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  1. Will do. No need for that talk. I wonder if he was that quick tae jump all over Griff when he banged in 2 against engerland?
  2. Was not going to comment, but think I will now. No need for it. The man is a human being who was dealing with a mental illness. I would never make a comment like that regardless who it is. Pathetic comment....
  3. Anyone interested, there is a program on Netflix about Riverplate from Argentina. Watched it, not a bad shout. They are not as mental as Boca Juniors though..🤣
  4. Exactly pal. They should at least change the name.of the tournament as this is a lie. They are not all champions.
  5. How many are actual "Champions" of their respective league?
  6. I would rather Europa. As yous have said its disgraceful. Teams that have never been champions of they're respective leagues in years qualify, and Celtic who have been Champions 8 years in a trot have to go through 4 rounds is an absolute disgrace. Not only that, if Celtic qualify they would have already played 8 matches to qualify, which puts them at a disadvantage from the start. Injuries, fatigue, absolute farce of a tournament. For what? To try finish 3rd at best? At least in Europa we have a better chance of going through to the knockout stages. We don't have the players to compete I the CL, say why burst our baws trying to get there.. Rant over..
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