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  1. It really was, and what makes it worse is the SFA went out of their way to hire those duds. Just before Levein got the job Lars Lagerback was available and apparently interested, but instead they paid through the nose to get him out of his contract with Dundee United! They both had more than their share of bad luck but for me, it's touch and go which one of Burley and Levein was worse. Burley took over a team on the up and brought it back down with a thud. Levein kept it there.
  2. There was some talk of him being called up recently. I'd take him. He seems to be on form at the moment too.
  3. Apparently litter makes Prince George sad too (or something), so hopefully she'll spare her great-grandson a trip to Glasgow - if you can't stand litter, Glasgow isn't the place for you! As well as road closures the RMT union has called a strike during the conference, meaning rail services will be massively disrupted. I don't imagine that will have much effect on the conference itself but it will impact on other people trying to get from A to B. I'd be surprised if Extinction Rebellion or Insulate Britain aren't planning something too.
  4. The sad thing is, by all accounts David Amess was a hardworking constituency MP (unlike his boss, who went on holiday during the middle of a national crisis). No one should be killed for simply doing their job, it's appalling.
  5. At the moment Ryan Hardie and Ross Stewart are scoring freely, albeit at quite a poor standard. Tony Watt has made a good start to the season (is he finally fulfilling his potential?). I'd forget about Lawrence Shankland though, at least until he can show that he's capable of scoring regularly at a higher level than the Scottish Championship. In any case though, I don't think he'll call up another forward just for the Moldova game, not unless there are any injury concerns anyway.
  6. Well, compared to the top teams it possibly isn't. However, our aspirations - at this stage anyway - aren't to be a 'top team', i.e. a team with serious ambitions of winning tournaments, but simply a team that's capable of qualifying for tournaments. Maybe it's my age but I use the squads we had in the 1990s - back when we used to qualify regularly for tournaments - as a barometer of where we are. I reckon if our defence and attack were as good as our midfield we'd be qualifying for things regularly.
  7. I think we're fairly strong in midfield too, to be fair. Clarke would probably prefer to play with a back four but the formation we do play seems to suit our players and allows him to get as many of our better players on the park as possible.
  8. At EPL level we have Liam Cooper and Grant Hanley, who has been poor for Norwich so far this season (mind you, who hasn't?). Jack Hendry has improved and it's good to see him playing for a club in the Champions League. Apart from that though you're looking at SPFL and Championship players, so while we're in a better place than we were 2 or 3 years ago I think it's fair to say it's still an area of weakness.
  9. I'm with you there. Gilmour and McGregor seem to complement each other better than Gilmour and McTominay. For long spells last night I felt Gilmour was doing a lot of the donkey work in midfield, which isn't a position you want him to be in. Ideally he's the guy you're passing the ball to so he can create something, not the guy doing the fetching and carrying. If you think that's bad you should see some of the things Celtic fans have been saying about Turnbull this season. 😂 Seriously though, I agree with you. Turnbull's deadball delivery is always excellent whenever I've seen him and it's not hard to imagine him doing better with that free-kick than McTominay.
  10. "England get battered, even at home..." 🎶
  11. Goodness knows. He's as bad at taking them as he was corners and throw-ins on Saturday.🤦‍♂️ Christie, Fraser or McGinn should be taking them.
  12. I reckon it'll be a 3-4-2-1; Christie and McGinn playing just behind Dykes.
  13. He really was. The only slight mitigation is he got a stinker of a qualifying group for Brazil 2014 but even so, his competitive record is terrible. Aye, we missed out the passing it to a teammate bit that's quite important for that formation to work! 😂 I see Scot Gemmill dusted off that formation for the frist half against Denmark in the U21s game the other day though, with similar outcomes.
  14. Salmond must be tearing his hair out. For every Craig Berry or George Kerevan his party attracts he gets a dozen Sean Clerkins and Tommy Sherridans at the same time! That guy with the placard is the same person who named the Salmond accusers online (the one who isn't Craig Murray). A useful idiot or something else? 🤔
  15. scotlad


    All of that is possibly true but there's such a thing as showing willing. Pulling out of a qualifier, allegedly injured, to then play in a fecking club friendly a day later looks awful, and surely won't have impressed Steve Clarke.
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