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  1. a statement that has never been uttered once before. or will be again. Ha
  2. Tierney at centre back and we have good options pretty much all over the field. good enough to win two knock out games anyway and qualify. same players that were there under McLeish but now with a competent manager. Am feeling pretty positive.
  3. but is he a better centre half than what we currently have?
  4. I thought Jamie Ness would have had a great career. Unlucky with injury - just seemed permanently injured. wonder how many times he will play for Dundee in the next 2 years. he is currently best remember for being saved from carbon monoxide poisoning by his dug.
  5. Tierney will do well for Arsenal and Scotland, albeit will have to be played out of position for us. Am not sure if he is a better right back or centre half - as things stand probably the former.
  6. yes, on form players playing regularly. good to see. similarly Armstrong playing well and regularly (his penultimate season at Celtic) would a first choice for me McDonald I agree. However there is always a place for BB! Yep - Tierney playing there is like the Kirk "work around".
  7. if Callum Paterson is the answer then we need to change the question.
  8. so when you write "say what you want" what you really mean is say what you want in relation to his footballing ability. Gotcha. you were clearer when you mentioned 3-5-2 in every post.
  9. you just equated the "lad" to a 12 year old girl due to his use of Instagram. and then considered your thread is likely to generate some criticism of said lad. brilliant.
  10. nice post. I tend to think more about death and the after-life when am a bit down - more so since turning 40. Must admit I find the thought of either an after-life or nothing both troubling! But would prefer if there was an afterlife. However Houdini was a great sceptic of the after-life and spiritualists who preyed on vulnerable people (the Houidini v Arthur Conan Doyle book was excellent). Houdini often remarked that when he dies he would find a way of communicating if the after-life existed to provide evidence if it were indeed the case. I don't believe anyone has every received any contact from Houdini.......
  11. I'll always remember Lustig and his astonishing complete lack of self-awareness in criticising Neymar for his theatrics. Yes, Lustig criticising another player. For theatrics. Astounding.
  12. whether it was us, the English or the Chinese, where there is no doubt, is that we gave the world the word "fitba.
  13. am sure it won't - but if it is linked to First Blood (as would seem - full circle and all that) and is more focused on an ageing vet's place in the US today, it may be quite reflective in the same vein as the excellent final Rocky film (and Stallone's writing and nuanced performances in Creed I and II). That said, there is always room for Rambo to go medieval on cartel/gangsta's.
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