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  1. Yep, the alleged offences took place in 2013 and were only reported this year, so Alex was still first minister when the offences were committed. Was this covered up at the time by SNP ministers to avoid scandal? Did Nicola Sturgeon know? We’re these women bullied into submission at the time for the greater good? Serious questions need to be asked and answered.
  2. The press said the complaints were made to police in January but were around since 2013? I think it was the Telegraph? I’ll check later as my wi-fi is total crap and it’s taking forever to get pages to open. 🤬
  3. According to the press the allegations have been around since 2013 and Alex has tried to make them go away. Also the fact he was on one hand saying he didn’t know what he was alleged to have done whilst in the same interview saying the claims were “ patently ridiculous” suggests he’s lying.
  4. Yes, why wouldn’t it be? That’s your answer to my question? Wow very insightful. I’m guessing allegations of sexual assault are a laughing matter to be ignored in your household Jimbo.
  5. Alex Accused of being a bit of a pest by two different women, he strenuously denies both accusations after fighting behind the scenes to make it all go away for years. Now the cat’s out the bag SNP supporters take to social media to claim it’s a MI 5 or unionist plot! What’s the Tamb’s take on this as it all seems a bit quiet on here.
  6. That bad? I noticed it’s now got a politics section, surely that must cut down a lot of the bawbaggery that used to infect every thread?
  7. Yeah I’d read the Tamb was dead on Facebook so popped in to read the Thanks for the Mammories Thread, I see it's still around though, new owners? Did Ally and Susan sign it over to someone or is it all top secret?
  8. That pretty much nails it for me too, what happens if a player states he does not want to wear one on his shirt, is he forced to wear it or dropped from the team?
  9. The Scottish and English FA's are in talks with FIFA about players being allowed to wear poppies on their shirts to commemorate armistice day when the teams meet next week. As it's not breaking any of FIFA's rules why defer to them at all? Rodger Moore ( a really old English James Bond, and not a patch on Sean Connery ? just in case the young un's don't know who he is,) was just on Chris Evans show and stated that what would the Swiss know about rememberence, they've been neutral for 500 years. Methinks that's a headline somewhere tomorrow!
  10. It's a phantom Jobbie, qualified by zero trace of Jobbie in either porcelain or paper, I've had one, Jarrow Docks bogs, 2012. ?
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