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  1. For anyone who's watchign the bbc Scotland coverage. Who's this roaster James Bundy with his tacky union jack socks. Bellend.
  2. You took that too far...
  3. Hearts v ICT Saturday 12.15pm Celtic v Aberdeen Sunday 2pm Shit shit shit shit
  4. Any idea when they will announce dates for the semi?
  5. I'm holding out that hope. Just going by the last 3 semi finals between Celtic and Rangers which have all been on the Sunday, imagine it wouldn't chance if it was Aberdeen. Not sure what Premier Sports will prefer and try and get.
  6. We had booked it up over a year and a half a ago before the dates for this season were known. I would never have thought this was even a possibility! Hoping somehow we are on the Sunday but extremely doubt it. I will be hoping for a big cheer during our vows when Caley score! Will have to work out some signals from people on how the game is going! Someone on the Caley message board said they emailed to ask when dates and times would be known and the reply they got was after the replays were done. Surely they could sort it out earlier than that. No matter who wins the Rangers v Aberdeen replay Premier Sports will be showing that game as their exclusive game with ICT v Herats/Partick the BBC/Premier Sports game. Would the kick off time be different if it is Rangers or Aberdeen that win, doubt it.
  7. Yeah premier sports getan exclusive game and they also shown the other along with BBC. So Celtic v Aberdeen/Rangers will be Premier sports only. Every Rangers v Celtic semi in the last 3 years has been the Sunday so I expect the same again. Praying it's not as I get married on the Saturday and the ceremony would be happening while the 2nd half is on!! 🙈🙈
  8. Best draw we could have got. That is a winnable semi.
  9. You'll get yourself a doing next time you're at Ibrox with that sort of talk. Just keep it covered up.
  10. Just wondering if anyone can help with this. I run a youth football club and we are purchasing new kits. We have run a small competition for the kids to design a new club badge. The kit manufacturers can't accept a drawing and need a computer image to put it on the kits. Does anyone know how to turn a drawing into a computer image or know anyone that would be able to do this for us? Thanks, Iain
  11. I've seen someone ask this on Facebook. Seems to be a bit of confusion about it as online reports are not showing the booking but people are saying he was booked in injury time. Not sure if there is an SFA official report online? You are lucky as people are saying other bookies haven't paid out on it!
  12. Monday night at 7.15pm 😥 Terrible time. This will hit the crowd quite bad. Loads of people I knew who were planning on going now can't. There was 6.5k at the last 2 games in Dingwall and would have expected the same again but this will knock a good bit off that.
  13. Any word when TV games are announced? Premier Sports and BBC can show 2 games each again. If Premier Sports get first pick then they will just do the same as last time. Kilmarnock v Cowdenbeath/Rangers and Celtic v St. Johnstone. BBC...I imagine will take Ross County v ICT and one other. If Talbot were at home then their game would have been on but not so sure since they are away. Being on BBC won't be as good as the kick off slots are much worse compared to what Premier Sports had.
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