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  1. Oi! I was on this board years before you rose to your now lofty heights of Board’s most popular wummin….fae Bridge of Weir. Added the last bit just in case me auld pal Lamia got the hump. I taught you the ways of the TA Footsoldier. I was like the wee Master on Kung Fu, helping you rise to the seasoned and knowledgable traveller you are today. I hung up my kilt and left you to carry on the family tradition. Bit of respect please.
  2. Shut it you. Only hill you’ve ever been up was the one at Barshaw Park.
  3. I could bore for hours on this thread but I’ll stop there…
  4. Surprised you’ve not been posting all your photos from our trip to Applecross as I know how much you loved it 🤣 For those that don’t know TDYER63 she’s not exactly a Great Outdoors kinda gal. Only person I know quoted as saying “If you’ve seen one Waterfall, you’ve seen them all”. 🤣
  5. Apologies Sis for coming so late to this high brow thread you have started. Furthermore, I am utterly astounded that after a full 5 pages, this one has not been done yet……
  6. Please accept my apologies if I was having a case of mistaken identity but I thought both yours and Stu’s posting history clearly indicated you were Rangers fans. Like I say, apologies if I’m wrong. I suspect I’m not tho. Not that it really matters. It wasn’t intended as the insult it appears to have been taken as.
  7. And even so, is still by a country mile our best player in the tournament. However, it is the very definition of damning with faint praise because although few players were complete shite, he was literally the only one who excelled in any noticeable way. We’d have multiple contenders for Scotland’s most ok player of the tournament.
  8. It doesn’t need two Rangers fans to to remind us that Jack was a loss in the sense that we didn’t really have a replacement for him, but anyone thinking he’d have made the difference to qualification from the group is deluded.
  9. If any doesn’t think it’s Robertson they are an idiot. There isn’t even another close contender.
  10. Anyone thinking that just because Croatia might not be quite the team that got to the World Cup final, meant that we ought to be on a par with them is mental. They were streets ahead of us tonight. This wasn’t your typical Scottish disaster/fuck up. We just lost to a much better team on the night. I’m nowhere near as disappointed as I’d normally be under these circumstances. Sometimes you’ve just got to accept you’re not quite there yet. I’ve got high hopes for our young squad and I see a bright future
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