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  1. Scotland Ever More


    Buy on Monday. You'll still be with them in the game if they get sorted, and if not you can easily get rid and go to the home end with them
  2. Scotland Ever More

    Ticket stubs

    Have kept all my Scotland tickets so far with the exception of three, Israel, Gibraltar away and Wales away in 2012. Wasn't too fussed but my son is at an age now where he's taking an interest in them so would love to get hold of them. If anyone still has theirs that they're willing to sell me then please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Scotland Ever More


    My mate is only on 6 so I still may end up in the home end.
  4. Scotland Ever More


    10 points for this bear
  5. Scotland Ever More

    Northern Ireland - Lafferty

    The Ballymena Bears won't have a clue which side to back
  6. Scotland Ever More

    Marijuana Legalised In Canada

    I would agree with that. Bevy has destroyed more families than cannabis has and I've never been to a party when two stoned cunts have started scrapping either.
  7. Scotland Ever More

    Huawei phones - Opinions

    I have the P10 and the missus has the P20. Both very good camera and memory. Can't say I see a lot of difference in the battery life but the super charge comes in handy. I'm guessing most phones have that now though.
  8. Scotland Ever More

    McCann away

    Back to hoping Dundee stay up now
  9. Scotland Ever More


    I mix with a few as well but none of them go to games. I think that makes some of them worse.
  10. Scotland Ever More


    I think that's absolutely true about club managers, especially bigger clubs.
  11. Scotland Ever More


    Do you honestly believe modern footballers care that much what the fans think? Especially when it's not even the set of fans who pay their wages? I certainly don't. I think most of them would rather have a few days off during international week. I wish it was like the old days when pulling on a Scotland top meant the world to them but ,with the wages the top players get now, I just don't think that's the case.
  12. Scotland Ever More


    A former Rangers manager once boasted about them doing just that!
  13. Scotland Ever More

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    I ended up missing out cos my arsehole pal turned my alarm off at 5.30am. Very pissed off. Plan to return with the missus instead next year.
  14. Scotland Ever More

    Back McLeish

    Aye do what we did with Levein when the warning signs were there. Back him until it's too late and be out the running for qualifying after 4 games in the campaign.
  15. Scotland Ever More


    Don't disagree with most of that but his "work" is playing for Celtic. I've said before many times that I believe players don't see playing for Scotland as too big a deal any more. They're precious wee souls who need pampered and made to feel like special cases. It's the managers job to do that if we want our best players motivated to play for us. Telling the press he ignored his call isn't the way to do that. I don't like that either, but it's the reality of football in the modern day.