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  1. Get Hampden full and rocking for the semi final and if the draw is kind the final
  2. we have never replaced Brown in the squad Love or Hate him he done the job in midfield that nobody in the current set up can and it shows
  3. mainly the sheep 😂😂😂
  4. Kent wouldn't get near our starting 11 it's a strange one if you ask me, 100% a buy to ease the pressure after the result on Sunday
  5. The same second half of the season were Rangers went from being level on points with Celtic to Celtic winning the league by 9
  6. Bang average player replaced by a another bang average player
  7. Bitton was excellent today strolled it, the talk about that guy from Charlton can finally stop.... Front to back we were excellent
  8. “[Griffiths] was close,” Clarke said. “Leigh has got some fantastic attributes. I just look at him just now and he’s come a long way in a short space of time after a very difficult spell in his life. “And I feel we should just give him a little more time to settle into the role again at Celtic and get himself fully fit and firing. And a fully fit and firing, sharp Leigh Griffiths will always be good for us. “But at the moment I just feel it’s a little bit too early to push him. The guy has a full pre season under his belt and his been playing for Celtic and even starting, strange that Celtic would be playing a player that isnt fully fit in games, i just find it strange that a player who is our best player in that position isnt getting a look in
  9. Clarke has said its too early for Griffiths which is a load of shite
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