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  1. It was. It's how I reckon it'd be if we managed to qualify for something again, especially a World Cup. At the moment though the vast majority of Scots wouldn't open their curtains if Scotland were playing in their back garden!
  2. It's the last time I can remember the national team really capturing the general public's imagination. I can remember people in work the day before sat around with Scotland shirts on! Changed days now though.
  3. Nae harm to him but if he can't get a game in Serie A or a call up for us he's fuck all chance of being called up by Italy! Hopefully he gets his career back on track though.
  4. Griffiths played about 12 times before he scored for us. Off the pitch he also occasionally acted in a manner contrary to the impeccable moral standards of the TAMB (like going to football matches with his pals on his days off and noising people up ). From what I've seen of him he seems to be a penalty box poacher kind of forward, but we play a system better suited to a hard working centre-forward who brings other players into the game. More crucially, one of our many problems is we don't actually create all that many chances, but we can't blame the centre-forward for that.
  5. If he's 'absolutely shite' then we're in even worse shape then I thought, considering he plays regular club football at a much better standard then every other centre-forward we currently have. Christ, we've had people like Eamonn Brophy and Marc McNulty feature up front for us recently, for fuck's sake - but it's McBurnie who gets singled out and castigated for being 'shite'. The criticism he gets is way beyond what it should be.
  6. He does seem like a bit of bam but he isn't the first footballer to come across that way and he won't be the last. And hands up who didn't do (or wear) the odd stupid thing when they were in their early 20s! Aye, he's not exactly set the heather on fire for Scotland - yet - but again, he's hardly alone there. This isn't exactly a vintage period for the national team. Some of the stick he gets on here is ridiculous.
  7. I can fully believe that. It's gradually getting better but some of the buildings on the Broomielaw are an eyesore - and they're amongst the first things visitors when they come in to the city. Seems daft to me to own potentially profitable land and not try and maintain it in order to make more money back, but what do I know!
  8. My thoughts exactly. Glasgow, more than other city I know of, seems completely disinterested in maintaining its heritage. What happened to the Ingram Bar a few years ago - and that was a nice pub - was disgraceful. There are still plenty of derelict and semi-derelict buildings in and around the city centre if people want to develop the land into something useful, like hotels. It doesn't make sense to me to destroy what appears to still be a profitable business.
  9. Get her a Netflix subscription for her birthday then. Sorted.
  10. I actually didn't think it was too bad this year (albeit it is a low bar!). Definitely better than it has been some years, where you're lucky if you laugh once. The Brendan Rodgers, Stephen Thompson/Leanne Crichton and Steve Clarke sketches were probably my favourites. Greta Thunberg with Glaswegian parents the only really cringey sketch (they tend to come undone when they move away from sport). Glad to see Frank McAvennie finally being ditched too.
  11. Sad to read about this, I hadn't realised they were planning on closing. My work had its Christmas do there this year and it didn't seem like somewhere that was about to shut up shop.
  12. Twenty years ago it could well have been a Scottish Labour MP Johnson was deliberately and rudely ignoring. It's not an anti-SNP thing as much as a complete disinterest in Scotland and its affairs. Some folk you'll never reach. In the minds of such people (and I am referring to Scots here) the UK's PM deliberately ignoring Scotland is the right thing to do, because, well, Scotland's shite and we deserve it. I'd hope many soft No voters will have witnessed what went on and noted it though.
  13. Unfortunately some people in Scotland will lap that right up, like the 'the SNP don't speak for me' crowd. They'll insist it's just a dig at the SNP, when in reality it's deeper than that.
  14. Hanvey has been tweeting that if he wins he'll take his seat as an independent. I suspect, though, given the Greens are standing a candidate in the constituency, that the pro-independence vote will split, and the sitting MP, Leslie Laird - a genuine numpty, by all accounts - will retain her seat. Considering Laird's majority is wafer thin, this would be a missed opportunity for the SNP of Iwelumo-esque proportions.
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