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  1. Aberdeen manager wanting Celtic to do the business next weekend so they can get in Europe......... Special season indeed..... Begging Celtic to help them
  2. Being linked with a defender from Oldham... They found their level
  3. 7 English players started the semi finals hardly a great time for English football as you are trying to say, more of a great time for the clubs
  4. the old bad news story coming out of Celtic in the week of a game against Rangers...who would have thought
  5. How Aberdeen fans on here can argue that Ball's wasn't even worthy of a card in the Celtic game yet can say Broadfoot was a red 😂😂😂
  6. Clearly stated neds on and off the park..... You have no idea what said players do off the park
  7. Show me where I was disgusted by the chants from the Aberdeen fans
  8. We will beg to differ, you look at all the bad press they receive but don't ever look at the good work they do for people and charities
  9. Show me where am i disgusted and then we will talk until then
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