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  1. so even for young emerging talent with bags of potential. Nonsense.
  2. that would suggest the league informs the value rather than the player's ability. If that is the case why did Celtic get £25m for Tierney after he strolled around the Scottish Premiership for 3-4 years?
  3. another thread derailed by the usual suspect wallowing in his favoured go to discussion on bigotry. As for SAF, if I were to have a criticism of him and some similar standing Scottish "legends" is that I always wonder if they should be doing more in their latter career for the game back here. There is of course no obligation to do so and you see them pop back up from time to time but would love someone like SAF or whoever, after a long and successful career managing elsewhere, to come back and manage a Scottish club, or be Director of Football or something. I know the ambition may not be there, or the will after you have managed so long at a high level, but I look at it like a successful player returning to their home club for a final season. Wish would see more older successful Scottish managers do that from time to time. Moyes to Dunfermline!
  4. 😆😅 for the first part in bold. 😕 One For The Watching re the second part in bold
  5. Giving Gilmour a start against England blows the accusations of being cautious or too cautious out the window.
  6. He defended excellently, nearly scored with a technically difficult volley and his passing was brisk and probing - he wasn't content to play back with the easy ball, hitting half a dozen or so wonderful passes forward. His crossing was the only thing I would mark down to quite well. That is not the ability of someone who is "very limited". That is a solid international player who can raise their game to a different level based on self confidence and having the confidence of the manager and team-mates. You describing him as playing "quite well" and still assessing him as "very limited" based on that performance is quite something.
  7. Christ another thread descends into a car crash with the usual shouts of (self-instigated) "bile". Moving along, Souness for me, is one of the better pundits - knows his stuff, can be quite animated but not opinionated for the sake of it, and always make the distinction when talking about England that it is not "we" and "us". Cant say the same for a lot of the southern based Scottish/nonEnglish pundits - did anyone hear Coleman the other night for example?
  8. I would be very happy with that. Also thought Armstrong played well against the Czechs and was bemused he kept getting lumped in with Christie when folks were seeking to berate poor performances or anonymous players. re the line-up, I would prefer Gallagher over Hanley but not exactly a significant change or difference. I do wonder though whether we miss McTominay's passing to/through the midfield when he is not part of the back three.
  9. so single handedly he would shore up the Motherwell defence 😀 if you have seen any games involving Patterson and any games involving O'Donnell, O'Donnell is the better defender. I am afraid that is the current reality of the situation - if you consider that to be a myth then I would say you are not approaching the issue rationally.
  10. I would say SO'D is better defensively than Patterson. Who would you say Turnbull is better than - McTominay, McGinn or Armstrong. Agree that Gilmour should be getting a start.
  11. blame game. Culprits must be sought out and stigmatised. No grey areas - we need a villain otherwise it just becomes too complicated to process.
  12. ^^^^ I wanted to gouge my eyes out reading that. Brutal stuff.
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