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  1. scotlad

    John Fleck

    Scott Brown will be missed, hopefully not too much, I agree with you there, but midfield is probably the strongest part of our team. If our defence and attack were as strong as our midfield I'd feel a bit more confident about our prospects. Put it this way, if Fleck was a centre-half or a centre-forward and playing regularly at the level he is, he'd be in the squad.
  2. scotlad

    Scottish player transfers

    Agreed. It's been quite amusing seeing Celtic fans at work giving it "he's no that good anyway" through petted lips. Should be a good move for him.
  3. scotlad

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Cracking finish.
  4. scotlad

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    It's two years since Hutton retired and he's still the best Scottish right-back currently playing the game. McLeish probably is tempted but I'd be surprised if Hutton came out of retirement. Going by last season (and last night's game) he looks more like his old self than the player who retired from internationals in 2016. He was at fault for Villa's second, that's for sure I'd still have him in the squad ahead of Archer though, providing he's playing regularly.
  5. scotlad

    Scottish player transfers

    I read yesterday that Bari have been relegated to Serie D (for financial irregularities, that old classic of Italian football). In view of that, a move to Verona would be a good one.
  6. scotlad

    Scottish player transfers

    And pretty useless for Thistle he was too. Ditto Mathias Pogba, who also scored fairly regularly in the lower tiers of he English league.
  7. scotlad

    Russia 2018

    They were, but that's mibee more indicative of us regressing as a footballing nation (from when we last played them in a competitive game) than England getting better. I think they had better players 10 - 15 years ago than they do now but this England side looks more of a team; solid and hard to beat.
  8. scotlad

    Russia 2018

    Aye, true. I suspected England would edge it after I heard Rodriguez was out.
  9. scotlad

    Russia 2018

    The better team won (and England were bound to win a penalty shoot-out eventually). Surprised how poor Colombia were. Get ready for the media wank-fest going up a gear for another four days at least.😩
  10. scotlad

    Potential squad for Belgium

    I wasn't even suggesting playing 3-5-2, smart arse, I was just replying to someone who said he'd never seen a Scottish side play well using that system.
  11. scotlad

    Potential squad for Belgium

    We qualified for our last two major tournaments playing 3-5-2.
  12. They did the same thing four years ago too, after the first fire, IIRC.
  13. Just catching up with this terrible news. Seemingly the refurbishment was going well. I just don't get how it can happen again! Surely no way back this time for this iconic building.
  14. Donald Dewar once led a walk-out of Scottish Labour MPs in the 1980s, as a protest against how they perceived Scotland being treated by the British government.
  15. Okay, fair dos, although it seems to have been framed as the SNP being annoyed about something not going their way, when it was actually the Scottish parliament - with the exception of Tory MSPs - who had voted to reject the bill as it stood. Time will tell, but I think they did the right thing in walking out today - the meek and mild approach didn't seem to be having much impact.