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  1. iainmac1

    Europa league qualifiers

    Zenit lost 4-0 to Dinamo Minsk!
  2. iainmac1

    Nations League

    Pretty much. What could also benefit us is: if the playoffs for our league include say us, Serbia, Greece and Hungary. If any of those other teams qualify through the main qualification process then they no longer take part in the playoffs and are replaced by the team with the next best record in our league. So a weaker team. There is a good chance of this happening in our group that at least 1 or 2 teams will qualify through the main qualification process thereby taking the stronger teams away from the playoffs.
  3. iainmac1

    Nations League

    Being a top seeded team in our league gives us a great chance of taking the qualification spot if we don't finish top 2 in the main qualification groups. Especially as a few of the stronger teams in our nation's league might qualify through the main groups, taking them out of the playoffs. We really need to win our mini league. I hope McLeish understands it fully and what a great opportunity we could have via the nation's league.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-45074955 I can't seem to post a screen shot but read the bit about Limmy's tweet..
  5. iainmac1

    Europa league qualifiers

    Cheers might give it a go if The Foundary is too busy.
  6. iainmac1

    Europa league qualifiers

    Aberdeeners: I'm staying in Aberdeen this week and fancy watching the game. If the home leg had been tonight I would have gone along. I'm going to pop out and watch it once the kids are down. There is a pub at the end of the road called The Foundary. Will that be alright for it?
  7. Genuine question. What came before God? He had this thought about creating the world but what came before his first thought. Where did God come from?
  8. iainmac1

    Europa league qualifiers

    I often use wiziwig and it had a list of games and links. One usually works. If anyone knows a more up to date or better site let me know!
  9. iainmac1

    league cup

    I imagine the points will be awarded to Cove and Hearts will also get a fine. I'd be shocked if the punishment was anything else. That will have a big impact on the group as Caley Thistle could have the group won before the final game against Hearts.
  10. 2 thirds? You are saying that around 47 million Christians have died for their faith in the last century? Do you have any proof of this?
  11. iainmac1

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Stopped reading at the words BBC. Fu*k helping them in anyway.
  12. Nothing to do with independence though.
  13. I'm pretty sure you didn't come out asking the Celtic score