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  1. Nae bad min. Trying to weigh up what’s more of a godsend these days - Netflix/Amazon Prime or Disney +, which just landed today. Given the length of time the schools are going to be shut it has to be Disney + 🤣
  2. Hunters on Amazon Prime is excellent - Al Pacino leading a group of Nazi hunters in 1970s New York. Tarantino-esque at times. Hope all is good with you ASC 👍
  3. neilser

    Next PM

    We’re a phucking colony - anyone deluded enough to believe otherwise must surely have realised that this week. A party that hasn’t won an election in Scotland since the ‘50s, chooses a PM on the votes of its disproportionately English membership and that PM stacks his cabinet with Kool Aid drinkers to implement a policy (Brexit) resoundingly rejected by the Scottish electorate. We’re not equal partners - we’re a tiresome inconvenience. The fecking Isle of Man has got more autonomy than us. #shameful
  4. Mark Reckless - more parties than a fecking children’s face painter...
  5. I thought if the player was running away from goal he could turn and run onto the ball like De Bruyne did - like I said though, the rule is beyond me now.
  6. What I just said on a WhatsApp group 😐 That was a gift...
  7. Have had another look - he was offside by about a foot when Hazard turned and tapped the ball with the inside of his heel but onside when Hazard played the pass. Not sure what the rule is anymore...
  8. Didn’t see anyone offside there at all😶Who was it?
  9. Barry Gardiner’s voice gives me the creeps - ‘I am now about to remove your spleen so you may feel a sharp pain. I then intend to sauté it in olive oil with shallots and garlic and consume it with a bottle of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 1981...’ <Shudder>
  10. Richard Leonard is fecking pitiful - he’s so dismal I almost feel sorry for him.
  11. Embarrassing - Theresa May's got more credibility than McLeish. Time for his jotters...
  12. Agreed we’re not taking about birds but it illustrates Francois’ ineptitude when it comes to articulating his position. Misrepresenting what your opponent said 10 seconds previously rather than engaging on the issue isn’t the mark of a expert debater. As I said the obvious answer is that the Leave campaign didn’t use latent racism as a proposition to vote for Leave. The problem is that it did.
  13. I'd be astonished if the Leave campaign ever thought they were in danger of losing the votes of the racist and anti-Semitic demographic - it's such an obvious core constituency that the idea would scarcely need to be articulated. The only thing that would astonish me more is if Remain spent any time looking at a strategy to court that section of the electorate. They were Leavers whether Leave wanted them or not. If Francois was a cleverer politician he'd accept that Leave cornered the vast majority of that market, like it or not, and then try to make a case to the effect that that wasn't who they were courting. His problem is that he'd struggle to make a coherent case so he walked into a trap e.g.: `All penguins are birds` `How dare you say that all birds are penguins` It`s like the Seed of the Gael fannies and the Independence Referendum - they were obviously going to vote Yes but it doesn't mean that the campaign ever courted them. Francois ` difficulty is that racism was a dog whistle element of the Leave campaign.
  14. To be fair to Will Self he doesn’t advocate heroin addiction as a lifestyle choice and he’s done a lot with his life since those days . Also John Crace, who does the politics sketch in the Guardian, has a similar back story and has likewise achieved a lot. Play the ball, not the man... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/books/2000/jun/11/fiction.willself
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