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  1. Aberdeen invoiced Rangers for damage to 200 seats after the last game...... I look forward to the tamb outrage on this
  2. The special season ain't happening cos your arse fell out as usual so run along wee man
  3. Modern day footballer who cant handle being asked questions about being rotten
  4. Seems to be the way with Aberdeen fans on here towards Celtic fans
  5. Ask a question and get that back..... What a fantastic response.... No wonder this place is on its arse with people like you and hopefully you get your special season and finish second
  6. not a chance we are signing a right back when we already have 3 in the squad
  7. Group of us heading over the following weekend for a couple of games and any information would be good
  8. Trying to change history again 😂😂😂 anybody that didn't leave Rangers the right way were called Rats and never welcome back at Ibrox
  9. So it was the other 2 who weren't welcome back but are playing for Rangers again
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