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  1. That's a good point. A lot of people on here can't - or aren't willing to try to - understand that concept though. Scot Gemmill started out as one of the fringe youngsters in the squad, he just never really emerged from the fringes! In Billy Gilmour's case, is it really more beneficial having him sitting on the bench for the senior team or playing 90 minutes for the under-21s? If he can become a regular for Chelsea then I think it's safe to say he'll be playing 90 minutes for the senior team, nevermind sitting on the bench, but he's not featured in either of Chelsea's last tw
  2. Ach, she'll change her tune on that sooner or later, they all do. It wasn't that long ago since Keir Starmer said he wasn't opposed to another independence referendum being held, but that's not what he's saying now.
  3. After the last indy ref Blair McDougall said the Better Together campaign would probably have failed had it been based on "selling" a positive case for the union, rather than the possible pitfalls of independence. The fact that all we ever hear from the unionist side is how awful an independent Scotland would be, rather than how great Scotland being in the UK is, is quite revealing.
  4. Kate Forbes is a talent, definitely, and a potential future leader. She probably doesn't have the experience to be leader just yet but after stepping into the breach as finance minister and doing well she's shown she's a quick learner.
  5. That's true, he probably would - not that out-doing Leonard is much of an achievement! The media in Scotland adore Goggsy too (for some reason).
  6. I thought that's who you meant, I just couldn't resist a wee dig at the Marxist Baroness. "My ermine cloak is deepest red..." Absolutely they should, but they almost certainly won't. Seemingly some of the party's wealthy doners threatened to withdraw funding if Leonard remained in post, which suggests SLab's next move will be to just double down on the hard-line unionism. I reckon Starmer would prefer someone moderate and malleable in there, so it'll be Baillie or Sarwar. I've even seen Gordon Brown's name being mentioned! The ironic thing is there was a poll out
  7. Katy Clark? They even lag pathetically behind at that! Anas Sarwar is rumoured to be next in line for the gig.
  8. My thoughts too. He probably should have featured for the U21s already but he was playing for the U19s as recently as 2019, so he can't completely be off the radar. The boy isn't even 20 yet and if he's seriously contemplating ditching Scotland already you have to wonder how committed he really is anyway. McGeady's heart seemingly was always set on playing for Ireland though, rightly or wrongly.
  9. To be fair to him he was excellent in his final season at Motherwell too. His scoring stats alone were remarkable - I can't remember exactly how many he scored but it was well into double figures, which is impressive for a midfielder. If we didn't have so many options in midfield I think he'd already have made his international debut. I agree, though, it can be hard to gauge whether he's up to playing international football from games against the likes of Dundee United and Hamilton, but there's only one way to find out for sure.
  10. It isn't a great standard, but we capped a striker playing in the Scottish Championship not so long ago, and at 19 he's definitely worth keeping an eye on, I reckon. Jeezo, I know there are a lot of good looking lassies in Newcastle but someone should tell him to calm his jets, he's got a career to think about!
  11. I never said I didn't like it, I just find it a bit odd that next summer we're due to face one of the best strikers in world football, a former World Cup Golden Boot winner who scores around 30 goals a season every season, and the thing you're anxious about is the possibility he might dive against us! I mean, he might, but as concerns go I'd say it's somewhere towards the bottom of the list. Put it this way, he hasn't scored all those goals just by fooling officials. As for our defenders being tactile, again, I'm less concerned by their tactility than I am the prospect of a defence
  12. Must admit, I don't like Harry Kane much either, the big chinned, stupid voiced bawsack that he is. Although, in fairness, save for drastic and unnecessary facial surgery and even more drastic elocution lessons there isn't much he can do about either of those things, and even less the dreadful "Captain Kane" sycophancy that was dreamt up and bestowed upon him by the English media two years ago. As for being arrogant, he's a lot less arrogant than some England heroes of yesteryear. Compared to the likes of Gascoigne, Shearer, Owen, Seaman and Terry he's humility personified. He's als
  13. People like that don't bother me (I assume the Tweeter is English), it's self-loathing Scots who'd agree with every single word - bar the "set them free" bit, of course - who I've grown to detest. I thought it was an independece campaigner who had presented the case? By rights it should have been the Scottish Government presenting it, preferably soon after the Brexit vote was returned.
  14. It's funny, for years England bemoaned their lack of top quality left-sided players, particularly in midfield - arguably it is only this (and their lack of a reliable goalkeeper) that prevented their otherwise talented mid-noughties team from being a genuinely top side. Meanwhile, the current Scotland side has two left-sided full-backs of genuine international quality! Our dearth of strikers is a massive cause for concern though. We have scored one goal in open play in our last three internationals and that came from a midfielder. We have lacked regular goalscoring forwards since the day
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