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  1. Not exactly big news but I believe Gauld got another assist for Farense last night in their draw. Pity for them they weren’t able to hold onto their lead for a valuable 3 points.
  2. That’s the way I’d do it. No nonsense.
  3. Just playing Devil’s Advocate, given that it’s club football that pays a players wages, what chance of players just sticking two fingers up to FIFA/UEFA. Perhaps a bit over dramatic but if the governing bodies play hardball, it could signal the end of international football. What is needed is the various FAs coming out against it. Potentially banning clubs from their domestic league (assuming that’s legal?).
  4. Ha ha. You’ve taken my pedantry and doubled it. You know what I mean. How would you phonetically say the ch?
  5. Not to be pedantic but I don’t. I say “Gallacker” when it’s Gallacher, which is correct and I say “Gallagger” when it’s Gallagher. Kevin “Gallacker” Bernard “Gallagger” They are different names. Here to help! 👍
  6. Christie and Robertson are shadows of the players they were. Robertson in particular was abysmal tonight and wasn’t much better against Austria. His deliveries were woeful. Time to drop him for Tierney at left back in my opinion. The goal aside, Fraser was a waste of space as well. Consistently reluctant to take on his man and when he did get into a crossing position, it was ballooned in the air. I blame Clarke more than anyone. Still zero sign of him having the first clue how to beat this team.
  7. I doubt he really thinks that. We know what we mean when we say it, but for a team manager to say the second game of a qualifying group was a must win would be a bit silly. Not to mention setting yourself up for a fall. I reckon he’d be saying the same if it was the Faroes game. Mainly because despite what we might think, it really isn’t a must win. There’s no such thing as a must win game, other than of course one that is literally a must win.
  8. Magnificent stuff from Scotland and a brilliant game of rugby.
  9. Thanks. I found the function. It had just moved from the last time I’d used it. I rarely have to edit my posts as they are usually spectacular. 😃
  10. I do find it quite irritating that players who are supposed to be at the very top of the game, like Robbo and Tierney seem incapable of playing on the opposite side. Remember how easily players like Jardine and McGrain could alternate.
  11. What a smashin young lad. Shades of Darren Fletcher about him in the way he communicates and his general attitude. Not massively different as a player either.
  12. I think last night was a great example of when the lack of a crowd went against us. Not because of the effect it might have had on either team, but more the effect it might have had on a weak ref like that. With a baying crowd screaming for a penalty he would’ve totally caved. Likewise a crowd yelling about some of the Austrian challenges might have seen him being harsher on their players. Unfortunately there is a fair chance they’ll have that advantage in the return match.
  13. Given that I haven’t been following this closely enough to know the full ins and outs, forgive me if I briefly talk shite, but remember the good old days when you didnae have to prove you didnae do something and the burden of proof fell on the person accusing you of doing it?
  14. Game passing him by tonight.
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