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  1. not been on one but they seem peaceful and do not appear to target a minority of the population on account of their religion or race.
  2. interesting that you consider Orange matches as a form of protest when the Order are at pains to point out that it is a celebration. Whatever way it is painted it is in reality a bigot-fest and a party in power for as long as the SNP have been should be brave enough to do something about it. If the first step is re-routing to parks, which is something I think is a good initial approach, then they should be brave enough to do that rather than constantly brush it under the carpet.
  3. she not a wee free? wonder what her view is on "marches"? would hope the Government at some point would have the bravery to ban these throw-backs or at the very least compel them to walk through parks rather than shut down main streets. It's not a high agenda point particularly at this time but given their time in power, I would like to see the SNP SG introduce something truly transformational like this for society. They continue to fudge too many of these issues to try to appeal to all sections and/or as wide a reach as possible - dragging their heels and failing to close loopholes in f
  4. "I hate a professional footballer cause I believe he is not very good and made of glass"
  5. As a player he was often cowardly and dived a lot. Some fans hated him for those reasons compounded by the fact that many commentators glossed over these flaws and gushed about him.
  6. am sure there is an EDL forum that would give you loads of likes for this.....
  7. Indeed. We can all agree that he is better than Lloris, Emerson and de Gea.........
  8. yep and was being only a year or so after the depths we plummeted to with Vogts where every player and their maw was capped. This saw our ranking fall to 86th... By the by, who the feck is Iain Turner?
  9. he scored 39 goals in season 11/12 when in League 1. He then proceeded to score 29 goals for his club when in the Championship in season 12/13, of which just 5 were penalties. In 13/14 he scored 25 goals of which just 4 were penalties. In 14/15 (again still in Championship), he scored 21 goals, 2 of which were penalties. in 15/16, he scored 17 goals and just one was a penalty. Therefore your point about him scoring a lot of penalties in an attempt to suggest that inflated his scoring ability or stats is absolute drivel. You say he never came to close to our hopes and I suggested this was
  10. Jordan Rhodes when he was in top form was either ignored (by Levein but mainly Strachan) or when picked, usually asked to perform as a sole striker. We could have got so much more out of him when he was confident and in his pomp if we played him to his strengths.
  11. you referencing his criticism of Gervais? he has done so a few times before - he questions RG's credentials as a stand-up comedian. I concur.
  12. I think the evidence shows that very few teams playing in a top league or internationally need a McBurnie type.
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