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  1. the majority of managers appointed may have come with decent reputations but they were in decline. Although some managers can prolong their shelf-life, it tends to be the case that for many, they ascend quickly but are then found to be unable to replicate success beyond one or two teams. we need to appoint someone who is either in the ascendency or not in decline as a manager. that would tend to rule out the majority of the candidates mentioned by the bookies.
  2. you're re-writing history to suit your agenda a bit there. McAllister was boo'ed on his return due to poor performances. it was frustration at that and Brown's insistence on picking an off form player. nothing to do with a penalty from 3-4 years previous.
  3. maybe one or two believe that. but in looking at it objectively the decision was inexplicable.
  4. even with that defeat in Tbilisi, a draw with Italy would have given us an outside, faint, slim, desperate hope of qualifying dependent on France losing their last game at Ukraine.
  5. McLeish is a decent guy but in terms of what he has given the game here, I would question if the welfare of Scottish football or the national team were high up in his thinking.
  6. not Bonny - he is a bore/troll. If I recall correctly a draw would have put significantly more pressure on Italy and France going into their last game. Italy would still have beaten Faroes in their last game but with us on 25 points (after the draw with Italy) then France would have needed to avoid losing to Ukraine in the last game as our head to head with France was better. France struggled to a 2-2 draw to Ukraine which would have made it redundant if we did draw with Italy but you wonder if hypothetically needing at least draw would have seen them perform differently. I doubt it - they would probably have won with a canter. Grasping at straws over the fall out of a inept/corrupt decision - which was one of the worst I have seen tbh.
  7. if they offered it to Clarke I would be amazed. If they did and he took it I would be astounded. As said, any other football association would make an attempt though.....ours won't.
  8. pundits and the braindead trot this out every time. "who is going to take it though - Walter Smith? Souness? Ferguson? Dalglish? Graham? they wouldn't touch it etc etc".
  9. if we were a normal country with a normal association, no.......
  10. doesn't matter who we pick, the players have to play under the same clown. utterly pointless and demoralising for everyone, including McLeish!
  11. maybe so but he was one of the few who looked as if he cared.
  12. if the friendlies weren't the warning sign, Israel away was. McLeish just stood there as Israel ran amok - he is clearly physically and mentally incapable (age, booze, whatever......). Georgia and to a certain extent Israel papered over the cracks but it is clear to everyone he is not up to the task. there is no coming back from this for him - or at least there shouldn't be. But he will no doubt cling on and that is a sign of a desperado who knows this is his last hurrah. And the SFA will duly oblige him, pointing to the play-off with Finland as some kind of justification. get him punted. and give the rest of the qualifier to anyone semi-competent rom the Scottish Championship or Premiership. I would take Clarke or Tommy Wright in a heart beat.
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