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  1. Johann Lamont?? Does he give a reason for that one?
  2. Was there due to be constituency polls coming out soon?
  3. The bookies have lib dems as big favourites to win Caithness, Sutherland said Easter Ross. Lib dems are 4/11 and SNP 15/8
  4. It is a bit of a hassle. I'm a primary school teacher but my pvg for teaching didn't cover me for coaching youth football. I needed a whole new one that was then club specific. If I was to coach at another club I would need a whole new one! I still don't see why they cant be shared and transferable. You can download the pvg form from sfa or relevant sector and fill it out yourself and send it off.
  5. Stuck the top on ebay if anyone would like to bid!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kilmarnock-FC-strip-signed-by-squad/293288618013
  6. Not sure how my account on killiefc.com is still awaiting validation after this long! Is anyone here that is a member able to stick up this post to see if anyone would like to bid on the top. As it is to raise funds for a youth team anything would be helpful towards club funds. We weren't expecting it to fetch a high price but anything is better than it going to waste.
  7. I've tried to join the killiefc.com forum but have been awaiting confirmation of account for over a week. Also message the page on facebook but the message hasn't been seen.
  8. I run a girls youth football club in Ross-shire called Invergordon Girls FC, you can find us on Facebook. We are holding our first awards night and are running a fund raising raffle. I had emailed someone from Scottish Women's Football to ask about donations for prizes. Unfortunately they don't have access to any signed Scotland tops etc but they had a signed away Kilmarnock top from last season which they donated. It's a lovely prize and a great gesture but I'm not sure there will be much of a demand for the top in Ross-shire! I had thought that it would be a nice prize for a Killie fan and there might be another way of using it to help raise funds the club to help it grow. I was wondering if it could go on any Killie fans page to be auctioned off? I took a quick photo of it when it arrived but could get a better one. Thanks.
  9. The non Scottish teams were in a different pot so they wouldn't play each other in this round. I actually quite like the format with the Irish and Welsh teams.
  10. How are the chances we would play England at Wembley. Thought it was drawing of lots to see where the game would be played. I applied for the 4 Hampden games plus the final, selecting that I would accept higher categories, and got nothing.
  11. Fort William won their first game in almost 2 and a half years tonight beating Nairn County 5-2 in the North of Scotland Cup.
  12. Fort William were very forthcoming and supportive of this. Although I can't see it making a big difference for them, they certainly won't be winning the league. It gives Fort William a team and gives the some Caley youth the chance of regular competative 1st team football. It's all teenagers so they won't be transforming Fort William into title challengers. The most promising teenagers we have who are involved in some 1st team games or on verge of being involved are still at the club and haven't gone on loan.
  13. For anyone who's watchign the bbc Scotland coverage. Who's this roaster James Bundy with his tacky union jack socks. Bellend.
  14. You took that too far...
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