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  1. The last two days have been eerily Scotland-like for Wales: a hard-earned draw followed by an (excessive) wave of optimism followed by a pish poor performance that ultimately ends in painful defeat.
  2. Wales today reminded me a bit of us against Morocco in '98: a listless performance against a team we were expected to beat before having a man sent off and completely going to pieces in the end. At least the Welsh still have another game to make amends. In some respects it might be better for them if England win tonight - that way, by the time they play each other England will be through to the next round, they might not be as bothered about winning the game and might even rest a few players ahead of the second round.
  3. More than STV managed. Yet, a rough draft of some weeks-old minutes from an NHS administrator pontificating stays in the news for the entire week and counting.
  4. It was kind of like a '90s style Scotland performance against a "big gun" from Canada, I thought. Spirited, honourable, but ultimately the gulf in class told in the end. Belgium have a great team on paper and on the pitch, but off it they're led by a chancer. The Canadian coach obviously had them figured out and with a bit more quality in his team they would have won that game. You can bet other coaches with stronger squads than Canada will have the Belgians sussed too. Ultimately that's why I don't expect them to go as far as they could in this tournament. As for Spain, well, I cannae wait to play them, can you?? 😬
  5. That's a very fair point. Maybe I'm naive but I am quite surprised by the verdict. I had half expected them to say, yes, the SG could hold a referendum but it wouldn't be legally binding without agreement with the UKG. This verdict though makes a mockery of the notion that the UK is a voluntary union. Which they won't, not unless they have no other option politically, because this judgement has confirmed that they are not obliged to. The way forward, I guess, is to try to engage with the international community. To my mind it goes against the UN charter on human right but I'm no expert - clearly!
  6. There were four mentioned; I can remember Fletcher and Weir captaining Scotland but none of the others, as far as I'm aware. Listen, I'd rather they played for Scotland (and maybe, eventually, they will) but while it is disappointing I don't see it being disrespectful, as such. After all, their fathers made a decision to raise them in England. To my mind it's no different to George Weah's son playing for the USA.
  7. Aye, all right smart arse, it's been a long day! 😂
  8. Scot Gemmill is a fud (or a crap coach anyway) but come on, you don't turn your back on your country after a minor setback like that.
  9. Cummings is no great loss and Boyle I can forgive, because he'd been overlooked by Scotland for years (although he'd probably have been capped eventually). Souttar though threw his toys out the pram because he was overlooked for an U21 squad. He'd have almost certainly been capped by Scotland by now but if he can turn his back on his country after a slight setback like that it's doubtful how committed he'd be anyway. Australia have five players in their squad who could of played for us. As well as Boyle, Cummings (who did play for us) and Souttar, they have Jamie MacLaren and Jackson Irvine (or Err-Vine as the English commentators are calling him), who were both capped by us at youth level.
  10. It's a shame, but nowhere near as infuriating as seeing that fud Harry Souttar playing in the World Cup for fecking Australia. At least those other boys are playing for the country where they were born and raised.
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