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2 year old shoots mother in the car in America!

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38 minutes ago, iainmac1 said:

Thought this was an old story you had linked up but no, it's a new one. Something identical to this happened not long ago as well.

Aye, it says that in the article. 

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Guns don't kill people bullets do. As I have said before in this forum the only way to compromise is to find a workable way to restrict the availability of the bullets. This would keep the NRA folk happy as people still have the right to bear arms but would help reduce the headless deaths caused by it. 

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1 hour ago, phart said:

You steal that off Chris Rock? 5 grand bullets :P

Na was something we were talking about in work a while ago.

As a rough guide of the idea it was along the lines of only being able to buy x amount at a time with the return of used cartrages and only being able to buy from a shooting range and not when you are out buying your weekly shopping etc. Definitely need a tightening of the laws with regards to buying a gun. It's far to easy in some states

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