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  1. Return of Yermaw

    Safe Standing

    Kilmarnock's average attendances are around 5k. I believe that after cutting down their debt they fluctuate between small losses and 6 figure profits on an annual basis - squirrelhumper and co can perhaps confirm. They have a lot of community initiatives. Whether they are a "top club" based on current league position or performances doesn't mean they are not a small community based club like Motherwell. Obviously it depends on your study comparisons but I think that descriptions stands up to scrutiny. If some players or managers or pundits or fans don't like it then their pitch they can take it up with the SPFL and FIFA. Otherwise Killie and other clubs are perfectly entitled to put down the surface they best considers suits their clubs needs as long as it is FIFA approved - as is the case at Rugby Park.
  2. Return of Yermaw

    Safe Standing

    Safe standing is a great (re) introduction. summer football and reintroduction of alcohol in plastic containers, where selling is managed/controlled. I really think all these things would allow Scottish football to flourish in terms of a) gate revenue and match day sales and b) increased television revenue where Scottish football is not competing against English football for tv ratings (which informs the worth of our game to TV companies). We have a unique situation in this country (UK) where broadcasters pull out all the stops for the main league before slowly making a mere passing gesture to get the SPFL rights. and Killie's vertex pitch is the way forward for smaller community based clubs. Perhaps an upgrade to a synthetic-grass blend in the medium term but a facility for a smaller club for players to train on/youth teams to play on has so many advantages including costs.
  3. that's exactly my take on it. in saying that I quite like Sutton and don't really have an opinion on Boyd. In terms of former players/pundits, I hate Billy Dodds with a passion but wouldn't describe him as a scumbag. Maybe there are a few different meanings to scumbag. I wouldn't say Jimmy Saville is a scumbag - there would be much worst descriptions to apply to him. In thinking who I consider would be accurately described as a scumbag, I would probably suggest Tommy Robinson, UKIP's David Cochrane and perhaps, just perhaps, someone associated with Scottish football, Nacho Novo........
  4. Return of Yermaw

    The 2018-2019 Scottish Cup

    yep and adults when discussing interpretation of an issue which is subjective, don't say things like "it's obvious". By doing so you show yourself neither to be a neutral nor someone having an adult discussion. in my opinion of course.
  5. Return of Yermaw

    The 2018-2019 Scottish Cup

    obvious to you, perhaps. Not to the neutral.
  6. he has raised awareness (and raised a lot of money) for those suffering from mental health issues. not the actions of a scum-bag in my book.
  7. Return of Yermaw

    The 2018-2019 Scottish Cup

    yeah - Power's was reckless but not intentional. Could have beed red on that basis. However when compared to Butcher's against St Mirren (which was a straight red and intentional), yellow would have been fine. But no point in applying an oversight of consistency in Scottish football. Willie Collum before giving Butcher a red card, stood 2m away from a McGinn forearm smash and assessed it as a yellow. Defoe's dive was a shocker. And not his first since his arrival. No action by the ref and not discussed on Sportscene. They must be putting something in the water of Ranger's strikers.
  8. Return of Yermaw

    The 2018-2019 Scottish Cup

    that would be Defoe's third blatant dive in as many games.
  9. Return of Yermaw

    Karamoko Dembele

    Robbie Stockdale, Paul Devlin, Jonathan Gould, Neil Sullivan, Phil Bardsley.......
  10. and a few others who actually saw it.....
  11. Return of Yermaw

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    aye, I looked that up on the back of McKay's involvement (or non involvement) in arranging the aeroplane that crashed with the Cardiff striker. The movements of his two sons all seems a bit fishy!
  12. or laughing at a perceived over-reaction. as said, drama......
  13. Return of Yermaw


    Burns himself wouldn't be too chuffed with the shindig at Downing Street to commemorate him or those trotting down from Scotland to take part. If you are happy to quote his poem and his songs then this is entirely relevant and something Burns would have an opinion on.
  14. in what way does he declare his love for Rangers? Sutton in my view is a very good pundit - who would you rate as a good pundit just to get a gauge of your barometer?