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  1. Scotland Ever More

    The Mighty Celtic...

    First time I've seen the Brown incident. Should have been a red in fairness. Steven Naismith is vermin though
  2. Scotland Ever More

    Nations League

    The play offs are played after the Euro qualification groups are done. The qualifiers will include all teams but, instead of giving the 3rd placed teams a play off spot like last time, the top 2 qualify automatically and the nations league winners play the play offs
  3. Scotland Ever More

    Morelos Red Card

    Heavily influenced by Hun-ey G's comments the other day. It is now ok to kick opponents apparently.
  4. Scotland Ever More

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Have we just to guess who/what you're on about?
  5. Scotland Ever More

    Nations League

  6. Scotland Ever More

    Nations League

    Our poor away record against teams who aren't garbage, and we have a halfwit in charge of the side now as well
  7. Scotland Ever More

    Nations League

    I expect us to lose both away ties tbh
  8. Scotland Ever More


    Folk presumably pay to go and watch Kilmarnock, Hamilton and St Mirren play competitive games, not glorified kick abouts with 7/8 substitutions. 15/5 for the east and west stands would have been more like it. The 20 for the nations league is fair enough but you can't expect people to be happy about paying more for a friendly than a game that actually matters
  9. Scotland Ever More


    You must have the wrong guy. I read on here that Ormond was telling them to ram their 88 quid up their arse
  10. Scotland Ever More

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Have Malmo's opponents done a Legia Warsaw and got themselves kicked out?
  11. Scotland Ever More


    I'll be getting a lift over the wall from the macaroon vendor. Fuck paying that
  12. Scotland Ever More

    coupon for the new season

    Also done me as part of a treble for 130. I was nearly as raging as Craig Gordon was, although I didn't kick any goalposts.
  13. Scotland Ever More


    What time does the dancing stay open until over there?
  14. Scotland Ever More

    The Mighty Celtic...

    No I asked you to explain why it was an embarrassment because I knew you couldn't. You avoided answering it so you've proved me correct. Your opinion still means absolutely nothing to me.
  15. Scotland Ever More

    The Mighty Celtic...

    I wasn't really asking for your opinion tbh.