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  1. Glass Ankles

    Northern Ireland - Lafferty

    SFA couldn't use it on Griffiths as it would be 5 days from Sunday he couldn't play
  2. Glass Ankles

    So no game till march 2019 then.

    Think it's a good idea but where will the play off finals be held as it says it's a one off game? Be good if it was 2 legged
  3. Glass Ankles

    Strachan "stay" or "go" vote

    This is what I thinks best idea
  4. Glass Ankles

    New jerseys?

    The Scotland gaa top that O'Neills have done is a belter https://www.oneills.com/scotland-gaa-jersey.html
  5. Glass Ankles

    Uddingston Bus

    Not that I know bud. Usually just get train to Rutherglen and walk it