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  1. scotlad

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    The longer the SFA dithered over finding a replacement for Strachan, when the only folk publicly putting themselves forward were the likes of John Hughes and Gary Caldwell, the more I felt we might look back on his time in charge fondly. I hope that doesn't happen. FWIW, I'd have been content with him staying at the time - if he'd wanted to. In 2017 the team seemed to have turned a corner and had a system and a style that suited us.
  2. scotlad

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Would you be interested, if you were Jurgen Klinsmann? Seriously. Would you give up your cushy life in California to come to Scotland to try and get a group of (mainly) average players to achieve something no one else has in over 20 years - and be paid a salary you'd regard as washers for it? Mibee Klinsmann really likes golf and whisky and has grown fed up of the sun though, so aye, fuck it, it's worth a shot.
  3. scotlad

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Exactly. I didn't want McLeish but even if he did go whoever came in would still have the same players to pick from. O'Donnell and Souttar looked like the SPFL standard players they are, McGinn is a good passer of the ball but his retention of it is poor and McDonald and Forrest just aren't good enough for international football - and tonight is probably the best I've seen McDonald play for Scotland. Our central defence is pish weak and our best forward was improving his fitness (or sat on his arse) back in Scotland. Nae wonder we struggled. The two McGregors are the only Scotland players I'd give pass marks to tonight. Dire stuff. Once Gordon and McGregor retire - and neither of them can have many campaigns left - we'll really be in the shit.
  4. scotlad

    Charlie Adam

    I hadn't realised that's how Charlie Adam's father died. Fair play to him for coming out and talking about it; it must still hurt a lot.
  5. scotlad

    Team for israel

    Griffiths is probably the only Scottish player around at the moment who can produce something out of the ordinary. Ignoring all the drama and hearsay, his unavailability is a blow. Really disappointed to hear Fraser has withdrawn too - if he could transfer his club form to the national side he could have been a match winner for us. He seems to be becoming the new Neil McCann with the amount of times he has pulled out of squads though.
  6. scotlad


    This doesn't surprise me, he's shown that he's a good English Championship midfielder. The trouble is, that's all he is. He's had opportunities to show what he can do at a higher level and but he always gets found out.
  7. Watched most of it last night and what I'll say is, you know it's a bad panel when Jacob Rees-Mogg is the most likable member.
  8. scotlad


    That's a good shout as well. The Philharmonic at the other end of Hardman Street is worth a visit too, even if only for the decor - it feels like being in a Victorian gentleman's club!
  9. scotlad


    Leave the missus in the hotel and head for Concert Square. Joking aside, the Shipping Forecast on Slater Street is a good bar. If you're just looking for bar type food the burgers in there are very good indeed. If you're looking for something a bit more substantial and you like Indian food, try Mowglis on Bold Street. They specialise in Indian street food, as opposed to curries, but it's great stuff and the staff are really helpful if you're stuck. I believe the same people have opened another restaurant in Water Street (near where you're staying) but I haven't had a chance to pay it a visit. You could quite easily have a wee night on Matthew Street alone. The Cavern is obviously well worth a look and if you can overcome your Irish bar aversion I'd recommend Flannagan's Apple - possibly the best Irish bar I've been in side side of the Irish sea. There are a couple of neddy places at the other end of the street that should be avoided: some 80s/90s retro bar, cannae mind its name, and another that was apparently owned by gangsters and felt like it (again, the name escapes me). The Maritime History museum is worth a look and nearby is the Tate, if art is your thing. I haven't been but there's a British music museum just up the road, also in the docks area, which appeals to me anyway. Like most cities it has a wee bit of an edge in places (although no worse than Glasgow) but it's a great city and the people are brand new. Wherever you end up I'm sure you'll have a great time.
  10. That's a pity. I mind it was rumoured to be closing about a year ago, with problems with the owners being cited as the reason that time. To be honest, I often found the beer selection a bit poor in there (which figures, if they've been having problems with supplies) and found it slightly overpriced. At least the people in it were generally pleasant though it had a bit of character. Hopefully someone will takes it on and reopen it soon.
  11. You'd expect neither group to have much time for the other but Scottish Labour at the moment are largely a combination of earnest, self-promoting, soundbitey young women (Kezia Dugdale, Monica Lennon, Jenny Mara etc.) and middle-aged, gammon-y, trade-union committee troughers, like Andy Kerr, Jim Dempster and Hugh Gaffney. The party seem to be making a play to usurp the Tories as Scotland's leading pro-union party but since much of their former vote has gone to the SNP adopting a hard-line pro-UK stance looks for all the world like the wrong one to take. Even adopting a neutral, 'free-vote' stance on inde, in conjunction with the more left-wing programme put forward by Corbyn, would surely be a better way of increasing their vote share. Quite a good read here on the current state of Scottish Labour: https://www.conter.co.uk/blog/2018/9/24/on-scottish-labours-indyref-trauma
  12. You're kidding?? I went by there on Friday evening - never went in but from the outside it sounded like it was open.
  13. They have a folk night in Dram on Woodlands Road every Sunday, I think.
  14. scotlad


    Undoubtedly he'd be a loss. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves on. We don't have many midfielders playing regularly at the level he is and without him all it takes is a couple of injuries and we're back to the Barry Bannans and Ryan Jacks to fill gaps in the squad. He really should have a competitive Scotland cap by now. A couple of years ago the same newspaper ran a story about James McCarthy wanting to switch to Scotland (before he'd made a full appearance for the Republic of Ireland) which turned out, as we now know, to be nonsense. The timing of this story makes no sense. Southgate must have known Cairney was one of the English Championship's best players last season and he must have been aware of him playing well in Fulham's first few games of this season, so why, if there is any truth to these rumours, didn't he name him in his last squad? Why has this supposed interest only come to light after Cairney has been injured for the past fortnight??
  15. scotlad

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Good shout.