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  1. That doesn't explain why there would be a conspiracy to do him in. He would have stood to be an msp. What's the problem. Surely a comeback would be welcomed by many. Those who don't like him just get on with it. There are many other politicians in the SNP who are very unpopular but no conspiracy to end them.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-52017020 As in what Sillars said about their being a conspiracy to 'do him in' or bring him down. I still don't understand why?? He wasn't even a politician when this was all brought forward. Why would anyone in the SNP want to 'do in' Alex Salmond. He is the reason the SNP is where is currently is.
  3. I've ready plenty about this inner circle out to get Salmond etc etc. What I don't get is why? He's not leader, he wasn't even an elected politician when this all came out. What is there to gain to 'get him'?
  4. Might as well chip in. Been a primary school teacher for 10 years so if anyone wants any help....fuck off and find it yourself or go and ask killiefaetheferry. Only kidding. I have heaps of resources so happy to help as well in anyway. What stage do you teach Killie? I've covered most but was upper stages for last 6/7 years. Took up a new job this year doing an Early years class....nursery and p1 together! Very different but really like it. In terms of preducise...not really. Schools, other staff and parents always seem to really like there being a male teacher about and it's all been pretty positive in that regard.
  5. No one knows! Highland Council have something online where parents have to apply for childcare for essential workers but the deadline for this is Monday. We have no idea how it will work.
  6. I'm a primary school teacher in Highland. We've not heard a thing about teaching children of key workers or what is happening about that. As far as we know we are now off for the indefinite future and are sending home activities via seesaw.
  7. It was the new world order that did it. Or the illuminati...one or the other.
  8. My wife's due a baby in 3/4 weeks so trying to keep her at the house and away from the public at the moment as shes also had a previous illness that has weakened her immune system and she has had lung/asthma problems in relation to this. Unfortunately it seems that the baby will be born around the peek of the virus here.
  9. Yeah it's not hard to find what constituencies overlap Gordon and who stood for nomination. You can narrow it down very quickly.
  10. Reading the day to day account it doesn't look good for Alex Salmond. One of the accusers is an SNP politician celebrating a Holyrood budget. An MSP??
  11. https://news.stv.tv/sport/scottish-fa-throw-out-james-keatings-appeal-verdict?top&amp&__twitter_impression=true Unbelievable! The SFA has overturned the verdict and it will go to a new panel. Someone from the previous panel has admitted they never even looked at the evidence before making their decision!!
  12. https://ictfc.com/club-statement-9 Showing Rangers how to do a statement. I'm just really confused how a 3 man panel views that as simulation and no contact. Would love to hear their justification for their decision.
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/bbcalba/status/1229095058600755201?s=12 Sent off for diving 😂😂
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