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  1. Ha ha. I’m not that daft. I’d be as well just donating the money straight to charity. 🤣 Whilst I don’t think we’ll be plying our trade at your end of the table this season, I’ve already seen enough of our new signings to think we’re going to have a far more comfortable season this time round. I also think we’ve got the best keeper in the league which is worth a good few points in itself.. We were very unlucky against Hibs last week too and should’ve got something from that game. If the truth be told I was only having a bit of fun earlier (let’s call it enjoying my day in the sun - we don’t get many), but the only thing that sticks in my craw a little, is that the so called “bigger” teams never seem to be able to just admit when they’ve been outplayed. It always seems to be about how shit they were, rather than how good we were. @vanderark14 anyone watching that game yesterday, regardless of who they support thinking Aberdeen were the better team, must be deluded.
  2. Settle down darling I didn't ask you if you'd seen the game. I reiterated your point, emphasising that you clearly hadn't. So not really that dumb. Maybe it's your reading skills that need improving. You're clearly hurting so just accept the verdict of someone who did see the game. You might win again next week. You'll need to play a lot better than you did yesterday though.
  3. In all seriousness, you really didn't watch the game did you. And what's more I think you must've been listening to the Richard Gordon and Willie Miller show, or Radio Mutton. Aberdeen were absolutely not even close to being the best team. You had the bulk of possession yes, but did the square root of hee haw with it and barely troubled St. Mirren at all. Your best spell was a 20 minute period at the start of the second half when you put a bit of sustained pressure on, but again without really creating anything clear cut. The Buds could've easily been 3 up at half time and later in the game played brilliantly on the break creating a few really good chances including completely blowing a 3 on 1 situation. Niall McGinn had a great chance to equalise near the end and I'll confess we got a bit of luck with a dubious call on the penalty incident, but generally we were by far the better team. The Sportscene crew agreed with this assessment and I don't just mean Stevie Thompson.
  4. Can someone tell me where all the Aberdeen fans who normally frequent this forum are? 🤣 Poor old Vanderark has been ploughing a lone furrow.
  5. I like watching Croatia. Especially when they are gubbing England. Germany are generally good to watch too. In the 2014 WC they were brilliant.
  6. Thought it looked like the Boris. Remember in 2007 it sounded like they’d mic’d Up the crowd. Helluva racket. Terrible memories of that game. Terrible performance and because of the alcohol exclusion zone, my hangover started to kick in during the game.
  7. Cancel that. Just saw some Dandies on the left hand side.
  8. Sadly I think the key part of your post is that it really does highlight the poor standard of the Scottish game. It happened to be Killie, but let’s be honest, it could’ve been any team outside of the old firm.
  9. For me the likes of Progres and MyPa result are not even close to this. By a country mile the most embarrassing result in Scottish football history. Domestic, European or International.
  10. You are wrong Humper. Well, you’re right to say St. Mirren have no arrangement with Villa. St. Mirren’s arrangement is purely with Hibs. That arrangement being that St. Mirren get 33% of any initial transfer fee and crucially 33% of any future profit Hibs make from McGinn, so in other words we get 33% of any sell on profit Hibs make from a Villa sale to United. It’s a belting deal. On top of that, I believe but not certain, we are also due a further development fee. Ordinarily these fees are derisory, but if he did go for £50m it could be a decent fee. So scoff all you like my rodent abusing friend, but you are wrong 😘
  11. The sad fact is Gary, that in the unlikely event of Crocker reading this thread, I suspect he’d be pretty pleased with himself.
  12. My step dad was a St. Johnstone fan and when I was about 7 or 8 I mind him taking me to a Fakes game against Celtic at Parkhead. That day I saw one of the best players I’ve ever seen in my life. George Connelly. What a player. What a sad waste.
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    Got to be easier than stretching the weemin.
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