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  1. Have to reiterate the comments earlier about the Utd fans. I know it’s easy to be magnanimous in victory but they were superb today. Noisy as hell and I can honestly say I’ve never seen a set of fans go as fuckin bonkers when their team scored.......and I was in Paris when McFadden scored. They best and noisiest away support I’ve ever seen at St. Mirren Park
  2. With all due respect McTeeko you sound like you definitely don’t sound like you know what it’s like to be a St.Mirren fan and you barely sound like you know what it’s like to be a football fan. We had a team full of confidence that defied logic to escape relegation to the third tier for the first time in our entire history, then followed it up with an incredible romp to the Championship title. We entered the Premiership full of confidence only for that utter khunt Stubbs to wreck our squad and our team spirit. Thankfully our board were brave enough to hunt the useless khunt and what we have achieved since the end of the transfer window when Kearney had to chance to forge his own team, is nothing short of miraculous. Very, very poor form to pour scorn on an amazing day to be a St. Mirren fan. As a supporter of an even smaller team I really thought you’d have understood that.
  3. Yeah £30 in Hack. Also if you get the train to Paisley St. James rather than Paisley Gilmour St, then there is no walk to the ground coz it’s right there.
  4. I was behind the goal that Frank McGarvey scored in. Absolute pandemonium. That was my first ever St. Mirren away game.
  5. 🤣🤣 Listen to this guy suggesting St. Mirren aren’t a big club when he supports Motherwell 🤣 Aw ma sides. St. Mirren regularly take extremely big numbers to Fir Park. Most recently a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Check out the Killie fan gettin all up himself coz they are actually quite good for s change 🤣
  7. It’s not that difficult sbmfc. It’s called the same as s the previous one. St. Mirren Park. And no....away goals don’t count double.
  8. Just back from the pub that I had to bomb to when my BT App didnae work. I agree with the general view (not my sister’s) that the game was quite exciting but low on quality. The two Kyles are class though. They will be the match winners on Sunday. Cannae wait.
  9. Where are all the Arabs on here these days. JB and ShedTA are the only ones on here posting. Where’s Adam, Jock Strap, Fringo, GHfaeGTA etc. All in hiding? Prediction time.... 1-1 Tonight 2-1 Murn on Sunday.
  10. Oops. Sorry Sis. If I’d said you were coming RB might have been more tempted. 😁
  11. It’s quite a repertoire RB. Just go and enjoy the wonder that is the Northbank Aggro. You’ll soon pick them up. Who knows you might even swap Ibrox for St. Mirren Park. Beer with Jersey Jim and I pre match?
  12. Right you!!! You’ll have less than ye’ve got now if ye keep that patter up. 🤣
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