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  1. I wasn't even meaning business enterprise necessarily, it could be sport or the arts. Last year I remember reading a thread full of yoons on Twitter absolutely creaming themselves that a second series of a Scottish-based TV drama - filmed in, produced by and mainly starring Scots - wasn't going to be made. Now, I never watched a single second of this programme so it might have been complete dugmeat but even if was, the sheer elation expressed over a TV show not being reprised was way beyond what it should have been!
  2. The people who buy it presumably do. Then again, most of the people who buy the Express have probably never heard of BrewDog. Sadly there are a lot of people in this country who dislike any kind of Scottish enterprise succeeding, especially if the wrong kind of people are involved.
  3. He's not all bad then. 😉 Seriously, he'll be working to a brief. If he was a proper investigative journalist there are far bigger and better targets than fecking BrewDog - or Rangers FC, come to that! Like most manufacturing businesses then? 😂 Speaking of which, I wonder if we'll ever see a Dispatches episode about Baroness Mone and her business practices (I wouldn't advise anyone hold their breath).
  4. I'm prepared to believe there is some truth in what these ex-employees are saying. The catering and hospitality industries have treated a well deserved reputation for treating staff like shite, I know that from grim experience. It was one of the main reasons that made me to join a trade union back when I started my first "proper" job. You live, you learn. But are the experiences of these staff a result of behaviours at the top of the tree or due to the actions of local management? Like Lamia said, the BBC don't pick their targets by accident. BrewDog will be far from the only company in their industry where employees have been treated shoddily (if the allegations are true). As for the SG "feeding" the BBC info, I would guess the BBC got the info via FoI requests and have just baked that into their stories. Don't forget that the SG, beneath the veneer, is still an arm of the UK civil service.
  5. Sounds more like a backwards move to me 🤣 Seemingly he's impressed a few of the big guns in Serie A; he'd be better off staying in Italy or getting a move to a bigger team in England.
  6. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. This is the second time in quick succession that BBC Scotland have ran stories criticising successful Scottish pub chains (they ran an item on the MacMerry group on Reporting Scotland last week). Is that just a coincidence? Maybe. Maybe both companies are bad yins and of all the hospitality chains operating in Scotland they are the worst, and it is just unfortunate that they were founded here. In which case, more power to the BBC for bringing it to the public's attention. I suppose it depends on whether you believe in coincidences.
  7. That's the second weekend in a row Thistle have suffered from terrible officiating. We'll need to start compiling dossiers or arranging constructive consultations with the SFA if this continues. 🧐
  8. They are indeed (or they were in 2014 anyway). I'm ambivalent about BrewDog; their bars I feel are slightly overrated and while their beer is good there are better craft beers on the market. But I can't help feeling the Beeb are going after low hanging fruit here. I've heard allegations of staff being treated like shite too - which disgusts me - but even if that's true they're unfortunately far from alone in the hospitality industry. I don't see anyone going after the likes of McDonald's.
  9. It would be so typically Scottish for these schools to be scrapped just as they're starting to bear fruit. Whenever we find ourselves onto a good thing we always find a way to fuck it up. 🤦‍♂️ Why on earth would we want to get rid of the performance schools at this point in time?? I assume it's for financial reasons.
  10. It is a shame. Our midfield worked well with him in it; his defensive style could have been an excellent foil for Gilmour. He did, and he did okay. Didn't do too much going forward but he defended well. I reckon he looked less comfortable there than he does playing LB but not as uncomfortable as Robertson when he attempted to play there against Denmark.
  11. Not good re McGregor. Hopefully it's not as serious as feared. What's happening with Ryan Jack, he seems to have vanished off the radar completely?
  12. It really is. If you want to get anywhere in international football you really do a need a reliable 'keeper. As well as those already mentioned we also have Craig McGillivray - playing for Charlton Athletic, currently midtable in the English third tier - and Ross Doohan - on loan from Celtic to Tranmere Rovers who play in the league below (he appears to be doing well though, tbf). Not a lot, but the best we've got. I always assumed David Marshall's demotion at Derby was due to financial constraints rather than for footballing reasons. Could be wrong though.
  13. The Ukrainian lad has at least featured for them. I'm starting to wonder if Patterson might have been better off staying where he was.
  14. It's mad that two clubs who between them have won every single league championship contested in Scotland over past three and a half decades are both equally convinced that there's some sort of establishment campaign being waged against them. 🤣
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