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  1. Big Ramy 1314

    Winter weather thread.

    No bother. Just curious that's all? I expect a full answer in the morning DD. 🤣
  2. Big Ramy 1314

    Winter weather thread.

    Question now. Car batteries. In the cold weather in Scotland, do they die? I know in Ottawa cars have block heaters and you plug the car in when the temp drops. My SUV was stubborn this morning. -30 last night.
  3. Big Ramy 1314

    Winter weather thread.

    Totally agree mate. If you cannot handle driving in bad weather, don't. I see it everyday here, but some folk song have a choice unfortunately.
  4. Big Ramy 1314

    Winter weather thread.

    I also hope folk post winter weather updates on this thread if need be with in the guidelines of the rules. . . I am not looking for a pat on the back, but we all know how dangerous roads and weather can be. I see it everyday in my job. Please stay warm and safe all of you.. 🙂
  5. Ottawa was coldest Capital city in world today. -35 with windchill. I have been working 18hr days on broken water pipes. It's fucking mental here. It's supposed to get worse. They are forecasting -49 with windchill for Monday here. I see Scotland getting hit as well. Stay warm and stay safe my friends. I mean that. Is it true bigger storm hitting Scotland? BR 1314..
  6. Big Ramy 1314

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Nup. He missed 2 clear penalties.
  7. That's is Sevco don't have the match postponed again. 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Big Ramy 1314

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Mon the Hoops. 🙂
  9. Once again I think people were blaming the DD design. But as a fellow poster pointed out, getting hit by a train has no bearing on what vehicle it is.
  10. Yes, correct. There is alot of finger pointing at the moment which is unfortunate. I have not travelled on one of these DD, my mother takes the express route which has no stops. She has told me it makes her nervous and she has travelled in Glasgiw many many times with no nerves whatsoever. Don't know, as I believe these DD are safe if driven properly. I operate heavy equipment at work and the most important thing is to drive within the speed limits and give extra space for braking. Just so unfortunate this whole accident.
  11. That was also talked about. Some folk getting scared when approaching an overhead bridge.
  12. Think the biggest worry people have is the speed. The accident happened when apparently the bus started to slide a bit, then the driver lost control. I am only going by what is said in the news. Ottawa has the arrticulated buses, but they always get stuck in the snow, that is why they opted for DDs, problem is at higher speeds, they are harder to control if there is an issue. Maybe it's a case of people still being in shock and looking for blame. I know alot of folk calling in in the radip program were saying the stairs to the upper level were very small and narrow. It will take months to figure a definate cause of this terrible tragedy, but as I mentioned, people are nervous getting on these DD now.
  13. Yes, I think if it's the same bus they are called "arrticulated" here in Ottawa.
  14. Forgot to mention. At the time of the accident the bus was at full capacity, which was 90 people.