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  1. Scotland Ever More

    Where are you going to stay?

    I'm guessing nobody is actually staying in San Marino itself?
  2. The only people I know wanting us to reject the tickets don't have a chance of one anyway, or don't actually go to games at all.
  3. Ballot being done today apparently, so yes we're taking them. "They" being the club, not the fans. Nobody wants to have to go to CP first then be bussed in. I dount the club even believe there's much of a safety risk, I expect it's all part of the plan to get the traditional allocation restored.
  4. Scotland Ever More

    Bus game day

    Can I change this to 6 now please
  5. Scotland Ever More

    The Mighty Rangers

    Think I'd actually prefer to read about the Huns than this whole Ron/rolling hills shite.
  6. Scotland Ever More

    How to get to San Marino

    Any recommendations for pubs to watch the Kazakhstan game in Edinburgh before heading to the airport?
  7. Took Aberdeen and Liverpool double. Bollocks
  8. Scotland Ever More

    Andew Robertson

    Because the op is a fucking idiot
  9. Scotland Ever More

    Scottish Cup

    What a pile of fucking shite. If I wasn't on the home cup ticket scheme I would have gave this a miss
  10. Scotland Ever More

    Racism in football

    The Walters story is definitely true. Think some arsehole even turned up to the game in a monkey suit as well.
  11. Noticed this. A much better support than Hearts who fucked off early. Could hear KTID getting sung after the 5th.
  12. And yet you didn't have a problem when it was Hearts and Aberdeen fans getting shown up for their racism. I wonder why that is GER intae them?
  13. Not to be out-hunned by Hearts, the bears respond.
  14. Scotland Ever More

    The Mighty Rangers

    Those title celebrations at Tynecastle obviously took a lot out of them.