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  1. Hey Ceelo That's another trophyless year for your club, but at least some children were molested in the 70s so you'll have something to sing about tonight at least. Get it right fucking round you.
  2. Only right that the lesser fans get treated with suspicion
  3. Like I said, you're just a sewer rat who is glad children were abused so that you can point score over a game of football
  4. Zander Clark has always looked a good keeper to me. I don't see him play as much as Bain but don't see very much between them from what I have.
  5. Pleasing that the Huns could have a midfield containing Jack, Jones, Kamara and Shinnie next season
  6. "If the Green Brigade were real Celtic fans" That was the point I decided not to engage you in debate.
  7. 14 weeks in jail for the daft cunt who ran on and punched the Villa player. He's actually had a result there , I'd say. I expected a couple of years.
  8. At least I won't have to listen to rockets singing that cringey song in San Marino. He's currently our best keeper though, so a slight blow
  9. I doubt it with cramming a full qualifying group into 8 months. Would there even be any available dates with us having a group of 6?
  10. I see Would have been interesting to see the outcry on here about it had it been a green brigade banner. An image of a guy getting his dobber sucked isn't something that children should be getting exposed to.
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