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  1. Or the TA version. Be sure to wear some talcum on your arse...
  2. I wouldnae mind if it was one of those days where ye come out all cocky and get yer arse skelped with a couple of quick surprise goals that jolt you into life. Then spend the rest of the half battering them trying to make amends. Not at all. They are just miles better than us. Comfortably cruising 2-0 up and looking far more likely on their forays forward than we are. Anyone under any illusion that we’re coming back here is off their head. 3-0 FT I’d say.
  3. I don’t think it’s fair that they’re allowed 22 players and we’re only allowed 11. Or does it just look like that?
  4. Way beyond embarrassing. Even Sky sports cant bear to screen it any more.
  5. In view of my appallingly limited knowledge of both players, can I ask why those selecting Souttar over Findlay are doing so? I guess experience wise, they are both absolute rabbits, so based purely on club form isn’t is reasonable to assume that Findlay is a better choice than Souttar? I may of course be talking utter bollocks.
  6. Is it just me or did anyone one else find that incoherent mumbo jumbo? ☹️
  7. Well I truly hope you are right mate. 👍
  8. Sorry, because I was using Robertson in a few of my posts I kind of took it as read that he was a given. I do agree that he is by a million miles the closest we’ve had in that time. Tierney I’m far less convinced about. Time will tell.
  9. Listen mate, I’m still in there punching. I might not be travelling any more, but I still watch every game in the hope that we’ll win. I admire your rosy cheeked optimism, but I feel my views reflect the reality. There is literally no evidence to suggest that anything is ever going to change in Scottish Football. We keep appointing the same old useless blazers, it’s still jobs for the boys when it comes to managers and coaches and there is never a plan or strategy to change the status quo. Do you just work away on the basis of blind optimism, or do you know something I don’t?
  10. I wouldnae like to be hangin’ by ma haw maws waiting for that to happen me auld china. We haven’t produced one single player even verging on the very widest perimeters of world class for at least 25 years.
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