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  1. Someone like Josh King could run riot against the kind of defence we're likely to see start on Saturday. The sad thing is, at full strength our team should be able to compete with the likes of Norway and Serbia; but if we get the same level of withdrawals we have lately, meaning we're left with the bog standard SPFL and English Championship stand-ins, then we've had it.
  2. Such a shame that four players of genuine quality - Fraser, McTominay, Robertson and Tierney - won't be available. Obviously, given the choice, I'd much rather we were at full strength for the playoffs, but will we be? Going into the playoffs on the back of three wins - something we're perfectly capable of doing with a team even approaching full strength - would surely be a huge confidence boost.
  3. I expect us to get beat on Saturday. Our defensive options look woeful.
  4. I hope for his sake things don't turn out the way they did for Chris Coleman when he left Wales to take over at Sunderland.
  5. That's her. The daft hat is to cover her daft hair. Former editor of the Sunday Herald, she once outed Mhairi Black's partner because she was getting the better of her on Twitter. Hat or no hat, I'll be giving QT a miss tonight.
  6. As far as I can tell he's barely played for them since his move.
  7. He possibly isn't interested but the sad thing is, we do need him. Robertson's obviously first pick at left-back but if anything were to happen to him, e.g. injury or suspension, then we're left with some SPFL/English Championship standard player as his replacement, weakening our already chronic defence.
  8. He is much better at left-back but he seemed content to play right-back under Strachan. I reckon he could even play centre half, if he had the right partner. Anyway, it's just really disappointing that one of our few genuinely top class players isn't there again.
  9. To be fair he scored 20 odd goals in the English Championship last season and he's our top scoring striker in the EPL this season (with one goal). Ideally we'd be able to call a striker up who's scored more than once in a top European league instead but we are where we are. The bottom line is we are short of alternatives in his position.
  10. Yep. Leaving him out last time made sense but he's a few games for Arsenal under his belt now. I accept he's not 100% yet but he's surely still a better option than O'Donnell or Palmer.
  11. I thought he'd scored a couple more than that, but okay, in that case there are even fewer on-form Scottish strikers playing at senior level than I thought, which strengthens the case for Shankland being in the squad.
  12. Ideally we shouldn't be calling up players from the Championship but which other Scottish strikers scoring regularly at the moment? I can think of Fraser Hornby scoring a few on loan in Belgium but other than that...
  13. Brexit, assuming it goes ahead, won't be done with for a very long time. We are still just at the beginning. I know people who don't realise that either though.
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