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  1. hi all mates daughter lost her i phone 10 somewher on the trip £100 reward for the safe return.
  2. word of warning a certain gentleman who used to go by the name of piston and broke will also be on this flight on the way out.he has assured me he will buy everyone a drink 😂👍🍻
  3. no glasgow-ams-atalya-astana
  4. emday going via amsterdam on the 19th
  5. will you get a stamp on your passport if you ask for one
  6. room taken cheers stuart
  7. due to late call off i have a spare room in the olympia hotel tel aviv.twin room from wed 10th to sat13th price £250 pm if interested.
  8. we were in the same boat mate managed to get flights changed at a price for thursday phoned hotel in albania they changed the bookin no problem.had the ibis in luton booked and they played hardball they eventuallychanged it at a price.still no email from wizzair workin out about £100 axtra arseholes.
  9. coupon well fuked tday done a single on villa cashed out when they equalised then scored in added on time.😥
  10. allready picked up albainian euros from ramsden cost a wee bit more but less hassle when you get there
  11. killie dumbarton clyde good start 6.3 to 1 long may it continue
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