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  1. That wouldn't surprise me. I follow the Now Scotland Twitter account and apparently the video - which is quite out of keeping with their other output, which is quite sensible and measured - was produced by the user Shiny02. For those not familiar with his work, Shiny02 is a self-professed independence supporter who has become quite famous on the platform for his satirical video clips, almost of which are taking the piss out of the SNP and the Greens. I'd forgotten Siol nan Gaidheal even existed. The last time I looked their online presence consisted of a website that looks like it was put together in 1998 and a Facebook page followed by barely anyone. I guess they could operate "under ground" but aside from turning up at rallies every so often waving black saltires and looking a state it isn't very clear what they actually do. Is any of this going to persuade the undecided voter? Nope. That's what happens when there is no official campaign though, other groups step in to fill the void. On the other hand, is anyone likely to be persuaded to the benefits of the union by the ultra-unionist groups that will soon be marching through every town and city in Scotland belting out anti-Catholic songs? I don't sense much anxiety from the pro-union side about that; if anything quite the opposite.
  2. Aye, it is a bit. It's not even very close to Westminster, where there are plenty of pubs and bars - and I don't just mean the ones in parliament! Going by Google Street View, Folgate Street appears to be full of offices and flats; there are no other bars or anywhere you might describe as a "commercial premises" so it's probably safe to assume they're referring to the same place.
  3. The Patrick Grady story takes another twist: I assume it's another twist to the same story anyway...unless he was in another "commercial premises" on the same street around the same time the incident with his member of staff occurred (October 2016) and did more than just stroke someone's hair and back.
  4. Absolutely. Celtic could have played their reserve left-back and still won the title. In fact, they could have played their reserve team and more often than not stil beaten most teams in the league.
  5. Speaking of Norway - but on another subject completely - this is horrendous:
  6. Nae bother. 👍 Obviously good negotiations require compromise on both sides, especially when the world economy is in a bit of a mess, but I'm glad we have unions. TUs have in the past probably had a bit too much power and didn't always use it responsibly but for me the worry now is that the balance of power is shifting too heavily in favour of the employer, some of whom, sometimes, need kept in check.
  7. scotlad

    The Weemin

    Ridiculous booking. 🙄
  8. scotlad

    The Weemin

    They've been ruthless in attack. Excellent to watch. 👍
  9. I wasn't suggesting they never have strikes, just that trade union membership is so commonplace that it isn't necessary for the government to set a national minimum wage.
  10. Apparently in Norway there is no government-set minimum wage. There doesn't have to be because trade union representation is so strong and so much part of fabric that reasonable wages are negotiated for everyone. That said, trade unions are only as strong as their membership. I'm impressed by any union that can meet the threshold to get a ballot on industrial action passed, considering the Tories have now made it more difficult than ever before.
  11. No one said he was a saint. Plenty of people considered "great men" did similar to Salmond, or worse.
  12. It was only slightly more Tory than last week's edition from Newcastle - which is most definitely not a Tory heartland! QT audiences have more plants than Dobbies. Remember the time they went to Dundee and there was barely a Scots voice to be heard? (And, of course, despite being a city that voted nearly 60% in favour of independence and has two SNP MPs and two SNP MSPs, there was barely any audience member in favour of independence). Next week's edition is being broadcast from Inverness and I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar.
  13. He was excellent for us last season. It'll be interesting to see how he does in a higher division. Good luck to him. 👍
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