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  1. I agree. Like any set back, they can sit there and navel-gaze and point fingers at each other, or they can start trying to make themselves look like a serious political party again. Losing all those seats last week felt awful, but even with 50+ MPs at WM they were still pretty much wasting their time. Getting voted out of HR in favour of Labour though, or some kind of Lab-Lib chimera, would be a genuine disaster though.
  2. Aye, I think part of it is they train with the first team, which could be a really valuable experience for him in the long run. Safe to say it'll be a better approach than Celtic or Rangers, which wouldn't be at all difficult! I think I remember reading a couple of English Championship clubs were interested in signing him, but I'm not sure if there is anyone else.
  3. He was part of the management team who took Iceland to the QFs of Euro 2016 and to the World Cup in 2018. I think they also got to a play-off for the 2014 finals too, although they obviously didn't make it through. I think it's a very astute appointment by the Irish. Based on his record I wouldn't have minded him as Scotland manager either, although, we once had a manager who won a major a tournament and that didn't do us much good in the end! 😄
  4. That's another thing: last night, straight after Watkins scores in the final minute, they announce two minutes of injury time - two minutes! When was the last time only two minutes of injury time was played in a game of senior football? I know in cup games they don't always play the full allotted minutes if one side has been tanked 6-0 by the other or something, but it's been a long time since I've seen such little time added on at the end of a professional game. Compare that to the Slovakia game, where there were not many stoppages in the second half - that I can recall anyway - and yet six minutes were added on (initially they were only going to add on five). England - coincidentally, I'm sure - were losing 1-0 at the 90 minute mark in that game.
  5. 🤣 That's what I was thinking too. AC Milan, even if it is only their B team initially, must be tempting, but I would have thought he'd learn more playing top flight first team football in Austria. I suppose it depends on his chances of progression to the first team squad, because he doesn't want to end up aged 23 or 24 having wasted seasons playing Serie C football.
  6. It's embarrassing, and it ruins him, because his analysis is usually pretty good. When he did co-comms for Sky during Scotland games his enthusiasm was like a breath of fresh air after years and years of Davie Provan's dourness. Alan Hansen used to get accused of hoose jockery, but he never held back from giving it them tight when England played badly. I know McCoist's cheeky-chappiness is party of his USP, but it's possible to be enthusiastic and balanced.
  7. 👍 To be fair to the England players, most of them didn't make a fuss about it. I always go by the reaction of players, so for me that's very telling. England were the better team. It wasn't a vintage Dutch team they were playing and the result is probably a fair one, but the officiating we saw tonight was questionable to say the least.
  8. This is the ref they were gurning about because he was once involved in match fixing. Hmmmm.🧐 The only thing I can say is that 1-1 at this stage isn't an unfair reflection of the game so far. In fact, England probably deserve to be winning. This is the best they've played all tournament.
  9. Ian Wright defending the decision. 🤦‍♂️ For that to be even considered a penalty, let alone awarded as one, is unfathomable.
  10. Wasn't his stint as manager of Greece a complete disaster though? Unless I am mistaken they got beaten at home by the Faroes and ended up finishing bottom of their qualification group - after starting the campaign as top seeds!
  11. I hadn't realised that Paul Le Guen hasn't had a coaching job since he left La Havre in 2022. He's only 60 and even has international experience, having managed Cameroon. I also hadn't appreciated how impressive he was in his early career: three French Championships with Lyon and a French Cup winner with PSG. A return to Scotland is probably the last thing on his mind though - he's probably still having nightmares about Monster Munch! 😂
  12. Anas Sarwar and his gormless, grinning pus have become so ubiquitous over the past couple of days some people apparently believe he is now the new First Minister of Scotland! I am not surprised people wanted to give the SNP a skelp at the ballot box, after the saturation coverage iPad-gate and Motorhome-gate and blue tent gate etc have received over the past year or so, but to replace them with the troughers they kicked out 9 years ago is a bit of a heid-scratcher. For instance, c.20k voters in East Lothian, presumably incensed by Michael Matheson having to pay back £11k in expenses he shouldn't have claimed, decided to vote in Douglas Alexander as their new MP - a man who, the last time he was MP, had to pay back £12k in expenses he wasn't entitled to claim. 🙃 The difference, of course, is Matheson lost his job and his career in politics is most probably fucked forever, whereas Alexander has just been made a Minister in the UK government.
  13. This is Davie Moyes we're talking about, no Hugh Heffner! 😂 Unless Moyes has an addiction to impulse buying yachts that he's managed to keep quiet, I don't see how he or any other semi-sensible person could be earning that kind of money for a prolonged period of time and not be very comfortably off. Even on "only" £500k p.a I'm sure he would still be able to afford to stay in London, if he chose to, fly club class now and again, and change his SUV of choice every couple of years. No, I wouldn't bother putting Lennon, Robinson or McInnes on my shortlist of potential managers if I was chairman of Dumbarton for reasons that don't require explanation, but I don't think you're really comparing apples with apples there. In terms of stature, the Scotland national team job, for a Scot, should count for more than a stint at some mid-table EPL team, particularly for a Scot who has been down that road several times already. They did have a choice, they could have kept them in post. Burley, for instance, was sacked nearly a year before Scotland's next competitive game, Levein was only four games into his second qualifying campaign and McLeish had managed to win a Nations League group (somehow!). However, the SFA chose to get rid of them, because it was clear that things were going south rapidly. We haven't yet reached such desperate straits, thankfully, and I hope we don't again, but it's undeniable that the team is in a wretched vein of form and has been for some time.
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