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  1. Maybe Sevco and the abstainers will have a minutes silence for the plastic chairs tomorrow night
  2. Not under Ronnie, which is what you said. And there was never a time we "couldn't fill one stand", even for dead rubber games. No idea about broken chairs in September, I missed the game due to being in Riga. Maybe there was loads though, and Kilmarnock just forget to mention them because they won. Same with the smoke bombs last season when Killie won 1-0. Obviously these thing are only dangerous when Celtic win the match.
  3. It's only the talking point because the media are hurting hun bastards who want to exaggerate it and talk about it for days. Anything to keep sevco and their slump out the news. Everyone condemns coin throwing, the seats will be paid for and fixed, no cunt cares about smoke bombs (unless it's Celtic fans throwing them) and anyone who doesn't partake in IRA songs at away games shouldn't be allowed a ticket. No cunt died so you can stop with the pretend outrage now.
  4. Why must you turn the tamb into a house of lies?
  5. Celtic fans. Nobody is disputing that.
  6. Toilets couldn't have been too badly damaged otherwise you'd think Killie would have mentioned it in their statement. Never mind though, a hun from Renfrew knows better than them, probably because he read it on follow follow.
  7. I've seen plenty of seats broken at Hampden, especially after the England goals. Difference being is that there isn't areas of Hampden as overcrowded as yesterday. You can bash on pretending to be upset about broken seats if you like though.
  8. Scotland Ever More


    Bring beer
  9. I never said I noted how each of them were damaged. I was celebrating as well then after things calmed down there was rows that were completely mangled. Now you might want to believe that, instead of celebrating the goal, we had a team of stealthy vandals who decided to break the chairs of a team that nobody gives a fuck about in terms of rivalry (after having over 90 minutes to do just that already) and that's up to you. You're living in a fantasy land if you genuinely do though.
  10. That's because it didn't happen. Last time I heard it was Celtic fans shouting orange bastards at the balls boys, but I see that has now escalated to an attack. Give it another season or two and we'll be upgraded to have murdered a few of them. Same with the kiosks being raided, another one of those twitter stories that has escalated, or the Lidl carrier bag of shite that was apparently thrown at Stranraer fans, posted by a parody account but now taken as an unquestionable fact by halfwits
  11. I hope you were spewing watching it.
  12. Of course we do but that doesn't mean the seats were broke intentionally. The row 2 down from me was absolutely mangled but I could see with my own eyes that it wasn't done on purpose. Stuff being thrown at players is bang out of order but I'm not going to go along with the myth that we wait until visits to rugby park twice a season for out seat breaking fix. If that was the case then the Broomloan and Roseburn would have been burned to the ground by now FFS, not Kilmarnock that nobody really has any feeling toward.
  13. Scotland Ever More


    That's what I said to my mates the other day. It's probably just a bit more in the middle of the stand rather than the corners for the category A tickets. I'll be grabbing the cheapest available as every cunt will probably stand wherever they want like in Albania.