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  1. Trying to change history again 😂😂😂 anybody that didn't leave Rangers the right way were called Rats and never welcome back at Ibrox
  2. So it was the other 2 who weren't welcome back but are playing for Rangers again
  3. I thought Davis wasn't welcome back at Rangers
  4. Maybe the winter break that is coming up soon
  5. Blackpool78

    Andew Robertson

    For me i think Tierney will leave once 10 in a row is done or if it gets stopped which ever happens first
  6. £5 says i hope so 😉😉😉
  7. 33/1 on the score win bet on sky bet is a silly price
  8. Sold a player for close to 20 million and you talk about financial worry
  9. Pointing out the record trying to put a spin on recent accounts from Rangers and the Celtic haters out in force lol don't worry about the millions we make
  10. 400k missing from every club due to Celtic not getting in the champions league will be a big hit for most teams
  11. The money made from selling 2 players will cover a good chunk of the European money but thanks for the worry
  12. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-wages-turnover-high-not-13541188 Are the daily record trying to put a positive spin on the recent accounts......dont worry Ross County spend more on wages than income
  13. Blackpool78

    Aberdeen V Hibs

    13 Vans of food and just short of £16,500 from the Green Brigade food drive 2018 which was collected this weekend
  14. Blackpool78

    Aberdeen V Hibs

    Celtic been doing it for years