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  1. Would’ve agreed with you in the first half but not the second. Israel were comfortably the better team in the second half.
  2. In terms of our first choice or very regular keepers, I'd go as far as saying we haven't had a bad one for a very long time. In my football watching memory (which stretches back to David Harvey), the only regular keeper of ours that I'd even remotely have put in the "dodgy" category would be Rab Douglas and even he wasn't that bad. Not one of the best, but I thought another very dependable keeper was Neil Sullivan.
  3. Whilst I still fully expect us to do the business tomorrow, do we really think it’s beyond the realms of possibility that the Czechs could drop points to Slovakia? Now that the WC play off spot looks beyond us, I’d take winning the group in any way now.
  4. Not Gascoigne aside. He was past his best by then. Rangers were the last team to enjoy Gascoigne at his best.
  5. Some of the finishing here would have the McBurnie haters foaming at the mouth.
  6. Think the boys are Donald Ducked here. Don’t even look like scoring.
  7. I’m not really disagreeing with your assessment of the game, but they can hardly play silky fitba on that cabbage patch. I think the long ball is the only option tbh.
  8. It’s like a carbon copy of the Slovakia game with the only exception being that unlike Slovakia, Greece have a least looked dangerous on the break. Otherwise Scotland domination with zero end product.
  9. Hmmm. Us losing Czechs winning Wales winning Austria winning Not a great day. Looks like the best we can do now is win the group and get promotion. Hopefully improve our standing for future draws.
  10. 10 man Israel have been having a right good go at the Czechs in the last 10.
  11. I haven’t seen anyone blowing smoke up his arse. I’ve just seen plenty of people criticising him in a totally acceptable way (like you just did above) and plenty others going way over the top in their criticism.
  12. 🤣😂 He writes all his own stuff you know! Grow up or sober up. Or probably both.
  13. What about calling him a cunt. Did you just conveniently ignore that one. But you’re right. We’re not going to agree. So happy to leave it at that.
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