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    I remember that England game vividly. We had just passed the International Bar and suddenly the sky almost went black from the number of bottles being thrown back and forth. It was like a scene from a medieval movie with arrows being fired. Not much better in the ground. Always remember a policeman in the Celtic end smiling every time a coin was thrown into the England end.
  2. Terrarium. Which is excellent for both films and series.
  3. To be fair, I probably worded that badly. I think by and large the writing has been good. The thing that had me cringing was when he was driving his car at night in the first episode and a couple of other little things. Since then, no complaints.
  4. Agree about Evil Genius. Initially thought it was a drama about the event and was disappointed to find out it was a doc, but enjoyed it. Quite enjoying Cobra Kai, the follow up to Karate Kid. It doesn't have much of a budget and in places the script feels like it was written by Joey Tribianni. But I'm still looking forward to episodes.
  5. Indeed. I know who he is now.
  6. Never heard of Darren Mcgarvey, but Souter is a strange one. For the watching.
  7. He definitely won't change, but I don't think he was a troll or bigot. Just unable to take a light-hearted comment 😂
  8. Quick question. Is this offensive? Guy I don't know on Facebook laughing at the chances of a Yes vote next time around. So I say 'OK, let' s play a game of Yoon bingo. I bet you're a rugby player, Rangers fan or ex-soldier'. He takes great offense at this (OK. I did check his FB page to see if any were true). Is this offensive? Or is he just being a wee snowflake?
  9. Stapes

    Snooker Thread

    99% pot success in the last four frames. Unbelievable. Quite liking McManus as a commentator, way better than Stephen 'state the obvious' Hendry.
  10. Is it a book or music? I would agree with most of what Craig says. However, I've never been paid less than £1.10 for a book published by a traditional publisher. You should have a pretty good idea, based on what you're writing about, if an agent will take you on. If not, then you're almost certainly going to have to write to independent publishers. It's a complete pain in the arse, as they all want something a little different. Get info on who to write to from the Writers and Artists Yearbook at a local library.
  11. Warren Zevon's Life'll Kill Ya, with songs such as My Shit's Fucked Up and the brilliant Don't Let Us Get Sick. Two years later he was diagnosed with cancer and died soon after (although did have time to play Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner on Letterman).
  12. Death of Stalin - somewhat bizarre. Still not decided if it was terrible, but I'm leaning that way. I wasn't bored though. All the Money in the World - decent film. Drags a bit at times, but definitely worth a watch. A very strange family, especially the uncaring patriarch, Jean Paul Getty. Interesting trying to work out how Spacey would have played the role - hopefully one day they'll release it with his scenes.
  13. He was Provost at the time and wore it into council chamber the next week, to cheers from.the Labour group. Erse just about sums him up. But history has been rewritten.
  14. Couldn't find this on TAMB, but here's the story: https://www.scotsman.com/news/tartan-army-branded-bigots-1-1776239
  15. Labour put everything they had into this - Corbyn, Mcdonnell and Leonard all did doorstepping. Apparently were out in force on election day too. SNP worked really hard to win this one. Btw, the Labour councillor whose seat it was, was the one who slagged off the Tartan Army a few years back and there was a thread on here about it. Will try and post when I'm on my laptop.
  16. Lembit Opik was debating Russia Today with that utter bawbag Alex Massie on Radio Scotland this morning. Opik tore him a new one, although I'm sure Massie and his Massi[v]e ego won't see it that way. Massie's argument was that RT is the propaganda arm of the Russian state and Opik and Salmond were being used by appearing on it. At least we have the BBC he was arguing. Until Opik came back to say he was shut down by the BBC when he opposed the Iraq War.
  17. Watched Downsizing last night. Strange film that starts really well and then starts to drag. Could have been great, but wasn't.
  18. So we got our son a hamster for Christmas. I didn't particularly want an animal in the house, but have grown pretty attached to her. Woke up this morning and she was lying lifeless in the cage. I thought it was dead, but was reading about torpor and how it might be in this state because it was cold - basically looks dead but shuts down to conserve itself. On texting my son he told me its whiskers were twitching last night. My question is - nobody at home right now, can it survive in this state for long? I'll try to heat it up when I get home from work around 6pm.
  19. If in my grief I'd committed suicide yeez widnae be laughing... Or mibbees yeez would :-(
  20. Lying it on a hit water bottle now. Completely motionless. Not looking good. I think if my son had woken me last night we could have done something. But he wasn't to know. :-(
  21. That's what I thought re the weather. Although we have a pretty warm house. My son telling me it was twitching and making noises when it was in that state gives me some hope! Away home to place him on a hot water bottle.
  22. We always make sure it's stocked up with food, although we suspect it saves lots in its little house. Swithering whether to ask for a half day. What a saddo lol.
  23. My son noticed it last night, but I was in bed so didn't find out until this morning. It wasn't particularly cold when I touched it this morning, and it's leg was moving freely (no rigor mortis).