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  1. Just got back from the sperm clinic. Lady there asked if I’d like to masturbate in the cup. I said, ‘Well, I’m pretty good but I’m not quite ready to enter a tournament’.
  2. I enjoyed it in the end. Not watched series 4 yet because episode 1 isn’t available for some reason? Won’t give anything away for those that haven’t seen it but I think yes to your question.
  3. Really enjoyed series 1 and 2 but I’m half way through 3 and I’m struggling with it. It’s changed. Won’t spoil it for you but will be interested to see what you think.
  4. Doesn’t come in until near the end but a top bit of whistling...
  5. Bobster


    😂 So will you if you ever bump into her.
  6. Bobster

    Songs you hate.

    I see we’ve moved on a bit since Paul McCartney. Take this...
  7. Bobster

    Songs you hate.

    Paul McCartney. Ebony and Ivory.
  8. You can have a view on club football and also be respectful of your fellow Scotland supporters. Can’t you?
  9. You know better than me Flure but I’m not sure it has. I remember there being club debates but I don’t remember terms like ‘hun cunts’ being thrown about pretty much every post. Maybe as you suggest, people had a better grasp of diction so were able to get their points across without resorting to that sort of stuff. I see Parklife mentioned again but I think he gets picked on for the wrong things a lot of the time. He’s not one that constantly insults fellow posters. Whether people like the way he puts his point across or not, it’s usually made well, is pretty accurate, fair and difficult to disagree with.
  10. 30 years ago today. CUD’s John Peel session.
  11. Bobster

    SSC Renewals

    It’s for most of the TA. And Uncle Waltersaurus.
  12. Bobster

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    It is but enough of him. Let’s talk about Steve, Neil, Mark, Cesare and Michael instead.
  13. Bobster

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    You guess wrong then Kevin. I didn’t mention this thread but a quick look back a couple of pages also throws up Wally Smith, Walter and Walterosaurus