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  1. Back to the insults again I see. Maybe one day you will grow up to be a big boy.... How is the bingo btw?
  2. You think whatever you want about me sir. I could not care less. Oh, and I am so chuffed you think my posts lately have been acceptable... Sincerely, the Homophobic, terrorist supporting bigot....
  3. Oh dear. I've hit a nerve. Dont say anything to the Dons boys or the toys come flying oot the pram fae all directions... You worry about McInness, and I'll worry about Lennon....
  4. Difference is, Desmond is not paying me £850,000 a year tae completely destroy our club.. Follow me now? And yes, I do love Celtic FC more than Lennon...😛
  5. Congratulations. The daftest fuckin post I have read in months..🎖🎖🎖
  6. Listen Oraloony.. If I was in charge they would all be gone. Bags packed, get to fuck. No person is bigger than my club.. End of..
  7. He is a fuckin arrogant money grabbing in denial selfish prick, that's why.. Only cares about himself....
  8. Well, that's the 2 million pound question. Lenny has said his entire life that he loves Celtic, his boyhood heroes. If that's the case, then walk away and do what's best for your childhood club which you are currently destroying. But no, it's all about money, same as Rodgers. I have not one fucking ounce of respect left for that prick, or the board for that matter.... I will love Celtic till the day I die, we have had it good, you take the good with the bad, that's football, but the current manager and the board are to blame for the mess we are in.. Fuck off the lot of them...
  9. I have it on good authority that Lennon is going no where unless he resigns. His contract is the only reason he has not walked. He is staying on for the ££££, nothing more.. Arrogant prick...
  10. Oh ffs. Your club was liquidated, you have not won the league in 10 years, and you are havin a pop at me? Away and pound sand up yir arse... And take the fuckin penny arcade wae yae ya fukin Helmut...
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