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  1. Ok folk need your help misplaced the lace for my ghillie shirt anyone know where I can get a replacement from or roughly what length they are
  2. 1138 ardrossan sqd. Leading cadet Craig. Don't think I managed to get any of them right but I did manage to win the aircraft I'd quiz not long after I started atc. It was run by some far careers guys as a bit of fun and they couldn't believe I could name them all even down to the f3 or gr5 designation. Guess I was a bit of a geek lol
  3. Corby isn't as Scottish as it once was now. There has been a massive influx of eastern Europeans and the Scots there are all older generations. Most younger folk there just say they are of Scottish ancestry
  4. It's because they don't want to use the American dollar. Links was about to drop it in favour of a good based economy then next thing you know gadaffi is bad man no1. Iraq wanted to drop the dollar and next thing we have the first gulf war. Syria wants away from the dollar and look what's happening there
  5. I think they would do well in certain parts of the UK. Certainly be able to pick up a couple of seats here and there. Can see areas such as the north east backing snp probably the old labour heartlands
  6. I can see libdem doing well out of this. Those who voted to remain or have seen through the lies told by the leave mob and now want to stay will not vote Tory so it leaves them basically with he choice of a Labour party full of in fighting and splits, a green party who might get a few more votes or the lib Dems who seem the best of a bad bunch. One thing is clear is it will probably split the remain votes around several party's where as the leave votes will all stick firmly behind Tory. For all i don't want it i can see Tory's gaining seats across the board and pushing us even further down the road of dispair. On a side note I think if snp decided to stand in seats out with Scotland they could do surprisingly well as they are seen in some areas as being a credible opposition rather than the tame party labour have become
  7. I do wonder just how far along the nk nuclear programme is. Ok they seem to have the delivery systems but as to the war heads that's a different matter. Could there be a lot of noise when in fact they are barely able to split the atom
  8. They tried CDC in Atlanta in season 1 then are heading for fort benning at the start of season 2. By season 5 they are trying to get to Washington but end up stopping at alexandria where they try and rest and regroup after the trials of terminus. Guess at some point they will continue the journey to Washington and find more trouble to stop them getting there
  9. Even if he didn't want to or was forced into putting down his arm and working for peace the sheer respect McGuiness had amongst the republican community would mean that most would follow him and back the peace process
  10. Would love to see how much is off the west coast and how easy it would be to get once the subs are gone
  11. I do wonder how much of a choice he had from going from freedom fighter/terrorist to politician. I just get the feeling that he was in a corner and it was his only way out. By all reports he was high up in the IRA and those who looked up to him would have respected his turn to politics without looking to hard into why.
  12. Got a link to where you got it. My virgin media coming to an end and looking at maybe going down this route. If anyone else has a link to get an open box with subscriptions it would be appreciated
  13. Try to ignore idiots like gusmac. They think they are so perfect and can do no wrong but usually they are the ones with the most problems. They think if they bring others down it makes them better when in fact they only make them selves look worse. You have taken the first and possibly hardest step in recognising that things are going wrong and are starting to sort it out. Keep it up and you will get there. Always know there are those on here who will happily help you and give you the encouragement to better yourself
  14. Congrats buddy It is both the most scary and the most rewarding time of your life. One tip i will give is start stocking up on nappies and baby wipes just now. When ever you see them on offer get some as you have no idea how many you will go through Apart from that i hope it all goes well and the mother has an easy pregnancy. If she is unlucky enough to suffer from hg give us a shout as my other half went through it and got sick to death of folk giving well meaning but totally wrong advice due to not knowing what hg was
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