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  1. I’m surprised they’re even favourites for the Wales game, never mind the whole path.
  2. Out of curiosity, assuming that we all wanted to avoid Italy and Portugal in any capacity (home or away) would any one swap Wales/Austria away for Sweden/Russia at home?
  3. Agreed. For a home tie in the semi, we couldn’t really have done better than Ukraine. I wouldn’t even swap them for North Macedonia who performed much better in their group than Ukraine did in theirs. NM’s arguably being a harder group too. You could maybe make a case for Austria being a better option than Ukraine but I’m very happy with the semi draw. The final draw could only have been better by being at home. Literally couldn’t have chosen a better seed and non seed than Wales and Austria. if the final was a home I’d be very confident indeed of us qualifying. Slightly less so with the final being away.
  4. What time is the draw tomorrow and is it being televised?
  5. No that’s true, but it probably should be a sign that you’re comfortably better than someone who plays for Dundalk, Dukla Pumpherston or delivers the papers in downtown Torshavn.
  6. Unfortunately we have insufficient subs to replace everyone who has been utter shite.
  7. Unless I’m misunderstanding the process, isn’t the seeding thing a bit of a red herring? Even if we managed to avoid one of the “bigger” teams in the semi through seeding, we’d still have to beat one in the final anyway wouldn’t we? I also think the final 2nd placed teams will only contain a couple that we should fear.
  8. I’m with Barney on this one. We had a ball in 2004. We had originally only booked one night in Chisinau and bookended it with two nights either side in Bucharest. We had such a great time on the first day/night, we binned off the following night in Bucharest and stayed an extra night in Chisinau. The Bucharest/Chisinau combo remains one of my favourite TA trips ever.
  9. Big Jack strolling it so far. Almost scored too.
  10. Of course you could be. However, I suspect you’re not. To be charitable I’m even prepared to believe you don’t even realise how naive you are. And just to be absolutely clear, I never suggested you had no right to support Scotland. You made that bit up.
  11. If he is a Hearts fan, he’ll be one of those Union Flag waving, wish I could afford the bus fare to Glasgow type Hearts fans. A cousin of William as it were.
  12. Think Toepoke’s stats have already removed the Moldova result.
  13. I watched the game. I appreciate it was only a pre season friendly against Gillingham, but Gilmour was absolutely outstanding. Frighteningly good.
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