck me, they had some rotten luck to contend with!
  11. The longer the SFA dithered over finding a replacement for Strachan, when the only folk publicly putting themselves forward were the likes of John Hughes and Gary Caldwell, the more I felt we might look back on his time in charge fondly. I hope that doesn't happen. FWIW, I'd have been content with him staying at the time - if he'd wanted to. In 2017 the team seemed to have turned a corner and had a system and a style that suited us.
  12. Would you be interested, if you were Jurgen Klinsmann? Seriously. Would you give up your cushy life in California to come to Scotland to try and get a group of (mainly) average players to achieve something no one else has in over 20 years - and be paid a salary you'd regard as washers for it? Mibee Klinsmann really likes golf and whisky and has grown fed up of the sun though, so aye, fuck it, it's worth a shot.
  13. Exactly. I didn't want McLeish but even if he did go whoever came in would still have the same players to pick from. O'Donnell and Souttar looked like the SPFL standard players they are, McGinn is a good passer of the ball but his retention of it is poor and McDonald and Forrest just aren't good enough for international football - and tonight is probably the best I've seen McDonald play for Scotland. Our central defence is pish weak and our best forward was improving his fitness (or sat on his arse) back in Scotland. Nae wonder we struggled. The two McGregors are the only Scotland players I'd give pass marks to tonight. Dire stuff. Once Gordon and McGregor retire - and neither of them can have many campaigns left - we'll really be in the shit.
  14. I hadn't realised that's how Charlie Adam's father died. Fair play to him for coming out and talking about it; it must still hurt a lot.
  15. Griffiths is probably the only Scottish player around at the moment who can produce something out of the ordinary. Ignoring all the drama and hearsay, his unavailability is a blow. Really disappointed to hear Fraser has withdrawn too - if he could transfer his club form to the national side he could have been a match winner for us. He seems to be becoming the new Neil McCann with the amount of times he has pulled out of squads though.
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