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  1. remove the anonymity of the emojis/post reaction and simply have a thumbs up or thumbs down. The "confused" was annoying as hell as was the "sad face" option. Don't see how that could be v difficult to implement or oversee - dare I suggest it, would be like running a normal message board.
  2. ah right. Salmond just appearing on GMS with Robertson, who I quite like, bizarrely asking him for his take on Russian interference in the US elections and their involvement in various Novichok poisonings. All because AS has a TV show which is aired on Russia Today. It was hugely tenuous to say the least and Robertson just came across as a desperate interviewer trying to land something, anything, on Salmond.
  3. I agree with the overall essence of this but would Stuart Campbell is anything but principled.
  4. He has done nothing to suggest he is the clear second favourite to Adams. Lyndon Dykes with 2 goals from 10 appearances for Scotland has the stats to confirm he is the favourite/second favourite. It is not about "hating" McBurnie. It is simply about objectively looking at his contribution to Scotland and our performances over his 16 games so far and then comparing that to the other strikers we have available.
  5. McBurnie: 18/19: 22 goals (Championship) 19/20: 6 goals (EPL) 20/21 1 goal (EPL) 2018 to date: 16 Scotland caps, 0 goals Adams 18/19: 22 goals (Championship) 19/20: 4 goals (EPL) 20/21: 7 goals (EPL) March 2021 to date: 3 Scotland caps, 1 goal Objectively, based on a goals return (which is ultimately what strikers are measured against regardless if they are up front on their own, leading the line for midfielders to run on to knockdowns etc) there is not much between them currently except Adams is off the mark and has potential to go and perhaps
  6. Good to see Marshall get back on the scoresheet again. If he can grab a few more between now and the end of the season he should be a certain starter for us.
  7. Kilmarnock were solid defensively, had players playing in a formation they were conformable with and everyone knew their roles, created chances, and won a significant proportion of their games under Clarke. Over a calendar year they were the form team in Scotland, picking up more points than the Old Firm. Clarke's Scotland and Clarke's Kilmarnock are quite a bit apart at this current time. I wish we were playing like his Kilmarnock.
  8. Hendry is a reasonable passer of the ball but I don't recall him coming out of defence wand hitting a pass the way McTominay would do when he was in the back three. I think that was a big difference in the last two games and perhaps, although McTominay is probably our best midfielder, we need him back in defence until someone better/suitable emerges. To me that was the main difference between the better earlier performances (Serbia, even Slovakia and the last Israel game) and the last two performances.
  9. indeed. On paper. And then you watch us play.....
  10. he oversaw two draws - that is the great achievement you are constantly referring to. You misunderstand. I am saying that a squad of our standard should not be playing so poorly and defensively in our second World Cup qualifier under a manager who has had 18 games to work with them. Particularly against a team ranked 30 odd places lower than us who we know inside out. You are solely focusing on results "that should be slightly better". I am talking about performances. There is a big difference and you need to deferentiate between the two if you are going to try and continue to argu
  11. but but two drawn knock out games won on penalties means that Clarke cannot be criticised....if you are looking for more than that then you are deluded.
  12. A team that after 18 games with the manager is confident and one that seeks to win games built around talented players like McTominay, Robertson, Cooper, Tierney, Armstrong, McGregor, Fraser, Christie and Adams - not one that is ultra cautious and defensive from the outset? Yes, those are crazy expectations that no manager of greater ability to Clarke would come anywhere near. Honestly.... If you don't think that with the players we have and with the time Clarke has had, we should be significantly better than what we are then fair enough. But please don't say that looking for progress in
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